Our Fave 2014 Jewelry Trend: The Single Earring

Every year there are a bevy of new trends, but we especially loved the single earring trend that took off this year. It’s fresh and edgy and, if we want to get philosophical, it’s all about subversion with an asymmetrical look. (Our prediction is that next year the septum piercing is going to go mainstream.) Check out our inspiration gallery of ladies rocking a single earring.

Have you guys been wearing a single earring? Tell us in the comments below! Peep GoJane’s selection of single earrings.


 Top Row: 1. Tri And Bling It Earring Cuff Set, 2. Different Shapes Faux Jewel Ear Cuff, 3. Palace Jewels Cuff ‘N Earring Set, 4. Suspended Pearl Embellished Earrings

Middle Row: 1. Sparkle Strand Cuff ‘N Earring Set, 2. Just Wing It Cuff ‘N Earring Set, 3. Bling It On Jeweled Single Earring, 4. Pearly Depths Earring ‘N Cuff Set

Bottom Row: 1. Pearly Great Single Backdrop Earring, 2. Bling It On Jeweled Single Earring, 3. Lovely Edge Faux Pearl Ear Cuff

Inspiration Gallery: Quirky, Graphic, and Colorful

Nope, winter doldrums haven’t surfaced over here. Not to make subzero inhabitants weep or whatever, but we’re experiencing sunny 70 degree weather. However, we care a lot about all of our readers and feel it’s time to blast your peepers full of color, pattern, and all things fun and quirky. Just remember, warm weather will be back before you know it, and we’re here to help with a little pick-me-up.

Are you ready? This gallery is a sumptuous feast, and if you’re a neutral loving girl it’ll be a one-two style punch of COLOR, COLOR, COLOR. Did you imagine those words blinking like a neon sign? We did. Okay, go click through this gallery.

Now that you’ve seen the gallery, we gotta say it takes a certain kind of devil-may-care attitude to step out of your comfort zone and wear something that will wildly draw attention to you, positive and negative alike. But hey, life is short, and if you feel like wearing mustard yellow shoes with sparkles, then you better darn well wear them. After all, isn’t fashion all about dressing for you? Duh, rhetorical question.

Anyway, nothing says style like planning a season ahead, so go ahead and peruse the gallery and shop your little heart out with our GoJane inspired picks. Then you better comment and tell us what you got and what you’re styling it with and maybe attach a picture or five, k? K.

Shop GoJane For Fun Stuff:

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