Get Bold: Photos of Bodacious Babes in Daring Prints

Even your most basic outfit can become It Girl status when you add an unexpected print (or two). We know that the prospect of rockin’ such stylish duds can be a bit jarring so we put together a small gallery to get your creative juices flowing.

Why we love this: The unexpected combination of snakeskin with a feminine shirt seems like it might not work, but the similar color palette produces a sophisticated and stylish look.

Why we love this: Leather jackets are no longer exclusively associated with outlaw motorcycle gangs, but this girly combination of a printed skirt and ornate booties with a tough kid staple is a refreshing way of reviving a classic favorite.

Why we love this: It takes a certain kind of glamazon to get away with the fashion sin of combining bold prints. As you’ll see in this photo, this look works because of a similar palette, as well as equally adventurous prints.

Why we love this: We don’t know if it’s the model’s fierce stare, slammin’ physique, or the addition of lots of accessories, but regardless of reason, this printed outfit is a welcome alternative to your fave little black dress (LBD).

Why we love this: It’s not often someone wearing a grandpa sweater can look bad ass, but the model above manages to do so thanks to her rocker girl hair and ability to combine some dramatically different prints.

What was your favorite print pairing and why? Tell us in the comments.

Photos courtesy of: The Glamourai, The Man Repeller, While I Was Sleeping, and Brave New Blog

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