How to: Go from Day to Night

True story: I used to work in a very stereotypical 9-5 job and would immediately leave work to go to Hollywood at least three times a week. Of course, this meant that I had to figure out outfits that were appropriate for answering telephones, as well as catcalls. If you’re looking for a way to take your outfit from stylin’ schoolgirl to club chic continue reading for some inspiration.

Sweatshirt Schoolgirl

1. high waisted leggings
2. graphic smiley face tee
3. slouchy suede boot
4. zigzag cuff bracelet

Sequin Sistah

1. high waisted leggings
2. floral print bangle set
3. chiffon sequin tank
4. strappy fringe heel
5. woven leatherette clutch

Leopard Lady

1. strapless animal print dress
2. cropped blazer
3. pearl design stone ring
4. ankle strap leatherette heel

Fierce Feathered Female

1. jeweled tribal necklace set
2. fringe feather platform
3. strapless animal print dress
4. layered chain link rhinestone ring

Cute Colorblock Chick

1. solid color sheer top
2. tiered tulip skirt
3. pleated detail flat
4. colorblock bucket handbag

Beaded and Baubled Babe

1. solid color sheer top
2. tiered tulip skirt
3. spiked necklace set
4. leopard print lace up wedge bootie
5. chainmail bead bracelet


What other questions do you want answered? Additionally, what are YOUR tips from transitioning pieces from day to night? By the way, next time we do this feature we’re going to only use accessories to create a brand new look perfect for class to club.

Heavy Metal: Photos of Vivacious Vixens in Metallics

Head banging isn’t just for metalheads! Chic guys and gals should try out some metallics for an instant dose of cool. If you’re unsure about this shiny trendy go ahead and take a peek at five awesome looks we found.

Why we love this: The metallic jacket could have been overwhelming, but with understated accessories, such as shearling lined booties, she managed to make this whole outfit perfect for brunch with friends or even a casual lunch date.

Why we love this: A quilted clutch is the only other “fancy” accessory of this lady’s rocking ensemble. She finished the look with patent leather heels with ankle straps, as well as cropped pants. Overall, we’re definite fans of just how pulled together she looks without trying too hard.

Why we love this: Despite the fur hat, this woman can’t be completely warm. After all, she’s wearing a sheer lace shirt! Oh, the things we do in the name of fashion…

Why we love this: The abstract shaped print of these flared pants offers an unexpected dose of metallics.

Why we love this: Skinny jeans and lace heels happen to be two of our favorite things of all time, but the daring choice to top these classic staples with a metallic jacket is definitely fashion forward.

What are some more of your favorite trends in fashion? Why?

Photos courtesy of Street Peeper

Bored of the Little Black Dress Epidemic?

Dear Jane: What’s a Fashionable Alternative to the LBD?

Finding the perfect LBD, or little black dress, can be a challenge, but it may not be quite as difficult as finding a fashionable alternative to the LBD. Why? Because you’re still seeking something eternally stylish and versatile, but with the addition of color. Check out our selection below for a very easy update to the classic LBD. We’re offering the same simple dress, but we put together a look for the day and the evening because we wanted to show you just how flexible a non-traditionally hued dress can be.

1. button cuff bootie
2. shirred sleeve dress
3. animal print cuff blazer
4. shield mask ring
1. embellished bead necklace set
layered chain-link rhinestone ring
shirred sleeve dress
velvet pump

But, let’s say that you want something a lil’ bit more sassy and less expected. The solution? Find a frock that is a relatively simple print. Moreover, this isn’t the time to experiment with asymmetrical necklines, differentiating hem lengths, or adornment. We’ve included one of our favorite prints below styled in dramatically different ways to show you that yes, leopard can function as a neutral.

1. sequin cuff sleeve blazer
2. strapless leopard print dress
3. leatherette cuff buckle strap boot
4. yoga pants
5. stone inset cross necklace set
1. strapless leopard print dress
2. rhinestone medallion ring
3. quilted leatherette clutch
4. magnetic snake necklace
5. scalloped lace bow pump

What other style questions do you have? Drop us a line and you could see your question here!

Fashionable Cruelty-Free Clothes @ GoJane!

If you’ve ever sneaked a peek at a designer leather jacket or longingly fingered a quilted lambskin purse or shrugged into a thick fur coat, you’ve probably realized that these luxury clothing items are all sorts of pricey. However, it’s not just sticker shock that sends well-heeled ladies running; for some of us fashionistas we can’t quite imagine draping ourselves in animal fur. But, this may cause you to incredulously wonder, “Can I snag fashionable clothing that’s not made of animals?” The answer is most definitely yes. Plus, clothing, accessories, and shoes made from synthetic materials tend to be way less expensive than their animal counterparts. We’ve gathered up some sophisticated items from GoJane that show you can be both classy and cruelty-free.

leopard print faux fur jacket

high waisted leatherette leggings

woven design leatherette handbag

faux snake platform booties

studded leatherette tube dress

skinny patent leatherette buckle belt

Next week we’re going to assemble an entire outfit from GoJane made from man-made materials. What do you want to see?

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