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Coachella Week 2: Cuties, Kooks & Chaos

What can we say about our Coachella adventure? It. Was. Ri. Dic! We saw The Lumineers, Pusha-T, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Wu-Tang Clan (just to name a few of the performers we were coherent enough to remember). We drank a ton of delicious, sugary, strawberry lemonade and perved out on some really cool festival-goer styles. Here is a collection of cool Coachella pics- some ours and some borrowed from our favorite bloggers.

Photos Courtesy Of: The Blonde Salad, Le Blog De Betty, Lifestyle Mirror

Were you at Coachella this past weekend or the previous? If so, email us some pics and we’ll post them!

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The Essentials: What To Bring To Coachella

It’s one of the most anticipated music events of the year and it’s finally kicking off this weekend. Six days of music, booze, friends, and fashion sounds like heaven- but it could quickly turn into a hot mess. Literally, a HOT mess. With temperatures in Indio, California expected to close in on the hundreds during both weekends, we’re taking all precautions so we can rock out, without passing out. And since we have a few Coachellas under our belt, we’re gonna drop some festival knowledge on you. Our Coachella Survival Guide doesn’t only feature a super fly outfit- it also gives you practical advice that will keep you smiling throughout the 3-day, festival weekend/s.

banded fedora, round rhinestone trim sunglasses, cropped graphic lips tank, camouflage denim shorts, cage back cardigan, striped canvas backpack, platform sneakers, cucumber make-up remover wipes

Daytime Essentials: Think about the sun, sweat and stickiness…

  • Sunblock. Sunblock. Sunblock. Come home with wonderful memories, not a 3rd degree sunburn. The desert sun is not forgiving and there is almost no shade once you’re inside the venue. The misting tents are a short relief from the heat, but you don’t want to spend the entire weekend there.
  • Lip Balm w/ sunscreen
  • Reusable, plastic water bottle. There are watering stations scattered around the field, so take advantage of this free amenity. If you plan on boozing it up, keep hydrated! Heat and alcohol do not mix well. If you forget your container, bottles of water will be sold for $2.
  • Hand sanitizer & cleansing wipes. All the spilled beer and yummy food truck goodies can take a toll on your paws. Don’t waste your time standing in line at the sink stations. We’re bringing along these refreshing make-up wipes to keep ourselves cool & clean.

Hats & Sunglasses: Wide brimmed hats will keep the sun off of your precious face and sunglasses will keep you from squinting through your fave daytime performances.

Tops: Keep the material light and airy.  Imagine all that desert sun trapped under a super tight shirt. Yuck! We chose a light colored top to reflect the sun. (Black and darker colors will absorb the heat). And of course, we went sleeveless because there’s nothing cute about a farmer’s tan.

Bottoms: Blankets are not permitted and who wants to lug around a small beach towel? We suggest you throw on some denim shorts that you don’t mind getting dirty. The thick denim will protect your bum from being poked by sharp trash left on the field when you need to cop a quick squat. We also chose camo shorts because the dirtier they get, the more authentic they look. The high-cut hem will also protect you from a crazy mid-thigh tan line.

Footwear: Please do yourself a favor and leave the sexy heels and wedges at home because there is some major walking involved. And with so many things to do and see once you’re inside the venue, you’re not gonna be standing in one place for very long. Sandals aren’t the best idea if you mind having your toes trampled on amidst the chaos. Combat boots seem like a good idea, but with all the sun you’re bound to come home with a funky, mid-calf tan line. So we suggest platform sneakers. The platform will give you extra height to see past the crowds of tall people.

Nighttime Essentials: Although desert days are hotter than a mo-fo, it can get quite chilly and windy once the sun sets. We suggest bringing along a cardigan. Nothing too thick because you’ll sweat your booty off while you’re jumping around to the headlining band. We chose a cut-out cardigan because of the ventilation it offers. Pack it away in your backpack during the day and you can also use it as something to sit on if grass on your ass isn’t an ideal situation. If you’re not carrying a bag, tie it around your waist 90s style.


  • Earplugs. We know it sounds counter-productive to suggest something that will impair your hearing at a music festival, but some people are sensitive to the whole deep base and screeching guitars thing.
  • Hair tie. When your hair is stuck to your face and drenched in sweat, you’re gonna wish you had something to tame it with.

For more Coachella Festival info, click here!

Who’s going to Coachella? Will you be wearing one of your GoJane favorites?

