#StyleHero: Why We Love Basics + 3 Ways To Wear ‘Em

❤️ By Amy Tsai

We’re not sure exactly when the word “basic” became a no-no, but it seems no one is supposed to like anything basic anymore. (And you definitely wouldn’t wanna be called it!) But today we’d like to speak up for all those basic bitches styles getting the bad rap, because they’re ridiculously versatile, never off-trend, usually affordable – in a word, awesome!

Which is why we’re declaring it our #StyleHero for the moment and showing you three ways a basic piece can improve the rest of your wardrobe and thus your life. By the end of this we think you’ll be bowing down and calling yourself a basic bit-… Fine, maybe you won’t go that far. But you know what we mean. Let’s get to it. All hail the basic!

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1. Sheer Genius

With super sheer, barely-there styles all the rage right now, you might be wondering how you could possibly get on-trend without displaying your undergarments for the world to see. This is where a good basic comes in. Just find a fitted jumpsuit or a leotard romper in your skin tone, and you’ve got a barrier between undies and world that is slick enough to not spoil the illusion.

2. Statement Maker

You can’t truly, effectively make a statement with a statement piece if you’re wearing other statement pieces that distract from it, right? Well, there’s nothing like a basic (but still bangin’) minidress or a sleek (but still chic) sweater romper to put the spotlight on your stems and whatever strappy / glittery / neon / absolutely outrageous statement shoes are holding them up.


3. Layers Club

In the warm-season months, you’re not gonna wanna feel bogged down by your clothing nor get caught coatless by an unexpected chill. The answer? Layers! Basics are generally lightweight and therefore perfect for layering, whether it’s a bralette under a blazer or kimono or a cropped tee peeking out through a cool bomber jacket. Light in weight but heavy on style, we like to say.

Image Map

You Nauti Girl: The Unsinkable Nautical Trend

❤️ By Amy Tsai

Tides are forever turning in the ebb and flow that is fashion, but one classic trend always seems to stay afloat, buoyed to our hearts, continually making waves, as ubiquitous as a lighthouse by the shore. Duh, we’re talking about the nautical trend! Last year’s resort collections predicted yet another rise in nautical details for Spring 2016…not that they’d ever really go away.

But lucky for us non-catwalkers, the nautical look is as easy as it is iconic. And the great thing is you don’t need an actual yacht party invite to look like you belong in the video for “I’m On A Boat.” Today we’ve compiled some tips, along with a few looks, to show you how to do this nautical thing right. (As if we’d ever steer you wrong!) So let’s just jump right in, shall we?

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The A-B-Seas

First things first, the basics. The three easiest ways to dress nautical? One, stripe right: Just put on stripes and you’re halfway to nauti land. Two, salute the flag: Wearing red, white, and navy takes you the rest of the way. And three, hit print: You can also go in a more literal direction with whimsical patterns like ropes, anchors, boats, and even lobsters!


Aye-Aye, Captain

The nautical trend evolved from 19th-century French naval uniforms, so you’ll find yourself in shipshape if you just emulate the seafarer at the helm of it all – the captain! A modified blazer (really anything with lapels), especially one with gold coat of arms buttons, will give you the sophisticated look of a worldly traveler…without the scraggly beard!


All Aboard

But you don’t have to limit yourself to the captain’s closet. ‘Cause we all know from Fleet Week that sailors dress pretty fly themselves, with those signature white and blue tie-front uniforms. You can follow suit with a pussy bow blouse, a scarf fashioned like an ascot, or a dress with knotted ties around the neck, sleeves, or waist.


Maritime Merry Time

If you’re worried about falling overboard into costume territory, we say just go with a romper. The cool, carefree one-piece (“romp” is in its name!) epitomizes that easy, sea-breezy beach vibe, and to really evoke the nautical element choose one with rope detailing, a flowy silhouette, or a vacation-ready halter. Accessorize accordingly, and you’ll be saying “Ahoy!” in no time.


Floral Support: Oversized Flower Prints!

❤️ By Amy Tsai

They say April showers bring May flowers, but to be honest…we can’t wait that long! Oversized florals are already everywhere lately, and we especially love them on articles of clothing that just scream spring – rompers and matching crop top sets.

So today we’ve rounded up some of our favorite floral print items, along with what makes them so special to us. We’re pretty sure you’ll find yourself sprung for at least one, but don’t be surprised if you end up falling for the whole bouquet! 💐💐💐

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A Rose By Any Other Name: …would look as sweet! Classic long-stemmed roses make this a timeless print, but the vivid color scheme has all the pop you need to rose to any special occasion.


Draw Your Own Conclusion: Speaking of pop, we love the pop art quality of this retro yet whimsical print of cartoon flowers. The pattern may be simple, but it juxtaposes perfectly with the high fashion silhouette.


Stamp Of Approval: Don’t think you need color to make a huge impact though. This monochromatic tropical print romper transports us to some island getaway just like that. No passport necessary!


Sew In Love: Or if your trip is to Coachella, you need this embroidered Most Likely To Show Up Every Other Festival Look look. The pattern is cute, the dark background edgy, and the overall neon effect works for day or night.


All The Trimmings: There’s also something to be said for how well floral prints play with others. We love the way this particular flower, along with its complementary cultural-inspired pattern, gives off a perfect paisley effect.


Paint Yourself A Picture: When all’s said and done, you just want a floral print that will play you up as the masterpiece you are, and a soft painted flower pattern will do just that – allow you to blossom!

Color Of The Moment: We’re Blushing

❤️ By Amy Tsai

It seems like ever since Pantone released their twin Colors Of The Year for 2016 (a baby blue named Serenity and a baby pink named Rose Quartz) blush tones have been everywhere in fashion. We don’t think we could think of a better spring color if we tried.

So today we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite ways to wear this heavenly hue –  appropriate for the season, of course. Check ’em out and comment with your fave below! We’re pretty sure with one look you’ll start to think pink too…

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The Minidress

Your poor legs have been cooped up all winter long. It’s about time they got some sun! What better way than in an impossibly short micro mini? Before you know it they’ll have that rosy glow. You know, to match your rosy cheeks and your new rosy dress.


The Bodysuit

Now that we’re peeling off all our winter layers, what we’re looking for is that tucked-in look without any of the tucked-in bulk… Bodysuit to the rescue! Just throw on a pair of cutoffs or skinny jeans and you’ve got yourself an instant outfit.


The Romper

Is there any article of clothing more fit for frolicking than the romper? We think not! There’s a reason it’s also known as a playsuit. Whether you opt for a rib knit turtleneck or a floral halter, your look will be as fun and flirty as it is fresh. Perfect for spring!


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#LeapDay: Looks Before You Leap!

❤️ By Amy Tsai

We know there are certain trends you’ve always been dying to try. Well, when better to take the leap than on #LeapDay, right? Check out these three now-essentials that are totally worth the risk. And do it today – you can’t afford to wait four more years!

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The little black jumpsuit is every bit as versatile as its classic counterpart, the LBD, and comes in just as many variations. Just one go in any of the following will make you see that jumpsuit is the new black.


The Glad Heels

The gladiator heel combines two things that accentuate your stems – straps and stilettos. And when you see your legs in these babies, you’ll know why we’re calling them glad heels.


The Free Frames

The partial (or non-existent!) frame lets regular ol’ sunnies break free into a look that is somehow both retro and futuristic. With the sun starting to come back into your life, we think it’s about time you let yourself be free too – frame-free.


Rock This Way: The Marled Knit Microtrend

Happy Old Rock Day! Now, before you go digging up your parents’ dusty Springsteen records, we’re talking geology here, not music. You know, fossils, pebbles, stones, and the like? Yeah, there’s a day for that, and today, January 7th is it! So just how exactly do you celebrate an occasion like this, you ask? Good question. Well, you could try to create a rock garden. String together some genuine stone jewelry. Even adopt yourself a pet rock! Or you could do what we’re doing – appreciating the heck out of our marled knits.

The term “marled” comes from marl or marlstone, which is sedimentary rock and soil that is made up of lime and clay. Marled knits mimic its look with streaked and mottled yarns, creating the blizzard effect that we love so much. It has a natural beauty, and it’s extremely versatile, a staple in both menswear and women’s fashion. With the sun sneakily creeping back into our lives here in SoCal (where winter lasts a day), we wanted to make sure to pay tribute to the marled look before winter is unofficially over.

Check out some of our favorite pieces that rock it…


1. Striped Knitty Gritty Sweater, 2. Mixed ‘N Marled V-Neck Sweater, 3. Wake Me Up Marled Zip-Up Hoodie, 4. Marled Dolman Striped Sweater


1. Wake Me Up Marled Drawstring Joggers, 2. Sporty-Luxe Marled Knit Joggers, 3. Marled Madness Knit Pencil Skirt, 4. Tuxedo Striped Marled Pants

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Style Crush: Kate Bosworth + Recreating Her Looks!

Happy birthday, Kate Bosworth! Today is the blonde beauty’s 32nd birthday, and we couldn’t pass up the chance to not just celebrate her but also her impeccable fashion sense. The LA-born actress may have been raised mostly on the East Coast, but she has always retained a sunny Cali-girl vibe that is equal parts elegant and effortless, understated and undeniable.

Since bursting onto the scene with her breakthrough role in Blue Crush, the former Lois Lane and current newlywed (to director Michael Polish) has become a style superstar, the face of Coach and Calvin Klein, with a footwear line debuting for Spring 2015. And her personal style is as gorgeous and intriguing as her signature eyes (one hazel and one blue thanks to heterochromia). So to show our appreciation for her sartorial contributions, we’ve decided to recreate three of Kate’s casual-chic outfits below, as well as round up a gallery showcasing dozens of her other flawless looks. Scroll down and take a looksee for some instant inspiration…

Jean Pool
1. Carefree Chambray Button-Up Shirt, 2. Feelin’ Fine Skinny Jeans, 3. Strut It Out Faux Leather Heels, 4. Come Slither Snake Scale Clutch

Grey Expectations

1. Collar ID Jeweled Flower Sweatshirt,  2. So Tied Up Mini Skirt, 3. Single Ladies Faux Suede Booties, 4. Boho Craze Hoop ‘N Stone Necklace, 5. Queen V Faux Leather Clutch

Knit Pick

1. Getting Warmer Knit Crop Sweater, 2. Crisp Taffeta Midi Skirt, 3. Strut ‘N Shine Lacy Platform Heels, 4. Beaded Clamshell Clutch

Can’t get enough Kate? Check out our style gallery below for more of her best and brightest looks…

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Bevy Of Booties: Can You Guess Who’s Who? + What To Wear For A Better Butt

Once upon a time, in a not so far away place, women were turning their backs to their boyfriends and asking, “Does this make my butt look big?” (And men were squirming in their changing room chairs!) But oh, how far we’ve come over the years. Now we’re obsessed with the booty, you can be famous for that one ass…et alone, and the question seems to have become “Does this make my butt look big enough?”

So today we’ve rounded up some beautiful bottoms – a bevy of booties, if you will – to see if you can guess to which of your favorite celebrities they belong! And once you’ve failed miserably aced the game, just scroll down for a few tips on what you should be wearing for a better-looking bum. Ready to play? Simply hover over each picture for the answer. And just so you know, some of these may surprise you…

Roll Booty Call! Can You Guess The Celebrity Backside?

Sooooo. How did you do? Some were tricky, right? Maybe we just stick to making sure you have a backside that’s just as booty-ful…

Booty Camp! 7 Tips On Dressing For A Better Butt

1. Pencil in a pencil skirt. The pencil skirt may look like the high-power HBIC of the garment world, but it’s actually something of a nurturing nanny for your bottom half. Hugging the hips, embracing the bum, cradling your curves… Perfect for creating a bodacious backside when there isn’t much to work with. Or just for making an already abundant posterior even more pronounced.

2. Get high-waisted. Don’t wear your favorite high-waisted jeggings just for the nineties retro cool factor. They’re actually great at highlighting your butt and hips as the widest part of your body while simultaneously accentuating that tiny-by-comparison waist. And the hiked-up look pulls everything up and in, while letting just enough oomph hang out.

3. Pick pockets. Use back pockets to call attention to that bum of yours. Stitched designs, unique shapes, flashy appliques… Just make sure they’re proportionate to your size. Putting big pockets on a tiny tush, for example, will just make it look that much smaller. Remember, if you forgo pockets, your behind has to do all the work on its own.

4. Hail the high heel. Giving yourself some heel height down below means improving your overall posture up top too. If you’re standing up straight, your naturally arched back will push that gluteus maximus out and proud. And no-brainer bonus! Your stems will looked toned and fabulous.

5. Fix with fit. If your bottoms are too baggy, your butt’s gonna get lost in all that fabric. But too-too tight and you might get some flattening instead of the cupping you’re coveting. Some snug but comfortable skinnies are perfect for highlighting your curves. But if you’re not that into the jegging look, a bootcut or regular jean would work too!

6. Try tailoring. A well-fitting (or actually tailored!) pair of trousers will lift that derriere in a subtle but spectacular way. And if you think you should get a little more va-va-voom out of your favorite pencil skirt or cocktail dress, get that back seam taken in. The tapered result will practically be shapewear! Which brings us to…

7. Do it the easy way. Squats and lunges are good and all, but if you really wanna pack a punch back there, why not give your booty a little boost from underneath your clothes? Like padded briefs or cut-out boyshorts? We won’t tell. You can butt, er, bet on that.

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We’ll Never Be Royals… 6 Reasons To Love Kate Middleton

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wrapped up their whirlwind three-day tour of New York City on Tuesday, but us stateside folks, on either coast, are still talking about the Royal Couple. With fans and media alike hanging onto their every word, move, and wardrobe choice, William was every bit the Prince Charming, while the abounding “What She Wore” columns just reminded us exactly why we’re so enamored with Kate Middleton. Besides being the future queen and mother of the cutest future king baby in the world, Kate has become a bonafide style icon, and here are just a few of the reasons why we love her…


1. She makes every hue of blue look like a royal blue.

We all may have different ideas of what exactly royal blue looks like, but ever since she stepped out in her wrapped blue engagement dress, Kate has proved again and again that it’s not in the shade but in how you wear it. And we gotta say, she may not have grown up blue-blooded, but she was definitely born to wear this color.


2. She does nautical better than anybody.

And one of her favorite blues has got to be navy. The Duchess has a penchant for the nautical look (coat of arms buttons, wood grain wedges, eyelet dresses, captain blazers), and of course she nails it every time, for everything from taking in a match at Wimbledon to paying a visit to the National Maritime Museum of London.


3. She understands the power of head-to-toe color.

Kate must know what we all do, that dressing monochrome is not only easy (no color wheel involved here!) but also incredibly chic. Her matching accessories – hats, belts, clutches, heels – complement her garments spectacularly, not taking anything away but rather contributing to her overall look. Which, let’s face it, is perfection.


4. She pulls off every shade under the sun.

Speaking of color, blue may be her signature, but it’s definitely not the only one she wears. And most definitely not the only one she looks good in. Kate isn’t afraid to dabble a little bit in every color of the spectrum, however bright, bold, or bewildering. And why should she be, when she can totally conquer every single one?


5. She repeats outfits just like us.

With the public fascination with the ins and outs of the Royal Family, it’s no surprise that under the global media’s watchful eye, much has been made of Kate’s tendency to recycle and reuse, sartorially speaking. We imagine she has a closet, well, fit for a princess, but we love that she’s practical, a girl who just knows what she likes.


6. She wears the hell out of a good hat.

Some girls may say “I’m just not a hat person,” but if you’re gonna be British royalty… (Extravagant hats are as much a British tradition as bangers and mash!) The Duchess seems to have more hats than she does outfits, and never does it seem like one is wearing her. Good thing for her and for us, Kate Middleton is not one of those girls.

