How To Wear: Body Chains

If you’re anything like us, then you’re a firm believer in the idea that chain-ge is good. And with the end of summer rapidly approaching (say it ain’t so!), now’s as good a time as any to start implementing a bit (or a bunch) of it into your wardrobe. Enter the bodacious body chain, a summer staple seen on the likes of Beyonce, Vanessa Hudgens, Kendall Jenner, and Bad Girl RiRi herself.

So what is it about these layered, shimmery goods that everyone loves so much? Well, first off, it’s the perfect way to subtly add a bit of chic-shine to your outfit. Second, it’ll totally accentuate your hot bod by bringing attention to those abs you’ve been working on. And third, well, we’re into anything Queen Bey is into, #justsayin.

Here are three surefire ways to wear a body chain:

1. Over a swimsuit. Whether you’re a bikini babe or a one-piece kind of gal, a body chain will easily complement your beachside or poolside look without looking like you’re trying too hard. Our advice: Go for a chain that’s on the simpler side (like the Circular Faux Jewels Body Chain), especially if you plan on actually getting into the water.

2. Over (or underneath) a cropped top. When it comes to fashion, think of your body as a canvas. And since a cropped top is only covering your top half, why not add a little something-something to drape down the bottom half? You really can’t go wrong with this next-level look. Our advice: Keep the layering around your neck at a minimum. Instead of throwing on an extra necklace, try a couple of rings and bracelets instead.

3. Over a dress. Nothing gets a conversation going (mostly compliments, obvi) more than a body chain over a dress. It’s not only beyond chic but also very unpredictable, so take pride in the fact that you decided to step it up a notch that day. Our advice: Go with a basic colored dress to really make your chain pop, like a sleek #LBD.

Ahead, a collection of body chain inspiration shots to get those sartorial juices flowing.

How do you wear your body chain? We want to know! Send us the link to your #OOTD in our comments section below.

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National Jewel Day: Show Some Sparkle

Looking for an excuse to buy yourself some gorgeous jewels? Well, your day has arrived. Today is National Jewel Day, a holiday created to celebrate all things sparkly and fabulous. We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so that makes Jewel Day her second best friend. So grab your jewelry box, and get to showing off your sparkle!

How do you plan on celebrating Jewel Day?

P.S. You can shop for your own fabulous jewelry on the GoJane site!

Photos via Pink Peonies, Kayture, Atlantic-Pacific, Kansas Couture, Song of Style, Lilly’s Style, and Pinterest

More or Less: Gold Ring

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that it’s the little things that have the biggest impact. If you’re not convinced of the power of all the small things, we suggest spending some quality time browsing our Shop By Outfits and reading your fave style blogs. A common theme? The importance of accessories. So, as you can imagine, when we saw this gold statement ring by an old couture house we were smitten. The only issue? The $300 price tag for something that we may end up losing next time we grab post-work cocktails. Fortunately GoJane has a nearly identical version for a mere $13.10. Take a look and let us know which ring you think is from GoJane and which ring is designer.

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What Every Girl Wants for the Holidays

We are so ready to spend the holidays opening presents, eating cookies, and ice skating with friends and families. But before we can do that, we have to find each of them the perfect gift. So if you didn’t manage to push through crowds to knock off your entire shopping list on Black Friday, fear not! We’ve compiled a guide for every girl in your life that will keep you stress free. Whether you’re shopping for a girl who’s accessory obsessed, loves bags, wears tons of makeup, or collects shoes, we’ve got loads of gifts to choose from. So get ready to cross off the rest of your gift list! And maybe sip a peppermint mocha and listen to some festive music while you shop.

The Accessory Obsessed

embellished rose bangle set, colored boyfriend watch, polka dot scarf, dangling teardrop earrings, two finger mustache ring, baroque sunglasses

The Bag Lover

spiked buckle strap purse, sequin heart clutch, leather bow front clutch, nylon cosmetic case, quilted stud clutch, leather stud trim purse

The Beauty Junkie

smokey eye cosmetic kit, NYX glitter powder, leopard print lip gloss tube, self-adhesive eyelashes, NYX stick blush, face and body shimmer bronzer, nail polish set

The Shoe Collector

studded moto boots, strappy slouch leather boots, glittery platforms, snakeskin wedge sneakers, cat loafers, geometric heel-less platform booties 

Are any of these on your own holiday wish list?

GoJane Lookbook: February 2012

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