Inspiration Gallery: Pumped Up Ponytails

Reasons why ponytails are every girl’s go-to hairstyle: they are simple to execute, they are a great solution to unwashed hair, it’s one of the first beauty secrets our mothers taught us, and it’s an ageless look. But we’ve been getting a little bored with the basic pulled-back look, so we scoured the web for some clever ponytail creations. Take a look at these new millennium ponytails and prepare to be amazed…

Which ponytail are you gonna try?


Photos Courtesty Of: Beauty Stat, HairStylesGlobe

SxSW Recap: Movies, Music, and Seriously Cool Street Style

We may have missed all the live action at South by Southwest this year, but we were definitely following along virtually. With tons of musicians, movie stars, techies, and fans in one place, the fashion definitely didn’t disappoint. Here are a few of our favorite looks and moments!

What did you think of SxSW this year?

Photos via Huffington Post, Elle.

National Jewel Day: Show Some Sparkle

Looking for an excuse to buy yourself some gorgeous jewels? Well, your day has arrived. Today is National Jewel Day, a holiday created to celebrate all things sparkly and fabulous. We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so that makes Jewel Day her second best friend. So grab your jewelry box, and get to showing off your sparkle!

How do you plan on celebrating Jewel Day?

P.S. You can shop for your own fabulous jewelry on the GoJane site!

Photos via Pink Peonies, Kayture, Atlantic-Pacific, Kansas Couture, Song of Style, Lilly’s Style, and Pinterest

Microtrend: Garter Accents

Garters have forever been a staple of intimate apparel. But someone decided it was time for garters to get out of bed and join the rest of the cool kids in becoming one with everyday streetwear. We’ve experienced a recent surge of garter-like accents on unexpected pieces and we’re loving it. We’re talking garter accent leggings, dresses, and jumpsuits. The best way to describe this microtrend? Daring! Something we love about garter-inspired pieces? Versatility! The garter dresses are essentially two pieces, in one. With the simple undoing of a buckle or button, you can wear the top and skirt separately. A microtrend that is not only cool, but also economical? We’ll take it!

 gun print garter leggings (left) garter cut-out jumpsuit (right)

1. spiked acid wash dress 2. leopard garter leggings 3. diamond print garter leggings 4. cut-out buckle dress

Which one of these garter pieces are you feening to get your hands on?

Inspiration Gallery: Badass Braids

It’s time you jumped on this braided bandwagon thing. Why? This timeless hairstyle has stood the test of time, and it’s showing no sign of ever going away. We know what you’re thinking. Braids are sooooo grade school. Yes, braids can be a mommy go-to or a simple solution to bad hair days. But they can also be something extravagant and creative. Today’s braids are all about layers, accessories, structure, and updated techniques such as the waterfall braid. Take a look at the photo gallery below, and we’re sure you’ll find a braided style that’s all you and maybe then some!

Which braided hairstyle are you dying to try out?

Inspiration Gallery: Pastel Colored Hair

If you haven’t already heard, it’s all about pastels this season. Makes sense, right? Springtime and pastels go together like hipsters and bow ties, like kittens and cuteness. But if the idea of slipping into lilac colored maxi dresses and sunshine colored chiffon blouses all season is a bit too girly for you, we’ve got a punky solution to your pastel precaution. How about rocking these soft, breezy hues in your hair? Sounds crazy? Crazy like a fox!

This look can be temporarily attained with clip-on hair extensions, chalk, or spray-on hair color. And for you daring divas out there, you can rock this permanently with the help of your fave hair colorists, a bottle of bleach, and a shit-ton of courage. We’ve been spotting this uber-cool hair trend all over the scene lately, and we’re thinking some of you out there might have what it takes to werq it. But if you’re still undecided on whether this hair trend is a yay or nay, we’ve compiled a bunch of photos of our favorite bloggers, models and celebrities (there are even pastel colored cats in there) to inspire you.

What do you think? Will you be going grey, pink, lilac or baby blue this season?

Photos Courtesy Of: Tumblr, Buzzfeed & WeHeartIt

Inspiration Gallery: Big Cat Graphics (Lions, Tigers, Leopards…)

We’ve always been fans of graphics, but most recently, there’s a specific kind of graphic that we’re going wild over. Tired of guessing? We love wild cats! We love their freedom. We love how regal they are. And we especially love the respect they demand with their silent stares and ferocious appetites. So we’ve been racing through this jungle we call the marketplace and snatching up every single thing we can find printed with big, chunky, in-yo-face graphics of badass cats. We’re talking lions, tigers, jaguars, pumas, leopards and cheetahs.

