2013 Trends: What to Keep from Last Year

2012 may be over, but don’t clean out your closet just yet! Several of this year’s trends are going to carry you right into next year. And they’re going to be big. From 90’s nostalgia to nautical jewelry, you’ll be ahead of the curve for 2013.

tribal print two-fer dress, studded pumps, high-waisted skinny jeans, embellished chain link bracelet, striped polka dot mixed blouse

1. Leather: We know leather will always be around in shoe, purse, and jacket form, but this year, we’ve been loving all the leather in unusual places. Whether it’s used as an accent on a flirty dress or a pair of comfy leggings, we’re excited that leather has gone from the everyday to the unexpected.

2. Pointy toe shoes: As much as we love platforms, we’re excited pointy toe shoes are here to stay. Whether you love flats or heels, the sleek line of a pointed toe will help elongate your legs and add an extra dose of sophistication to your outfit.

3. High-waisted pants: We have a soft spot for all things 90s, so we’re pretty excited high-waisted jeans are going to stick around for a while. Plus, the retro cut is both flattering and fuss-free.

4. Chain Link: Chances are, most of the jewelry you own sits on a chain. But chains are no longer just for holding charms. Chain link jewelry has taken center stage as a statement piece all of its own. From necklaces to belts to bold prints, we’re glad this glamorous trend won’t be going anywhere soon.

5. Mixed Prints: Bold prints are perfect for making a statement, but mixed prints? Even better. We’ve been loving pairing unexpected pieces together this year, and we’re expecting to go even bigger, brighter, and bolder in 2013.

What was your favorite trend of 2012?

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