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Happy Wear Brown Shoes Day! And 5 Reasons To Love ‘Em

Chestnut, chocolate, cinnamon, coffee… No, we’re not rattling off ingredients for some (delicious!) holiday cake recipe. But on second thought, we might need a cake this morning, because we do have something very important to celebrate – it’s Wear Brown Shoes Day! And those are just a few of the flavors, er, colors we appreciate seeing on our feet. While we’re not exactly sure how this day came to be, we are definitely just grateful that it exists. ‘Cause a brown shoe is nothing short of a fashion lifesaver! While you peep the brown shoe styles of your favorite celebs, let us tell you why…

5 Reasons To Love Brown Shoes

Happy Wear Brown Shoes Day 1

1. They work on everyone. No one is ever gonna not look good in brown, because our skin colors, however pale or dark, all have undertones from that same family of warm hues. It’s those yellows, oranges, tans, and of course browns that allow a brown shoe to perfectly complement – and contrast against – its wearer. You, you, and you (yes, you!) can all wear brown. It’s an equal-opportunity color, and it’s time you gave it a chance.

2. They come in a million shades. The ones we already touched upon. Copper and bronze. Whiskey and cognac. Mahogany and every other tree-named tint. And who could forget burnt sienna? With black you kinda just have black. (Don’t get us wrong. We love black. We’re not throwing shade here.) But with brown, you have a spectrum of colors at your disposal. A rainbow if you will. A warm, earthy, rich and resounding rainbow.

Happy Wear Brown Shoes Day 2

3. They are neutral but still add color. Brown shoes don’t just go with everyone. They also go with everything. Why? ‘Cause they’re neutral. But unlike black or white (again, not talking shit at all), brown can give your outfit not just contrast but also color. We’re talking vibrant chestnuts, luscious mahoganies, creamy taupes… And bonus! Details hard to see on a black shoe (stitching, laces, straps) are front and center on a brown one.

4. They match well with other hues. Did you ever get a little too zealous combining colors with your crayons or finger paints? Chances are you were left with a shade of brown. It is such a rich color because it has so many other colors in it, and those undertones make it a great match. Chestnut has the orange to pair perfectly with its complementary color blue. The cherry in mahogany stuns with red. You get the picture.

Happy Wear Brown Shoes Day 3

5. They stay classic. Maybe because there was a time when we didn’t have red shoes and blue shoes and rainbow-splattered, metallic-accented, geo-tribal-printed shoes. The brown shoe looks authentic and organic even if its silhouette is super modern and structured. You can go from moccasin loafers to leopard platforms and dress them up or down. The brown shoe has endured the test of time, and it is never going anywhere.

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Thank Goodness! 8 Fashion Lifesavers We’d Love To Thank

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and while we’re all for an around-the-table game of “What are you thankful for this year?” we’d much rather spare the tears and mushy sentiments and talk about fashion instead. Specifically the fashion lifesavers we couldn’t live without. You know, the outfit-makers and look-finishers, the style compromises that don’t actually compromise any style, the trusty “Thank goodness!” pieces that are most perfect when there’s somewhere to be but nothing to wear. We’re expressing our gratitude for it all. So come take a look and see if you wanna sign the thank you card. As we share our appreciation for the eight fashion lifesavers we’d love to thank…

Little Black Dresses

Hole New World Cut-Out Dress, Mesh 2 B Made Bustier Bodycon Dress, Lace 2 The Finish Bodycon Dress, Cowl At The Moon Slit Sleeve Dress, Sexy Squared Bodycon Dress

1. Little Black Dresses – There’s no way you can talk about fashion essentials without mentioning the almighty LBD. Dressed up or dressed down, there’s a little black dress for every occasion. In fact, you could probably use the same piece for every occasion just by switching up the shoes and accessories. You never have to worry about having nothing to wear when there’s an LBD or two (or twelve) in your closet.

Platform Wedges

Crackled Metallic Peep-Toe Wedges, Wedge U In Faux Nubuck Wedges, Mesh Inset Laddered Wedges, No Intro Faux Leather Mule Wedges, Hole New Level Faux Leather Wedges

2. Platform Wedges – You want height? Oh, yes! You want to be carrying your shoes in your hands instead of wearing them on your feet by the end of the night? Hell to the naw. Stilettos are sexy and all, but that tiny toothpick of a heel isn’t always the easiest or most comfortable thing to wear. In walks the platform wedge! Along with height you have comfort (the platform), stability (the wedge), and style (the whole damn shoe).

Alternative Undergarments

Scalloped Pasties Petal Set, Deep V Plunging Bra, Nude Silicone Free Bra, Double-Sided Lingerie Tape, Silicone Bra

3. Alternative Undergarments – Bra straps have come a long way. They’re not that taboo anymore peeking out from under a muscle tank or a lace top. But sometimes you want a little support without having to look at it! So we’re suuuuuper thankful for those pasties, adhesive cutlets, lingerie tapes, and alternatively cut bras that allow us to show off our assets…without showing off just how we got them to look like that.

Black And White Stripes

Sheer And There Striped Knit Skirt, Stripe Craze Tube Dress, Stripe That Pose Bodycon Dress, Stripe Up A Conversation Minidress, All Striped Out Knit Infinity Scarf

4. Black And White Stripes – We love prints. We’re partial to plaid, for example. But even that can’t beat stripes when it comes to versatility. Camo can be too casual, polka dots too whimsical, but stripes – especially in black and white – are classic enough to never go out of style and neutral enough to be worn anywhere, anytime. If jail was the only place we could wear stripes, we’d be at the police station signing up right now.

Bad Hair Day Hats

Camo Me Crazy Beanie, Braid ‘N Fringe Wool Hat, Marled Pom-Pom Beanie, Cap It Off Faux Leather Snapback Hat, Structured ‘N Felted Bow Hat

5. Bad Hair Day Hats – When you’re making a list of fashion lifesavers, you definitely need to give a little love to the hair-saver. We all have those got-up-too-late-to-shower, greasy hair mornings, but there’s no reason to ever have a bad hair day when there are so many options out there for topping you off. Whether you prefer a knit beanie, a snapback cap, or a floppy hat, they all do the same job. And it’s an honorable one.

Novelty Purses

Pass The Popcorn Faux Leather Clutch, Parfum Paris Perfume Bottle Box Clutch, Moo Juice Rectangular Canvas Clutch, Domino Rally Resin Clutch, Lip Smack Clutch

6. Novelty Purses – Sometimes your outfit just needs a little oomph. A little something-something. A little tongue-in-cheek action. And the easiest way to bump up the cool, color, and creativity factors is to sling a novelty purse over your shoulder. We especially love an amusingly-shaped clutch paired with a dressier ensemble. The unexpected juxtaposition is cheeky and interesting and whimsical and often times very sophisticated.

Fun Tights

Bunny Ear Tattoo Tights, Kitty Ear Cat Face Tattoo Tights, Out Of Line Fishnet Stockings, Rosary And Charms Tattoo Tights, Control Top Pantyhose

7. Fun Tights – And speaking of whimsy, for some people fun tights may seem childlike (shouldn’t you have graduated to pantyhose by now?) and passé past a certain age, but there’s really no reason to give them up. They can add a pop of color or pattern to an outfit, not to mention keep you warm when you have to wear a dress in cold weather conditions. Besides, it’s totally up to you just how fun you want your fun tights.

Over-The-Knee Boots

Lace-Up 4 Anything Stiletto Boots, Weave An Impression Platform Boots, Zippered In Mesh Stiletto Boots, Lace You To The Top Peep-Toe Boots, Tied Up Over-The-Knee Boots

8. Over-The-Knee Boots – Finally, we had to throw in a season staple. Like a pair of tights, over-the-knee boots can keep your pretty stems covered during cooler temperatures, but that’s the least of their powers. They’re strong and striking, sexy and sleek, and they make you all those things. They take the simplest of looks to the next level. Basically they give you life. If that’s not lifesaving, we don’t know what is.

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Ce-le-brate Good Times…Come On! 6 Things You Need For Party Season

With the holidays rapidly approaching, the holiday party season is right around the corner too. Whether you’re attending a homely family dinner, an extravagant gala, or a non-denominational office party (gotta keep it PC for HR, you know), you’re gonna need something pretty special to wear. But not to fret. We’ve rounded up six essentials for all your holiday-partying needs, along with some suitably festive pieces from our collection. This year, you can really give them something to celebrate…


If you’re known to get a little rambunctious during the holidays after some kid-unfriendly eggnog (yes, that was you last year trying to carve the fake pumpkin centerpiece with a butter knife), a one-piece like a romper or jumpsuit is the perfect alternative to a constricting, wardrobe-malfunction-waiting-to-happen dress. The look can be elevated with heels and dressed up with jewelry and still be cool, carefree, and comfortable. Perfect for pouncing on that unassuming person under the mistletoe.

1. Foil Me Once Mixed Media Jumpsuit, 2. Be A Sweetheart Jumpsuit, 3. Game Changer Surplice Dolman Jumpsuit, 4. Textured Pinpoint Romper, 5. All Night Long Sequin Lace Romper
A Dressy Jumpsuit


But if you wait all year for a holiday party to wear your new holiday party dress, by all means, rock the frock instead! We’re totally going to. We just hope you have at least one metallic dress in your seasonal arsenal. Some glitz and glam that’ll have you showing up your family’s Christmas tree. Because, really, you don’t get many more chances throughout the year to shine like this, so we say take this opportunity and run with it! You know you want to be the bright spot of every room.

1. Lurex Grain Cut-Out Dress, 2. Metallic Rules X-Back Bodycon Dress, 3. Floral Dream Metallic Dress, 4. Snakeskin Sheen Wrap Dress, 5. Shine On Zigzag Sweetheart Dress
A Metallic Dress


In the meantime, what should be on your feet? Well, with all the shimmer and sparkle of the season, nothing says holiday party like a jeweled shoe. We’re talking rhinestones, faux diamonds, multi-colored gems…basically Dorothy’s ruby slippers (without all the clicking and magical powers). And not just heels either! You can totally get away with being flat-footed this holiday season if you invest in some blinged-out sandals. Just blind them with the shine, and no one will notice there’s no heel on that shoe.

Heels: 1. See The Light Faux Nubuck Heels, 2. Rise ‘N Shine Stiletto Heels, 3. Let’s Zigzag Jeweled Heels, 4. Luxe ‘N Luster Stiletto Heels; Sandals: 1. Jewel Me Twice T-Strap Sandals, 2. Lady Jewels T-Strap Sandals, 3. Almond Or Nothing Jeweled Sandals, 4. In The Loops Jeweled T-Strap Sandals, 5. Abstract Jewels Sandals, 6. Grown Up Faux Jewel Jelly Sandals, 7. Glitzy Bejeweled Sandals, 8. Bejeweled Crystalline T-Strap Sandals
A Jeweled Shoe


Speaking of shimmer and sparkle, sequins are kinda having a moment right now. And by “right now” we really mean at this time every year. Again, there aren’t too-too many occasions outside of Broadway musicals and Hollywood awards shows when wearing sequins is appropriate, but the holidays are one of them. The sequin, like Planters’ Mr. Peanut in his top hat and monocle, is always going to look extra fancy, so we say pick just one shiny thing (anything!) and build around it.

1. Party On Sequined Mini Skirt, 2. Flash ‘N Glimmer Sequin Skirt, 3. Seeking Sequins Netted Mesh Top, 4. Glam Factor Sequin Bra Top, 5. Seeking Sequins Netted Mesh Tank
A Sequined Something


So we’ve talked about jumpsuits, dresses, shoes, and sequins, but what goes on top of all that? Well, we suggest you wrap things up with a statement coat. This time of year it can get chilly around dinnertime party time, so as Mom would tell you, take a coat! A sweeping cape, a tasteful faux fur, a memorable print maybe… Because you’re not gonna be wearing your outerwear for long. It probably won’t make it any farther than the coat rack at the front door. So really make that moment count.

1. Check This Houndstooth Coat, 2. Highland Plaid Hooded Poncho, 3. Patch Made In Heaven Faux Fur Jacket, 4. Push My Buttons Houndstooth Bomber, 5. Plaid Attitude Wool Coat
A Statement Coat


And just so you know, our whole carpe diem attitude for the holidays doesn’t just apply to what you wear. It’s just as pertinent to what you carry, and we think that should be a fancy clutch. You should have learned from Iggy by now that there’s no shame in being a little fancy, and you should have learned from us by now that a holiday party would be the perfect setting for it. Maybe even go for a piece you might not use in your everyday life. ‘Tis the season, after all. What season? Party season!

1. Stones ‘N Beads Quilted Clutch, 2. Just Wanna Dance Faux Leather Sequin Clutch, 3. Quilty Life Rectangle Clutch, 4. Shag Along Faux Fur Box Clutch, 5. Ur A Rockstar Faux Fur Clutch, 6. Sheen Eye Structured Clutch, 7. Quilty As Charged Faux Leather Clutch
A Fancy Clutch

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Ready To Man Up? Our Favorite Menswear-Inspired Pieces

Sure, there was a time when Ricky had his structured tuxedo jackets, Lucy had her glorious A-line dresses, and the sartorial line between the two sexes was as rigid as the one they used to split their apartment in half. But since then, that gap has begun to narrow. Or, rather, a bridge has been erected between the two sides. Items that got their starts as menswear staples are now just as essential to women’s wear wearers, and us girls are man woman enough to have put our own stylish spin on them. From outerwear to footwear, it’s clear from the examples below that we’re ready to man up! So here’s a look at our favorite menswear-inspired pieces…

The Blazer 1. Schoolboy Plaid Blazer, 2. Chasing Waterfalls High-Low Blazer, 3. Clad In Plaid Asymmetrical Blazer, 4. Major Crush Buttoned Military Blazer, 5. Grid The Line Oversized Blazer

The Blazer – The menswear jacket may have begun in the nineteenth century as a sport coat, but since then it has downright evolved into a woman’s wardrobe staple. In fact, nowadays you probably find yourself donning the blazer way more than your boyfriend does. (Does he even own one?) And who could blame you, with its versatility and diversity. Just look at all the available options above. Asymmetrical hemlines, plunging necklines, non-conventional materials and prints…all dressed up or down to your liking. Yeah, we’d say the blazer suits us just fine.

The Oxford 1. Quit Meshing Metallic Accent Oxfords, 2. Reality Check Contrast Lace-Up Oxfords, 3. Tomboy Perfection Lace-Up Oxfords, 4. Tomboy Chic Oxford Flats, 5. Perforated Floral Oxfords

The Oxford – This lace-up shoe was introduced centuries ago in Ireland and Scotland and really started gaining traction (pun totally intended!) on the feet of college guys in the UK (its namesake is Oxford University). Normally a more formal shoe for men – made of shiny, sturdy leather – oxfords for women are much more varied, in style and color and even occasion. With adventurous patterns and perforations, shoelace ornamentation, plated cap toes, and different heel heights, there’s not much you can’t do with an oxford today. And definitely no reason not to wear them.

The Dress Shirt1. Lumberjane Flannel Tunic Dress, 2. Perfect Denim Button-Up Shirt, 3. Do The Polka Dot Surplice Blouse, 4. Flannel Fix Buffalo Plaid Button-Up, 5. Only 4 U Acid Wash Shirt Dress

The Dress Shirt – The collared button-up is one item of clothing that has endured the test of time, and we couldn’t be happier that its original incarnation has spawned countless variations, even if some of those have no collar or no buttons! From full-length front plackets to clean closure-less necklines, tie-waist tunics to shift shirt dresses, the possibilities are endless, and so are the fashion opportunities to wear them. No longer just workplace attire, the dress shirt can go from under-wear (as a layering piece) to stand-alone sartorial standout. And thus, so can you.