Not only are these fierce kitties huge in stature, but now they’re huge in the fashion world. Top design houses like Givenchy and designers like Marc Jacobs were some of the first to reveal their love for feisty felines. Months later, this trend has smoothly translated from the runway to the streets! This season is all about bringing out your inner wildcat. So grab some of our best bold kitty graphic pieces, and make sure it gets thrown into your rotation of trends-to-try this season!

And if you’re having a little trouble envisioning this trend on a real girl, like yourself, in the real world, we’ve compiled a wide selection of inspiration photos of our favorite street style bloggers doing their thing in big cat graphics.

Are you just dying to try the big cat trend this season? If so, we’ve got a great selection of cool cat pieces for you at GoJane! Shop Now!

Rihanna Follows GoJane on Instagram (Kinda)

Ever heard of a certain Barbados-born pop star named…hmmmmm, what’s her name again? Oh yeah, Rihanna! Well turns out Riri loves GoJane just as much as we love her…kinda. Rihanna recently became an Instagram follower of our very own Lead Stylist, Andie! Apparently, even @badgalriri herself can’t resist the crazy cool stylings of the adorable lil’ fashion junkie we call Andie. Needless to say, we will be adding this to our long list of professional accomplishments. So take a hint from Rihanna and follow @callmeloka_andie. Because if she’s good enough for Riri, she’s good enough for you the world!

Digging on Andie’s IG looks? You can find mostly everything she’s wearing in her IG posts at GoJane.

And if you don’t already (shame on you), make sure to follow @gojanedotcom for your fashion fix.

Inspiration Gallery: Leggings

While you could easily wear your trusty jeans and tee combo, that doesn’t mean you should. After all, with all the options available, do you really want to be the one who keeps it boring? One of our fave ways to break up the sartorial monotony is with leggings. And the leggings we’re talking about are not the ones you associate with Lindsay Lohan circa 2006; instead our version is printed, embellished, and guaranteed to hug every single one of your curves. If you’re still unsure about the look, check out our inspirational gallery and let us know which pair of leggings you’re loving.

What do you think? What’s your fave way to rock leggings?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

Inspiration Gallery: Polka Dots

Polka dots are the ultimate girly trend. Every lovely lady from Marilyn Monroe to Katy Perry has been spotted (get it?) frequently rocking the classic print. GoJane has been getting in loads of polka dots recently, so naturally, we thought it was time for a little styling inspiration. We compiled a few of our favorite looks from super-stylish bloggers to get you your fashion fix for the day. But be careful not to stare too long, you may start seeing spots.

How do you style this spotty trend?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Inspiration Gallery for Fall’s Fave Shade: Burgundy

If you’ve been paying attention to all the major glossies, beauty blogs, and street style stars, you’ve probably noticed a shift in color. Specifically, we’re seeing a lot of burgundy. This rich hue is perfect for fall, and is also known as bordeaux, wine, berry, and plum. So, take a look at our large gallery featuring this completely gorg color in all its forms, and make sure to let us know how you’re wearing burgundy this season.

What do you think? Anything you’re a fan of?

Photos courtesy of Elle and Pinterest

Inspiration Gallery: Denim

Are you ready for our last trend of the week? ‘Cuz it’s a good one. Chances are, you’ve been wearing some form of denim most of your life. Whether you rocked overalls in fifth grade, had denim scrunchies, or wear jeans on a regular basis, you probably own something in the casual blue hue. But lately, denim has made its way to center stage, and its ready to lead us all right into fall. Hello comfy shirts and stretchy jeans! We are happy to welcome you back into our lives. Just to give you a little denim inspiration, we’ve compiled outfits from some of our favorite bloggers who totally rock the trend.

And just so we’re clear, we are not suggesting you dress like America’s favorite pop stars circa 2001. Not a good moment for Britney and Justin.

How have you been rocking the denim trend?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Inspiration Gallery: Skulls and Crosses

We’ve already told you about one of our fave trends (spikes and studs) for the upcoming season, but we think you’re ready for another one: skulls and crosses. And, just so you know, we’re not talking the gigantic skulls or crosses splashed across your person like that one kid you used to hang out with who freaked your mom out. Instead, the skulls and crosses we’re getting excited about include cut-out tees, dainty rings, and seriously bad ass clutches. To show you just how versatile this trend can be, we put together an inspiration gallery of images, some street style, some Instagram, and some editorial (and even one dude), that have made us whip out the plastic and load up our reusable shopping bags with all sorts of goodies.

