Behind the Scenes + Sneak Peek: Cozy Sweaters, Dangerous Jewelry, and Plenty of Hardware

Yes, we know it’s still August, but we can’t help but get excited over the possibility of cute layers and fall trends. You’ll see some of our fave trends in this post, including crosses, spikes, and studs. Plus, we don’t wanna brag or anything, but our models look like they’re having a helluva time, don’t you think?

What’s your favorite piece?

PS: As always, all these goodies should be in our New Styles section within the next few days.

How to: Take a Dress from Day to Night

We’ve all had those days where you get invited out last minute or don’t have time to change between plans, but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. There are tons of ways you can make your daytime outfit work for your night plans. Just to give you a little inspiration, we’ve taken a cute high-low dress and styled it for a day of running around and an evening out to dinner.
All you need to change are a few accessories! Whether you’re wearing jeans, a skirt, or a dress, you can easily dress up your outfit with heels, a clutch, and some fun jewelry.

Outfit 1: daisy high-low dress, cropped studded frayed denim vest, slouchy leather cowgirl boots, buckle front satchel

Outfit 2: daisy high-low dress, suede strappy heel, suede stripe contrast clutch, layered chevron charm necklace, cut-out swirl cuff

How do you style the same items for day and night?

Inspiration Gallery: Skulls and Crosses

We’ve already told you about one of our fave trends (spikes and studs) for the upcoming season, but we think you’re ready for another one: skulls and crosses. And, just so you know, we’re not talking the gigantic skulls or crosses splashed across your person like that one kid you used to hang out with who freaked your mom out. Instead, the skulls and crosses we’re getting excited about include cut-out tees, dainty rings, and seriously bad ass clutches. To show you just how versatile this trend can be, we put together an inspiration gallery of images, some street style, some Instagram, and some editorial (and even one dude), that have made us whip out the plastic and load up our reusable shopping bags with all sorts of goodies.

What is your favorite item with skulls and/or crosses?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Dulce Candy

How to: Wear Spikes and Studs

Is it just us, or has the summer flown by? Maybe it’s ’cause we were super busy; between assembling our July 2012 lookbook, checking out the hottest swim looks from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and showing you how to dress for the beach, time just slipped through our perfectly manicured fingers. Granted, there’s still a few blissful weeks before the official beginning of fall, but we decided to take this week to introduce some of our favorite new trends for the season. First on our list? Spikes and studs.  We’re pretty sure you know all about our adoration for all things spiked and studded (you have been reading our Behind the Scenes + Sneak Peek posts, right?), but today’s post is special. Why? Because we’re gonna show you how to wear spikes and studs with a gigantic picture gallery full of our fave street style bloggers.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

How to: Wear High-Waisted Jeans

Confession: when high-waisted jeans (along with their natural allies, crop tops) began trickling into GoJane there was a lot of muttering darkly about the 90’s being over and asking, “Why are we getting these?!” But, no one would dare to utter such a statement now. Why? Because high-waisted jeans are back in a big way. If you’re still doubting us and unsure if you can rock the look go ahead and check out our awesome how to guide featuring three very different look.

Look 1:

hot tip button-up blouse, embellished eagle charm necklace, leather buckle belt, high-waisted acid wash jeans, stone center hinge bracelet, animal print contrast purse, and perforated velvet oxfords

Look 2:

studded plaid flannel shirt, leaf charm owl necklace, square stretch bracelet, high-waisted skinny jeans, and peep-toe cut-out bootie

Look 3:

mesh inset flyaway vest, sleeveless colorful heart tankleather buckle belt, multicolor face watch, high-waisted jeans, and suede platforms

Behind the Scenes + Sneak Peek: Ear Cuffs, Arm Bling, and Midi Rings

This week has been insanely busy because we got tons of new accessories and shoes. Of course we aren’t exactly complaining- some of this new stuff is pretty damn cool and lust-worthy. Wanna see? Start scrolling, girl.

What did you think? Anything you want?

PS: As always, everything should be on the site soon (except the sleeveless colorful heart tank, high-waisted jeans, and mesh inset flyaway vest– they were being used for a blog feature and are already available!)

Happy International Cat Day!

Of all the holidays, this one is our most fave! We know everyone has their own way of celebrating this wondrous, worldwide occasion, but might we make some suggestions?