The Tuxedo1. Ur So Fancy Drop Waist Tuxedo Dress, 2. Zipped In Sparkle Tuxedo Dress, 3. Business Casual Collared Romper, 4. Reptile Trim Tuxedo Pants, 5. To The Nines Strapless Tuxedo Romper

The Tuxedo – This fancy suit was born around the turn of the century, when it was worn by society’s elite, getting its name from New York’s Tuxedo Park. Today the tuxedo is still only reserved for black- and white-tie occasions, like formal weddings and awards shows, but the tuxedo look has also crept into women’s fashion. Short dresses and rompers with lapeled deep-V necklines are dressy but still cheeky, perfect for a girl who’s looking to take a departure from her closet of LBDs. The tuxedo stripe also continues to find itself on pants, and the result, as it was intended, is seamless.

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Microtrend: (Get To) Work Boots

In case you haven’t noticed, the 90s have had plenty of moments this year. From crop tops to overalls to jelly sandals, 2014 has been filled with fashion pieces that have been evoking some serious nostalgia everywhere. And just when we thought we’d had enough (and that our shoe closets couldn’t get any fuller), the change of seasons has brought us yet another epic throwback to rock: the lug-heavy work boot.

Worn on the likes of both women and men, the work boot is the perfect cold-weather statement shoe for a cool girl (ahem, you) looking to grunge up her look. Dresses, denim, leggings, joggers… We really can’t name an #OOTD that these versatile boots don’t go with. And so what if the construction dudes you walk by on your way to the office are sporting a similar look? We can pretty much guarantee that you’re doing it a whole lot better.

Ready to throw it back? Take some outfit inspo from some of our favorite celebs (and their kin!) workin’ it in work boots.

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Falling For Fall: Our Favorite Autumn Colors

Now that we’re into the first week of November, it’s finally beginning to feel a little more like autumn. We got our extra “fall back” Daylight Saving hour of sleep, we’re seeing pumpkin spice everything at Trader Joe’s, and we’ve started dodging calls from eager relatives looking to fill seats at their Thanksgiving tables. Juuuuust kidding on that last one. (Invite us, invite us! Please? Anyone?) But all this falling for fall has us wanting to dress for the season, and in addition to light layers, tall boots, and cozy scarves, one way we’re doing it is by incorporating go-to autumn colors into our everyday outfits. Here are some of our perennial fall favorites…


1. Sweater Weather Double Slit Maxi, 2. Knot Only Tie-Front Sweatshirt Dress, 3. Sure Y Not Quilted Textured Dress, 4. What’s The Scoop Basic Solid Bodysuit, 5. Knitty Comeback Cropped Tank, 6. The Out Back Draped Mockneck Top, 7. Blooming Floral Lace Midi Dress, 8. Zip Out Coated Skinny Pants

WINE – There’s nothing like a deep maroon or plummy burgundy to evoke a warmth like that of an autumn dinner by the fire. Or should we say, the warmth you feel from what you’re drinking by the fire. Shades of this reddish hue are rich and bold and can perfectly match the contents of your holiday goblet, which we hope is refilled again and again for a truly enjoyable season. (Don’t drink? Well, then the color will just give you the rosy glow of someone who does.)


1. Basically Banging Midi Dress, 2. Lumberjane Flannel Tunic Dress, 3. Chic-Shifter Convertible Maxi Dress, 4. Mixed ‘N Marled V-Neck Sweater, 5. Tied 4 First Pencil Skirt, 6. Lacy Floral Blooms Surplice Dress

MUSTARD – What’s one sure sign of the seasons changing? The turning of the leaves from summer shade to fall foliage. From vibrant greens to shades of red, orange, and of course yellow, which makes mustard another must-have color during fall. It maintains the brightness of spring and summer but also boasts an earthiness like that of corn and squash from an autumn harvest. Let’s just say it’s a shade you’ll need if you’re gonna be the cream of the crop.


1. Foil Me Once Mixed Media Jumpsuit, 2. Serpent Chic Metallic Bodycon Dress, 3. Floral Dream Metallic Dress, 4. Seeking Sequins Netted Mesh Tank, 5. Shine On Knotted Metallic Jumpsuit, 6. Floral Dream Sequined Maxi Dress, 7. Clad In Plaid Metallic Pencil Skirt, 8. Flowers And Leaves Foiled Lace Dress

METALLICS – The end of summer seems to signal the beginning of the holiday season, and the mood during the autumn months is one that is decidedly more festive and therefore formal, even fancy and fanciful, if you will. So while we’ve still got a ways to go before we’re tossing tinsel on the tree, we’re already loving glittery golds, shiny silvers, and sparkly sequins. While you’re counting down to the next celebration, these magical metallics will help keep you in the holiday spirit.

Dark Green

1. Hello Midriff Scoop Back Cropped Top, 2. Flannel Fix Buffalo Plaid Button-Up, 3. To Dye For Asymmetrical Skirt, 4. Drape Expectations Buttoned Jacket, 5. Zip Through It Drawstring Joggers, 6. Sweater Weather Drop Shoulder Tunic

DEEP GREENS – Green has a way of making anything look better. (You sprinkle some parsley on your plate of spaghetti, and it’s like Top Chef all of a sudden!) So we’re not abandoning the peaceful, pleasing shade just because Mother Nature is for the next couple months. We’ll simply opt for dark emeralds and olives instead of the lime greens of summer and grassy greens of spring. Earthy but still fresh, like the pine needles on an evergreen, these deep hues will take you straight into the holidays.

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It’s In Black And White: 5 Stars Who Take Grayscale To The Next Level

We spoke last week about donning all one color, but going monochrome can also mean only working in black and white. And when it comes to dressing in grayscale, grey matter if you will, smart girls will tell you. Once in a while you just gotta cleanse your palate palette. You’d be surprised at the bold statements you can make when you ditch vibrant colors for a white-to-black spectrum. The results are graphic, glam, and gorgeous, and why wouldn’t they be? Less hue, more you, right? Well, today we’ve rounded up a list of five Hollywood beauties who not only love dressing in black and white but also take it to a whole new level. Here are some of their sartorial bests, along with the fashion lessons you can learn from them. Because a life in grayscale should be anything but colorless…

5 Stars Who Take Grayscale To The Next Level

Lily Collins

LILY COLLINS – With her dark hair and lily-white skin, it’s no wonder Lily Collins was cast as Snow White in the 2012 fairy tale adaptation Mirror Mirror. And like the old crone with the poisonous apple, Lily has a little trick up her sleeve. She knows that there’s nothing like a bold red lip (or clutch or purse or shoes) to add a pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic look.

Nicole Richie

NICOLE RICHIE – Candidly speaking, Nicole Richie is one fashionista that we’re always talking about. The reality superstar / entrepreneur / mom to the cutest lookalike daughter would probably tell you that a black and white outfit is the perfect backdrop to some killer accessories. A metallic headband or crown braid, a box clutch or big shades, even some blue or purple hair, perhaps?

Emma Watson

EMMA WATSON – The artist formerly known as Hermione has given us some magical performances, but perhaps none has been more enchanting than her appearances in her grayscale threads. And Emma Watson, who famously wore cigar pants to the Golden Globes, shows us that with monochrome come infinite possibilities – from suits to gowns to a classic LBD with a peter pan collar.

Zoe Saldana

ZOE SALDANA – And speaking of fashion risk-taking, Zoe Saldana is someone who knows that it can pay off big-time. If her style secrets were up for grabs, we would guard them like she guards the Galaxy. One, if we had to guess, might be that keeping colors monochromatic allows you wiggle room for extra details like busy prints and structural cuts. But shhh… Don’t tell.

Olivia Wilde

OLIVIA WILDE – She may be one-half of the world’s cutest couple (why, hello, Jason Sudeikis), but she’s also a whole package all by herself. Olivia Wilde teaches us not about fractions but all about proportions when she dresses in grayscale. Waist-cinching belts, hourglass dresses, strategically-placed stripes… Made all the better with the stark contrast of black and white.

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Getting (Un)Even: 4 Asymmetrical Must-Try Styles

There are many things in life that us girls prefer to be even. (Bangs, brows, and the wingtips of our eyeliner — just to name a few.) So when we first saw asymmetrical pieces hit the scene, we couldn’t help but feel a tad bit uncomfy at first sight. Well, we’ve come a long way since then, and because trying a new trend can be a little scary, we’re here to let you know that a little imbalance in your wardrobe can actually be a great thing. And if you think just for one second that you don’t have what it takes to get a little uneven… Girl, you are so wrong. Every single Jane can hop on board because taking on this trend only requires one key ingredient: confidence. In other words, you gotta own the look to make it convincing. Trust us, the results are gonna be amazeballs.

Ahead, check out 4 asymmetrical styles that you’ve gotta try:

1. Skirts – You’ve mastered the maxi skirt, the midi skirt, and the mini skirt, but what about something with a little unpredictability? Not everything in your life needs to be completely even, and the hemline on your asymmetrical skirt is certainly no exception.

2. Tops – Ever feel a little yawnsville with the basic tees and tanks you’ve been sporting lately? Step up your game by incorporating asymmetry on top the next time you leave the house. Whether it’s a one-shoulder number or a high-low option, you’re guaranteed to turn heads all day long.

3. Dresses – Forget the days when mom would be constantly adjusting your dress to ensure that it’s on straight. Slipping on an asymmetrical dress has the opposite effect, and we are so not complaining. If you’re looking for guaranteed chic, give this non-traditional take on a classic wardrobe piece a whirl.

4. Earrings – Thanks to the likes of Madonna and Janet Jackson, girls have been rocking the asymmetrical earring look for as long as we can remember. While the concept may be an old one, the styles are brand spankin’ new, so make sure you cop some updated pairs stat!

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One And Only: Why You Should Be Going Monochrome! And How To Do It

They say that one is the loneliest number, and under normal circumstances we would probably have to agree. But when it comes to getting dressed in the morning? One can become the loveliest number if you know how to put together an entire outfit using a single color palette. Why should you do it? Let us count the ways…

1. It’ll get you out the door. Quick and easy. No messing, no matching, no morning mourning for what has become of your closet. Wham! Bam! Thank you, ma’am! (You’re welcome.)

2. It’ll funhouse-mirror you. Monochromatic dressing elongates your body, creating one fluid image that directs the eye up and down. And longer equals leaner. We all know how important that is.

3. It’ll be your Best Supporting Actor. You really wanna make a statement? Some solid scenery will perfectly highlight those new spiked booties or that awards-night-ready bib necklace.

4. It’ll make you a fashion star. Dressing in all one color is not only fast and flattering but also incredibly chic. Proof below. Just check out these celebrity sightings for some instant inspo.

And once you’ve decided on your one and only – color, that is – scroll down for our how-to tips on going monochrome, as well as some more single-lady looks…


7 Style Tips For Dressing In All 1 Color

1. Show some skin. You know what they say. Use what you’ve got! So if you’re afraid of walking around looking like a giant popsicle, let your natural skin color be that buffer zone. Slice into your flowy, one-tone maxi with a high slit that shows some lovely, luscious leg. Or opt for a cropped top and high-waisted bottom combo and have your cute little midriff be the welcome distraction.

2. Utilize prints. Don’t think that dressing in all one color means you have to stay completely in solids. You can still dress monochromatically with patterns as long as they stay within the same color spectrum. So go ahead with that camo, floral, plaid, striped, or all-of-the-above piece. (Don’t worry. We can’t stay away from prints either!)


3. Accessorize wisely. You can also break up a head-to-toe color with some cleverly chosen accessories, like a belt or that statement jewelry we were talking about earlier. Maybe even take a page out of Cher Horowitz’s book and use an under-shirt as a peekaboo accessory – a collar, cuffs, or some shirttails will definitely do the trick.

4. Clash on purpose. If your colors are too-too close together on the color wheel (even if you know they’re not supposed to match exactly), it can look like a mistake. Like you washed your top one too many times but not your bottoms. Or like you simply couldn’t afford the whole matching set. (Your co-workers will probably spend the day pondering whether they should let you know.) So if you wanna be safe, don’t be safe at all! Even if your instincts are telling you that red and pink don’t go together, because they’re in the same family – although several degrees apart – they will work. And so will your outfit.

5. Add visual interest. If think your monochromatic look will be too plain, pick something with some extra structure or detailing. Let’s see, maybe a contrast zipper, a mesh inset, a curved hem, a crisscrossing skinny strap, or a caged cut-out design… Too plain? As if!



6. Vary tones and textures. You can also choose mixed media items or separates in different materials to up the diversity. A faux leather skirt in black will have a sheen to it and most likely appear a few shades lighter than, say, a jersey top. Something that feels full, like faux fur or quilting, would be the perfect juxtaposition to an item with a sleek silhouette and smooth surface. Just do some comparing and contrasting. Emphasis on the contrast!

7. Stick with black. If all else fails, it’ll be black to the rescue. Some people might think you veer on the side of goth or even funeral attendee going all black, but unless you’re going out in drippy raccoon makeup or big shades and a veiled hat, it’s pretty hard to mess up. An all-black outfit is totally timeless, not to mention super sophisticated. Think Audrey Hepburn in her Breakfast At Tiffany’s dress and gloves. Or that too-chic-to-be-true turtleneck and cropped pants ensemble. But just be careful, okay? ‘Cause you know what they say. Once you go black…


Shop monochrome and more at GoJane.com!

Pssssst. If you’re looking for a color in particular, just enter it in the search box! Or browse one of the categories and filter by color to see your options. Here’s hoping you find a hue that’s totally you. Happy shopping:)


You Are Cordially Invited! To Our What-To-Wear Wedding Guide

You Are Cordially Invited

You don’t have to be married (some of us never plan to be!) to know that a lot goes into organizing a wedding. You’ve gotta get a venue, a florist, a caterer, an officiator, entertainment, invitations, a cake… The list goes on and on. But there’s also a little bit of anxiety involved with being a wedding guest, and the biggest issue is usually what the hell you’re going to wear. But not to worry. We’ve come prepared. So let’s let the bride stress about the “I Do”s, while we do a little talkin’ about the do’s and don’ts! Here are our tips on how to dress for a wedding…

10 Do’s And Don’ts Of Wedding Dressing

DON’T take away from the bride. The number one rule of any wedding? Don’t upset the bride. This should go without saying, but you never want to steal the spotlight when it’s someone else’s big day. Like we said, planning a wedding isn’t easy, and chances are this bridezilla girl has buckets of blood, sweat, tears, and hairspray to prove it. So stay away from anything bride-esque (white, cream, ivory) or princess-like (a tiara or flowers in your hair), and don’t put on anything that will make you the center of attention (like a Celine Dion backwards tuxedo circa 1999). ‘Cause for today that job belongs to someone else!


1. Slit Happens Strappy Split Jumpsuit, 2. Stripe It On Strapless Jumpsuit, 3. Lacy Daze Jumpsuit, 4. Game Changer Surplice Dolman Jumpsuit, 5. Best Of The Vest Pinstripe Jumpsuit, 6. Abstract Doodles Sweetheart Jumpsuit

DO consider a jumpsuit. That’s not to say that you can’t think a little outside the box. Who says you have to go with a dress? Jumpsuits have risen in popularity over the last few years, and there are tons of variations that would be suitable options (pun totally intended!) for wedding-guest gear. If you’re worried about not looking dressy enough, just keep the color dark and make sure to pair the jumpsuit with heels and some glam jewelry. Similarly…

DON’T think you have to wear heels. If you’re already cringing at the thought of having to do the bunny hop in your four-inchers, don’t worry. The heel may be a dressy shoe, but that doesn’t mean it’s your only choice for a wedding. Opt instead for wedges or some sleek, dressy booties. If the wedding is outdoors and you think there will be something of a trek involved, go with your kitten heels or even some dressed-up sandals. Think metallic or bejeweled, and make up for the casualness somewhere else, like with extra glitzy jewelry.