What is your favorite item with skulls and/or crosses?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest and Dulce Candy

Inspiration Gallery: Stripes

Ladies, meet our second trend of the week: stripes. We know, stripes are nothing new, but they have recently taken the fashion universe by storm. Whether bold or subtle, stripes can breathe new life into a hum drum outfit. In fact, we suggest trying to treat stripes as a neutral. You’ll be surprised how perfect they are for mixing prints and bright colors. And just for your convenience, we’ve compiled all our amazing striped pieces into one totally trendy page. But enough chatting, we’ve gathered some of our favorite bloggers and street style shots to give you some striped inspiration!

What’s your favorite striped item on our site? How do you wear stripes?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

How to: Wear Spikes and Studs

Is it just us, or has the summer flown by? Maybe it’s ’cause we were super busy; between assembling our July 2012 lookbook, checking out the hottest swim looks from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and showing you how to dress for the beach, time just slipped through our perfectly manicured fingers. Granted, there’s still a few blissful weeks before the official beginning of fall, but we decided to take this week to introduce some of our favorite new trends for the season. First on our list? Spikes and studs.  We’re pretty sure you know all about our adoration for all things spiked and studded (you have been reading our Behind the Scenes + Sneak Peek posts, right?), but today’s post is special. Why? Because we’re gonna show you how to wear spikes and studs with a gigantic picture gallery full of our fave street style bloggers.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

Style Spotlight: Wedge Sneakers

Confession: we are kind of obsessed with wedge sneakers right now. Not only do they add height to your frame, but they instantly elevate your outfit to previously unknown levels of cool. Don’t believe us? Feast your eyes on the four pairs of kicks below we’re currently in serious lust with.

combo high-top wedge sneakers
, wedge sneakers, buckle wedge sneakers, and  combo high-top wedge sneakers

So, did we manage to convert you to the cult of wedge sneakers?

How To: Wear Striped Pants

We blame Taylor Tomasi Hill for our obsession and fascination with striped pants. After seeing Prabal Gurung’s muse in a perfectly tailored pair of flared leg, striped pants we were undeniably in love. But, we didn’t want to be accused of taking inspiration from Beetlejuice, hence our reluctance to wear the bold trend. Fortunately, we found a few dozen stylish gals who not only showed us how to wear this slimming and fashion-forward look, but gave us the motivation to make it happen.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

What do you think? Are you a fan of this look?

Find amazing striped pants at GoJane!


How to: Wear a Printed Skirt

Dressing for success doesn’t just mean wearing boring blazers and knee length pencil skirts. Instead, showing off your style smarts requires some serious sartorial cunning. And you know one of our fave ways to do that? Printed skirts. But, in case you don’t feel up to getting your print on, we have an awesome gallery of style street stars showing you how to do the printed skirt with class and confidence.

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Style Gallery: Bustiers

The word ‘bustier’ may make you think of Madonna circa 1986, but we assure you that the new generation of bustiers is far more sweet and less jarring than Madge’s “Like a Virgin” gear.  Plus, if you don’t feel up to a bustier, you can achieve a similar effect with a cropped top or bralette. In case you aren’t quite convinced, we pulled together a style gallery  composed of super cool shots of various street style stars.

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How to: Do the Waterfall Hem

Mullet hem, high-low hem, and now… waterfall hem? Fortunately, you don’t have to remember all of these as distinct styles because each moniker refers to one thing: skirts, shirts, or dresses with a raised hem in front. And while you’ve probably seen lots of cool girls rock this look, you may feel apprehensive about adopting it for yourself. But, we’re gonna show you how courtesy of some street style snaps, as well as a hot look featuring a waterfall hem.

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Trend Alert: Cap Toe Heels

If you’ve ever pored over pictures of female relatives from the 1980’s and early 1990’s, you’ve probably noticed an abundance of cap toe shoes (and shoulder pads). Today we’re focusing on cap toe heels ’cause we love us some footwear, and this trend is super hot right now. So, take a look at our inspirational gallery, as well as our top picks for cap toe heels.

