Play It By Ear: DIY Chain-Back Earrings

❤️ By Amy Tsai

Spring is known for a lot of things: daylight saving time, festival season, April showers that bring May flowers… And of course, spring cleaning! Question: Have you gotten to your accessory stash yet?

We’re all guilty of hoarding jewelry that hasn’t been worn in ages and then buying more, right? Well, what if you could create new jewelry with the pieces you already have? That’s right, all you need are a pair of pliers and some old jewelry to create a pair of DIY chain-back earrings. Come on, let’s show you how!

What You’ll Need:


  • An old/unused/broken necklace or body chain with thin chain and small connector rings
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Earrings of your choice

What You’ll Do:


1. Harvest the necklace or body chain for parts! (We found a broken body chain that was a goldmine – no pun intended.) Use scissors to cut a strand of thin chain and trim it to your desired length. (Ours was two inches.)

2. Using your pliers, remove two jump rings (those little round rings that connect chains and charms to each other), then pull one through each end link. Pro-tip: When opening a jump ring, pull one end toward you and the other away from you to create a coiled C. Pulling the ends apart in opposite directions could weaken or distort the ring.

3. Close the jump rings with the pliers by pulling the ends back toward one another. Now you have your chain, which can be worn with one earring or two, depending on your piercings!


4. For a single earring, loop one ring around the post, and insert the earring. Then attach the second ring behind the lobe and secure it with the backing. For two earrings, simply attach the second ring to the back of the second earring and secure.


But don’t stop there! Get creative with double-sided backdrop earrings, jacket earrings, hoops, necklace charms, and more. Take apart your jewelry and put it back together again! You can mix-and-match your way to an infinite earring collection. All by just playing it by ear…


Makeup Monday: Wine Eye Shadow Uncorked

❤️ By Hannah Blu

It seems like just yesterday that everyone was going mad for Marsala. (Guess that’s what happens when Pantone selects its illustrious Color of the Year.) But judging by red carpets the world over, we still can’t get enough of that stunning earthy-wine shade. From Gigi Hadid to Olivia Wilde, the burgundy eye shadow trend has been taking over 2016… And we’ve been dying to try it ourselves!

When done right, red-toned eye shadow can make any eye color pop. For this tutorial, we mixed burgundy with copper for even more eye-enhancing impact. Pair this bold eye look with a subtle nude lip or go all out with a matching Marsala lip color for a totally on-trend monochrome makeup glam.


What You’ll Need:

  • Eye shadow primer
  • Pink blush or eye shadow (We used NARS blush in “Angelika”)
  • A fluffy synthetic blending brush
  • Burgundy cream eye shadow (We used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in “Rust”)
  • A pointed eye shadow brush
  • Copper shimmer eye shadow (We used ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in “Game Face”)
  • Black eyeliner pencil
  • Your favorite mascara

What You’ll Do:

As always, start by applying a smudge-proof eye shadow primer to the entire eyelid.

  1. Using a fluffy eye shadow brush, apply the pink shade to the crease in a sweeping motion.
  2. Apply the burgundy cream eye shadow to the lid, stopping at the crease.
  3. With the fluffy brush, blend the cream eye shadow into the pink crease color using small circular motions.
  4. Apply the burgundy shade to the lower lash line and blend using the pointed brush.
  5. Using the same pointed brush, pat and blend the copper eye shadow onto the center of the eyelid and lower lash line.
  6. Finish the look with black eyeliner and a generous coat of mascara.

Need a dress to match this look? Check out some of our favorite wine pairings…


#WorkFlow: Cork & Fabric Mouspad DIY

❤️ By Jenn Shin

It’s possible we may have been using a boring, ergonomic mousepad… Yawn. (Don’t judge us, okay?) So we decided it was time for an upgrade. This ridiculously simple DIY is the easiest way to dress up your desk with something fresh and chic!

What You’ll Need:

  • Cork tile
  • Scissors
  • Fabric
  • Mod Podge
  • Fray Check (optional)
  • Foam brush
  • X-Acto knife or razor

What You’ll Do:

  1. Trim the cork into your shape of choice (we used a 9″ x 7″ piece).



2. When cutting your fabric, leave approximately one or two inches of clearance.


3. Glue the fabric to the cork base with a thin layer of Mod Podge using the foam brush. (Caution: A heavy application of Mod Podge could bleed through a thin fabric.)


4. Place a piece of plastic on top of the fabric and weigh down the mousepad with a heavy book. Allow to dry completely (we left it overnight).

5. Run your razor around the edges to trim off excess fabric. Seal sides with Mod Podge or Fray Check to prevent threads from coming loose.


And voila! An easy mousepad that can be customized to fit any mood or theme.


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Nailed It: Easy Try-Angles DIY Mani

❤️ By Jenn Shin

If you’ve been hemorrhaging your cash flow to a profesh nail tech every month, give your bank account a break and try this nail art DIY at home. The best part about this tutorial? You can customize it with any color or texture combo.

What You’ll Need:

  • Base coat
  • Two nail polish colors of your choice (We used Essie’s “Beyond Cozy” and China Glaze’s “For Audrey”)
  • Washi or painter’s tape
  • Scissors
  • Top coat

What You’ll Do:

1. Sweep on a thin base coat and apply two coats of a dense, finely-milled glitter polish starting at the cuticle. Let it dry completely.