Convertible Dress

Chic-Shifter Convertible Maxi Dress

DO invest in a convertible dress. We don’t think there’s anything wrong with recycling your wedding-wear (so long as it is made appropriate for each occasion), but if you’re tired of looking the same in every one of your friends’ wedding photos on Instagram (“How many weddings did she go to that day?”) you should look into a convertible infinity dress. One that can go from strapless to halter to one-shoulder to short-sleeved to infinity! A single dress can take you all the way through the wedding season, looking like a goddess no less. (Not to mention it would be the perfect dress for bridesmaids to get that matching but not-too-matchy-matchy look.) Click here if you need some inspiration…

DO keep it respectable. In the same vein as the whole letting-the-bride-have-her-moment thing, you should definitely also try to keep your attire PG-13 and under. Something super tight, super short, or super sheer (basically anything appropriate for da club) will not only put all eyes on you, but it could very well offend older, more conservative relatives or a mother or father of the bride who did not pay good money to make this your coming out party. Keep your underwear and belly button to yourself, please. But at the same time…

Open Back

1. Cowl At The Moon Slit Sleeve Dress, 2. Crossing Paths Skater Dress, 3. Plunging Embroidered Maxi Dress, 4. Lace Inset Bandage Bodycon Dress

DON’T be afraid to give a little sex appeal. Clubwear may not be suitable for a wedding, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show any skin. These days you won’t be hard-pressed to find a dress with a sophisticated lace or mesh inset, which gives you that peekaboo factor, just enough to catch the eye of the guy or girl at the next table. And you’ve heard of “Business in the front, party in the back”? Try a piece with an open back. Baring the back is sexy but not raunchy, and you can still look completely covered up from the front. Just back away when you have to chat up that super religious great auntie, and you’ll be fine.


1. Get High-Low Strapless Dress, 2. Rose Bunch Pleated Dress, 3. Blooming Floral Lace Midi Dress, 4. Asymmetrical Peplum Dress, 5. Ombre Crochet Off-The-Shoulder Dress

DO think about time and place. Just as you should dress for the weather, the environment at a wedding should dictate your getup. Consider the season, and keep in mind any dressing cues on the invitation. For a casual daytime wedding you’re fine in a short dress or even business attire (maybe keep the black and sequins to a minimum so you don’t look too somber or overdressed). Black-tie indicates a more formal cocktail dress or a full-length dress. And if you’re lucky enough to be invited to a rare white-tie wedding, think Oscar gowns or the inaugural ball. But if the invitation isn’t very specific, you usually can’t go wrong with pastels, florals, and cocktail dresses. A wedding is a romantic affair, after all. If you’re worried about flowers looking too casual or springy (for winter weddings) try a dark-grounded floral. Which brings us to the tip…

DO go with your LBD. There was a time when wearing black to a wedding was considered a faux pas (it was basically a non-verbal objection to the marriage-to-be), but nowadays black is not only proper but pretty much perfect. The dark color has a serious vibe that can make even the simplest tank dress look formal. The Little Black Dress just has a knack for fitting in wherever it goes. And you wonder why it’s your go-to!


1. Stripe My Fancy Pleated Banded Skirt, 2. Striped Bandage Skater Skirt, 3. It’s My Birthday Metallic Peplum Skirt, 4. Solid Scuba Skater Skirt, 5. Textured Pleated Culottes

DON’T just dismiss your separates. Just as your good ol’ LBD can be dusted off for a wedding, some of your bottoms could work just as well. A cropped top and high-waisted bottom combo would be very chic, for instance. But keep that sliver of skin at your mid-section just that, a sliver, and try a matching set for a slick variation on the normal one-piece frock. Meanwhile, a structured statement skirt needs only a simple solid tank and some clever accessorizing to be party-ready. And if you’re really adventurous, maybe try a pair of culottes. The wide legs have a skirt-like silhouette without any of the fly-up potential. But whatever you decide, please, for the love of weddings and fashion and all that is good and proper in this world…

DON’T wear jeans. That is all.

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Toast Of The Town: Fall Drinks! And The Clothes To Pair With Them

Fall has found itself in full swing (even if the weather hasn’t caught up yet here in LA, but we digress), and as the holidays begin their slow but steady creep-up on us, we’re starting to daydream (no, not at work; we would never!) about leaves falling, fireplaces burning, and of course glasses clinking. So we couldn’t help but think back on the easy summer drink recipes we learned a few months ago for our post on beverage and clothing pairings. And we decided to do the same thing, just with fall-appropriate beverages this time. (Click here for summer drinks if you need a refresher. Get it? See what we did there? Fine, nevermind.) These would be perfect for a fancy-pants holiday party or just an extra festive lunch or dinner at home. You decide. We’re just wishing you an awesome autumn.
Mulled Hibiscus Punch

1. Turtleneck Zipper Dress, 2. Quilt Trip Textured Bralette, 3. She Wants The V Strapless Dress, 4. Go With The Flowy Wide Cut Top

Mulled Hibiscus Punch – Nothing says autumn like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, and this hot holiday punch will have you wanting to give your fall wardrobe some hot holiday punch – some warmth, some tartness…just like your personality, right? (Wink, wink.) Burgundy is the perfect palette for this, and details like turtlenecks and stitched quilting are just what you need to give a nod to the crisp autumn weather.Apple-Ginger Spritzers

1. Keep It Simple Dress, 2. To The Tee Shirt Tunic Dress, 3. Basic Instincts Off-Shoulder Dress, 4. Goddess Draped Tulip Maxi Dress

Apple-Ginger Spritzers – But that’s not to say that you have to give up your summer brights. A sunny citron has those green tones that pair smashingly with the deep reds of the season, and an apple-ginger spritzer will heat you right up (ginger warms you from the inside, and this has got three different kinds!) even if you’re wearing a barely-there, barely-appropriate dress to this year’s office holiday party.

Hot Dulce De Leche

1. Lace Go All The Way Cropped Top, 2. Trends In High Places Side Slit Maxi, 3. Crochet Top It Off Strappy Dress, 4. Main Chick Solid Slit Maxi Skirt

Hot Dulce De Leche – Forget the hot cocoa this fall, ’cause it’s all about the hot dulce de leche, complete with a shot of your favorite rum (we’re partial to the Captain). It’s hot and sweet and a little dangerous, like sheer lace or that little bit of space in between your crop top and high-waisted bottoms. Maybe pair your creamy confection with a little spice – cinnamon for your drink, leopard accents for your outfit.

Sugar Plum Soda

1. Knotty Feeling Draped Dress, 2. Take The Plunge Shiny Romper, 3. Off The Deep-Cut End Bodycon Dress, 4. Come To The Halter Bodysuit

Sugar Plum Soda – Sure, it may be a little early for holly-red or The Nutcracker in the middle of October, but think of this drink as an ode to what is arguably the fruit of the season – the cranberry. Which is packed with so much flavor that it can stand on its own against everything else at the table, so likewise, you don’t need much detail on your ruby-red dress. A plunging V-neck or a knotted skirt, and it’s already berry, berry nice.

Drink photos and recipes courtesy of The Food Network

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Lumber-Jane? 7 Ways To Wear Flannel And Not Look Like A Lumberjack


Fall has fallen upon us, and we here in SoCal could not be more excited for the change. It’ll be a small one, mind you (we’re not so much with the seasons), but transitioning into autumn means – drumroll, please – flannel weather. The only downside to the toasty tartan treasure though? It can be hard not to look like a lumberjack in it. Or a cowboy for that matter. And you probably don’t wanna be mistaken for a carpenter. Or a hunter. Or even a handyman, even if you do idolize Al Borland, as we all do. Especially if we’re talking buffalo plaid (a two-toned checkered pattern) or a too-familiar color palette (read: red). But today we’ve compiled a few tips on downplaying that, uh, occupational aspect of flannel and put together some pretty-in-plaid outfits for your consideration. So read on. Or should we say check it out…

7 Ways To Wear Flannel And Not Look Like A Lumberjack

1. Incorporate it into other fashion genres – The cowboy, handyman, and lumberjack will all have to take a sabbatical if you combine the flannel shirt with pieces specific to other genres. With a pleated tennis skirt, your whole look is more country club than open country. With big, bold, gold jewelry it’s street instead of dirt road. And with some faux leather leggings, moto instead of mountain.


Plaid On The Back Flannel Shirt, Floral Necessity Cropped Sweater, Show Off Distressed Skinny Jeans, Get U Intro Trouble Lace-Up Combat Boots

2. Minimize the surface area – Take the plaid potency down a notch by demoting bumping it to more of an accessory. Don’t worry, it won’t be offended. The flannel knows how great it looks tied around your waist. And it loves peeking out of sweaters as a Clueless-worthy collar and cuffs. So don’t think you can’t wear it inside or underneath other pieces. Sometimes it needs to be a supporting actor.

3. Mix it with a contrasting pattern – You can also dial flannel down a bit by matching it with a competitive but cooperative print. Floral, for one, would be great, as it’s a starkly different motif, providing the juxtaposition of its roundness against the lines of the plaid, its delicacy against the masculinity. Just play around with color and scale until you find the perfect balance.


Lumberjane Buffalo Flannel Shirt, Faux Leather Mixed Media Blazer, City Slicker Pleated SkirtBadass Babe Caged Peep-Toe Heels

4. Choose a feminine cut in a different material – Your Brawny Man button-up won’t evoke a woodsman vibe if it has the markings of women’s clothing. For instance, if it’s fitted. Or if it has an empire waist for a babydoll look, smocking in the back for a more defined waist. You might also want to try the print in a non-flannel fabric, like a lightweight chiffon or a textured crepe.

5. Change the silhouette – But if you’re set on borrowing your carpenter boyfriend’s plaid shirt, there are plenty of no-sew ways to alter it a little bit. Try rolling up those too-long sleeves and tying it up for a saucy Daisy Duke look. Wear it as a shirt-dress by cinching it with a belt. Or get super creative a la our convertible maxi dress with a tied strapless look. Who knew, right?

B   A

6. Pair it with girlier pieces – As an alternative you can just wear the shirt with a bottom that sports a flirty or womanly silhouette. You can’t go wrong with a skater skirt, for example, or its more demure older sister, the A-line. And pile on additional femme contrast with accessories. Ladylike faux pearls, schoolgirl knee-high socks, a glam lace headband, sleek and sexy stilettos…

7. Skip suggestive accessories – Be careful, though. The plaid shirt is so iconic of the professions we mentioned before that certain finishing touches can have you veering into costumey territory. Like you probably shouldn’t top your plaid outfit off with a big ol’ cowboy hat. We would stay away from cowgirl boots too. Also overalls and trapper hats. And definitely, definitely leave that axe at home.

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Rock This Way: 7 Ways To Grunge Up Your Look


Anyone who ever doubts that fashion is a cycle only need look at each season’s runway recaps to see that something is always making a comeback – a style or an article of clothing, if not an entire decade enjoying a resurgence. We’ve known for a while now that the nineties are back, and if that’s the case there’s no way you can talk about it and not mention the heyday of grunge fashion. The grunge movement may have begun years earlier in the Northwest, but by the early nineties it was a full-blown fashion genre as well, and a lasting one at that, surely to the surprise of some. Now, we can’t purport to know more about its musical origins, but we also can’t help but appreciate the comfortably nonchalant, perfectly imperfect dress style that came along with the aloof and sometimes angst-ridden attitudes of the time. Here are some of our favorite features of grunge-chic fashion along with a few girly-grunge looks…

7 Ways To Grunge Up Your Look

1. The Layers Club – Perhaps a nod to the crisp Seattle weather, layering is a major distinction of grungy dressing. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a thermal under a graphic tee under a flannel under a dumpster peacoat. (And that’s just on top!) Even if nothing is neatly tucked in, a layered outfit just tends to look put-together. Effortlessly so. Choose less substantial materials of varied lengths if you’re worried about too much bulk, and don’t forget you can always peel those layers off as the day goes on.


Moto Dreams Faux Leather Jacket, Ribbed Apart Racerback Midi DressPlaid On The Back Flannel Shirt, Ride It Out Lace-Up Booties

2. Sweet-Tartan – Let’s face it, one of those layers should probably be plaid. The classic flannel is almost synonymous with this style of dress, and simply tying one around your waist is enough. But the checkered print is so signature that you could even get away with a flirtier, more fitted silhouette, so long as you pair it with some other genre-characteristic pieces. When matched with a slouchy sweater, heavy work boots, and maybe some faux leather jewelry, even a sweet skater dress can evoke the grunge vibe.

3. Aged Before Beauty – It’s also okay if you’ve scuffed up those boots or wore a hole through that graphic tee. And no problem if you’ve snagged your sweater or washed the color out of your jeans. Again, you’re not going for pretty and picture perfect here. Faded, worn-in clothing is a total do when you’re rocking the thrift store look; it gives you that edge. We’re talkin’ vintage T-shirts, secondhand jackets, ripped denim, even holey tights. Disheveled was never this desirable, busted never this beautiful.


Mixed Media Faux Leather Cargo Jacket, I’m So Fanci Muscle Tee Tank Top, Back To Basics Slub Raglan Top, Major Crush Velvet Shift Dress, Get Laced Up Flat Booties

4. Hair-Don’t-Do – No need to go in for that Brazilian blowout this week, because the last thing you want here is a not-a-hair-out-of-place ‘do. As seen on the NYFW runways, bedhead and hat hair are totally in right now and exactly what you need as a finishing touch for your greasy grunge look. So tousle up that perfect mane of yours, and skip the dry shampoo and comb-through. Top it all off with a knit beanie if you can’t stand to look at it. But for once, limp, tangled tresses are gonna work for ya.

5. Boyfriend Tag – There’s something a little androgynous about the grunge look. Kurt Cobain famously wore a leopard print fur coat and floral shirt dresses. For us girls, we can forget about what our mothers taught us, ’cause it’s totally okay to slouch a little…in oversized clothes, that is. Which makes it only natural that our boyfriend jeans and boyfriend sweaters fit into the equation here. Got a big cardigan that droops a little in the front or some relaxed-fit denim that sags a little in the back? Perfect.


New BF Crochet Back Knit Sweater, Rad Plaid World Skater Dress, Cut-Out Double Buckle Booties, Moto Babe Faux Leather Hand Bracelet

6. Floral History – At the same time, don’t think you have to forgo all things girly to don grunge fashion. Allover floral prints are totally indicative of the decade, and you can’t go wrong with a dark-grounded motif with a small repeating pattern. Try a floral slip dress paired with a flannel and boots for a cute but carefree look. You know, a la Claire Danes during her My So-Called Life years, uh, year. Or floral combat boots, which seem to remain both classic and modern no matter what decade we are in.

7. Cool Combat – And speaking of combat boots, how did we go this long without mentioning them? A casual pair of loosely-laced work boots can transform an entire outfit, taking a flat- or heel-paired dress from cute and pretty to cool and edgy. Don’t have a pair yet? You can substitute with some buckled moto boots. Or almost anything in faux leather with a chunky heel or rugged sole. For a great modern update, try the exaggerated platform lug sole we’re seeing on shoes today. It would fit right in.

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Rush To Print: How To Wear Patterned Shoes

For the fashion-conscious, not much is better than a really good shoe or a really good print. Unless what you have on your hands (or feet!) is a pair of really good shoes with a really good print. We’ve learned over the years from Imelda Marcos and Carrie Bradshaw that your shoes can be just as important as the rest of your outfit, and with today’s selection they can easily be its main focal point. But when you have a pair of patterned statement shoes, it may be a little tricky deciding what to wear up top. May it be a neutral? Can you only work in solid colors? Do you (gasp!) mix prints? The answer is yes, yes, and hell to the yes! So no more shying away from rainbow-colored heels or floral-bottomed wedges. We’ve put together ten tips and outfits that we know will have you rushing to print…

10 Tips For Wearing Printed Shoes


Shoes:  Contrasting Triangulated Platform Pumps, Outfits: Drawstring You In Chambray Romper, Work Your Angles Geo-Tribal Kimono, Sleek Attack Shiny Leotard Romper

1. You can’t go wrong with denim. There’s a reason why every man, woman, and child has a pair of jeans (or twenty) in the closet. They go with everything. And while most denim is some shade of blue, the neutrality of it trumps its color, so a one-piece like a chambray romper is a super-easy-to-wear outfit for some super-difficult-to-match heels.