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Style Inspiration: Hats

Hats offer many benefits, including the ability to  make you look like a modern Oscar Wilde, protect your delicate visage from the harmful effects of the sun, or add a quirky twist to your ensemble. Alas, this fun and timeless accessory hasn’t been getting the props it deserves and as such, we’re showing you some of our fave ways to rock this headgear.

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How to: Dress for the Beach

Dressing for the beach should be a relatively easy affair because clothing is often not a top priority when you’re dodging fearless seagulls, struggling to open a canopy while your friends mock you, or catching some rad waves on your rented boogie board. But, this assumed easiness means that it can be even harder to figure out what to wear than normal. Fortunately, we found some totally inspirational pics for getting you beach ready, as well as picked three swimsuits we know you’re gonna love.

Click here to see even more beach inspiration

Style Crush: Iggy Azalea

One of our fave new music (soon-to-be) superstars is Iggy Azalea. This Australian rapper looks like Grace Kelly, but her lyrics are so raw they’d make Ol’ Dirty Bastard blush. Plus, not only do we love her unique sense of style, but we are definitely feeling her in your face ‘tude. To celebrate Azalea’s upcoming album, The New Classic, as well as the fact that she  is awesome, we’re offering you a post dedicated to all things Iggy, including some images that totally got the Instagram treatment- enjoy! Oh, and finally, our stylist even pulled together an Iggy Azalea-inspired look.

See even more Iggy looks here

How to: Wear Denim in the Summer

Denim is a quintessential American staple and as such, you aren’t exactly surprised when it shows up on everything from jackets to formal wear (we’re talking to you, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake circa 2001). But, figuring out how to rock this potentially heavy fabric when temperatures creep towards triple digits can be a challenge. That’s why we’re showing you how to wear denim, in all sorts of unexpected ways, and we’re doing so with some of our favorite street style snaps.

Click here to see even more unexpected ways to wear denim

Fave Summer Piece? It’s the Maxi!

As you’re undoubtedly aware, the GoJane office is full of impossibly chic fashionistas. But, given the skyrocketing temperature, even the most glamorous of us has had to admit that it is time to put away our patterned tights and perfectly cropped blazers. Fortunately, we have the promise of maxi dresses and maxi skirts to make this transition, dare we say, pleasant. If you’re still on the fence about maxis, take a look at our style gallery of fashionable bloggers rocking our must have summer piece. Oh, and we made sure to pull a few dresses we know you’re gonna swoon over.

See more street style pics and our must have maxi dresses

How to: Wear Cut-Outs (Without Showing Too Much Skin)

After a long week of barbecue and beach trips, it feels as if summer has officially began. Granted, that auspicious day doesn’t actually come until June 20, but with the rising mercury, we continue to maintain that the weather necessitates warm weather staples. But, we don’t believe in just throwing on a  cute tank  and denim cut-offs- we believe in looking hot in the heat with stylish duds. And you know what our fave way is to snag some easy style points? Clothes with cut-outs.  So, we put together a mini gallery of some super stylish girls with cut-outs, as well as had one of our stylists pull a few looks she thinks you’re gonna love. Take a look and make sure to let us know what you think.

Click here to see the cutest way to rock cut-outs

How to: Wear a Cropped Top

Maybe it’s because our photographers are listening to Jack’s Mannequin or perhaps it’s the fact that we are based in sunny Los Angeles, but the general mood in the GoJane office is that summer has officially began. In spirit of all things summer we’re gonna show you how to rock one of our fave trends, cropped tops, courtesy of some super hot street style snaps we found.

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Trend Report: The Return of Round Sunglasses

The temperature continues to rise and we continue to shed valuable layers in efforts to not completely roast. But, there is one delicious thing we get to add to our ensembles and we have a justifiable excuse for doing so: sunglasses. After all, a pair of sunnies is necessary for optimum ocular health, right? Right. But, you can’t just slip on the dusty frames you found underneath your bed- this season’s hottest shape is round. We’ve seen some of our fave style stars, including Nicki Minaj and model Abbey Lee Kershaw, rock these John Lennon-inspired shades, but we’re now bringing the look to you with this awesome photo gallery showing all the ways you can get round.

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Want to Update Florals? Try Tropical Prints!

You already know that florals are in when it comes to spring and summer. But, we know you’re probably craving a respite from all things predictably sweet which is why we’re telling you it’s time to embrace florals’ naughty cousin, tropical. And, despite the fact that we’re all about the street style pics, we’re showing you how to tropical with help from some of our fave glossies. Take a look and tell us what’s your fave way to rock tropicals.