2. Cut tiny triangles out of washi or painter’s tape. Place the tape over your cuticle and smooth out air bubbles for tight, clean edges.


3. Paint on two coats of your favorite opaque nail polish. Peel off the tape before the polish completely dries to avoid tacky strings and uneven edges.


4. Swipe on a top coat for a flawless finish.


And there you have it – the perfect pastel mani for Easter! (Chocolate bunny not included.)

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Gettin’ Lucky: Green Smoothie Recipe

❤️ By Hannah Blu

Spring is finally here, and St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us! As much as we’d love to down a few celebratory pints of Guinness come Happy Hour tomorrow, we know that many of you lovely ladies are watching your girlish figures in preparation for beach season. That’s why we’re bringing you a healthy and delicious alternative to the typical St. Paddy’s Day beverage fare.

Our Lucky Green Smoothie is chock-full of beneficial ingredients to help you stay on track, meet your #FitnessGoals, and get that #BikiniBod in shape. Plus, it tastes so good you won’t even miss the whiskey!

smoothieWhat You’ll Need:

(Makes 2 large servings)

  • ½ cup torn kale leaves
  • ½ cup spinach leaves
  • 1 cup torn romaine lettuce
  • 2 small pears, chopped
  • 2 small bananas, chopped
  • ½ cup chopped cucumber
  • 1-2 cups coconut water
  • 1½ tablespoons fresh mint
  • 1 tablespoon fresh parsley
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • ½-inch slice of fresh ginger, peeled



…and that’s it!

But if you simply can’t resist throwing back a few festive libations in honor of your Irish heritage, don’t fret. Just blend up a detoxifying Lucky Green Smoothie afterward and head to the gym to sweat it out. And we’ve got the active gear you need to do it!

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Workout Plan Sports Bra Workout Plan Active Leggings Making Gains Sports Bra Making Gains Active Leggings Space Station Sports Bra Space Station Active Leggings Image Map

Makeup Monday: Designated Smoky Section

❤️ By Hannah Blu

It might seem like it would take a lifetime to master the sultry, lived-in smoky eye you see on all your favorite celebs. But it actually only takes a few simple steps – and even fewer products – to achieve this dreamy makeup look.

The key to a chic, effortless smoky eye is a warm-toned matte crease, which gives the look a softer, more seamless effect. In fact, we’re forgoing shimmer and shine altogether and opting for an all-matte style that is super smoldering and totally cool…


What You’ll Need:

What You’ll Do:

  1. Apply a crease-proof eye shadow primer all over the lid from lashline to browbone.
  2. Line the upper lashline with a smudgy black kohl pencil. (It doesn’t have to be perfect – we’re gonna smudge it out during the next step.)
  3. Using a pencil brush, take a matte black eyeshadow and gently smudge the kohl liner into the lashline.
  4. Use a small, flat brush to apply the same black eyeshadow in upward strokes from the lashline toward the outer corner of the eye.
  5. Apply a warm terracotta eyeshadow to the crease using a fluffy brush, blending out any harsh lines as you go.
  6. Apply the black eyeshadow along the lower lashline using your pencil brush.
  7. With the pencil brush, blend the terracotta shade into the black eyeshadow on the lower lashline.
  8. Line the lower waterline with the black kohl eyeliner.
  9. Curl your lashes and add as many coats of mascara as your little heart desires.

Word Up: DIY Letter Bobby Pins

❤️ By Jenn Shin

Dying to say something? Spell it out on a hair accessory!

What You’ll Need:

  • Bobby pins or hair clips
  • Thin cardboard
  • Nail polish
  • Alphabet pasta
  • Tweezers
  • Glue


What You’ll Do:

Slide your bobby pins onto the cardboard and paint them with nail polish. (We did two coats.) While those dry, find your pasta letters so they’re ready to go.


Add a small amount of glue to the back of each letter and apply the alphabet pasta with tweezers. Brush the letters with a thin coat of polish and touch up any spots on the pin.


Let everything set for a few hours… And that’s it! As Ina would say, how easy was that?



It’s A Wrap! 7 Ideas For Your Leftover Wrapping Paper


Merrrrry Chrrrrristmas! So? How did you clean up? Don’t act like Christmas isn’t all about presents! And you were a good girl this year, so we’re pretty sure Santa brought you everything you’d been eyeing lately. You’re now the proud new owner of a selfie stick and a bacon bowl maker, but you probably also have a ton of wrapping paper at your feet. What will you do with all of this packaging now that Christmas is a wrap? (See what we did there? Okay, we were bad, and Santa only brought us puns for Christmas.)

Whether you’re a painstakingly prudent present opener or just an over-shopper of holiday supplies, chances are you will be left tomorrow with a huge stash of wrapping paper. Sure, you can keep the rolls until next year (but how will you justify buying more at those post-Christmas blowout sales?) or just throw all your scraps away, but what’s the fun in that? So we’ve rounded up some great ideas for your leftover wrapping paper. It’s time to get your crafting cap on! Let’s make ourselves some Christmas miracles…

7 Ideas For Your Leftover Wrapping Paper

1. Deck the walls. With washi tape and Pinterest living so popular these days, there are some gorgeous wrapping paper options out there. Themed for holiday decorating or non-seasonal for the rest of the year, simply frame a piece like a work of art, and you’ll have yourself a merry little Christmas, well, work of art.


