2014 Billboard Music Awards: Half-Ponytails, No-Shows, and Michael Jackson (Kinda)

Who spent three hours of their Sunday in front of the television watching the 2014 Billboard Music Awards? All music maniacs should be raising their hands right now! Well, it’s okay if you didn’t. We totally understand that people have hectic lives, and not everyone has the luxury of plopping their butts on the couch, eating a ridiculous (and embarrassing) amount of carbs, while perving out over the world’s biggest musicians as they prance across our HD screens. We totally get it. That’s why we took one for the homies and did it for you. Here’s a recap of last night’s BBMA. We’ve included the most talked about moments, most mind-blowing performances, most well-deserving winners, and most eye-popping style. Enjoy…

Highlights & Random Questions:

  • Why was Fred Durst there?
  • Did Shakira have an “accidental” “Janet Jackson at the Superbowl Halftime Show” nip-slip moment?
  • Why is Justin Timberlake soooooo funny? “To all the other finalists…This isn’t a competition, but if it was, I won…and I’m okay with that!”
  • That dude from the Flaming Lips seriously just kissed Miley’s feet! Shouldn’t it have been the other way around?
  • J.Lo wants the young fans to know: “Dream big…cause you never know!” Tear.
  • That Jason Derulo performance looked like a bad day at cheer practice. Leave the tumbling and human pyramids to Iggy Azalea and the UNLV Rebel Cheerleaders!
  • John Legend is the most romantic man in the world. We need a moment.
  • Iggy Azalea is the kind of “Fancy” bitch you need in your life!
  • Kendall Jenner: You are beautiful, but please…SIT DOWN! You’re embarrassing the women who aren’t “really bad readers!” How could you flub that One Direction 5SOS intro? Really?
  • So apparently NOBODY showed up to accept their awards? We get it…you’re busy. But this whole “via satellite” thing is wack! (We’re talking to you: Justin, Miley, and Katy!)
  • Ariana Grande & J.Lo are REALLY trying to make this half-ponytail thing happen…




Photos Courstesy Of Billboards.com, Huffington Post, and Associated Press

Did you watch the awards last night? What was your favorite moment? Favorite outfit?

And please…can someone tell us why Fred Durst was there? Seriously!

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