  • adopt a cat from the shelter
  • donate to your local shelter:
    • $
    • bring old (washed) towels to your local shelter to be used for cat bedding
    • offer your time as a volunteer
  • roam the streets and offer a random kitty a good old-fashioned petting
  • buy some of our totally cat-tastic GoJane cat gear:

cut-out cat ear sunglasses, graphic cat tee, cat loafers

Luxe for Less: Kate Bosworth

The gorgeous Kate Bosworth has been on our style radar since she surfed the beaches of Hawaii in Blue Crush back in 2002. Her style is incredibly eclectic, but she always manages to look effortlessly chic. She recently attended a Hugo Boss fashion show in Berlin and wore a sleek black dress from the collection. She paired the LBD with some pointy toe pumps and a clutch in the same hue. Since we are loving the monochromatic trend right now, we had to recreate her look. The monochromatic trend can be a bit challenging, so we love the idea of trying it out in an easy shade, like black! While Kate’s outfit will likely drain your wallet empty and then some, our look will only set you back $89.90. Doesn’t get much more affordable than that!

gathered shift dress, pointy toe leather pumps, mini quilted clutch

What do you think of Kate Bosworth’s monochromatic outfit? Is it a trend you’ll try out?

How to: Dress for the First Day of School

We know it’s cruel to remind many of you that school will soon start. After all, we’re guessing that you didn’t manage to accomplish everything you had hoped to accomplish during those three months between finals and brand new class syllabuses. But, we’re gonna offer you a few different outfit ideas ’cause we know you need time to shop, and we don’t want to interrupt your Jersey Shore marathon planned for later this month.

Idea 1: Floral Jeans and Chambray

dip dye chambray shirt, two-tone skinny belt, floral print skinny jeans, wire wrapped stone ring, and studded loafers

Idea 2: Skinny Striped Jeans and a Statement Necklace

layered tribal necklace set, slouchy magazine print topstriped pants, two-tone stretch bracelet, woven british heart bracelet, and wedge sneakers

Look 3: Lace and Oxford Wedges

leather lace collar top, layered tribal necklace setskinny leather belt, solid color belted skirt, embellished shield cuff, and oxford wedges

What do you think? Which is your favorite outfit?

Behind the Scenes + Sneak Peek: Lace, Spikes, and Glasses

We know you’re busy squeezing every last moment out of the remaining summer weeks, and we have loads of new styles to help you soak up some sun. We’ve even got some transition pieces that will carry you right into fall (when that sad day comes). Whatever your style is, we’re pretty sure you’ll find loads of new pieces to add to your wish list. With denim cut-offs, lace tops, studded clutches, and flowy dresses, how could you not? And we’d just like to take a moment to point out how amazing our models look when they’re just sitting around. It almost seems unfair.

So tell us, what item are you most excited about?

How To: Wear Striped Pants

We blame Taylor Tomasi Hill for our obsession and fascination with striped pants. After seeing Prabal Gurung’s muse in a perfectly tailored pair of flared leg, striped pants we were undeniably in love. But, we didn’t want to be accused of taking inspiration from Beetlejuice, hence our reluctance to wear the bold trend. Fortunately, we found a few dozen stylish gals who not only showed us how to wear this slimming and fashion-forward look, but gave us the motivation to make it happen.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

What do you think? Are you a fan of this look?

Find amazing striped pants at GoJane!


Behind the Scenes + Sneak Peek: Spikes, Hearts, and Florals

Between gearing up for the 2012 Summer Olympics and it being, you know Friday, we’re feeling kinda spent. But, we still have another day to get through before a glorious weekend of sleeping in and watching 90’s action flicks (anyone else thinking Die Hard? Anyone?). In efforts to give you motivation to finish the day, here are some pretty sweet pics from our most recent in-studio photo session. On the menu? Spiked (vegan) leather jackets,  dainty metal headpieces, and flirty tees.

Oh, and ’cause we can get fancy, here’s a peek at a new formal we have:

What did you think? Anything you’re coveting?

Inspiration Gallery: Florals

One of our go-to ways to make any ensemble a little bit more fashion-forward is florals. This classic print manages to be pretty, girly, and always adds some extra visual interest to a look. But, lest you fear you’ll look like a garden party by adding some flower power to your boo thang, we have an inspiration gallery just for you.