2. Play with the scale of your prints. Say you’ve got some large triangles going on down below. Maybe opt for a smaller pattern on top. It strikes a great balance, and the prints are working together, not battling it out for attention. And it doesn’t hurt if the prints have a little bit in common too. Think geometric and geo-tribal, for example.


Shoes: Tribal Necessity Rugged Platform Heels, Outfits: Rock Out Faux Leather Shift Dress, Jackie Boucle Tweed Blazer, Rad Plaid World Skater Dress

3. Consider textures and finishes. If you are going for an all-black look but don’t want it to be too all-black, choose something with an interesting finish, like a velvety faux suede or a shiny faux leather. It’ll add a cool texture on your body that will be able to compete with what’s on your feet.

4. Work with classic prints. The easiest way to combine prints is to include at least one that is so classic that it’s practically a solid. Plaid, for instance, has been around forever and is still everywhere, so there’s no need for a person to process it like he would a new pattern. Perfect for the mixing pot.


Shoes: Wild Thing Crisscrossed Heels, Outfits: Bold Babe Contrast Flyaway Blazer, Mesh With You T-Back Bra Top, Get Suspended Striped Skater Skirt, Into The Deep End Muscle Jumpsuit, Strapped In Bralette

5. Use prints in neutral colors. Want to ease into patterns? No problem. Maybe choose a black and white motif. You won’t have to contend with a myriad of different colors, but you’ll still have that graphic pop. Add that to a classic print like a stripe, and you’ve got yourself a versatile piece that will not only go with a million outfits but a million, billion, trillion shoes too.

6. Find solids with some cool details. Again, there’s nothing wrong with going all-black (our favorite color to wear), but if you want a little something more than blackness going on up top, choose those all-black pieces that have some creative details. Like cropped legs on a jumpsuit or muscle-tee cut-outs to show off some side-boob and that new strappy bralette of yours.


Shoes: Double Play Chunky Platform Heels, Outfits: Dope Life Bandana Bordered Tee, Every Which Way Striped Leggings, Embellished Camo Print Backpack, Sleek Attack Shiny Leotard Romper, Sheer Bliss Asymmetrical Chiffon Skirt

7. Choose very different prints with very similar colors. How can you mix camo, paisley, stripes, and floral? It’s no sweat if they all stem from the same color palette. Just go off of your busiest, most multi-colored print and make sure the rest of your prints match the colors in it. Not only will you look effortlessly but immaculately put-together. You’ll be everyone’s fashion hero too.

8. Or choose solid separates that match the print’s colors. Of course, we’re not gonna hate if you wanna just take it slow for now. You can always work up to that later. Meanwhile, all you have to do is find a top that matches one of those colors (yes, it can be a different shade!) and then a bottom that does the same. You want those shoes to be the star of the show anyway, right?Striped

Shoes: Clear The Way Strappy Striped Wedges, Outfits: Sex Bomb Crisscross Bandage Bodysuit, Perfect Basic Skinny Jeans, Flowers 4 U Sleeveless Bodycon Dress, Striped Jelly Belt

9. Match up complementary colors. So you like the idea of solid separates, but you don’t wanna be too matchy-matchy? A great alternative is to work with complementary colors, pairs of colors that look great together because of their contrast, like red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple. (You didn’t think those Laker uniforms were an accident, did you?) The result is pleasing to the eye, and you don’t look like you scoured the mall looking for the perfect matching color.

10. Find accessories that can tie different prints together. We’ve talked already about finding patterns in the same color family and choosing prints that vary in size and shape, but you can take it a little bit further with accessories! Say you’ve got a floral print dress and some wedges with a clear PVC ankle strap. How about a belt in the same material that picks up a color in the dress as well as the stripes on the shoes? Ohhhhh, yeah. So ready to give it a try? Let’s help you find your prints.

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Clothing Optional? Hair, Makeup, And More From NYFW 2014

New York Fashion Week is coming to a close soon, and one thing we noticed these past few days was that while we died at the sneaker-inspired spread at Alexander Wang and the safari-chic smorgasbord put together by Jason Wu, we kept finding ourselves drawn to more than just the clothes. Namely the hair, the makeup, the shoes, even the runway companions(!) at these shows. And it makes sense, right? We know from years of Tim-Gunn-tutored Project Runway that size styling does matter, because while the focus is on the clothes, fashion is about putting together an entire look. So for this blog post we decided to go clothing-optional and talk about everything but the clothes. Here are some of our favorite goings-on from NYFW 2014…


Bright-Eyed And Bushy-Browed

We love the fresh-faced look, so we were happy to find that most designers leaned toward clean, dewy makeup, especially because that emphasized our current (and has-been-for-a-while-now) beauty favorite: full, natural brows. The cat eye was also well-represented by Escada and Cushnie et Ochs, while Vera Wang opted for a smoldering variation on the classic smoky eye with a violet, restless zombie twist. Peter Som and Honor, who know the importance of a pop of color, dotted the corners of eyes with fluorescent shades and swept electric blue shadow across the lids, respectively. And taking it further, A Detacher and Tommy Hilfiger literally reached for the stars, tattooing the graphic pattern on models’ faces and bodies, while Alexander Wang bleached brows for alien-chic and Altuzarra lashed out, extending only the eyelashes at the center of the eyes for a bat worthy only of Betty Boop.


Business In The Front…

This season’s runway hair was all about texture, especially dual-textured styles that were usually product-heavy in the front and natural in the back, like the simple ponytails at Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung. Similarly, DKNY and Suno both presented looks that were slicked down in front and braided in back, as braids were another NYFW trend. Backstage, Derek Lam models donned bright blue do-rags that squeezed out – and kept out – any volume around their crowns for a hat-hair look, while Vivienne Tam and Tim Coppens took it a step further with what can only be described as just-out-of-the-shower hair. And along the lines of “I Woke Up Like This,” we had the messy top knot buns of Nanette Lepore, the messier side ponytails at Tess Giberson, and the messiest – the full-of-flyaways, fell-asleep-with-my-hair-up do’s from 3.1 Phillip Lim.


Off On The Top Of Your Head

We saw quite a few interesting hat silhouettes, like the part-bonnet-part-cowgirl-hat toppers at Creatures Of Comfort and the boxy, veiled, suit-themed lids imagined by the Thom Browne camp. Band Of Outsiders paired its collection with a basketwoven straw hat complete (or incomplete?) with unfinished fringe, and also vacation-ready were floppy, oversized pieces from Rebecca Minkoff and Tomas Maier, as well as the Karen Walker variation with a head wrap added for extra glamour and coverage. Speaking of oversized, we’re thinking Pharrell would love the ten-gallon-plus offerings from Tibi and Donna Karan, who with extra tall also explored extra wide. Classic looks showed up as well, with Polo Ralph Lauren dabbling in the preppy beret, while Kate Spade New York and Rihanna pal Adam Selman spruced up their sporty sportswear with visors fit for a country club outing.


This, That, And The Other

There was certainly no shortage of accessories at NYFW, as we were mesmerized, perplexed, delighted, etc. by everything from purses to purse-shaped wire headpieces. (No, really. Proof below.) The belted look was everywhere. Pearl-ended shoestrings, neon contrast skinny belts, lopsided sashes on flowy BCBG Max Azria dresses… Designers also played with texture, like the giant horse hair tassels at Nicholas K and the wispy, feathered headpieces from L.A.M.B. Meanwhile, Libertine walked some abstract, splattered-and-smeared tights, and Tina Turk made a graphic statement herself with wide, mod headbands. Milly utilized solid head wraps, and Isa Arfen models sported shades with nifty tie-back sashes. But the absolute BEST accessory to hit the runway this year? The black and white Harlequin Great Dane that stole the show – and then our hearts – at Hood By Air.


Best Foot (Fashion) Forward

Sporty is still here and not going anywhere soon, so athletic shoes, like the slip-on sneaks at Whit and Cut25 by Yigal Azrouel, were no surprise. And if three’s a trend, socks with ankle strap heels are also still a thing, as we saw it from HellessyA.A. Antonio Azzuolo, and Donatella’s partnership Versus Versace. The hard-bottomed clog reared its ugly-chic head at Coach and Thakoon, while Charlotte Ronson and the Olsen twins’ The Row also played with ugly-pretty, offering up their simple, double-banded flat sandals. Some designers – Diane von Furstenberg for one – went for the customized look, adding patterns to their shoes that matched the prints on their garments. The flatform was likely the biggest trend of all, in sandal form from Sass & Bide and jute-trimmed by M Missoni, among many others. All in all, some very wearable footwear, ready to walk off the runway and right into our closets.

All photos courtesy of Style.com and credited in captions

Microtrend: Do A Double Take

All the single ladies (all the single ladies)… All the single ladies, now put your hands up!♫ And keep those hands up. We wanna see who you are so we can tell you personally that while the single life is nice, we’re pretty sure you’ll start to see the benefits of leading a double life. Fashion-wise, of course. More and more we’re finding single straps turned to double straps, one buckle upped to two, impossibly high slits on one side replicated on the flip side as well… Yeah, we’re definitely seeing double right now, and instead of getting our eyes checked, we’re reveling in this notion that two blanks can be better than one. So today we’ve rounded up some of our favorite double takes in shoes, clothing, and accessories. We’re hoping you’ll check them out. On the double!

Double Buckle Heels

1. Double Buckle Cut-Out Heels, 2. Double Buckle Ankle Boots, 3. On The Double Faux Leather Heels, 4. Double Trouble Strappy Heels, 5. Double Take Chunky Peep-Toe Booties, 6. Double Buckle Laddered Platform Heels, 7. Lead A Double Life Strappy Heels, 8. Good Luck Double Buckle T-Strap Heels

Double Buckle Heels – We love seeing great hardware on great heels, and there’s nothing like a buckle to give a shoe that shiny finishing touch. But let’s face it, a buckle on a shoe is a pretty common thing, dating back to, what, the 17th century? (There’s even a nursery rhyme about it. It’s gotta be old.) So how do you spice it up? Well, all you have to do is twice it up! Double buckles add a little extra interest whether they’re wrapped around ankle cuffs or adorning slingback straps, whether they’re actually harnessing the foot or just there for decoration. Wherever they are or what they’re doing, this is a trend we definitely don’t want to buck(le).

Double Slit Maxi Skirts And Dresses

1. Double Zipper Slit Maxi Skirt, 2. Trends In High Places Side Slit Maxi, 3. Time To Get Lacy Double Slit Maxi Dress, 4. Double Down Colorblock Slit Halter Maxi, 5. Sports Net Inset Double Slit Maxi Dress, 6. Ultra High Twin Slit Maxi Dress, 7. Swirled ‘N Shadow Striped Maxi Dress, 8. Slick Moves Double Slit Maxi Skirt, 9. So Knot Cool Double Slit Maxi Dress

Double Slit Maxi Skirts And Dresses – The slit has been around forever. A while back it multiplied into the doubled variation we’ve grown accustomed to seeing today, but recently it has really come a long way, literally, climbing to new altitudes we never thought possible. The end results? New silhouettes, new ways to wear, new materials… (Yeah, when the slits on a maxi start from the waist down you can’t really wear it like a normal dress, right?) But what hasn’t changed? The fact that you can wear a long skirt and still show off those pretty, polished stems of yours. So we’ve got just one question. Looking to get leggy tonight?

Double-Sided Earrings

1. Double Faux Pearl Faux Plug Earrings, 2. Two Pyramids Faux Plug Earrings, 3. Double Disco Ball Backdrop Earrings, 4. Double Up Faux Jewel Backdrop Earrings, 5. Bead ‘N Triple Faux Jewel Backdrop Earrings, 6. Faux Pearl Chain Disco Ball Earrings, 7. Rhinestone Daisy Backdrop Earrings

Double-Sided Earrings – The earring is usually a little thing that decorates a part of the body that doesn’t move and is often covered by hair. So it’s no surprise that it doesn’t get as much love as, say, a statement necklace or as much play as, say, a set of bangles. But recently, earrings have upped their game a little bit. Don’t believe us? Check out what we like to call the backdrop earring. Double-sided earrings that have a post in front, like normal, but instead of a plain backing there’s another stud for a faux plug look or a decorative piece that appears from behind the earlobe. Novel, right? ‘Cause we like to look good from the front and the back.

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To Infinity And Beyond: 18 Ways To Wear This Convertible Maxi


So you realize that your closet is overflowing. What do you do? Stop shopping? As if! What are you, a quitter? No, you just have to start buying versatile, convertible, multi-use pieces. A flowy tunic doubles as a short shift shirtdress. (Say that five times fast!) A moto jacket with detachable sleeves turns into a moto vest. And just like that (*snap*) a maxi skirt with an elastic waistband becomes a strapless midi or mini. But you wanna know how you really get your money’s worth? With a piece like the Chic-Shifter Convertible Maxi Dress. One dress, one hanger, one tiny sliver of a slot in your closet…one million-billion-trillion possibilities. (Yes, that’s a totally scientific number.)

Yeah, this dress is definitely the bottomless fries or unlimited soup and salad of the fashion world. (Can you tell we like to eat? As long as the analogy worked, we’re fine with you knowing that.) And it would be a lifesaver for any bride. What better way to get that matching but not too matchy-matchy look for your bridesmaids? The possibilities are literally endless. We’ve rounded up a mere eighteen for you here (there are six more on the site for a total of twenty-four!), so we’re pretty sure you’ll be a bonafide wrap superstar in no time. So let’s get ready to go infinity and beyond. ‘Cause it’s about time you began your very own never-ending fashion story…


Need a tutorial on any of our other looks? Or just wanna give a shout-out to your fave? Let us know in the comments below!

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Dressed To The Nineties: The 25th Anniversary Of Saved By The Bell

Brrrrriiiiing! When we wake up in the morning and the alarm gives out a warning, we just wanna watch some Saved By The Bell...♪ We really hope you got that reference, because it was only thee best opening credits song to thee best teen sitcom EVER IN LIFE. And this week marks the 25th anniversary of its first airing. There’s a reason why this show is still on TV today. It defined a generation! And that generation, unfortunately, is feeling pretty old right about now. But not to fret, time fashion heals all wounds, and we’ve rounded up some of the Bayside gang’s most iconic looks and pieces, along with their modern-day counterparts. (Either fashion is a never-ending cycle, or these guys were really ahead of their time!) Whatever your age, right now it’s pretty cool to be dressed to the nineties…

Zack's Blazers

1. Contrast Trim Cropped Blazer, 2. Bold Babe Contrast Flyaway Blazer, 3. Curve Back Blazer, 4. Faux Leather Mixed Media Blazer

Zack’s Blazers – How do you know when it’s gonna be a good episode? Zack is in a blazer. Palm Springs? Blazer. Mystery weekend? Blazer. Zack Attack? Glitter blazer. While it’s less prevalent these days for guys to don a suit jacket just to go out to dinner, us girls have picked up that slack with blazers of our own. But Zack’s suits, much like his cell phones, always seemed a little too big and boxy, so we’re kinda glad that our modern versions are shorter, snugger, more streamlined…basically more suit-able for girls to wear. Bonus: The lighter fabrics let us roll those sleeves up. You know, a la Zack Morris.