2. Frame by frame. Looking to commemorate a joyous holiday season? Use scraps of festive wrapping paper (snowflakes, holly, reindeer, etc.) to make or wrap a mat for your framed photos. This way you won’t have any trouble remembering the occasion, and it spruces up a plain ol’ frame that could use a little holiday cheer.

3. Hone your crafting. A similar idea would be to use your leftover paper for scrapbooking! Especially if what you’re crafting is a page for this year’s Christmas festivities. Even more meta? Incorporate the wrapping paper from a present into a DIY thank you card and envelope for the original gift giver! So thoughtful, right?

4. Party trooper. Continue the holiday-themed theme with make-it-yourself party decorations! You can easily find online tutorials for making totally profesh-looking gift bows for next Christmas, or use glitzy metallic paper to create pendants, banners, or streamers to liven up New Year’s or your next super festive party.


Photos courtesy of

5. Cover new ground. Wrap tin cans to make simple-but-chic pencil holders for some desk organization that is both cool and convenient. You can even cover books, notebooks, clipboards, and bulletin boards to match! And what about out of the office? Line shelves and drawers and trays for pops of background color.

6. Pack a punch. Ultimately, wrapping paper is still paper, so even though it has on its party clothes, there’s no reason why you can’t use it like you would butcher paper or pages from a newspaper. Even crumpled up wrapping paper has a use! As packing material for fragile (or “fra-jee-lay”) items that need to be moved, mailed, or stored.

7. Confetti-ready. Christmas may be on its way out the door, but party season’s not over yet. Simply run your wrapping paper through the shredder for free New Year’s confetti! Or hold onto it until you need to line gift baskets or nest presents in their boxes. True, ’tis almost not the season anymore, but you can feel the party spirit all year long.

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Fashion Hacks: 8 Tips For Sweater Care

fallsweatersNow that you’ve stocked up your sweater collection, you need to keep those precious investments alive and looking great. The last thing anyone wants to be caught dead in is a pilling, sloppy mess. Keep reading for eight of our sweater care tips.

  1. Ah, pilling. It will happen, unfortunately. You can remove those annoying fuzzballs with a Bic razor (yep, shave that baby) or a manual pill remover. Pro tip: Turn on the TV so you can catch up on your shows while getting the work done.
  2. Never hang sweaters. Ya hear? Never. If you do, it will stretch the fibers out, and you’ll end up with giant misshapen shoulders which is not a good lewk. Fold or roll them instead.
  3. How should you hand wash your precious? Submerge your sweater in cool water with gentle detergent and give it a few good swishes. Let the sweater soak for about thirty minutes, then rinse well.
  4. Another note on washing… Don’t wring anything; be nice to your hardworking sweater. We would recommend that you gently squeeze, lay flat on a dry towel, and then roll that sucker up. The towel will absorb excess moisture.
  5. Should you wash your sweater? Unless you’re wearing the sweater to a Soul Cycle class or finishing a pack of cigarettes, the general rule is to wash about every four wears.
  6. You bought a super itchy sweater, and the return policy has totally expired. Well, don’t donate it just yet – try softening it instead. First, wash and rinse, and then swish (we like that word) the clean sweater in cool water with liquid fabric softener. Urban legend says you could also try a half cup of hair conditioner. (Don’t even think about dumping in that 2-in-1 stuff; may we take a moment to question why you’re using 2-in-1?)
  7. Oops, you shrunk a sweater… Been there, done that. You might be able to save it. You can try to stretch it back out by gently pulling at the collar and hem. Repeat with shoulders and sleeves.
  8. Oops, you’ve stretched a sweater out… You can wet the sweater and dry it in the dryer. The amount of water you put into the sweater fibers dictates how much it’ll shrink. You’re shrinking grandpa’s old sweater? It probably needs a full soak. If you got a little too aggressive trying to lick your elbow, just mist the shapeless areas and dry.

You’re an expert now – certified, approved, and stamped. Ready to get a few more sweaters before the #PolarVortex2 starts? Check out our GoJane picks below.

It’s In Black And White: 5 Stars Who Take Grayscale To The Next Level

We spoke last week about donning all one color, but going monochrome can also mean only working in black and white. And when it comes to dressing in grayscale, grey matter if you will, smart girls will tell you. Once in a while you just gotta cleanse your palate palette. You’d be surprised at the bold statements you can make when you ditch vibrant colors for a white-to-black spectrum. The results are graphic, glam, and gorgeous, and why wouldn’t they be? Less hue, more you, right? Well, today we’ve rounded up a list of five Hollywood beauties who not only love dressing in black and white but also take it to a whole new level. Here are some of their sartorial bests, along with the fashion lessons you can learn from them. Because a life in grayscale should be anything but colorless…

5 Stars Who Take Grayscale To The Next Level

Lily Collins

LILY COLLINS – With her dark hair and lily-white skin, it’s no wonder Lily Collins was cast as Snow White in the 2012 fairy tale adaptation Mirror Mirror. And like the old crone with the poisonous apple, Lily has a little trick up her sleeve. She knows that there’s nothing like a bold red lip (or clutch or purse or shoes) to add a pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic look.

