Rock This Way: The Marled Knit Microtrend

Happy Old Rock Day! Now, before you go digging up your parents’ dusty Springsteen records, we’re talking geology here, not music. You know, fossils, pebbles, stones, and the like? Yeah, there’s a day for that, and today, January 7th is it! So just how exactly do you celebrate an occasion like this, you ask? Good question. Well, you could try to create a rock garden. String together some genuine stone jewelry. Even adopt yourself a pet rock! Or you could do what we’re doing – appreciating the heck out of our marled knits.

The term “marled” comes from marl or marlstone, which is sedimentary rock and soil that is made up of lime and clay. Marled knits mimic its look with streaked and mottled yarns, creating the blizzard effect that we love so much. It has a natural beauty, and it’s extremely versatile, a staple in both menswear and women’s fashion. With the sun sneakily creeping back into our lives here in SoCal (where winter lasts a day), we wanted to make sure to pay tribute to the marled look before winter is unofficially over.

Check out some of our favorite pieces that rock it…


1. Striped Knitty Gritty Sweater, 2. Mixed ‘N Marled V-Neck Sweater, 3. Wake Me Up Marled Zip-Up Hoodie, 4. Marled Dolman Striped Sweater


1. Wake Me Up Marled Drawstring Joggers, 2. Sporty-Luxe Marled Knit Joggers, 3. Marled Madness Knit Pencil Skirt, 4. Tuxedo Striped Marled Pants

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