GoJane’s Beauty Expert: Kat!

Being that today celebrates “Beautician’s Day,” we thought there was no better time than now to feature our loveable, huggable (and oh, yeah…talented) beauty expert, Kat (AKA Kitty Kay, Ty-Baby, & The Best MUA Ever)! Born Kathleen Ty, this LA-based hair stylist/MUA is every girl’s best friend when it comes to the beauty game. She’s got just the right flick in her wrist that results in a face that says, “I’m almost too beautiful to look at!” And her hair antics will have you whipping that mane around as if you were a beautiful unicorn.

What else can we say about this skillful cosmetologist? Oh, yeah, she always has badass nails, she dabbles in photography, and she fucking loves cats! You just fell harder for Kitty Kat, didn’t you? If makeup is an obsession of yours and you love seeing pictures of beautiful babes, follow Kat on her Instagram (@kathleenty) for the latest beauty tips. Another great thing about her account? She’s always on location for our weekly lookbook shoots, so you’ll be the first to see what’s going on with GoJane editorials.

Ask Kat some questions and we’ll make sure she hooks you up with some beauty knowledge. And if you ask her kindly, she might just do a tutorial dedicated to you.

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On Location With GoJane:

 Kat’s GoJane Beauty Faves:

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Cyber-stalk Kat on Instagram, Facebook, and on her Official Website.

Summer of Color: Purple-Eyed Beauty

Forget black eyeliner! This summer, we’re making an effort to inject color into our wardrobes and beauty routines in places we may never have thought to use it before. Starting with those pretty peepers. It’s simple- just line your eyes the way you usually would. But this time around, try using a colorful eyeliner. We used a thick and creamy purple eyeliner to create our awesomely chunky, colorful cat eye. You like?


GoJane’s got tons of colorful liners for you to choose from:

Get these at GoJane: NYX Slim Eye Pencil, NYX Studio Liquid Liner, NYX Retractable Eye Liner

Tip: If you don’t have colorful eye liner, use lip liner. Just dab some primer on your lids to keep the lip liner from smudging or sticking to your lids. You can also use a super pigmented creme shadow and a brush to create the same funky look.

For more beauty how-to’s, troll some of our MUA Kitty Kat’s past beauty posts.


Are you diggin’ our bright idea?

Makeup How To: Modern Vintage Beauty


As GoJane’s lead MUA, I like to shake up the weekly lookbook a bit by doing unexpected things like adding a vintage touch to a mostly modern look. My inspiration for this week’s  makeup: the hues and tones of the 1960’s. I’m thinking this is a look you can rock both day and night. Hope you like…


Powder: Cargo’s blu_ray Pressed Powder Eyeshadows: Cargo’s Pasadena Eyeshadow Duo, Make-Up Forever 101 Eyeliner: Tarte’s creme-based liner in black Blush: Cargo’s Cheek Activator Lips: Cargo’s Reverse Lip Liner, Lorac’s Lip Gloss in Butterscotch c/o Cargo Cosmetics


Prep the face with a moisturizer & primer.
Step 1: Using a round tapered dome brush, generously apply powder or foundation all over the face for your base.
Step 2: Apply in a circular motion, brushing the product upwards for an even finish.
Tip: Adding powder to foundation is great for oily skin, especially during warmer weather.


Step 1: Apply a lighter shade of eyeshadow from the lash line all the way to the brow bone using a round dome brush.
Tip: The lighter color is a great way to highlight the brows.
Step 2: Apply a light blue shimmer with a flat round brush. Start from the inner tear-duct of the eyelid and move up to the crease, blending it out to the outer corner of the lash line at an angle.

Step 3: Apply a darker shadow from the outer corner, blending it up to the crease, using a small tapered brush or a smudger.
Step 4: Line the bottom of the lash line using that same darker shadow, with a flat liner brush for a more dramatic look.


Step 1:  Create a cat eye using a liner brush and a black cream-based liner. From the outer corner, bring it all the way to the tear duct at a 45° angle.
Tip: I like to start from the outer corner of the lash line at an angle, to make sure my cat eye is even.
Step 2: Apply a generous amount of mascara from the roots of the lash line all the way to the tips.
Tip:  Applying from the roots of the lash, ensures a bolder/fuller look.


Step 1: Apply a cream-based blush from the apples of the cheek, blending at an angle with a duo-fiber brush.
Tip: If you don’t have a duo-fiber brush, apply the cream on the back of your hands and with your finger, dot it along the apples of the cheek; then blend with your fingers


Step 1: Line the lips with a light colored lip liner all along the natural lines of the lips.
Step 2: Use a lip brush to smooth out the liner.

Step 3: Apply a natural shimmer gloss that has a hint of color on the lips.
Tip: Use lipstick if you prefer. I used gloss for a hint of shine and for a fuller lip.


So what do you think? Did we just hook up your beauty book with a new look?

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