Kelly's Cropped Tops

1. Hello Midriff Scoop Back Cropped Top, 2. Sweetheart Talk Me Surplice Cropped Tank, 3. Spotted In Dots Cropped Top, 4. Road Colorblock Cropped Tank, 5. Ka-Bloom Floral Cropped Top

Kelly’s Cropped Tops – Kelly Kapowski may have been the girl next door, but she also had a bod and belly-baring style that you would kill thy neighbor for. It’s no wonder Zack and Slater (and later that homewrecking cheater Jeff!) had her on top of their dream girl list. She usually paired her cropped tops with high-waisted shorts, which is pretty much how we’re loving to style it today. Who knew the volleyball-playing homecoming queen also had some fashion chops? And all those years we were led to believe Lisa was the fashionable one of the group.

Slater's Acid Wash

1. Throwback Acid Wash Skort, 2. Gathered Acid Wash Denim Dress, 3. Draped Acid Wash Hooded Vest, 4. Be Square Distressed Denim Shorts, 5. Precious Cargo Acid Wash Joggers

Slater’s Acid Wash – You would think being set in the nineties that there would have been more acid wash on Saved By The Bell, but there really wasn’t. When it was there though, it was on AC Slater. Did Slater even own pants that weren’t acid wash and a little roomy in the middle? Well, acid wash has made a huuuuuge comeback of late, and we love it so much we’d probably be willing to wrestle him for it. Slater may come off a little misogynistic at times, but we’re pretty sure he’s not really a pig. So we’re hoping he would just give it up and say “You got it, Mama.” Thanks, Bubba!

Jessie's Headbands

1. Three-Strand Metallic Braid Headband, 2. Puffy Paint Splatter Extra Wide Headband, 3. Double-Strand Braided Cord Headband, 4. Wide Zigzag Headband

Jessie’s Headbands – As class president and resident bookworm, Jessie Spano’s style was a little more reserved than her girlfriends, but we all knew she had a wild streak in her. Just look at the girl’s hair! It was big and curly and amazing, and one way she kept it in line was with her plethora of headbands. (Who has time to do hair when there’s so much styrofoam to protest?) They added a bit of color and texture to whatever she was wearing that day. And if that’s not something to sing about, we don’t know what is. Sing what, you ask? Obvi. “I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so…”

Lisa's Rainbow

1. Tip To Toe Shiny Accent Pointy Flats, 2. Traffic Colorblock Clear Inset Heels, 3. Point Well Taken Stiletto Heels,  4. Contrasting Triangulated Platform Pumps

Lisa’s Rainbow – Lisa Turtle had a map of the mall in her locker and once ordered a drink just because it matched her dress. So it’s not surprising that the aspiring fashion designer took the most sartorial risks of the group, one of those being wearing every color in the rainbow. Like, all at once. Like, all on one sleeve. So we’re pretty sure Lisa would be all over the multi-colored geometric print above, and you better bet she would get one in each style with her daddy’s credit card. ‘Cause if anyone knows that you need a different shoe for every occasion, it’s obviously Lisa.

Zack's Blue Stripes


1. Clear The Way Strappy Striped Wedges, 2. Stripe A Pose Mixed Media Wedges, 3. Stripe A Match Cropped Tank Top, 4. Striped Bandage Skater Skirt, 5. Paneled ‘N Striped Skinny Pants

Zack’s Blue StripesZacky may have dressed up in blazers for special occasions, but most days he was in tees, rugby shirts, and button-ups (tucked into his jeans of course, which were tucked into his high-tops of course). And boy, did the golden boy wear a lot of blue and a lot of stripes. There’s something about a blue stripe that paints the picture of a comfortable lifestyle, no? Maybe because of the nautical or royal vibe it evokes, so it definitely fit his All-American, surfer dude, heartthrob image. Will may have been the Prince of Bel-Air, but Preppy was definitely the Prince of Pacific Palisades.

Kelly's Floral Dresses

1. Rosy Outlook Striped Bodycon Dress, 2. Frond And Center Tropical Tube Dress, 3. Rosy Bouquet Crisscrossed Dress, 4. Flowers 4 U Sleeveless Bodycon Dress, 5. Paradise Found Tropical Floral Dress

Kelly’s Floral Dresses – Kelly, as we are finding out, was pretty on point fashion-wise (the blown-out bangs, not so much), because she was also all about the floral minidress. Can’t you just see yourself in her back-then dresses and, vice versa, her in today’s bodycons? The simple silhouette has stayed the same, but if we were one of her BFFs, we would probably suggest some add-ons like lace/mesh insets and some take-aways like belly/back cut-outs. We have a feeling the Tigers’ head cheerleader would be totally “D-O-W-N!” down for that.

Slater's Muscle Tees

1. Love You To Shreds Slashed Tank Top, 2. Disobey Graphic Muscle Tank, 3. Camo A Long Way Muscle Bodysuit, 4. Off Duty Cropped Muscle Tank, 5. Basic Muscle Bodysuit

Slater’s Muscle Tees – Aside from acid wash, AC was known mostly for (showing off) his muscles. Albert Clifford personified “Sun’s out, guns out” before it was even a thing. He was never not flexing (yeah, his biceps were that defined). And he probably wanted to wear a sleeveless tux to Zack and Kelly’s wedding. We’ve taken a page out of the football player’s playbook, and today we’re exercising our right to bare arms (and maybe a little side-boob while we’re at it) in muscle tees, muscle bodysuits, muscle maxi dresses… But whatever we wear probably still won’t be as revealing as that little maroon number he calls his wrestling uniform.

Jessie's Vests

1. Open Flyaway Duster Vest, 2. Floral Crochet High-Low Vest, 3. Distressed Out Denim Vest, 4. Draped Acid Wash Hooded Vest

Jessie’s Vests – Jessie was no slouch in the beauty department. In fact, her bod was probably the most bangin’ and bodacious of the bunch, even if she didn’t wear a bathing suit for the Miss Bayside pageant. But instead of cropped tops and short skirts, she stuck to full-coverage items like blouses and high-waisted jeans (also very in right now, by the way) and then covered up even more with her favorite outerwear – the vest. She wouldn’t be Stansbury material if she didn’t stick to her principles, so if we met Jessie today, we wouldn’t try to change her. We’d just give her a little update.

Lisa's Hats

1. Banded Woven Fedora, 2. Floral Print Fedora, 3. Chain Trimmed Wide Brim Hat, 4. Ribbon Accent Wool Fedora, 5. Wide Brim Wool Hat

Lisa’s Hats – A designer diva like Lisa could handle anything fashion- or shopping-related. (Who else woulda found that Elvis statue from Screech’s  house? Or put together that fashion show to impress the FIT recruiter?) So it comes as no surprise that she pulls off pretty much any hat there is. Or that she owns pretty much every hat there is. The girl is all about outfit coordination. She doesn’t just put on clothes; she thinks about the earrings, lip color, belt, shoes, and, to top it all off, hat that goes with those clothes. Because she knows you can’t just put on a leather jacket and call it a day. TORI.

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Acid Wash

7 Camo Pieces That’ll Have You Rising In The Ranks

Camo has come a long way, from actual army attire to popular perennial print. Nowadays it’s no longer under the radar, popping up everywhere and on everything from shirt pockets to full-body jumpsuits. But what’s one difference between the camo you would wear at boot camp and the camo you would wear, say, boot shopping? Well, the former has you blending in, while the latter will keep you standing out. So whether you’re a real army brat or a pretend platoon princess, here are seven camo pieces that’ll have you rising in the fashion ranks. We wouldn’t be surprised if soon you were first in command…


1. Blend In Camo Infinity Scarf, 2. Painted Camouflage Print Canvas Belt, 3. Bow My Goodness Camo Print Bandeau, 4. Boot Camp Bikini Briefs, 5. Camo A Long Way Muscle Bodysuit, 6. Camouflage Front Paneled Snapback, 7. Blend In Camo Zipper Accent Pants

 1. Blend In Camo Infinity Scarf – There’s nothing like a scarf to take clothes in an outfit from simply worn together to stunningly put together, and a camo scarf is no exception. With the draped, effortless silhouette of an infinity scarf, the camo print is abstract and sophisticated, adding a painted punch to any ensemble.

2. Painted Camouflage Print Canvas Belt – If you’re trying to be as sparing with your camo as you would with your rations, a canvas belt is the perfect thing. The thin strip of print will be the perfect amount of cheeky interest to a rest of an outfit that is kept sleek and simple.

3. Bow My Goodness Camo Print Bandeau – Is there anything in the fashion world more fun and flirty than the bow bandeau? And nothing would provide as much contrast with the macho military print as this girly (but gutsy) novelty. We love the juxtaposition. Bow my goodness, indeed.

4. Boot Camp Bikini Briefs – What’s the farthest thing from boot camp? Probably frolicking on the beach in a bikini. Which is why we’re loving the camo on these itty-bitty briefs. With the majority of bathing suits (especially in summer) leaning toward colorful brights, this would be a delightfully daring distinction.

5. Camo A Long Way Muscle Bodysuit – A muscle tee probably wouldn’t be a scarce find among a troop, but a muscle bodysuit? That’s a different story. This deep-cut silhouette is already new enough, but add in the camo print? You’ll be in a league corps of your own.

6. Camouflage Front Paneled Snapback – A piece that does double-duty? We’d welcome it to our fashion brigade. The printed snapback is perfect for those days (bad hair days, walk of shame days, slept through the alarm days, etc.) when your hair could use a little coverage and your look could use a little cool.

7. Blend In Camo Zipper Accent Pants – Be all you can be in these pretty paneled pants. While the print is clearly camo, the design is decidedly moto, and we’re loving the addition of zippers at the hips and ankles for that little bit of edge. Sorry, but you’re not gonna be blending in in these. Deal with it, soldier.

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How To Wear: Body Chains

If you’re anything like us, then you’re a firm believer in the idea that chain-ge is good. And with the end of summer rapidly approaching (say it ain’t so!), now’s as good a time as any to start implementing a bit (or a bunch) of it into your wardrobe. Enter the bodacious body chain, a summer staple seen on the likes of Beyonce, Vanessa Hudgens, Kendall Jenner, and Bad Girl RiRi herself.

So what is it about these layered, shimmery goods that everyone loves so much? Well, first off, it’s the perfect way to subtly add a bit of chic-shine to your outfit. Second, it’ll totally accentuate your hot bod by bringing attention to those abs you’ve been working on. And third, well, we’re into anything Queen Bey is into, #justsayin.

Here are three surefire ways to wear a body chain:

1. Over a swimsuit. Whether you’re a bikini babe or a one-piece kind of gal, a body chain will easily complement your beachside or poolside look without looking like you’re trying too hard. Our advice: Go for a chain that’s on the simpler side (like the Circular Faux Jewels Body Chain), especially if you plan on actually getting into the water.

2. Over (or underneath) a cropped top. When it comes to fashion, think of your body as a canvas. And since a cropped top is only covering your top half, why not add a little something-something to drape down the bottom half? You really can’t go wrong with this next-level look. Our advice: Keep the layering around your neck at a minimum. Instead of throwing on an extra necklace, try a couple of rings and bracelets instead.

3. Over a dress. Nothing gets a conversation going (mostly compliments, obvi) more than a body chain over a dress. It’s not only beyond chic but also very unpredictable, so take pride in the fact that you decided to step it up a notch that day. Our advice: Go with a basic colored dress to really make your chain pop, like a sleek #LBD.

Ahead, a collection of body chain inspiration shots to get those sartorial juices flowing.

How do you wear your body chain? We want to know! Send us the link to your #OOTD in our comments section below.

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Microtrend: Tribal Prints


It’s the middle of summer, and you’ve exhausted all of your go-to pieces for the season? We totally feel you. Dressing appropriately for Mr. Golden Sun can get pretty monotonous. You can only wear your favorite sundress or a tank and denim cut-offs so much, are we right? So before you become a repeat offender again, hear us out. You, too, can break free from this summertime style rut. But how, you ask?  Three words, ladies: just add tribal.

Okay, so you probably already have a couple of tribal inspired pieces in your closet (we’re all fashionistas here, obvi), but what we love most about these warm-weather prints is that new styles, colors, and variations are constantly being churned out each day. (No, really, just check out our new stuff, and you’ll understand.) What does this mean for you? Well, not only will it be nearly impossible to show up to that BBQ wearing the same tribal printed skirt as your frenemy, but the days of sartorial slumpin’ will be long gone (well, at least until next season). Ganado, chinle, ikat, tapa… Whichever tribal print you fancy is guaranteed to have summer written all over it. And hey, don’t you still have a summer bucket list to attend to? But before you start planning those rest-of-the-season outfits…

Keep in mind these three tips for doing tribal right.

  1. Pace yourself. When one slips on a tribal inspired clothing piece, it’s only natural that you add a fringe vest, a feather headband, and a pair of moccasins to complete the look, right…? WRONG! #Sorrynotsorry, but the goal is too look effortlessly chic, and not like you’re getting dressed for a costume party as old-school Ke$ha or Pocahontas. Which brings us to our next tip…
  2. Keep it simple. Tribal prints are a statement in and of themselves, so be sure to keep the rest of your ‘fit on the simpler side. For example, if you decide to don a tribal printed kimono (great choice, BTW), go for some basics underneath, like a pair of boyfriend jeans and a solid white tee. But if you must mix prints like the risk taker that you are (you go, Glen Coco), stick to stripes or plaids of similar color palettes, capiche?
  3. Add some texture. Whether it’s something shiny and metallic or an edgy leather accent piece, a bit of texture never hurt anybody. In fact, we highly recommend it with your tribal prints. Some texture will not only liven up the playful print of your choice, but it’ll also show that you put a little extra effort into your ‘fit for the day.

Image from left to right: 1. Brushed Tribal Print Maxi Dress, 2. Tribal ‘N True Metallic Foil Tank, 3. Tribal Print-cess Surplice Jumpsuit, 4. Tribal Off-The-Shoulder Bodycon Dress

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Warning! Graphic Content Ahead: This Summer’s “Statement” Pieces

If there’s something to be said about this summer, it’s that whatever needs to be said can be said by a T-shirt. Graphic tees have always been in circulation (how else would we know that Britney is the American Dream? Or that Cara Delevingne only had one “Last clean t-shirt” left before London Fashion Week?), but these days, we’re seeing more and more words and phrases that have permeated our lives and vocabularies also invade our closets. Ready to make a statement of your own? Well, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite types of fashion graphics. Take a look. Maybe you’ll find one that speaks to you.

Jersey Girl

1. Mesh You Up 23 Cropped Tank, 2. Good Sport 25 Jersey Dress, 3. Sheer NY 83 Dress, 4. Quilted Number 6 Sweatshirt, 5. Good Sport Number 17 Cropped Tee, 6. Varsity Track Shorts

Jersey Girl – With the emergence of joggers, varsity jackets, and dolphin hem shorts, the sporty trend has scored a status as a perennial style of dress for both athletes and faux Sporty Spices alike. While the look can be achieved with a simple yoga pant and striped-sleeve tee, you can really hit it out of the park with a jersey-inspired top or dress like the ones above. No sweaty locker room, no grass stains, and no worrying about needing to take a five. In fact, take a ten. Don’t even take the field if you don’t want to. You’ll still look the part, and in our playbook, that’s a win.

Made Of Awesome

1. Dripping Rad Cropped Tank, 2. Kool-Kid Graphic Tank, 3. Killin’ It All The Time Graphic Tee, 4. So Dope Graphic Tee, 5. Hello My Name Is Fabulous Muscle Tee, 6. Dope Life Bandana Bordered Tee, 7. Feeling French Embellished Tank

Made Of Awesome – In the words of LMFAO, you’re sexy, and you know it. And rad. And cool. And dope. And fabulous. Basically you’re made of awesome. So there’s no reason why everyone else shouldn’t know it too, right? Come on. You spend all week killin’ it at work or school. You deserve to give yourself a little love…in the form of a top that proclaims that love for all to see, points to it even. “I love you” is so overrated. Maybe this summer you should say “I love me.”