What was your favorite look? Are you a fan of florals?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

Style Crush: Gwen Stefani

Recently the interwebs have been atwitter over the news that No Doubt, the punk ska band known for hits such as “Just a Girl”, “Hey, Baby”, and “Underneath It All”,  are releasing a new album. The band recently debuted their first single and as we watched their lead singer, Gwen Stefani, we remembered why we fell in love with her in the first place. With her trademark red lips, peroxide blonde hair, and enviable abs, she has managed to become a beauty and style icon for generations of girls. So, in celebration of all things new No Doubt, here’s a style gallery dedicated to Gwen, as well as a Gwen-inspired look.

Our version of Gwen’s look:

polka dot bow scarf, cat eye sunglasses, cropped leopard top, buttoned wide leg pants, spiked rhinestone cuff ring, embellished pyramid open ring, and suede platforms

Are you a fan of this look? Do you have any other style crushes?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Just Jared

Sneak Peek + Behind the Scenes: New Tops and Cool Accessories

This post will appeal to all sorts of you: we have floral jeans, graphic, vintage-inspired tops, and ladylike blouses, including those with peplums and pussy bows. So, start scrolling and make sure to tell us what you can’t wait for.

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How to: Wear a Printed Skirt

Dressing for success doesn’t just mean wearing boring blazers and knee length pencil skirts. Instead, showing off your style smarts requires some serious sartorial cunning. And you know one of our fave ways to do that? Printed skirts. But, in case you don’t feel up to getting your print on, we have an awesome gallery of style street stars showing you how to do the printed skirt with class and confidence.

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Style Gallery: Bustiers

The word ‘bustier’ may make you think of Madonna circa 1986, but we assure you that the new generation of bustiers is far more sweet and less jarring than Madge’s “Like a Virgin” gear.  Plus, if you don’t feel up to a bustier, you can achieve a similar effect with a cropped top or bralette. In case you aren’t quite convinced, we pulled together a style gallery  composed of super cool shots of various street style stars.

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Happy Independence Day!

Behind the Scenes + Sneak Peek: Silky Skirts, Lace High-Low Dresses, and Plenty of Skulls

We couldn’t quite decide what our fave part of our most recent shoot was. Between the luxe skirts, high-low lace dresses, and fashion-forward accessories, we didn’t quite know what to show you ’cause there was just so much cool stuff. But, after a few tense minutes of debate, we decided to show you a few of our new fave things, as well as rare behind the scenes photos of models in their natural habitat.

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How to: Wear Polka Dot Mesh Insets Like a Celebrity

Celebrities have ushered in their fair share of retina melting trends throughout the years (Uggs, anyone?), but we all know that celebrities are usually the arbiters of all that is cool. And you know what celebs really like right now? Polka dot mesh insets. However, we know you don’t want to have a Kim Kardashian moment (see below), so we’re gonna show how to rock this trend and look like a starlet while doing so.

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Sneak Peek + Behind the Scenes: Edgy Accessories

It was particularly difficult to choose a few pictures for today’s post because we had so much cool stuff we wanted to share with you. Of course, you’ll see some of our fave new trends, such as hand bracelets, but we’re also gonna give you a backstage glimpse at a few other things that got us talking. Wanna see? Start scrolling, girl.

See more cool stuff!

Sneak Peek: Spike Heels

We’ve already extensively documented our love for all things unapologetically girly,  but we have a tough side that sometimes needs to get out. And you know what the best way to show it is? With heels, specifically heels featuring some bad ass spikes. And, on that note, look what we got:

What do you think?

Sneak Peek: Plenty of Accessories+Ladylike Blouses

Because it’s summer, we’ve been shedding layers, but not style. How? With plenty of high-voltage accessories, such as metal necklaces, spiked bracelets, and belts to define your waist. As you can tell from these goodies, soon to hit the site, we’re definitely feeling the power of a few perfectly placed bangles or the brilliance of adding some bows to a basic shorts and shirt combo.

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HBO’s “Girls”: Real Fashion for Real Girls

Despite the fact that it’s an election year, the GoJane office has consistently been buzzing with talk of one topic: HBO’s Girls. We think it’s a testament to Lena Dunham’s genius that she’s managed to captivate our collective attention with her very real portrayal of twentysomethings struggling with a sluggish economy, complicated friendships, and of course, the requisite boy issues. But, this anti-Sex and the City hit has struck a chord for reasons not related to frank discussion of relationships and post-college ennui. Specifically,the clothing choices of Hannah and Co. are aspirational, yet decidedly relatable. As such, we’re taking a look at the women of Girls in order to offer some serious style inspiration. Oh, and we made sure to pull together a look based on the show.