Nicole Richie

NICOLE RICHIE – Candidly speaking, Nicole Richie is one fashionista that we’re always talking about. The reality superstar / entrepreneur / mom to the cutest lookalike daughter would probably tell you that a black and white outfit is the perfect backdrop to some killer accessories. A metallic headband or crown braid, a box clutch or big shades, even some blue or purple hair, perhaps?

Emma Watson

EMMA WATSON – The artist formerly known as Hermione has given us some magical performances, but perhaps none has been more enchanting than her appearances in her grayscale threads. And Emma Watson, who famously wore cigar pants to the Golden Globes, shows us that with monochrome come infinite possibilities – from suits to gowns to a classic LBD with a peter pan collar.

Zoe Saldana

ZOE SALDANA – And speaking of fashion risk-taking, Zoe Saldana is someone who knows that it can pay off big-time. If her style secrets were up for grabs, we would guard them like she guards the Galaxy. One, if we had to guess, might be that keeping colors monochromatic allows you wiggle room for extra details like busy prints and structural cuts. But shhh… Don’t tell.

Olivia Wilde

OLIVIA WILDE – She may be one-half of the world’s cutest couple (why, hello, Jason Sudeikis), but she’s also a whole package all by herself. Olivia Wilde teaches us not about fractions but all about proportions when she dresses in grayscale. Waist-cinching belts, hourglass dresses, strategically-placed stripes… Made all the better with the stark contrast of black and white.

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DIY: A-Meow-Zing Cat Ears (Also, Happy National Cat Day!)

It’s no surprise that we’re huge cat lovers around these parts, so when we found out that today is National Cat Day (not to be confused with World Cat Day — big difference), we thought what better way to celebrate than with a set of DIY cat ears? And while we could have easily gone the conventional route (boooooring), we decided to add our own little twist to ’em.

Purrrr-fectly paisley cat ears in 4 simple steps:


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A plain headband
  • Pieces of cardboard
  • A bandana
  • Adhesive (we used E6000)
  • A marker
  • A ruler
  • A pair of scissors

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Step One: Cutting out the ears. Using a marker, a ruler, and a piece of cardboard, trace your cat ears and cut them out. (Hint: The bigger, the better!) Once you have them cut out, trim the bottoms so that they are curved. This ensures that the ears lie flat on the headband. (Tip: You can trace the curve by lining up the corners of each ear with the headband, like in the second image above.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Step Two: Wrapping the ears. Lay each ear on your bandana and trace a triangle around it. (We recommend making the triangle a little larger for extra coverage.) You’re going to need a bandana triangle for each side, so you should have a total of four pieces. Once you’ve cut out the bandana triangles, simply apply them to the ears using the adhesive, cutting and folding any pieces that stick out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Step Three: Applying a base. For added support, apply a base to each ear using pieces of excess cardboard. Make sure that the cardboard base is equal to the width of the headband and the length of the bottom of each ear. After the adhesive dries, simply affix them to the headband using the adhesive. (Tip: When applying the ears to the headband, keep in mind that they will appear closer together when the headband is on your head, so it’s OK if they appear far apart when the headband is laying flat.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Step Four: Wrapping the headband. As your ears are drying, cut as many strips as you need to wrap and cover up the remainder of the headband. Once you feel that the headband is sturdy enough, apply adhesive and wrap any exposed portions of the headband with the strips of bandana. Once you’ve allowed enough time for them to dry… Voila! Your cat ears should look something like this:


…And just in time for Halloween, too!


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Halloween Makeup Inspiration: Pretty, Sick + Twisted

Halloween is just a few days away…and we plan on doing some freaky things in some freaky costumes. Come Friday night, we’re gonna be like, “T.G.I.F.!” (That’s Thank Goblins It’s Friday for you dweebs that didn’t get it. What makes a great Halloween costume? We think it’s all about your dedication to details. Going as a cat? Instead of cheesing out and just wearing a store-bought kitty costume, why not collect all the fur balls from around your house and glue them to yourself? We’re kidding…stop judging. Seriously though, a great way to complete a clever costume is by pairing it with some spooktacular makeup. Halloween used to be all about sloppy face-painting done by dear ol’ mom, but more recently it has given professional MUAs a chance to show what they can do with some everyday cosmetics and next level thinking.

We searched Instagram and trolled #HalloweenMakeup for some great inspo. We were so amazed by how talented some girls were that we thought we’d share our favorite MUAs. Some chicks can’t even wing an eye without blinding themselves (raises hand in shame), while others can do this…

All IG profiles are linked inside the gallery. Follow these artists for more inspiration.

Makeup is also a great way to achieve cool last-minute Halloween looks. Just put on some everyday clothes and make that face of yours the centerpiece!