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How to: Wear Jumpsuits

You know we love us a good runway look, but you know when we really feel something? When you notice that the coolest kid around is rocking something previously unattainable. And that’s the feeling we had with jumpsuits- sleek, sophisticated, sexy, but made for editors and not us mere mortals. Well, that’s what we were thinking until we saw the following street style snaps. We even picked three jumpsuits that we know you’re gonna seriously swoon over- what do you think of ’em?

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Photo Gallery: Street Style Does Printed Shorts

As the mercury rises, we find ourselves sadly pushing our cozy cardigans and thickly knitted leggings to the back of our closet. Suddenly we can no longer rely on a patterned sweater or printed scarf to give our outfit that special something. Instead, in order to remain cool, we pare our outfits to the bare minimum in the form of shorts, slouchy tanks, and sandals. But, just ’cause you don’t have as much to play with doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to boring basics. We assembled a gallery of our fave street style snaps featuring girls rocking printed shorts in order to show you that simple can still be stylish. So, take a look and make sure to tell us what your fave pic is and why.

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Style Inspiration: The Chic Summer Blazer

Chances are you think of tanks and t-strap sandals when we mention summer. But, a light blazer is just as essential as your fave itsy bitsy bikini when the mercury rises. Why? ‘Cause there always seems to be a breeze when you’re dining on the patio at a hot new restaurant, not to mention the fact that some offices and classrooms are downright arctic. So, we pulled together dozens of street style pics with girls rocking blazers and oh yeah, our stylist chose the must have blazer for summer just for you. Take a look and make sure to tell us what your fave pic was and why.

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Fashion Highlights: The 2012 Kentucky Derby

This past weekend was all about The 183rd Kentucky Derby! From the looks of the photos that have been popping up on fashion blogs and celebrity sites, we’d bet a million bucks that we’d fit right in with the mint julep sippin’, horse lovin’, crazy hat wearin’ crowds of gamblers, celebrities and racetrack aficionados.

Our picks for best dressed @ The K. Derby…

Noteworthy hats…

Mint juleps, champagne, horses & a lotta ladies having fun…

Photos Courtesy Of: KentuckyDerby.com, Elle, Huffington Post

And if we were to attend, you best believe we’d be styled from head-to-toe. Just take a look at the inspiration ensembles we dreamt up…

Model Left: bow floppy hat, leaf charm collar necklace, mesh inset dress double ankle strap wedge, oversized printed clutch, swirl arm sunglasses, teardrop stone ring
 Model Right: feathered polka dot mesh hatcross back dressmetallic shape stretch belt, two-tone clutch, design frame sunglassesoversized embroidered flower booties
Model Left: silk bow glitter floppy hat, cut-out snake inset necklace seteyelet braided belt rompercarved wooden heel
Model Right: mesh rosette hat, two-tone chain link necklace set, ruffle collar dresswoven peep-toe wedges

You don’t have to wait for the derby to come back around to test out these styles. The derby look is also fun for fancy brunches with the parents, themed bridal showers with the gals or romantic “day-cations” with the lover.

Street Style Snaps Show You the Hottest Way to Wear Printed Pants

You’ve probably worn pants at some point in your life. In fact, we sincerely hope you have because otherwise you’re missing out on the glorious feeling you get from being totally confident you’re not gonna flash strangers while exiting a vehicle. But, chances are your pant choices are lacking and that’s where we come in.  Why? ‘Cause we love us some printed bottoms and wanna make sure you can enjoy ’em in all their patterned awesomeness. So, we found some cool street style snaps that will definitely help you figure out the best way to rock some seriously crazy bottoms and we even added some helpful tips.

Tip: Unsure about committing to a wild bottom? Try a neutral base, such as black or navy, with print. It’s a lot less scary than slipping on brightly hued leggings and you’ll find it easier to build an outfit around the pants.

Tip: You’ll notice none of the above pics include a completely solid top. Instead, it’s all about trying something unexpected, including plaid, polka dots, and more leopard. By the way, if it sounds scary to combine prints, just remember to pick stuff from the same color family.

Tip: A great bag will always pull your look together. We love picking a complimentary hue, like the picture on the far left, but it can also be fun to match your shoes and bag for a pulled together ensemble. Oh, and if you’re feeling all sorts of saucy, get crazy and choose heels and a bag that don’t necessarily match each other, but make you look good.