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Behind the Scenes: Big Hair and Mint Tops

We think that this is probably one of our favorite pictures of all time. After all, we’re still obsessing about mint hued clothing, including super feminine, semi-sheer tops, and of course, all that arm bling makes us want to do an immediate happy dance.

This top, as well as all those gorgeous faux-stone rings, should be on the site soon. So, make sure to look out and let us know what you think.

Behind the Scenes + Sneak Peek: It’s All About the Bottoms

Admittedly GoJane has a soft spot for shoes, hence our somewhat compulsive coverage of all things heels, heel-less platforms, and wedges. But, did you know we have many other obsessions? For example, we really, really like bottoms, especially this season’s selection of printed, slit, and patterned skirts, shorts, and pants. So, today we’re showing you a sneak peek of bottoms soon to be on the site and as always, make sure to let us know what you’re loving, okay?

By the way, the daring slit on the pencil skirt may seem intimidating, but we’ve already seen one of our stylists make it totally work by pairing it with tights and a distressed, graphic tee.

What did you think of these pieces?

Sneak Peek: Heel-less Platforms, Pt. II

You already know we love us some heel-less platforms because of their ability to instantly elevate any look to Lady Gaga levels of awesome, but recently, when we received two very different pairs of heel-less platforms, we got so excited we actually uttered the phrase, “Yippee!” So, do you wanna see the shoes that got us all sorts of excited? Well, do you?! Okay, if you insist…

What’s your favorite pair? Why?

Behind the Scenes: Girly Dresses + Ladylike Heels

Summer brings all sorts of exciting goodies in the form of boldly printed dresses and layered chiffon tanks. However, one trend we’re particularly enthused about this season is the return of pointy toe heels. We think of the return to this classic shape as a product of the Kate Middleton effect and couldn’t be more excited to welcome our pointy sole sisters back to the club. So, take a look at a few of the new things soon to pop up on the site and make sure to tell us what you’re loving.

Click here to see our fave trend for Fall 2012

How to: Wear Baroque

If you’ve been paying attention to the GoJane site lately, you’ve probably noticed the influx of items bearing the ‘baroque’ moniker. This name may initially lead you to vaguely remember something about 17th century, European art, but our version doesn’t have anything to do with Peter Paul Rubens or Josefa de Óbidos. Instead, when we call something baroque, we mean that it has ornamental features, including chains, animal print, and cut-out medallions. Ultimately, our version is all about the luxe, as can be demonstrated when you look at some of the peplum tops, dresses, and sunglasses popping up on the site. However, if you aren’t sure of how to do baroque, keep reading ’cause we’re gonna show you three very different looks.

(colorblock baroque maxi dress, textured oval necklace set, evil eye bead bracelet, abstract wooden bangle, skull and eye ring, and strappy velvet wedges)
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MTV Movie Awards: A Recap of the Looks That Got Us Talking

If you didn’t have the chance to watch last night’s MTV Movie Awards, let us offer you a quick recap: people still really love Twilight, Kardashian jokes never grow old, and Charlie Sheen was in attendance. Unfortunately, we weren’t privy to some Kanye West-inspired shenanigans, but we did have the chance to see some of our fave celebs rock looks that will keep us talking for days. Of course, there were a flew flops and WTFs, but there were also tons of ensembles we can’t wait to try at home. So, without further ado, here are the good, the bad, and the hmmms of this year’s MTV Movie Awards.

The Good

Emma Stone, Charlize Theron, and Shailene Woodley

We are unabashed fans of peplums, and we suspect that our adoration is responsible for the serious swooning we did after seeing these three ladies rocking our go-to shape in new and unexpected ways.

Victoria Justice, Lucy Hale, and Kristen Stewart

All three of these lovely lasses picked bright hues that flattered their skin tone, as well as hightlighted their feminine figure.

Of course, not every look was a slam dunk…

Click here to see what usually gorgeous star made a rather unflattering choice

Luxe for Less: Cassie

The Cannes International Film Festival may not seem like the obvious place to indulge in a bit of musical celebrity spotting. But, as pictures from the festival have trickled in, we kept noticing one woman: Cassie. This R&B songstress has continually impressed us, but the look we were definitely drooling over was her Salvatore Ferragamo jumpsuit and Givenchy kicks. Granted, at over $3,000 dollars, we knew we could never afford such a get-up and as such, got to creating our own. The result? A printed jumpsuit ensemble for a just over $105.

