GoJane Lookbook: Plaid Reputation

GoJane Lookbook: Frock On!

GoJane Lookbook: Legends Of The Fall

GoJane Lookbook: Grey Matter

GoJane Lookbook: Go Monochrome

GoJane Lookbook: RE(de)FINED!

GoJane Lookbook: Cover Story

GoJane Lookbook: Fall 2014’s To-Wear List

GoJane Lookbook: Cover New Ground

GoJane Lookbook: Promise Land

GoJane Lookbook: How The Southwest Was Won

GoJane Lookbook: Jeans Come True

GoJane Lookbook: FRESH PRINTcess of Hell Yeah!

GoJane Lookbook: The Endless Summer

GoJane Lookbook: Hot Pursuit

GoJane Lookbook: Hole Lotta Skinz

GoJane Lookbook: Water Werqs

GoJane Lookbook: American Hustle + Independence Day Sale (Up To 40% Off Sitewide)!

GoJane Lookbook: DYEhard (Tie-Dye+Dip-Dye)

GoJane Lookbook: Wetty, Set, Go…!

Lookbook: Color Me Rad

Lookbook: Golden Girl

Lookbook: Brave New Wardrobe

The signs couldn’t be more clear… It’s out with the old, in with the bold. And we’ve got just what you’ve been searching for.

Top Notch

Top Notch

Caged Crusader

Less Is Chic

Less Is Chic

Power Suit

Power Suit

Pleating Pretty

Modern Minimalist

Modern Minimalist

We knoooooooow you’re loving these looks…that’s why we made them super simple to get your hands on. Visit our Shop By Outfits page to find every one of these awesome items.

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Lookbook: Make Some Waves (Surf, Sand & The Softest Kimonos Ever)

Lookbook: Full Bloom (Stop N’ Smell The Roses…)

Lookbook: Basic Instincts (Go With What Feels Right…)

Mix and match these wardrobe staples to fit your mood. Coordinate them into something cute, layer them for something luxe, or slip them on for something sexy. Here’s proof that basic is far from boring! Shop our entire collection of GoJane basics and see how far you can take these “simple” pieces…
GoJane Lookbook: Basic Instincts

GoJane Lookbook: Basic Instincts

GoJane Lookbook: Basic Instincts

GoJane Lookbook: Basic Instincts

GoJane Lookbook: Basic Instincts




GoJane Lookbook: Basic InstinctsLike what you see? You can find all of these items on our Basic Instincts page @ GoJane.com!


Lookbook: The Remix (Funky Fresh Version)

We were feeling a bit experimental this week and decided to mix things up…literally. First we had our stylists pick out the hottest items they could find on our newest styles rack. Then we cracked our imaginary whip (don’t trip…no stylists were harmed in the shooting of this lookbook) and demanded, “Now take those items and jumble them up to make some unpredictable magic! We want you to put them together in ways people would have never expected!” (In this version of our story we are British, so we hope you read that accordingly.)

As a result, we have one of our funnest, funkiest, most fashion packed lookbooks thus far. What’s great about these super styled outfits is that even though they’re a bit quirky, they’re still extremely wearable and workable on the streets. So take a tip from the GoJane stylists and give your look a funky fresh remix that will have people thinking, “I didn’t see that one coming!”

Loving these styles? Find everything you see here on GoJane.com!

Lookbook: Sporty-Luxe

Lookbook: Spring Breakaway

Toss those books aside, shut down that laptop (or tablet for you cool kids), and tell your professors to suck iiiiiiiiiiiiiit! It’s spring break season, and you’re out this mug! It’s time to sleep in late, walk around town in barely-there clothing, and (most importantly) party your little face off. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what grade you’re in – just the thought of getting one week off of school is enough to get your heart racing. Take a trip with us as we lounge around doing nothing we need to and everything that we want to.

And for those of you who aren’t in school anymore, spring break is still pretty damn enjoyable. Take advantage of all the kickass parties, kick-backs, and random beach trips that will be poppin’ up all over the place.