Create your own Halloween looks with GoJane Cosmetics:

One And Only: Why You Should Be Going Monochrome! And How To Do It

They say that one is the loneliest number, and under normal circumstances we would probably have to agree. But when it comes to getting dressed in the morning? One can become the loveliest number if you know how to put together an entire outfit using a single color palette. Why should you do it? Let us count the ways…

1. It’ll get you out the door. Quick and easy. No messing, no matching, no morning mourning for what has become of your closet. Wham! Bam! Thank you, ma’am! (You’re welcome.)

2. It’ll funhouse-mirror you. Monochromatic dressing elongates your body, creating one fluid image that directs the eye up and down. And longer equals leaner. We all know how important that is.

3. It’ll be your Best Supporting Actor. You really wanna make a statement? Some solid scenery will perfectly highlight those new spiked booties or that awards-night-ready bib necklace.

4. It’ll make you a fashion star. Dressing in all one color is not only fast and flattering but also incredibly chic. Proof below. Just check out these celebrity sightings for some instant inspo.

And once you’ve decided on your one and only – color, that is – scroll down for our how-to tips on going monochrome, as well as some more single-lady looks…


7 Style Tips For Dressing In All 1 Color

1. Show some skin. You know what they say. Use what you’ve got! So if you’re afraid of walking around looking like a giant popsicle, let your natural skin color be that buffer zone. Slice into your flowy, one-tone maxi with a high slit that shows some lovely, luscious leg. Or opt for a cropped top and high-waisted bottom combo and have your cute little midriff be the welcome distraction.

2. Utilize prints. Don’t think that dressing in all one color means you have to stay completely in solids. You can still dress monochromatically with patterns as long as they stay within the same color spectrum. So go ahead with that camo, floral, plaid, striped, or all-of-the-above piece. (Don’t worry. We can’t stay away from prints either!)


3. Accessorize wisely. You can also break up a head-to-toe color with some cleverly chosen accessories, like a belt or that statement jewelry we were talking about earlier. Maybe even take a page out of Cher Horowitz’s book and use an under-shirt as a peekaboo accessory – a collar, cuffs, or some shirttails will definitely do the trick.

4. Clash on purpose. If your colors are too-too close together on the color wheel (even if you know they’re not supposed to match exactly), it can look like a mistake. Like you washed your top one too many times but not your bottoms. Or like you simply couldn’t afford the whole matching set. (Your co-workers will probably spend the day pondering whether they should let you know.) So if you wanna be safe, don’t be safe at all! Even if your instincts are telling you that red and pink don’t go together, because they’re in the same family – although several degrees apart – they will work. And so will your outfit.

5. Add visual interest. If think your monochromatic look will be too plain, pick something with some extra structure or detailing. Let’s see, maybe a contrast zipper, a mesh inset, a curved hem, a crisscrossing skinny strap, or a caged cut-out design… Too plain? As if!



6. Vary tones and textures. You can also choose mixed media items or separates in different materials to up the diversity. A faux leather skirt in black will have a sheen to it and most likely appear a few shades lighter than, say, a jersey top. Something that feels full, like faux fur or quilting, would be the perfect juxtaposition to an item with a sleek silhouette and smooth surface. Just do some comparing and contrasting. Emphasis on the contrast!

7. Stick with black. If all else fails, it’ll be black to the rescue. Some people might think you veer on the side of goth or even funeral attendee going all black, but unless you’re going out in drippy raccoon makeup or big shades and a veiled hat, it’s pretty hard to mess up. An all-black outfit is totally timeless, not to mention super sophisticated. Think Audrey Hepburn in her Breakfast At Tiffany’s dress and gloves. Or that too-chic-to-be-true turtleneck and cropped pants ensemble. But just be careful, okay? ‘Cause you know what they say. Once you go black…


Shop monochrome and more at!

Pssssst. If you’re looking for a color in particular, just enter it in the search box! Or browse one of the categories and filter by color to see your options. Here’s hoping you find a hue that’s totally you. Happy shopping:)


DIY: Cute, Clever + Creative Halloween Costumes (Using GoJane Gear)

There are only a couple weeks left before Halloween, and we’re getting you ready with three amazing costume ideas. Whether Halloween is a time for you to be sexy, scary, or straight-up hilarious, we’ve got some clever costume inspirations that will turn heads and hopefully win you the grand prize at any Halloween costume contest. (Unless some girl shows up dressed as a sexy football player… That girl always seems to win! Gag.) The best thing about these costume ideas? We used all GoJane gear that can be worn year-round. How very practical of us, right?

Creepy Little Dancer

(Sia’s Chandelier Video)
GoJane's Version: Sia "Chandelier" Video

What you’ll need: Sheen Queen Nylon Muscle Bodysuit + Wig (purchased at our local Halloween supply shop)

Sia "Chandelier" Video

If we had to create a soundtrack for the summer of 2014, Sia’s Chandelier would definitely be included. Not only was the song addicting, but the video was pretty freaking mesmerizing. Something about a creepy little girl (AKA Maddie from reality TV hit Dance Moms) wearing a skin-toned leotard and dancing like a possessed maniac in a rundown loft…just screams Halloween.

