Happy World Cat Day!

Seriously…Why is anyone at work right meow? Fake a tummy ache and get home to your cat ASAP! There are five centimeters behind her ears that have not been properly scratched today…and your human fingers are perfect for the job! And if you don’t have a cat, we’re sure your neighbors will let you borrow their cat for a quick cat selfie.

Cat's Meow Paris Chain Frame Tee

Ways To Celebrate World Cat Day

Cat Parents can:

  • Love the shit out of their cats. We’re talking…move the furniture out of the way, gather all of your cat’s favorite toys, and roll around the living room giggling like two BFFs at a sleepover.
  • Take your cat to the local pet store and treat them to some nibbles.
  • Let your cat do anything s/he pleases. Sleep on your laptop. Sleep on top of the remote. Sleep in your indoor potted plants. Then of course…sleep on top of your newly washed, all white everything bed. Ugh! Cats, why do we love them so much?

Cat Lovers can:

  • Donate your time to an animal shelter and request some time in the cattery
  • Wear any awesome cat-related clothes, shoes, or accessories. Cats are so hipster now- you can’t turn a corner without bumping into a person wearing some ironic cat swag.
  • Pet a random cat (and hope it doesn’t scratch your eyes out).

This post is dedicated to Kitty.

R.I.P. Kitty… Mz LuLu loves you!

Fashion Designers & Their Famous Furry Friends

Ah, it’s all about the finer things in life, isn’t it? And no one knows that better than famous designers and their furry friends. These precious pooches and coddled cats really live the refined life in junior sized couture, comfy beds, and grooming treatments that probably surpass our own.

Choupette Lagerfeld has her own iPad, two maids, and eats at the table with the Kaiser himself. Would we expect anything less? Jason Wu was inspired by his adorable kitties Peaches and Jinxy. Bean Altuzarra matches Joseph in tiny hooded parkas and crewneck tops. Gaspar Herrera has been forever immortalized by Carolina Herrera in an adorable puppy print.

Must we go on? Get to clicking already! Do you have a “pet”? (We use the term “pet” loosely here since they’re family members more than anything.) What’s the most “designer” thing you’ve ever done for them? We’re nosy and want to know.

Photos courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Styleite, and NBC.

Shop animal lover treats @ GoJane:

parrot-n-pineapple-cropped-top-4Coiled Viper BraceletCali Love Graphic Tee

More or Less: Cat Loafers

Remember when we showed you the hamster loafers that we were loving a few weeks ago? Well, we’re still on our fuzzy friend kick, hence our choice of these completely cat-tastic flats. And while the two shoes below are nearly identical, there is one glaring difference: approximately $575 dollars. The designer pair of these flats retail for approximately $595 whereas the GoJane version is $19.40. So, take a look and let us know which pair of a-meow-azing kicks is from GoJane and which version is designer.

Which version do you think is from GoJane?

To find out which pair is a mere $19.50 click here.

Happy International Cat Day!

Of all the holidays, this one is our most fave! We know everyone has their own way of celebrating this wondrous, worldwide occasion, but might we make some suggestions?

  • adopt a cat from the shelter
  • donate to your local shelter:
    • $
    • bring old (washed) towels to your local shelter to be used for cat bedding
    • offer your time as a volunteer
  • roam the streets and offer a random kitty a good old-fashioned petting
  • buy some of our totally cat-tastic GoJane cat gear:

cut-out cat ear sunglasses, graphic cat tee, cat loafers

Behind the Scenes + Sneak Peek: Spiked Leather Jackets, Cats, and Cool Shoes

We’ve been loving the chance to show you all the cool stuff we have coming in, including our most recent acquisitions: two pairs of heels that will make you swoon, a distressed tee with a feline friend, and a pair of jeans that are out of this world.

What did you think? Anything you’re in love with?

PS: As always, all these goodies should be on the site soon.

Name This Outfit & Win This Kitty Cat Tee!

Update 8/6/12: Congrats Lecia! Her title…

“Neon Lives”

…received the most votes amongst the GoJane writing crew. We were in love with quite a few this week, but her clever play on the popular cat food brand (Nine Lives) and the reference to the neon green, skinny jeans was purrrrrrrrrfect! That’s what we’re talking about when we say “RELEVANCY.” Lecia gets two claws up for her cat-tastic title!

So a lot of you have been consistently entering titles each and have yet to win. Feeling frustrated? We totally understand. What can you do to get our attention? Let us offer you some words of advice. Okay, more like one word of advice…RELEVANCY! For example, we said song titles/lyrics are cool. But keep in mind they have to be relevant to the outfit to be considered a winner. So even though Carly Rae Jepsen’s song Call Me Maybe, is really popular right now (and we totally love it), titling this outfit with it makes no sense. But please don’t feel discouraged. Every week we come across tons of great comments and some of you are just so close…

What do we mean by name it? Well every week we add three new outfits to our Shop By Outfits page. After some quick brainstorming, we writers decide on a phrase that best represents each outfit. We know we’ve got a winner when a suggestion is met with high-fives and self-proclaimed outbursts of self praise. You too can experience the high of being an, “Outfit naming SOB!”

Tips for naming the outfit:

  • keep it short (a few words)
  • the clever-er, the better-er
  • song titles/lyrics are cool (if relevant to the outfit)
  • the quirkier the more attractive
  • making us laugh is always appreciated
  • get inspired by visiting our Shop By Outfits page

Comment below with your titles. Comment as many times as you’d like, with as many titles as you’d like. Or include a list of all your titles in one comment. We don’t care how you do it, just as long as it gets done. Good luck!

Note: A winner will be chosen on Monday, August 6, 2012 @ 6pm (PST). You have until then to comment. Please leave a valid email address. We can’t contact you as a winner if your email is ILoveCats@Potato.com (although that would be an awesome email address). After a winner is chosen, s/he will have until Friday, August 10, 2012 to claim their prize. **International winners will receive store credit in the amount of the prize.  **Please be advised that we do not ship to all international countries. If a winner is chosen from said country, we can only offer them a shout out on our blog. Sorry, but no prize😦

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