GoJane Lookbook: Spring Breakdown

GoJane Lookbook: Spring Breakdown

GoJane Lookbook: Spring Breakdown

GoJane Lookbook: Spring Breakdown

GoJane Lookbook: Spring Breakdown

GoJane Lookbook: Spring Breakdown

GoJane Lookbook: Spring Breakdown

GoJane Lookbook: Spring Breakdown

GoJane Lookbook: Spring BreakdownDiggin’ on all of these styles? Find everything you see on our model at GoJane.com!


GoJane Lookbook: Fresh Prints (Mix WITHOUT Matching)

This week’s lesson in dressing? Don’t be so concerned with making everything match. In fact, we’re suggesting you go wild and pair all kinds of different prints. We’re talking florals on top of leopard, harlequin in the same outfit with baroque, or even stripes alongside zigzags! What? This is everything we were taught NOT to do in Dressing Like a Lady 101. (Girl, you never really showed up for that class anyways, so why you frontin’?) Instead, take a lesson from the bad girls and boys of fashion like Betsey Johnson, Thakoon, and Gucci who covered Spring 2014 runways with a mish-mash of eye-popping, opposing prints. If it’s good enough for Gucci, it’s good enough for you! Take a look at GoJane’s latest lookbook and please, feel free to get all mixed-up with our wacky crowd.

GoJane Lookbook: Fresh Prints

GoJane Lookbook: Fresh Prints GoJane Lookbook: Fresh Prints

GoJane Lookbook: Fresh Prints

GoJane Lookbook: Fresh Prints

GoJane Lookbook: Fresh Prints

GoJane Lookbook: Fresh Prints

GoJane Lookbook: Fresh Prints

Interested in mixing things up this season? We asked our lead stylist for one mucho importante tip when mixing prints:

“Power clash with a purpose. The more extreme the differences are between patterns, the more of a statement you’ll be making. It’s gotta look like you did it on purpose.”

Thanks, Willis. That’s why you’re the man!

Shop the complete mixed prints lookbook @ GoJane.com:

Lookbook: Match Made in Denim

GoJane Lookbook: Spring Mix

Check out this complete collection of photos from our most recent editorial shoot. This lookbook was all about mixing harsh denim and faux leather with soft florals in honor of this in-between season we call Spring. It’s still a little cloudy outside, but every so often, the sun will pop out to warm us up to just the right temp. A perfect example of how opposites can totally work together to create pure perfection. So what do you say? Are you up for a little Spring Mix?

Loving these looks? You can find everything floral, denim, and faux leather at GoJane.com!

Behind The Scenes:

GoJane Lookbook: Paradise City

Anyone on the West Coast knows that water is scarce. We’re experiencing one of the worst droughts in like FOREVER! Lawns are looking lime greenish, scattered with patches of death, and riverbeds are looking drier than a bleach-blonde’s tired ass hair. So how should we get the Rain Gods to hear our pleas for some of that delicious water? Let’s put them all in a trance…a tropical trance. If Mama Nature and her fickle little buddies wanna cop an attitude and deny us of some lushy goodness, then we’ll just have to make it rain ourselves…make it rain with some fabulous fashions, that is. So join our tribe of parched fashionistas, throw on your best tropical-inspired styles, and let’s bust a little rain dance.

City Sizzle With A Tropical Twist…

Escape the concrete madness of your everyday and follow us to a lush land of exotic encounters. This season’s take on florals will have you feeling like the queen of any urban jungle. Cover yourself in a canopy of plumerias, birds of paradise, palm fronds, and hibiscus printed styles. Who’s ready to step into the hot zone?

Behind The Scenes:

Shop a ton of tropical prints (and even more floral prints) at GoJane.com!