Mental Mellie

(The First Lady in Scandal)

GoJane's Version of Mental Mellie (Scandal)

What you’ll need: Adios Amigos Graphic Leaf Sweatpants + Getaway Basic Cropped Tee + Floral Watercolor Kimono Duster + Cozy Faux Suede Boots

Mental Mellie (Scandal)

Spoiler Alert: If you’re a fan of Scandal and are all caught up on the current season, then you will definitely appreciate this costume idea. After all that the First Lady has been through (being raped by her father-in-law during her first presidential campaign and dealing with her husband’s years-long affair with his press secretary), she finally lost her mind. But having your son murdered by your husband’s mistress’ diabolical terrorist father will do that to a person. When dressing up as Mental Mellie, don’t forget two major things…a bag of potato chips and a shitload of self-pity and IDGAFs.

Feminist LumberJackJane

(She’ll chop her own dang wood!)

GoJane's LumberJane

What you’ll need: Plaid On The Back Flannel Shirt + Gone Plaid Shredded Skinny Jeans + Quilty As Charged Short Combat Boots + Belted Faux Leather Suspenders + Bad Hair Day Distressed Knit Beanie

Paul Bunyan

Because…feminism. (And also because plaid is kinda having a moment right now.)

You Are Cordially Invited! To Our What-To-Wear Wedding Guide

You Are Cordially Invited

You don’t have to be married (some of us never plan to be!) to know that a lot goes into organizing a wedding. You’ve gotta get a venue, a florist, a caterer, an officiator, entertainment, invitations, a cake… The list goes on and on. But there’s also a little bit of anxiety involved with being a wedding guest, and the biggest issue is usually what the hell you’re going to wear. But not to worry. We’ve come prepared. So let’s let the bride stress about the “I Do”s, while we do a little talkin’ about the do’s and don’ts! Here are our tips on how to dress for a wedding…

10 Do’s And Don’ts Of Wedding Dressing

DON’T take away from the bride. The number one rule of any wedding? Don’t upset the bride. This should go without saying, but you never want to steal the spotlight when it’s someone else’s big day. Like we said, planning a wedding isn’t easy, and chances are this bridezilla girl has buckets of blood, sweat, tears, and hairspray to prove it. So stay away from anything bride-esque (white, cream, ivory) or princess-like (a tiara or flowers in your hair), and don’t put on anything that will make you the center of attention (like a Celine Dion backwards tuxedo circa 1999). ‘Cause for today that job belongs to someone else!


1. Slit Happens Strappy Split Jumpsuit, 2. Stripe It On Strapless Jumpsuit, 3. Lacy Daze Jumpsuit, 4. Game Changer Surplice Dolman Jumpsuit, 5. Best Of The Vest Pinstripe Jumpsuit, 6. Abstract Doodles Sweetheart Jumpsuit

DO consider a jumpsuit. That’s not to say that you can’t think a little outside the box. Who says you have to go with a dress? Jumpsuits have risen in popularity over the last few years, and there are tons of variations that would be suitable options (pun totally intended!) for wedding-guest gear. If you’re worried about not looking dressy enough, just keep the color dark and make sure to pair the jumpsuit with heels and some glam jewelry. Similarly…

DON’T think you have to wear heels. If you’re already cringing at the thought of having to do the bunny hop in your four-inchers, don’t worry. The heel may be a dressy shoe, but that doesn’t mean it’s your only choice for a wedding. Opt instead for wedges or some sleek, dressy booties. If the wedding is outdoors and you think there will be something of a trek involved, go with your kitten heels or even some dressed-up sandals. Think metallic or bejeweled, and make up for the casualness somewhere else, like with extra glitzy jewelry.

Convertible Dress

Chic-Shifter Convertible Maxi Dress

DO invest in a convertible dress. We don’t think there’s anything wrong with recycling your wedding-wear (so long as it is made appropriate for each occasion), but if you’re tired of looking the same in every one of your friends’ wedding photos on Instagram (“How many weddings did she go to that day?”) you should look into a convertible infinity dress. One that can go from strapless to halter to one-shoulder to short-sleeved to infinity! A single dress can take you all the way through the wedding season, looking like a goddess no less. (Not to mention it would be the perfect dress for bridesmaids to get that matching but not-too-matchy-matchy look.) Click here if you need some inspiration…

DO keep it respectable. In the same vein as the whole letting-the-bride-have-her-moment thing, you should definitely also try to keep your attire PG-13 and under. Something super tight, super short, or super sheer (basically anything appropriate for da club) will not only put all eyes on you, but it could very well offend older, more conservative relatives or a mother or father of the bride who did not pay good money to make this your coming out party. Keep your underwear and belly button to yourself, please. But at the same time…

Open Back

1. Cowl At The Moon Slit Sleeve Dress, 2. Crossing Paths Skater Dress, 3. Plunging Embroidered Maxi Dress, 4. Lace Inset Bandage Bodycon Dress

DON’T be afraid to give a little sex appeal. Clubwear may not be suitable for a wedding, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show any skin. These days you won’t be hard-pressed to find a dress with a sophisticated lace or mesh inset, which gives you that peekaboo factor, just enough to catch the eye of the guy or girl at the next table. And you’ve heard of “Business in the front, party in the back”? Try a piece with an open back. Baring the back is sexy but not raunchy, and you can still look completely covered up from the front. Just back away when you have to chat up that super religious great auntie, and you’ll be fine.