Statement Piece

1. First Let Me Take A Selfie Oversized Tee, 2. Reckless Love Story Muscle Tank Top, 3. Cat’s Meow Paris Chain Frame Tee, 4. Girls Just Wanna Have $Fund$ Cropped Top, 5. Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It Graphic Tee, 6. Don’t Trip Graphic Tee, 7. Hate Mondays Sad Face Slashed Tank

Statement Piece – Got something to say? Forget wearing your heart on just your sleeve. Now your whole shirt can do the talking for you. Whether it’s a bad selfie habit, an inclination to twerk, a weakness for gangsta rap, or an extreme hostility toward the start of the work week, go ahead and put it on display. Whatever your aversion or affinity, chances are there’s a graphic tee out there for you to express it. After all, that’s what fashion is here for – making a statement.

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101190 So Dope Graphic Tee

The Kimono: Summer’s Light-As-Air Outerwear


Our idea of the kimono today, at least in this part of the world, evokes an image that is less Madame Butterfly and more social butterfly, one with a summer calendar full of block parties, brunches, and bonfires, for which the lightweight warm-weather staple weaves together (no pun intended) the perfect amount of casual cool and effortless elegance. In contemporary fashion, the kimono is varied and versatile, with great diversity in its patterned prints, its silhouettes and cuts, its additions of unexpected fabrics and trims… We couldn’t imagine surviving a summer anymore without the draped cover-up and started longing for more information about its beginnings, about the traditional attire on which our favorite light-as-air outerwear was based. So we did a little research, some easy summer reading, if you will, and here’s what we found out.


1. Back To Basics – A kimono is a boxy, T-shaped robe with extra-wide sleeves that is wrapped around the body and tied with an obi, or sash. The traditional version is still worn for special ceremonies like weddings and funerals, while simpler variations, like the yukata summer kimono, can be seen on attendees of less formal events like summer festivals.

2. Piece Out – Customarily created using one bolt of fabric, the kimono consists of multiple straight-lined panels sewn together, which makes it a convenient article to disassemble if certain pieces are damaged or faded. (Not to mention, it’s an easy DIY for you home-seamstresses.)

3. Come Into Season – Nature is a common theme, and you can often tell by a kimono’s motif what time of year it is meant to be worn. Cherry blossoms, for example, are the epitome of springtime, while a garment bearing maple leaves perfectly represents the shift into autumn. The same can be said about an item’s color. It’s likely you will see pastels in spring, cool colors in summer… You get the pretty picture.

4. Size Does Matter – Furisode kimonos, known for their extra-long sleeves, are only worn by single women, who long ago would wave that excess fabric as a way to proclaim their love for the men in their lives. While kimonos have been able to maintain their general silhouette, that’s not to say there weren’t changes throughout the centuries, like length, sleeve size, and obi width, to name a few.

5. White On, Sister – A Japanese bride may choose to wear a shiromuku on her big day, and like the western wedding gown, this kimono is usually an all-white garment. Except in Japan, the color doesn’t signify purity or luxury but, rather, the beginning of the bride’s new journey.

Collage from left to right: 1. Tribe And True Triangle Print Kimono, 2. Rose Clusters Fringe Kimono, 3. Strap Happy Sheer Kimono, 4. Abstract Floral Print Kimono, 5. Short Story Semi-Sheer Solid Kimono, 6. Got Ur Back Leopard Print Kimono, 7. Ornate Paisley Print Kimono, 8. Medallion Crochet Kimono

Now, are you about ready for your new journey into kimonos? Slip into one of the modern versions above or…




Holy Slit! Our Favorite Leg-Baring Cuts For Summer

Here in sunny SoCal, we’re lucky enough to have lovely weather for most of the year, but in the middle of summer, sometimes the sun beating down on you just makes you wanna hit him right back! We’re definitely suffering through a hot one right now, and it’s got us wondering how the hell we’re gonna get ourselves through the next couple of months. Sure, an icy cold drink wouldn’t hurt, but our bodies also need to breeeeeathe. And since indecent exposure charges probably come with some hefty fines, we’ve turned our attention to the details on our clothing that might help a little with the ventilation. Specifically, our favorite leg-baring cut – the slit. Nothing opens up a piece of clothing quite like a high and mighty slit, and lucky for us, it now comes in a few different variations. We’ve rounded up some of those examples from our current collection, and we hope you’ll give ’em a try both this summer and beyond. Once that wind in your hair starts making its way between your legs, these pieces are sure to have you saying, “Holy slit, Batman!”

On The Double

1. Hey Crochet Slit Maxi Dress, 2. Double The Trouble Slit Maxi Skirt, 3. Either Way Striped Double Slit Skirt, 4. Cut That Out Halter Maxi Dress

On The Double – If you can handle the single life okay, we say why not try your hand legs at leading a double life? Double slit skirts and dresses have been all the rage for a while now, and why not, when they can give you the air and mobility of short shorts with the drama and flair of a long skirt? The paneled design on most of these pieces creates a swingy silhouette that allows your bottom half to move freely while also making for a delightful peekaboo element that stays hidden until you stick out that luscious leg of yours. Think Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Oscars. Except she only had one slit, and you’ll have two. You know what they say. Two legs are better than one.

Zip It Good

1. Zip-pin’ Out Sateen Pencil Skirt, 2. Seeing Double Zippers Maxi Skirt, 3. Double Zipper Slit Maxi Skirt, 4. Front And Center Zipper Pencil Skirt

Zip It Good – The zipper has been around for a couple centuries now, and since its inception it has graduated from being merely a fast-n-easy closure to doing double duty as a decorative element in itself. But nowadays we’re loving it as the pull-up partner to the slit. It basically points to the slit as if to say “Look here! Legginess ahead!” And the slit, in turn, does its job by extending that line the zipper started. (If you don’t know, the vertical line is totally your BFF when you’re aiming for a slimmer look, since it guides the eye up and down the body.) So if you’re looking for a new way to wear a slit this summer, we hope you’ll zip it. And zip it good.

Ruche Hour

1. Ruche Hour Plunging Maxi Dress, 2. Ruched Double Slit Dress, 3. Striped Ruched Double Slit Dress, 4. In A Ruche Draped Square Back Maxi

Ruche Hour – Just like the zipper, ruched detailing is the perfect lead-in to a leg-baring slit. Even if you don’t know it by name, you’ve surely seen its effects. Ruching is responsible for that cinched and gathered look on some of your skirts and dresses. You know, the one that hides all your imperfections plays up all your assets? Pair that optical illusion trick with a high slit, and that’s preeeeetty much all you need to create that bangin’ bod you’re taking out tonight. Just do us a favor and stay away from any and all intersections, okay? Traffic is gonna be bad enough. We don’t need you stopping it.

Wear The Pants

1. Slit Happens Strappy Split Jumpsuit, 2. Split Second Petal Harem Pants, 3. Fresh As A Tulip Split Leg Pants, 4. Split Second Halter Jumpsuit

Wear The Pants – And finally, we couldn’t end this post without mentioning that slits aren’t just for skirts and dresses anymore. No, sir. Now we have split leg jumpsuits, tulip hem harem pants, slit palazzos… Not a skirt person? Not a problem. You can bare just as much leg with one of the looks above and without any danger of having one of those Marilyn Monroe subway vent moments. (Unless that’s what you’re going for, in which case you can refer to the other collages above.) So if you’re looking to let those stems of yours breathe, maybe leave the shorts at home for once. And don’t be afraid to wear the pants.

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#ThrowbackThursday: R U Jelly?

Flashback to nineteen-ninety-something. You’re chillin’ on the monkey bars, discussing crayon colors and Snack Packs, when your BFF runs up sporting the sweetest looking shoes you’ve ever laid your four-eyes on. They’re clear, they’re sparkly, and they’re made of jelly (well, sorta). And instantly, you fell in love. Sigh. Yup, we all remember where we were when we spotted our first pair of jelly sandals. And while we managed to outgrow those suckers in less than two years, they still remain as one of the most iconic fashion pieces of our childhood (right on up there with overalls, light-up sneaks, and scrunchies).

We bet you’re wishing you could squeeze your tootsies into a pair right now, don’t ya? Well, honey, it’s your lucky day, because we’re bringing you back in the best way possible. In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, we present you with a collection of jammin’ jellies that your adolescent self would have been totes, well, jelly of. Caged, gladiator, T-strap, d’Orsay… Hey, you’ve come a long way since finger painting and playgrounds, so it’s only appropriate that our collection be updated, too. Alright, alright, we’ll cut the nostalgia and allow you to start shopping already. Have at it, you 90s-kids-at-heart! Jellies Top row (left to right): That’s My Jam Cut-Out Jelly Flats, Glam Power Rhinestone Sandals, Jelly Bow Thong Sandals, Crosshatched Jelly Ballet Flats, Embellished Hexagon Jelly Sandals, Reap What You Bow Jelly Sandals

Bottom row (left to right): Plenty Of Sparkle Jelly Flats, Rose And Shine Cut-Out Jelly Flats, Glitz Factor Jelly Thong Sandals, Cut-Out Rays Jelly Sandals, Weave It At That Pointy Jelly Flats, Glitz V Strappy Jelly Sandals

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Microtrend: Summer Shorts


From left to right: Sporty French Terry Shorts, Acid Wash Jogger Shorts, Knit Denim Cut-Off Shorts, Neon Of Ur Business Shorts

Sun worshippers, rejoice! With the summer season in full swing, your favorite warm-weather microtrend of the year is officially back and ready for action. Yup, we’re talking about a pair of leg-lengthening, gam-glowin’, booty-poppin’ summertime shorts. Whether you prefer basic or printed, lightweight or denim, high-waisted or low-rise, one thing is for sure… The outfit possibilities are endless! (Not to mention, your legs will be thanking you for the much-needed exposure). But before you go baring those sexy stems of yours all over town…

Keep in mind our list of dos and don’ts when wearing a pair of summertime shorts:

  1. Do try ‘em in white. You don’t have much time to wear white during the 365 days of the year, so if you’re not much of a white pants kind of girl, take a risk and try a pair of shorts in white (or any other bold color or print for that matter).
  2. Don’t wear ‘em too short. So you’ve been squeezing in an extra set of squats at the gym? Good for you. But if your shorts are as short as your skivvies… Well, you might want to add a couple more inches to your inseam. Trust us, you don’t want to attract that kind of attention.
  3. Do consider a tan. To each his own on this tip, but a little color never hurt anyone, #justsayin. Plus, it’s a great excuse to lay out by the pool all day, don’t you think? Just don’t forget the SPF!
  4. Don’t wear knee-length footwear.  We totally get that you love to make a fashion statement where ever you go. But wearing shorts with tall footwear, like knee-high boots, tend to make one’s legs appear, well… short. (Yeah, that’s one word we don’t want used to describe our stems either). The only exception? Gladiator sandals!
  5. Do dress ‘em up. When the sun goes down and it’s #GNO, feel free to slip on a blouse and a light jacket atop your shorts and finish the outfit off with a pair of heels. We know you love your #LBDs and skinnies for nights like these, but you and everyone around you will appreciate the refreshing look.

Ready to take on this microtrend? We thought so. Shop these shorts styles & more @ GoJane!

Toast Of The Town: Summer Drinks! And The Clothes To Pair With Them

Summer has gotten off to a sweltering start, and not a day goes by here in sunny (or should we say scorching?) LA without our wishing for something cold and satisfying to quench our seemingly insatiable thirst. So that got us thinking. We should do a post on summer drinks! And maybe what to pair with them? But there’s definitely an art to food and drink pairings, and unfortunately sommelier school is still on our list of things to do someday. Clothes, however, are a different story. Clothes we can do, and clothes we can do today. So we’ve collected some colorful, fruity, and most importantly refreshing drinks that are both easy to make for your summer beverage palate and easy to match to your summer outfit palette. With drink in hand and ensemble in check, this summer you’re sure to be the toast of the town.



1. Come To A Halter Plunging Minidress, 2. Cold Shoulder N Slit Bodycon Dress, 3. Plunging Single-Slit Maxi Dress, 4. I Love Lacy Peplum Sleeve Midi Dress

Bluetini – You’ll look every bit the Bond girl with a martini glass in your hand as long as you pair it with a sleek, sexy, seductive dress. How else will you get James to hand over the keys to the Aston Martin? We’re talking plunging halters, strategic cut-outs, sheer lace, high slits, and open backs. Just make him the Bluetini, and he’ll be all yours. Probably willing to trade Martin for martini. That’s fair, right? Right.

Watermelon Coconut Cooler

1. Crossing Paths Skater Dress, 2. Super Fine Knit Duster Cardigan, 3. Ace Of Basics Flared Tee, 4. Laced Is More Drawstring Shorts

Watermelon Coconut Cooler – Nothing says summer like picnicking, and nothing says picnic like watermelon. But you’re definitely not gonna wanna traipse through that beach / park / block party in a constricting cocktail dress or some cover-all jeans. It’s all about easy and breezy, like a slinky little skater dress, an open-knit kimono, a pair of pretty-much-pajamas shorts, or a loose top knotted on one side.

Cherry Cooler

1. Harem Pants, 2. High-Waisted Distressed Jeans, 3. Slick Plunge Romper, 4. Split Second Petal Harem Pants

Cherry Cooler – Say you’ve got a little bit of a dark side. And a lotta bit of a personality. You’re not gonna go out in cheery brights just because it’s summer. You will, however, swap the cheery for the cherry. Like this cooler, you’re more sweet-tart than sweet-heart. Only some non-conventional bottoms, like harems and distressed skinnies or a slick skin-tight romper, can give you that acidic edge you’re looking for.

Peach-Ginger Iced Tea

1. Textured Colorblock Bandage Dress, 2. Textured Panel Skater Dress, 3. Whats The Scoop Dress, 4. Mesh You Up Midi Skirt

Peach-Ginger Iced Tea – Peaches are sweet, sure, but like you and these looks, this drink is so much more. Match the exotic flavor of the ginger and the sophistication of the English tea with some subtly less-sweet details, like a low scoop back, a square rear cut-out, a cool colorblocking, or a minimal mesh inset. You’ll discover new elements of yourself and your wardrobe. Luckily, there’s still a whole lotta summer left to explore.

Drink photos and recipes courtesy of The Food Network

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Seeing Is Believing: Optical Illusion Dresses (Plus Tips For Dressing Slimmer)

Celebrity Collage

Don’t have an hourglass figure? Don’t worry. You can get one. Already have an hourglass figure? Don’t worry. You can make it even better. Enter the optical illusion dress. We’re not talking an optical illusion like Magic Eye (remember those books?) or an M.C. Escher print that makes you a little dizzy if you stare at it too long. No, today we’re focusing on the dresses that use cool colorblocking, strategic seaming, and anything sartorially similar to seemingly suck you in, smooth you out, and sex you up, giving you those dangerous curves that caution signs like to warn us about, slimming your silhouette from your basic to your absolute most bangin’. For your consideration, we’ve rounded up the different types of optical illusion dresses in our collection, as well as a few tips for shedding those visual pounds. You know how they say that seeing is believing? Prepare to be amazed, because the magic starts here…

Point Well Taken

1. Highlight Me Colorblock Bodycon Dress, 2. What’s Your Angle Colorblock Dress, 3. Geo Angles Mesh Inset Dress, 4. Double Up On Diamonds Cut-Out Dress

Point Well Taken – A waist is a terrible thing to waste, so anything that draws attention to it we wanna use to our advantage. Dresses with diagonal lines and sharp angles that point at the waist, which is the smallest part of your body, will create that shapely look you want, even though there are no curved lines actually on the garments.

Mirror, Mirror

1. Spot N Scroll Leopard Filigree Dress, 2. Check It Out Floral Mixed Print Dress, 3. Watercolor Wonder Bodycon Dress, 4. My Little Peony Floral Print Dress

Mirror, Mirror – Who’s the fairest of them all? It depends. Are you wearing a mirrored print? Most mirrored prints put most of the action on the sides of the dress, which gives the illusion of a narrower body by creating a slimmer center panel down the front and back.