(leopard print sunglasses, colorful abstract jumpsuit, woven bangle set, studded handbag, and strappy low wedge sandal)

What did you think? What other celebrities would you like to see in Luxe for Less?

Behind the Scenes + Sneak Preview: Nightclub Dresses and Arm Bling

When we go out on the town ( for research purposes, we swear) we often see girls strutting their stuff in some of our fave nightclub dresses. Today, when we saw our models lounging about in slinky, spike-encrusted sheaths, we knew we had to show you immediately:

Of course, we don’t just do sexy frocks- we’re also all about cute and girly tops, including this one:

Yes, that is one of our fabulous stylists making sure our model looks completely on trend with a chunky necklace, embellished denim, and a quirky, hinge bracelet.

So, what did you think?

How to: Wear a Cropped Top

Maybe it’s because our photographers are listening to Jack’s Mannequin or perhaps it’s the fact that we are based in sunny Los Angeles, but the general mood in the GoJane office is that summer has officially began. In spirit of all things summer we’re gonna show you how to rock one of our fave trends, cropped tops, courtesy of some super hot street style snaps we found.

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How to: Wear Jumpsuits

You know we love us a good runway look, but you know when we really feel something? When you notice that the coolest kid around is rocking something previously unattainable. And that’s the feeling we had with jumpsuits- sleek, sophisticated, sexy, but made for editors and not us mere mortals. Well, that’s what we were thinking until we saw the following street style snaps. We even picked three jumpsuits that we know you’re gonna seriously swoon over- what do you think of ’em?

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Photo Gallery: Street Style Does Printed Shorts

As the mercury rises, we find ourselves sadly pushing our cozy cardigans and thickly knitted leggings to the back of our closet. Suddenly we can no longer rely on a patterned sweater or printed scarf to give our outfit that special something. Instead, in order to remain cool, we pare our outfits to the bare minimum in the form of shorts, slouchy tanks, and sandals. But, just ’cause you don’t have as much to play with doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to boring basics. We assembled a gallery of our fave street style snaps featuring girls rocking printed shorts in order to show you that simple can still be stylish. So, take a look and make sure to tell us what your fave pic is and why.

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Sneak Peek: Heel-less Platforms + Arm Bling

Just so you know, the behind the scenes photos you’re about to feast your eyes on were so incredibly fun to shoot and style. Why? Our lovely models had the chance to strut their stuff in some of  our fave ensembles. So, take a peek and make sure to tell us what item(s) you are lusting over.

This neon necklace is one of our fave accessories. Trust us when we tell you that you’ll be seeing it a lot more.

Jumpsuits and spiked bracelets? It’s definitely a GoJane dream come true.

Snakeskin and vegan leather heel-less platforms? No, you’re not dreaming, we pinky promise.

Our model getting caffeinated and rocking plenty of cool accessories.

Our models may or may not be doing Pilates in this picture.

Take note: you can do karate (or the running man?) in these heel-less platforms.Yep, they’re that comfortable.

Our model was such a good sport- she spent a good ten minutes jumping up and down so we could get a shot that was just right.

What GoJane is all about: racks of completely gorg clothes.

One of our photographers getting the perfect shot.

Optical illusion dresses are so in right now and we can’t wait for this dress to go on the site- it’s so chic.

Our model donning a Billy Idol scowl.

This lilac shirt happens to be sinfully silky and looks so amazing with all these cool bangles and woven bracelets, right?

Lace-up shorts for summer? Yes please!

Can’t decide what we love more- the semi-sheer floral blouse, bold oversized clutch, skull bracelets, or the shoes… Decisions, decisions!

Shhhh… preview of an upcoming blog post.

Denim is cool, especially when paired with this delightfully girly floral romper and stunning heel-less platforms.

Told you you’d see this necklace again!

Loving the bold lip. What about you?

Not only are these outfits amazing (definitely can’t wait to get our pedicured paws on some of those rings!), but our models look so good, right?!

Okay, so that’s all (for now), but we’ll be back soon with even more must-have goodies.  By the way, what was your favorite pic and why?