1. Get High-Low Strapless Dress, 2. Rose Bunch Pleated Dress, 3. Blooming Floral Lace Midi Dress, 4. Asymmetrical Peplum Dress, 5. Ombre Crochet Off-The-Shoulder Dress

DO think about time and place. Just as you should dress for the weather, the environment at a wedding should dictate your getup. Consider the season, and keep in mind any dressing cues on the invitation. For a casual daytime wedding you’re fine in a short dress or even business attire (maybe keep the black and sequins to a minimum so you don’t look too somber or overdressed). Black-tie indicates a more formal cocktail dress or a full-length dress. And if you’re lucky enough to be invited to a rare white-tie wedding, think Oscar gowns or the inaugural ball. But if the invitation isn’t very specific, you usually can’t go wrong with pastels, florals, and cocktail dresses. A wedding is a romantic affair, after all. If you’re worried about flowers looking too casual or springy (for winter weddings) try a dark-grounded floral. Which brings us to the tip…

DO go with your LBD. There was a time when wearing black to a wedding was considered a faux pas (it was basically a non-verbal objection to the marriage-to-be), but nowadays black is not only proper but pretty much perfect. The dark color has a serious vibe that can make even the simplest tank dress look formal. The Little Black Dress just has a knack for fitting in wherever it goes. And you wonder why it’s your go-to!


1. Stripe My Fancy Pleated Banded Skirt, 2. Striped Bandage Skater Skirt, 3. It’s My Birthday Metallic Peplum Skirt, 4. Solid Scuba Skater Skirt, 5. Textured Pleated Culottes

DON’T just dismiss your separates. Just as your good ol’ LBD can be dusted off for a wedding, some of your bottoms could work just as well. A cropped top and high-waisted bottom combo would be very chic, for instance. But keep that sliver of skin at your mid-section just that, a sliver, and try a matching set for a slick variation on the normal one-piece frock. Meanwhile, a structured statement skirt needs only a simple solid tank and some clever accessorizing to be party-ready. And if you’re really adventurous, maybe try a pair of culottes. The wide legs have a skirt-like silhouette without any of the fly-up potential. But whatever you decide, please, for the love of weddings and fashion and all that is good and proper in this world…

DON’T wear jeans. That is all.

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DIY: Embellished Hairpins

We’re all about not having to fuss with our hair, but if you need a pin or two to tame your mane, then opt for an embellished one instead. This super easy DIY requires only a few materials and a little bit of patience (it’s a virtue)… And voilà – edgy hairpins!

What you need:


  • Adhesive (we used E6000)
  • Studs (ours are 5 mm)
  • Hairpins (an assortment of bobby pins and barrettes)
  • Wooden popsicle or stir stick (to help spread the adhesive)

And all you have to do is squeeze out a blob of glue, spread it on a small area, and start sticking on the studs! Depending on the size of the studs, you may find tweezers helpful with refining your lines and placement. We usually put on half of the studs and let it set a bit before starting on the second half. Check out our in progress photo versus the finished product!

Still need more “hair-spiration”? Peep GoJane’s selection of hair goodies!

Toast Of The Town: Fall Drinks! And The Clothes To Pair With Them

Fall has found itself in full swing (even if the weather hasn’t caught up yet here in LA, but we digress), and as the holidays begin their slow but steady creep-up on us, we’re starting to daydream (no, not at work; we would never!) about leaves falling, fireplaces burning, and of course glasses clinking. So we couldn’t help but think back on the easy summer drink recipes we learned a few months ago for our post on beverage and clothing pairings. And we decided to do the same thing, just with fall-appropriate beverages this time. (Click here for summer drinks if you need a refresher. Get it? See what we did there? Fine, nevermind.) These would be perfect for a fancy-pants holiday party or just an extra festive lunch or dinner at home. You decide. We’re just wishing you an awesome autumn.
Mulled Hibiscus Punch

1. Turtleneck Zipper Dress, 2. Quilt Trip Textured Bralette, 3. She Wants The V Strapless Dress, 4. Go With The Flowy Wide Cut Top

Mulled Hibiscus Punch – Nothing says autumn like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, and this hot holiday punch will have you wanting to give your fall wardrobe some hot holiday punch – some warmth, some tartness…just like your personality, right? (Wink, wink.) Burgundy is the perfect palette for this, and details like turtlenecks and stitched quilting are just what you need to give a nod to the crisp autumn weather.Apple-Ginger Spritzers

1. Keep It Simple Dress, 2. To The Tee Shirt Tunic Dress, 3. Basic Instincts Off-Shoulder Dress, 4. Goddess Draped Tulip Maxi Dress

Apple-Ginger Spritzers – But that’s not to say that you have to give up your summer brights. A sunny citron has those green tones that pair smashingly with the deep reds of the season, and an apple-ginger spritzer will heat you right up (ginger warms you from the inside, and this has got three different kinds!) even if you’re wearing a barely-there, barely-appropriate dress to this year’s office holiday party.

