Shoes, Heels, and Platforms: A Photo Gallery Dedicated to Cute Shoes

Girls love lots of things: false lashes, glitter, anything starring Ryan Gossling. However, a significant portion of females also love shoes. Furthermore, our affection for cute footwear extends to a wide variety of types- pretty ballet flats, studded stilettos, cutout wedges. Below you’ll find some cute inspiration from ’round the web.

Why we love these: Maybe it’s ’cause we’re all about metallics this season or maybe it’s just because we love glitter, but regardless of the reason, the fact remains that these stilettos are ferosh and we totes want to get our pediured paws on ’em pronto.

Why we love these: Lace socks get a bad girl upgrade when paired with studded heels. The other shoes- velvet platform wedges-will give you height, but they’re easy to walk in. Best of both worlds? We think so.

Why we love these: The floral heels are sweet and sophisticated because of the hidden platform. Furthermore, unless we’re very much mistaken, there are booties with buttons lurking behind the printed heels and we can’t get over how cute they are.

Why we love these: Bold leopard print meets lace in these booties. Furthermore, we’re definite fans of how this photo was styled- the studs are rocker girl chic, but the bedsheets and lace are indicative of a total sweetheart.

Why we love these: Embellished heels are beautiful, but this particular pair features rainbow sparkles and an ankle strap. Heels are meant to make girls feel like princesses and we know that we’ll have a Kate Middleton moment if we got our hands on gem embellished heels.

What were your favorite pair of stilettos? Why?

Photos courtesy of: hellokittyfauxsho, sexyandcrazy, atooma, hotrockstars, and pinkkaviar.

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