Street Style Snaps Show You the Hottest Way to Wear Printed Pants

You’ve probably worn pants at some point in your life. In fact, we sincerely hope you have because otherwise you’re missing out on the glorious feeling you get from being totally confident you’re not gonna flash strangers while exiting a vehicle. But, chances are your pant choices are lacking and that’s where we come in.  Why? ‘Cause we love us some printed bottoms and wanna make sure you can enjoy ’em in all their patterned awesomeness. So, we found some cool street style snaps that will definitely help you figure out the best way to rock some seriously crazy bottoms and we even added some helpful tips.

Tip: Unsure about committing to a wild bottom? Try a neutral base, such as black or navy, with print. It’s a lot less scary than slipping on brightly hued leggings and you’ll find it easier to build an outfit around the pants.

Tip: You’ll notice none of the above pics include a completely solid top. Instead, it’s all about trying something unexpected, including plaid, polka dots, and more leopard. By the way, if it sounds scary to combine prints, just remember to pick stuff from the same color family.

Tip: A great bag will always pull your look together. We love picking a complimentary hue, like the picture on the far left, but it can also be fun to match your shoes and bag for a pulled together ensemble. Oh, and if you’re feeling all sorts of saucy, get crazy and choose heels and a bag that don’t necessarily match each other, but make you look good.

By the way, one of our lovely style gurus found a few cute pairs she thinks you’re gonna like. Thoughts?

(from left to right: leopard spotted leggings, chain print harem pants, broken diamond leggings)

Have you tried to wear printed bottoms? Was it a success or did you feel that it flopped?

Photos courtesy of We Heart It and Pinterest

Inspiration Gallery: Distressed Denim Shorts

As summer continues to march towards us, complete with promises of sand-filled bikinis and itchy sunburns, we find ourselves more and more excited by the promise of warm weather. Maybe it’s because we’re still middle schoolers at heart and as such, relish summer vacation (even if we’re at work), but we suspect that it’s actually because of a summertime sartorial staple: distressed denim shorts. After all, these versatile bottoms manage to go with everything, from flyaway blazers to graphic tees, and as such, we’re kinda in love. We pulled together a few snaps from some seriously stylish street snaps and of course, our lovely stylist chose four pairs to seriously improve your life.

If you wanna get in on the look, try one of the amazing choices below.

(from left to right: cuffed bermuda shorts, destroyed cut-off shorts, distressed cuffed denim shorts, and leopard high-waisted shorts)

What was your favorite look? Are you feeling inspired to try anything new?

Summer Style Essentials: Five Things You Need Now

There are many reasons that we love summer: the best action movies of the year arrive in theaters, there are all sorts of awesome musical festivals, and it’s considered socially acceptable to roam around in a bikini top. However, know what our fave thing about the return of summer is? The clothes. Okay, we know such a revelation isn’t exactly jaw breaking, but in spirit of all things mercury rising, here are our five things you need for summer.

1. Cropped Top

The cropped top is a cool kid staple from the 90’s, but this season’s iteration is even more fierce than the ones from the Clueless generation. Why? Because we’re no longer pairing our cropped tops with crunchy hair and scrunchies. Instead, it’s all about doing cropped in an undeniably sleek way and incorporating ladylike elements, such as…

2. High-Waisted Shorts

Denim is undeniably casual, but we are definitely fans of the resurgence of high-waisted denim. Why? Because it’s still cool, but it also gives you an hourglass figure. Plus, as we already mentioned, it looks chic when paired with a feminine and flirty cropped top. Of course, you can’t have a summer outfit without…

3. Chunky Printed Heels

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this heel is all sorts of hot. Not only does the chunky heel and hidden platform make it easy to add height to your frame without sacrificing comfort, but this shape is definitely on trend. Of course, we also like the fact that the patterned sole adds some much needed kick to any ensemble without any extra effort on your part.

4. Printed Scarf

You already know that tribal prints continue to be all sorts of stylish, but there’s another reason we love this scarf for summer: it’s lightweight and as such, will add some pop to your outfit without causing you to overheat. Plus, we’ve all been out and suddenly realized that it’s kind of chilly thanks to a light breeze. The easiest thing to do in this situation? Wrap the scarf around you and continue to have a fabulous night with the girls.

5. Luxe Shades

A good pair of sunnies keep the sun out of your eyes, prevent ocular damage, and allows you to hide any evidence of a late night. But, there’s an even more important reason to fall in love with these designer-inspired sunglasses: they’re so trendy it hurts and the circular frame will keep you looking stylish even if you’re only heading to the grocery store.