By the way, one of our lovely style gurus found a few cute pairs she thinks you’re gonna like. Thoughts?

(from left to right: leopard spotted leggings, chain print harem pants, broken diamond leggings)

Have you tried to wear printed bottoms? Was it a success or did you feel that it flopped?

Photos courtesy of We Heart It and Pinterest

Celebrities + Street Style Bloggers Show You How to Wear Colored Jeans

Blue jeans are an American staple, but sometimes this tried and true wardrobe essential needs a dramatic makeover. The best way to do this? A bold hue, such as…

Red(Shenae Grimes, Amanda Seyfried, and Kate Middleton)

Purple(Nicky Hilton, Rachel Bilson, and Camilla Alves)

Turquoise(Drew Barrymore, Fearne Cotton, and Victoria Beckham)

However, it’s not just celebrities who are daring to slip on brightly hued bottoms. In fact, some of our fave snaps are from street style bloggers because they show us that you don’t have to be a star to look like one.

Do you own any brightly colored bottoms? What’s your fave way to style ’em?

(Photos courtesy of Pinterest, Chictopia, X17, People, Us, Glamour)

Inspiration Gallery: Distressed Denim Shorts

As summer continues to march towards us, complete with promises of sand-filled bikinis and itchy sunburns, we find ourselves more and more excited by the promise of warm weather. Maybe it’s because we’re still middle schoolers at heart and as such, relish summer vacation (even if we’re at work), but we suspect that it’s actually because of a summertime sartorial staple: distressed denim shorts. After all, these versatile bottoms manage to go with everything, from flyaway blazers to graphic tees, and as such, we’re kinda in love. We pulled together a few snaps from some seriously stylish street snaps and of course, our lovely stylist chose four pairs to seriously improve your life.

If you wanna get in on the look, try one of the amazing choices below.

(from left to right: cuffed bermuda shorts, destroyed cut-off shorts, distressed cuffed denim shorts, and leopard high-waisted shorts)

What was your favorite look? Are you feeling inspired to try anything new?

Fashion Term of the Week: Mullet Hem

Chances are you’ve seen our models prancing around the front page in daring dresses that expose a lot of shin, but keep the calf hidden. But, did you know that this fashionable silhouette has an actual name? It’s known as the mullet hem or the high-low hem.  So, what are the characteristics of this cool cut? It’s pretty simple: all business in the front and party in the back.

This look has been threatening to take over for awhile now, but it’s now reached the point where you won’t get completely eviscerated if you decide to don this silhouette for school or work. Of course,  your mom may ask in tones of disgust, “What the hell is that?” (ed. note: My mom did!), but you’re also sure to get a few nods of approval.

Our fave way to try out the mullet hem? Slip on a sinfully soft short sleeve high-low tee, add leggings, slide on your fave pair of slouchy leatherette boots, and oh yeah, make sure you find plenty of cool girl accessories.

1. high-low sheer back top
2. skull charm thread bracelet
3. link bracelet
4. stone stretch ring
5. tasseled cut-out charm necklace
6. stone square shape ring
7. jewel stretch bracelet
8. oversized embroidered flower booties
9. skinny jeans

Are you a fan of this look? Why or why not?

PS: Plus, make sure to tell us if there are any other fashion terms you’re confused about and we’ll totally help you out!

How to: Wear Polka Dots Like an It Girl

Minnie Mouse and Nikki Sixx have more in common than the letter ‘i’: these two pop culture figures, like many others, have rocked some serious polka dots during their career. Of course, Minnie’s baby doll dress and bow are quite different than Nikki’s slashed jumpsuits in 1983, but as these two diametrically opposed characters show, polka dots are perpetually in style. We assembled an inspiration gallery just for you with all sorts of polka dot action and additionally, we found four polka dot pieces that we think you’re gonna love.

What was your favorite picture?

As promised, here are our stylist’s four picks for polka dot perfection:

1. oversized polka dot bow earrings
2. polka dot sunglasses
3. polka dot scarf
4. polka dot bow accented heel

What was your favorite accessory? We don’t want to play favorites or anything, but we think we might need to get our pedicured paws on those platform heels immediately. Thought?

The Best of Coachella Fashion: Weekend One

Didn’t manage to get your pedicured paws on tickets for the highly anticipated Coachella festival? We’re not terribly surprised because the tickets sold out almost immediately for both weekends. However, just because you couldn’t be there in person to watch Tupac’s hologram performance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to experience some of the fashionable fun of this mega event. Below are some of our fave looks from Coachella and oh yeah, make sure to tell us which ones you’re loving.