Colorblock It Out1. Hourglass Colorblock Bodycon Dress, 2. 2 Become 1 Colorblock Cut-Out Dress, 3. Lets Mesh Around Pleated Dress, 4. Geo Colorblock Bodycon Dress

Colorblock It Out – If you’re a new kid on the colorblock, you should know that it’s more than just a regular ol’ fashion fad. It can also do wonders for your figure (especially when the contrast is in black, which we all know is slimming) by shaving down areas on your clothing and creating flattering curves and angles.

Top Of The Hourglass

1. Hourglass Geo Print Bodycon Dress, 2. Hourglass Figure Mermaid Maxi, 3. Hourglass Figure Midi Dress, 4. Petal Panels Floral Bodycon Dress

Top Of The Hourglass – We told you you could get an hourglass figure, and we meant it, even if you were born with more of a sheet glass figure. The hourglass dress is definitely tops in optical illusion dresses for its curve-creating capabilities, and nowadays you’ll find them in various lengths, materials, prints, etc. But for maximum impact, choose a dress with sides that match your skintone. The illusion will be all the more incredible.

Front And Center

1. Front And Center V-Neck Bodycon Dress, 2. Streak Of Genius Art Deco Print Dress, 3. Two-Way Streak Zipper Moto Dress, 4. Neon Top Of Your Game Bodycon Dress

Front And Center – The vertical line is your best friend when it comes to looking long and lean, because anything that draws the eye up and down the body will also help lengthen it. Vertical seams, stripes, zippers, and the like not only encourage the viewer to, well, look you up and down, but when they’re front and center they also split up your body into smaller, slimmer pieces.

Sheer And There

1. Sheer 4 U Mesh Bodycon Dress, 2. Lace To Lace Contrast Bodycon Dress, 3. Mesh Contrast Bodycon Dress, 4. Heart Act To Follow Striped Mesh Dress

Sheer And There – If you’re a fan of lace and mesh and all things sexy, see-through, and scintillating, go ahead and opt for a sheer version. The same silhouettes are still there. You’re already revving up the sex appeal with an optical illusion dress. You might as well take those curves all the way home.


More Optical Illusion Tips For Dressing Slimmer. . .

1. Buy clothes that actually fit! Too tight and you’re a lumpy pillow. Too loose and you’re a beanbag chair. You wanna be that sleek, smooth leather sofa. And don’t be afraid to get yourself upholstered. Er, tailored.

2. Use color to your advantage! Wearing the same color (or shades of the same color) from head to toe elongates you because you’re one continuous line of color. But if you’re going for a multi-colored look, just don a dark color over any areas that you want outta the limelight.

3. Find a silhouette that suits you! An empire waist proudly displays your girls while discreetly hiding any midsection bulge. A high-waisted pant not only creates a longer lower body (read: leggy!), but it can also hold shit in like no other. You just gotta figure out what works for you.

4. Keep an eye on proportion! Balance is key. If you’re more pear-shaped, broaden your upper body with a wide-shouldered top. If you’re more bust than butt, forgo the ruffled top for a peplum skirt instead. And accessorize for where you want the eye to go. A long necklace, for example, would create that vertical line we were talking about earlier. And finally…

5. Don’t forget the extras! Forget diamonds. Shapewear is a girl’s best friend. So is a wide belt. While any belt can cinch you in and define your waist, a wide belt actually lengthens you by streamlining even more surface area. And heels will give you better posture and of course height (you look thinner when you look taller), but a pair that matches your coloring will give you legs for days. You won’t believe the illusion.

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No Assembly Required: Two-Piece Looks From One-Piece Wonders

Optical illusion fashion is all the rage right now, what with the likes of Keira Knightley, Blake Lively, and Rihanna donning waist-whittling dresses to stunned (and sometimes outraged!) crowds at recent red carpet events. But today we’d like to focus on a different kind of illusion: the two-piece look you get from one of those extra nifty one-piece garments. That’s right, we’re seeing more and more dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits opting for the air of separates, even though they’re single items. And why not? Separates (suitably matched ones, of course) give you that extra put-together presence, like you spent time in front of the mirror / closet / mirrored closet putting effort into actually arranging your ensemble. Well, now you can achieve that I-thought-about-this-look look with an I’m-just-gonna-put-on-this-one one-piece. No assembly required. Check out our selection below, and maybe in the future, making it to work/school/dates on time will no longer be just an illusion…

Colorblock Party

1. Wrapped Striped Midi Dress, 2. Double Up On Diamonds Cut-Out Dress, 3. Angled Racer Front Skater Dress, 4. New Kid On The Colorblock Maxi Dress, 5. Colorblock My World Bodycon Dress, 6. Triple Threat Body Con Dress


Make The Cut

1. 2-In-1 Open Back Dress, 2. One-Two Punch Striped Cut-Out Dress, 3. Sneak Peek Bodycon Dress, 4. Different Brushstrokes Bodycon Dress, 5. Rosy Bouquet Crisscrossed Dress, 6. Cross Your Heart Cut-Out Bodycon Dress


Tiers Of Joy

1. I’m Tiering Up Tribal Palazzo Jumpsuit, 2. Play It By Tier Maxi Dress, 3. Play It By Tier Tie-Dye Maxi Dress, 4. Tropical Tiered Cami Dress, 5. What A Combo Mesh Contrast Dress, 6. Tiers Of Joy Tropical Floral Dress


Watch Your Back

1. Drape Expectations Cut-Out Dress, 2. Crossing Paths Skater Dress, 3. Denim Bouquet Flared Dress, 4. Look Closely Abstract Cut-Out Jumpsuit, 5. Winning Streak Cut-Out Grid Romper, 6. In Your Lace Knotted Maxi Dress


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Wear Your Polka Face: Do’s And Don’ts Of Donning Dots

Summer is only mere hours away (or three days if you’re being all accurate about it), and even though most of us working folk don’t get a real break like the schoolkids do, there’s still a sense of lightheartedness in the air, the kind you feel when you walk barefoot on the grass at the park or enjoy a frozen treat that drips all down your arm. It’s a sunny, distinctly summery state of mind, an attitude that affords us the freedom to frolic around in fun, flirty pieces that may be deemed a little too fanciful for fall or winter, specifically ones with cheerful prints, and very specifically, those featuring the classic but playful polka dot.

Unless you’re wearing circus-print adult-onesie pajamas, it’s hard to find a pattern with more whimsy than the polka dot. But at the same time, these little circles can be put together an infinite number of ways. While they may never lose their whimsy (who would want that!) they’re also easily balanced out by cut, color, and more. Just take a look at the celebrity collage below, and you’ll find that polka dots are actually extremely versatile, scattered over glamorous movie premiere gowns, sprinkled onto errand day shirt dresses, speckling one-piece wonder jumpsuits, even studding spiffy little retro gloves. (Can you spot ’em?)


Dippin’ into dots has never looked more delicious, right? So now that you’re totally inspired to, uh, hit the spot, here are a few little tips to help you connect the dots between you and your very own spotted style…

Do’s and Don’ts of Donning Dots

DO consider scale. As with any other print, scale is uber-important. The smaller the dot, the smaller the impact. If you go too-too big, you risk looking silly. AKA like you belong in the circus. And if you’re looking not to call attention to a certain body part, it’s probably a good idea to avoid covering it in humongous balls. Which are only like the least inconspicuous things ever.

DON’T pigeonhole yourself. Polka dots may be playful and cute, but that doesn’t mean they have to be cute-sy. Pair them with a sexy or sophisticated silhouette (perhaps an off-shoulder bodycon or sheer collared blouse?) or a more contemporary creation (a cut-out dress or structured cropped top, maybe?) to take them from childlike to ca-lassic.

Cropped Tops

Do The Polka Dotted Cropped Top, Spotted In Dots Cropped Top, Dot The I Bustier Top

DO play with color. Unless you want to look like a clown (here’s that circus thing again) or a ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese, you probably want to stay away from rainbow-colored polka dots. Of course that doesn’t mean you should avoid color altogether. There are other color combos besides black/navy and white, you know! But if you’re sold on that pairing, don’t be afraid to add a pop of color elsewhere with a shiny belt, a pretty scarf, or even a bright lip!

DON’T forget to accessorize. If you’re afraid to jump into this polka dot thing with both feet, maybe just start with something small…like the shoes on your feet! Or your collar, your watch, your hair, even your phone case. Polka dots are seriously everywhere, so if, for whatever reason, you’re only looking to dab on a little dose of it, don’t worry. You’ve got plenty of options.


Do The Polka Canvas Sneakers, Polka Dot Watch, Polka Dot Bunny Ear Hair Tie, Scattered Polka Dot Boyfriend Watch, Dot The Eyes Espadrille Skimmer Flats

DO think about silhouette. Polka dots can definitely have a retro feel. Think fifties pin-up in a red lip and polka dot halter. Or fifties housewife in a red lip and polka dot apron. Keep your polka dots from bordering on vintage by choosing modern pieces with clean lines and sleek silhouettes. Or if you’re feelin’ the retro vibe, use the spotted piece to your advantage. For example, the polka dots on this high-waisted bikini set take it from cute to over-the-top (in a good way!) adorable…


High-Waisted Polka Dot Tankini Set

DON’T be afraid to mix prints. We said it before, and we’ll say it again. Prints, like people, should not be subjected to segregation! Polka dots are super classic, so they’ll totally play well with others. If you consider yourself a beginner with patterns, try pairing a two-toned polka dot with the same two tones in a stripe. Once you get the hang of it, throw in more colors and patterns and have yourself a print parade.

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98194 Spotted In Dots Skater Skirt 95400 Polka Dot Mesh Socks 98091 Read My Polka Face Dotted Blouse 03 98616 Seamless Polka Dot Thong 02

Collage photos courtesy of FabSugar, Getty Images, Glamour, Huffington Post, JustJared, NY Daily News, Teen Vogue, and Us Weekly

The 2014 Tony Awards: The Bests Of The Best From Broadway’s Biggest Bash

Hollywood may be the destination darling for most major award shows, but the east coast gets the upper hand at least one glamorous night of the year that always has a decidedly New York state of mind. We are of course referring to the annual Tony Awards, a celebration that highlights the best and brightest of Broadway shows and their stars, which last night was held at the Radio City Music Hall and helmed by “Wolverine in tap shoes,” a Mr. Hugh Jackman. While most people may not be as familiar with plays and musicals as with movies and television (one colleague, who may or may not have been tied to a pole and flogged, actually uttered “They televise that?”), we here at GoJane are definitely fans and patrons of the theatre arts and would never let the Tonys slip by without giving them our unique brand of coverage. So here’s our take on the bests of the best from the 68th Annual Tony Awards…

Best Lap Dance: Neil Patrick Harris

Best Lap Dance -- Neil Patrick Harris

The legen-wait-for-it-dary NPH may not have reprised his now-usual role of Tony host (he’s won two Emmys for it), but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t onstage (as usual) and stealing the show (as usual). The actor was barely recognizable when he took the stage as a German transgender singer in a huge blond wig and tiny denim skirt. The gender-bending role from Hedwig And The Angry Inch would win him his first Tony, but we’re pretty sure the most memorable Neil Patrick Harris moment of the night came when he took off Samuel L. Jackson’s glasses and licked them before putting them back on his face. And SLJ wasn’t the only one to reap the benefits of sitting up close. Sting and Kevin Bacon both got a lap full of Neil, and he didn’t forget to lay a big one on husband David Burtka before finishing his set.

Best Newbie Who Is Really An Oldie But Goodie: Bryan Cranston

Best Newbie Who Is Really An Oldie But Goodie -- Bryan Cranston

Since his run in the critically acclaimed AMC series Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston has cemented his status as one of the most versatile actors of our generation (Malcolm In The Middle, anyone?), spanning television, film, and now stage. Last night he won a Tony Award for his Broadway debut as President Lyndon Johnson in the play All The Way, in which he wore prosthetic ears and transformed into a completely recognizable version of the historical figure. The trophy will sit on his mantle with the countless accolades he earned as Walter White, a role with which he will always have ties. Speaking of live theatre, he remarked, “When you can effect emotional change in the audience it’s like a powerful drug. It’s as strong as blue crystal meth.”

Best Beautiful Moment Ugly Cry: Audra McDonald


If Lupita N’yongo was the princess of this year’s Oscars, Audra McDonald was the queen of this year’s Tonys. The Broadway diva (in the best sense of the word; you should hear her opera voice!) picked up her sixth Tony for her role as Billie Holiday, breaking a three-way tie she held with theatre greats Angela Lansbury and Julie Harris and making her the first person to win Tonys in four different acting categories. She reigned with one of the most touching acceptance speeches of the night. “I’m standing on Lena Horne, I’m standing on Maya Angelou, Diahann Carroll, Ruby Dee, and most of all Billie Holiday. You deserved so much more than you were given when you were on this planet. This is for you, Billie.”

Best Bespectacled Bros: Matt Bomer and Zachary Quinto

Best Bespectacled Bros -- Matt Bomer and Zachary Quinto (LA Times)

This photo is pretty self-explanatory. It’s really just here so we can stare at it. But speaking of twinsies…

Best Unintentional Twinsies Moment: Kevin Bacon and Ethan Hawke

Best Unintentional Twinsies Moment (NY Daily News)

We know Kevin Bacon gets around (you’ve played The Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon, right?), but we didn’t think his influence could be this potent. ‘Cause is it just us, or is Ethan Hawke slowly but surely morphing into Kevin Bacon? If one of them hadn’t worn that spectacular grey suit, we may have had a hard time figuring out who was who was who. And in case you’re wondering, Ethan Hawke was in Hamlet with Bill Murray who was in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon. Boom.

Best Red Carpet Color Mantra: Orange Is The New Black


We saw quite a few dark dresses on the Tonys red carpet, but orange definitely emerged as an it color last night. We’re imagining these stars’ stylists all making the same joke: “Orange you glad we went with orange?”😀

Best LOL Moment: Jonathan Groff

la-et-cm-tony-awards-2014-show-highlights-phot-001 latimes

Only a few months ago, at the Academy Awards, John Travolta single-handedly turned Adele Dazeem into a household name. It was just too bad that she, like the alter-ego of a con artist on Catfish: The TV Show, never existed. Except maybe in his mind. Frozen star Idina Menzel may have laughed it off, but we’re sure RENT-heads and Wicked fangirls alike were waiting for some sort of misnomer redemption. Well, last night they got it, by way of the wick-edly talented (and adooooorable) Jonathan Groff, whose spot-on impression of John Travolta’s gaffe managed to be funny but good-spirited at the same time.

Best Fakeout: Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris


Did anyone else get abnormally excited thinking that a Beyonce / Solange / Jay-Z spoof was imminent when Hugh stepped into an elevator with Neil and we were treated to the black and white security camera footage? Alas, it was only wishful thinking on our parts.

Best Post-Show Plans: James Monroe Iglehart

Bpp-d7pIYAAr-vz twitter

While most award show attendees may find it most appealing to cap off the night with fancy drinks and tiny hor d’oeuvres, the larger-than-life winner of Best Featured Actor In A Musical had slightly different plans. James Monroe Iglehart, who dreamed of playing the Genie in Aladdin after seeing Robin Williams’ rousing rendition of Friend Like Me in the Disney movie, won his first Tony last night with his wife at his side. Their post-show plans in their black-tie attire? A late-night run to McDonald’s! “We do it after very important occasions. It keeps us humble. It keeps us grounded. We get a Big Mac and fries and we go back to the house and we kick it with our cats, and this lets us know that this is still real life.”

Check out the gallery below for more photos from the 2014 Tony Awards, and click here for a complete list of the 2014 Tony winners! Photos courtesy of NY Daily News, LA Times, Buzzfeed, and Tumblr.