What are your must-have items for summer? Anything we missed?

Luxe for Less: Keke Palmer

Don’t immediately recognize the name Keke Palmer? Here’s a quick and dirty bio: she starred in Akeelah and the Bee, was one of the highest paid child stars on television, and has even put her gorgeous mug on a fashion line.  Recently we were asked to create a Keke inspired look, but we couldn’t quite figure out which of her many ensembles to emulate. We eventually decided on this winner because it’s cute, simple, and can totally be broken up to be worn with other outfits. Oh, and did we mention that our version costs less than $75?

1. venice neck patch ponti dress
2. pearl stretch bracelet

3. chunky platform heel

Why it works: Keke’s dress included a dropped waist, but we decided to go with a more flattering body con fit. However, we kept the same girly vibe of Keke’s frock by incorporating lace, as well as outfitting our model in pink vegan suede heels and a delightfully gorgeous faux-pearl bracelet.

What other celebs do you want to see on the Luxe for Less?

How to: Rock Sexy Leopard and Zebra Print Shoes

You probably know that you should add a pop of color to your outfit for serious style cred, but did you know slipping on some printed kicks could have the same effect? In this particular gallery we show you how to wear animal print heels, wedges, and booties courtesy of some insanely fashionable street style bloggers.

Okay, we totally understand if you need to take a few minutes to stop hyperventilating after indulging in this completely gorg gallery. But, once you are no longer in danger of respiratory failure, scroll down to see our top three heels in each animal category. The best part? Our incredibly talented stylist picked ’em out just for you!

Leopard Heels

1. leopard print double maryjane platform
2. sequin leopard peep-toe heel
3. metallic leopard print peep-toe platform

Zebra Heels (and Wedges!)

1. zebra wedge
2. zigzag zebra platform
3. suede trim zebra print platform

So, what was your fave street style snap? And what GoJane shoes are you kinda obsessing over now?

Photos courtesy of Pintrest, Tumblr, We Heart It and Chictopia

GoJane Featured on “Today”… Three Different Times!

This morning, between sips of tepid coffee and the exchange of weekend plans, we saw a pair of GoJane heels flash across the screen. Shaking our head we told ourselves that the early hour was messing with our sight, but then we saw something that we couldn’t possibly attribute to sleep deprivation: our name in flashing lights colorful and bold print on Today. Yes, a pair of our wedges had sashayed onto national television, but that wasn’t our sole brush with fame. Why? ‘Cause yet another ensemble featured our shoes.  Yes, in less than five minutes, America had thrice been exposed to GoJane. And we know that after seeing such fabulous footwear you probably wanna get your pedicured paws on them right now and who are we to deprive you of such pleasures?

The first pair we saw were on the editor of Life & Style. We recognized the flash of teal and coral because several of our stylists and writers own these very sexy cut-out suede peep toe pumps. In fact, these shoes appeared to be so popular with the Today crew that they were featured again in one of the outfits.

The second pair was a pair of wedge espadrilles that everyone has been salivating over.

So, in summation, GoJane is all sorts of famous and we have the approval of one of our fave glossies when it comes to fashionable footwear.

What was your favorite pair?

Ladies in Lace: Street Style Takes On One of Spring’s Biggest Trends

March brings us many things, including madness and leprechauns, but it is the end of this month that makes us realize spring is truly in the air. And we could celebrate the assurance of warmer weather with florals and shorter hemlines, but we thought of an even better way to usher in the spring equinox: lace. And sure, we’ve previously covered how your fave starlets rock this flirty fabric, but today’s post is extra special ’cause we rounded up tons of street style snaps, from all corners of the globe, featuring gorgeous gals in lace, including a pic or two of a sexy lace manicure.  So, take a look and make sure to let us know which one you’re seriously lusting over.

What was your favorite look? See anything you’re gonna try out soon?

Photos courtesy of Pintrest, Chictopia, We Heart it, The Glamourai, Man Repeller, Meek-n-Mild, and StyleBlazer

Hips Don’t Lie: Our Favorite Shape for Spring 2012

Remember the insanity that followed after we unveiled this lovely lace peplum dress? In case you don’t recall, here’s the original dress:

Unfortunately, this pretty little frock sold out immediately and hundreds of girls bombarded us with pleas begging us to restock this sheath. Fortunately, we brought it back and additionally,  ordered it in a brand new pairing (rose peach), as well as the  classic ivory mint color scheme you fell in love with. What’s your favorite shade?