What was your fave look? Also, did you see that Katy Perry was holding a cigarette while showing off her assets in that lovely semi-sheer printed dress? We must admit that we didn’t expect that from the “Part of Me” songstress.

By the way, if you managed to get a hold of tickets for next week’s shows check out some of our must-have pieces for festival fun. In fact, these pieces are so cool you can wear ’em at non-musical festival events.

1. cross necklace
2. tribal print high-low maxi dress
3. bow trim panama hat
4. ankle wrap thong sandal

Did you go to Coachella? Are you planning to go to next weekend? Did you see any other super cool outfits you have been obsessing over?

How to: Wear This Season’s Hottest Trend (Neon + Neutral)

Neon has always been something we’ve kinda sorta been in love with, but the look can seem inaccessible to some ’cause it’s so… well, bright. If you’re scared of trying out neon we have discovered the chicest and most stylish way to don neon: pair a bright hue with an understated neutral. The effect? Delightfully glamorous. In order to show you how to do this look we found looks from our fave style bloggers and we know that after viewing this gallery you’ll quickly find yourself eager to snag some neon, stat.

What was your favorite look? Oh, and if you are officially now on the neon+neutral bandwagon, we pulled a few pieces that we think compliment each other really well. Thoughts?

1. textured teardrop earrings
2. oversized wooden bangle
3. baroque sunglasses
4. neon gladiator sandals
5. bow back dress
1. short sleeve tie collar top
2. jeweled snake clutch
3. faceted jewel earrings
4. pleat band peach skin pants
5. leatherette low heel pump
1. elastic band dress
2. tiered chain necklace set
3. woven neon contrast clutch
4. glitter cream palette
5. cut-out suede peep-toe pump

What’s your favorite way to wear neon?

Photos courtesy of Pintrest, We Heart It, and Chictopia

Major Inspiration Gallery: Pink, Turquoise, and Yellow Heels

Looking for an easy and no-fuss way to change your outfit? Slip on a new pair of shoes and you’ll find that you can quickly become a new and stylish person. In fact, one of our fave tricks is to update a tried and tested outfit by adding a pop of color in the form of fierce footwear. And even though this seems like a pretty simple solution, we assure you that the result is all sorts of fabulous. Don’t believe us? Scroll down and take in our gallery of stylish sole sisters.

Whose style are you seriously lusting over? Is it the chick rocking trendy ombre hair? What about that beauty in the bold yellow coat?

How to: Rock Sexy Leopard and Zebra Print Shoes

You probably know that you should add a pop of color to your outfit for serious style cred, but did you know slipping on some printed kicks could have the same effect? In this particular gallery we show you how to wear animal print heels, wedges, and booties courtesy of some insanely fashionable street style bloggers.

Okay, we totally understand if you need to take a few minutes to stop hyperventilating after indulging in this completely gorg gallery. But, once you are no longer in danger of respiratory failure, scroll down to see our top three heels in each animal category. The best part? Our incredibly talented stylist picked ’em out just for you!

Leopard Heels

1. leopard print double maryjane platform
2. sequin leopard peep-toe heel
3. metallic leopard print peep-toe platform

Zebra Heels (and Wedges!)

1. zebra wedge
2. zigzag zebra platform
3. suede trim zebra print platform

So, what was your fave street style snap? And what GoJane shoes are you kinda obsessing over now?

Photos courtesy of Pintrest, Tumblr, We Heart It and Chictopia

Ladies in Lace: Street Style Takes On One of Spring’s Biggest Trends

March brings us many things, including madness and leprechauns, but it is the end of this month that makes us realize spring is truly in the air. And we could celebrate the assurance of warmer weather with florals and shorter hemlines, but we thought of an even better way to usher in the spring equinox: lace. And sure, we’ve previously covered how your fave starlets rock this flirty fabric, but today’s post is extra special ’cause we rounded up tons of street style snaps, from all corners of the globe, featuring gorgeous gals in lace, including a pic or two of a sexy lace manicure.  So, take a look and make sure to let us know which one you’re seriously lusting over.

What was your favorite look? See anything you’re gonna try out soon?

Photos courtesy of Pintrest, Chictopia, We Heart it, The Glamourai, Man Repeller, Meek-n-Mild, and StyleBlazer

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