GoJane Lookbook: Midnight Swim + Neon Nightlites

GoJane Lookbook: Lover Gurl (Valentine’s Boutique)

Behind The Scenes: GoJane Swim 2014

It may seem a bit early to be thinking about swimwear, considering the polar vortex is still jacking people up on the east coast and the Winter Olympics in Sochi looks like a gosh darn winter wonderland, but we can’t help it! We’re based in sunny, Southern California, and it’s currently a toasty 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Please don’t hate us! We’re actually doing you gals a favor. Instead of swim season sneaking up on you while you’re scarfing down chicken pot pies, we’re giving you fair warning– actually it’s more like a super head start. So put down the cream-infused pie-of-regrets and sign up for your local sweat factory’s Zumba class because it’s on, ladies. Swim season starts…now!

“Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter…”

~The Little Mermaid

Loving these swim suits? You can purchase them online, at GoJane.com, starting Tuesday, February 18, 2014. See you then!

Update: Shop GoJane’s entire swim collection…now!

GoJane Lookbook: Purely Laced

GoJane Lookbook: Grid Expectations

GoJane Lookbook: Funky Florals (Baroque, Flowers + Badassness)

We’re stuck in that weird realm that exists between Winter 2013 and Spring 2014 and we’re all a bit confused about how to dress.  The weather says winter, winter…but the runways say spring already, dammit! Sorry, mama nature, but as always, fashion forecasting trumps your fickle mood. Spring it is!

Take a look at GoJane’s latest fling with all things floral and fiercely feminine in our next lookbook. This isn’t your average girly-girl, over-the-top, frilly kinda floral. Oh, hell no! We’re talking funky, badass florals – the kind with gnarly thorns that prick and could possibly be poisonous.

There’s a bunch more of these fresh-cut photos waiting to hit the site, but we snuck into our photographer’s secret stash and plucked out a few in hopes of keeping you fashion freaks at bay. We hope this quick fix helps to satiate those hunger pangs.

Click here to shop all things floral, baroque, and badass on GoJane.com!

Get all the goods pictured @ GoJane.com:

Lookbook Floral Fling

GoJane Lookbook: Plaid About You

October 2013 Lookbooks: Hard Light, Players Club & Love + Luster

September 2013 Lookbooks: Sunken City, Million Dollar Baby, New Awakening & City Heights

September is a bittersweet month for most peeps. It signifies the end of summer, but it also ushers in the holiday season. And what a busy time it is for GoJane! We’re transitioning our collection from summer to fall, so it’s out with the old and in with the new! What’s the new, you ask? Leather! This fall is all about that fantastically fashionable faux leather trend that every fashionista has come to identify as a cold weather staple. So take a gander at what September has forecast for the months to come.

Digging on our duds? Find all these outfits on our Shop By Outfits page!

August 2013 Lookbooks: From Dusk To Dawn, Urban Escape & Random Cool Pics

As summer slips away and stupid fall comes lurking up on us, we’re met with the dreaded first day jitters, awkward weather, and the awful thought of tucking away our fave summer staples back into our closets for what seems like an eternity. But instead of throwing a bitch fit about our beloved summer’s end, we decided to fuse the two seasons together. August lookbooks were all about mixing summer staples with fresh fall findings. We’re talking short shorts paired with faux leather moto jackets, cropped sweaters with barely there jeans, flirty dresses and skirts made of cozy textiles, and cover-ups that really don’t cover up much at all. Take a look at our latest collection of lookbooks and find ways that you too can hold onto summer just a little bit longer while easing your way into fall.

Click on any picture below to blow that baby up.

Diggin’ our tasty looks? Visit our Shop By Outfits page to find all the goodies pictured.

Click here for a better look at each lookbook: From Dusk To Dawn & Urban Escape.

July 2013 Lookbooks: Naughty By Nature, Forever Young & Last Friday Night

June 2013 Lookbooks: Viva L.A., Summer School, Homegrown

Summer is here and we can already tell it’s gonna be a hot one! As school ended for a lot of you and summer wiped out everyone’s agenda, we thought it was a perfect time to enjoy the sights of the West Coast’s most infamous city in Viva L.A., pay homage to the bad gals of Summer School, and get ready for America’s favorite holiday in Homegrown. Take a look at this month’s outrageously cool lookbooks and see exactly what makes this time of the year so damn hot!