By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, peplums are all sorts of huge. The Fall 2012 runways gave us numerous trends, but the one that we noticed was the return of this ladylike silhouette.

What do you think of peplums? Is this a trend you’ve already embraced or are you still unsure? What other looks are you loving right now?

Street Style Stalker: What Are Fashionistas’ Hottest Shoes?

Confession: we love shoes. Okay, we know that such an admission isn’t exactly breaking news, but the fact remains that we kinda sorta have an obsession with all things footwear. But, we also know you adore shoes as much as we do and as such, we don’t feel terrible about our shoe hoarding tendencies. Oh, and something else we forgot to mention: we sometimes indulge in some light stalking. Fortunately, our stalking is all for style, hence today’s post. Specifically, we clicked and searched and saved until we found all sorts of fashionable ladies, celebs and peons alike, who sported some seriously stylish shoes. So, take a look, get inspired, and make sure to show us how you rock your most fashionable kicks.

What was your favorite pair of shoes?

PS: One of our stylists kind offered us a few words of wisdom when she observed, “Chunky heel booties are huge for spring and will continue to be really popular for this year and into next.” Then, in a fit of general awesomeness, she quickly pulled three booties she thinks you’ll like. Thoughts?

Photos courtesy of Chictopia, Pintrest, The Glamourai, and We Heart It

How To: Wear a Bodysuit

We often see our fave celebrities strutting on stage in revealing bodysuits, but this look, along with teased wigs, armadillo heels, and triple layers of pantyhose, isn’t necessarily accessible to mere mortals. Above you’ll note that these divas look stunning, but not many of us have the body or the daring to rock a slinky bodysuit with little else. However, after poring over thousands of images on the ‘net we discovered that yes, you can wear a bodysuit and it can be an incredibly chic update to any look. Below you’ll see some of our fave ways to get bodied (yes, that was a Beyoncé reference) and oh yeah, make sure to show and tell us how YOU rock a bodysuit.

Photos courtesy of Pintrest, We Heart It, Chictopia,and  Tumblr

After extensively studying these images we have come to the conclusion that the trick to wearing a bodysuit is to use it as a quirky layering piece. As an added bonus, the perfect bodysuit will slim you down because it goes underneath your stylin’ skirt or pants.

Shop for tons of trendy bodysuits @

Shop GoJane Bodysuits

How to: Wear Peplums

Peplums rear their pretty head every few decades or so. We saw ’em in the Forties and then the Eighties. But, the modern peplum is not that of your mother or grandmother’s generation. Instead, the peplum features a little bit more sass and can often be found in the most unexpected of places.

We’ve put together four looks for you, all of which feature peplums, but in dramatically different ways. So, take a look and make sure to tell us which one you love and why, okay?

1. lace peplum dress
2. stitch leatherette clutch
3. embellished bow pearl bracelet
4. bowed platform pump

1. cross back short sleeve top
2. stone square shape ring
3. linked box chain necklace set
4. peplum skirt
5. striped strappy wedge

1. quilted leatherette wallet
2. strappy back leopard tube
3. jeweled feather stretch ring
4. lace-up platform boot
5. bandage style knit mini

1. strapless leopard print ruffle dress
2. retro patent clutch
3. design frame sunglasses
4. easter egg ring
5. cut-out laced wedges

What other fashion and style questions do you have? Let us know and you could soon see it here!

How to: Dress for Valentine’s Day (Without Being Too Obvious)

Valentine’s Day is often thought of as a special holiday reserved exclusively for couples and Hallmark executives. However, we know that the GoJane girl, regardless of relationship status, always wants to look good. As such, we put together a few looks just for you.

Date With Your Sweetheart:

1. stone square shaped ring
2. lace design open bow back dress
3. ruffled satin peep toe platform

Clubbing with Your (Single) Friends:

1. strappy back tribal tube top
2. woven chainmail bracelet
3. mineral wash skinny jeans
4. wrap around ankle strap wedge

Movie Night with the Bestie (No Romantic Comedies Allowed!):

1. rhinestone trim love ring
2. metallic zipper top
3. fringe slingback wedge
4. basic legging

What was your favorite look? What are you planning to wear on Valentine’s Day?

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