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If you aren’t already familiar with Bloglovin‘ and it’s amazing contributions to the blogging world, we’ll bring you up to date real quick like.  If you’re anything like us, we like to start and end our day with a few hours of fashion blog perusing. Morning sessions are accompanied with a tall skinny chai, while evening sessions are bettered paired with an economy sized bottle of cheap wine. So now you’ve learned two things about us: 1) We lurve reading blogs 2) We have a penchant for headaches.

Bloglovin‘ allows you to visit all of your favorite blogs at once. All you have to do is create an account and follow your favorite bloggers.  Then every time you login… voila…it’s a blog ragbag!  So go ahead and binge on some fashion reads and galleries! Some people might say the hours you spend web trolling are unhealthy. But we say, “Hey! At least you’re reading!” Good for you.

Bloglovin isn’t solely for fashion blogs either. Follow food blogs, culture blogs, tech blogs, celebrity gossip blogs…whatever tickles your fancy! But don’t forget the most important blog of all…OURS!

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