Hot Dulce De Leche

1. Lace Go All The Way Cropped Top, 2. Trends In High Places Side Slit Maxi, 3. Crochet Top It Off Strappy Dress, 4. Main Chick Solid Slit Maxi Skirt

Hot Dulce De Leche – Forget the hot cocoa this fall, ’cause it’s all about the hot dulce de leche, complete with a shot of your favorite rum (we’re partial to the Captain). It’s hot and sweet and a little dangerous, like sheer lace or that little bit of space in between your crop top and high-waisted bottoms. Maybe pair your creamy confection with a little spice – cinnamon for your drink, leopard accents for your outfit.

Sugar Plum Soda

1. Knotty Feeling Draped Dress, 2. Take The Plunge Shiny Romper, 3. Off The Deep-Cut End Bodycon Dress, 4. Come To The Halter Bodysuit

Sugar Plum Soda – Sure, it may be a little early for holly-red or The Nutcracker in the middle of October, but think of this drink as an ode to what is arguably the fruit of the season – the cranberry. Which is packed with so much flavor that it can stand on its own against everything else at the table, so likewise, you don’t need much detail on your ruby-red dress. A plunging V-neck or a knotted skirt, and it’s already berry, berry nice.

Drink photos and recipes courtesy of The Food Network

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Lumber-Jane? 7 Ways To Wear Flannel And Not Look Like A Lumberjack


Fall has fallen upon us, and we here in SoCal could not be more excited for the change. It’ll be a small one, mind you (we’re not so much with the seasons), but transitioning into autumn means – drumroll, please – flannel weather. The only downside to the toasty tartan treasure though? It can be hard not to look like a lumberjack in it. Or a cowboy for that matter. And you probably don’t wanna be mistaken for a carpenter. Or a hunter. Or even a handyman, even if you do idolize Al Borland, as we all do. Especially if we’re talking buffalo plaid (a two-toned checkered pattern) or a too-familiar color palette (read: red). But today we’ve compiled a few tips on downplaying that, uh, occupational aspect of flannel and put together some pretty-in-plaid outfits for your consideration. So read on. Or should we say check it out…

7 Ways To Wear Flannel And Not Look Like A Lumberjack

1. Incorporate it into other fashion genres – The cowboy, handyman, and lumberjack will all have to take a sabbatical if you combine the flannel shirt with pieces specific to other genres. With a pleated tennis skirt, your whole look is more country club than open country. With big, bold, gold jewelry it’s street instead of dirt road. And with some faux leather leggings, moto instead of mountain.


Plaid On The Back Flannel Shirt, Floral Necessity Cropped Sweater, Show Off Distressed Skinny Jeans, Get U Intro Trouble Lace-Up Combat Boots

2. Minimize the surface area – Take the plaid potency down a notch by demoting bumping it to more of an accessory. Don’t worry, it won’t be offended. The flannel knows how great it looks tied around your waist. And it loves peeking out of sweaters as a Clueless-worthy collar and cuffs. So don’t think you can’t wear it inside or underneath other pieces. Sometimes it needs to be a supporting actor.

3. Mix it with a contrasting pattern – You can also dial flannel down a bit by matching it with a competitive but cooperative print. Floral, for one, would be great, as it’s a starkly different motif, providing the juxtaposition of its roundness against the lines of the plaid, its delicacy against the masculinity. Just play around with color and scale until you find the perfect balance.


Lumberjane Buffalo Flannel Shirt, Faux Leather Mixed Media Blazer, City Slicker Pleated SkirtBadass Babe Caged Peep-Toe Heels

4. Choose a feminine cut in a different material – Your Brawny Man button-up won’t evoke a woodsman vibe if it has the markings of women’s clothing. For instance, if it’s fitted. Or if it has an empire waist for a babydoll look, smocking in the back for a more defined waist. You might also want to try the print in a non-flannel fabric, like a lightweight chiffon or a textured crepe.

5. Change the silhouette – But if you’re set on borrowing your carpenter boyfriend’s plaid shirt, there are plenty of no-sew ways to alter it a little bit. Try rolling up those too-long sleeves and tying it up for a saucy Daisy Duke look. Wear it as a shirt-dress by cinching it with a belt. Or get super creative a la our convertible maxi dress with a tied strapless look. Who knew, right?

B   A

6. Pair it with girlier pieces – As an alternative you can just wear the shirt with a bottom that sports a flirty or womanly silhouette. You can’t go wrong with a skater skirt, for example, or its more demure older sister, the A-line. And pile on additional femme contrast with accessories. Ladylike faux pearls, schoolgirl knee-high socks, a glam lace headband, sleek and sexy stilettos…

7. Skip suggestive accessories – Be careful, though. The plaid shirt is so iconic of the professions we mentioned before that certain finishing touches can have you veering into costumey territory. Like you probably shouldn’t top your plaid outfit off with a big ol’ cowboy hat. We would stay away from cowgirl boots too. Also overalls and trapper hats. And definitely, definitely leave that axe at home.

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Rock This Way: 7 Ways To Grunge Up Your Look


Anyone who ever doubts that fashion is a cycle only need look at each season’s runway recaps to see that something is always making a comeback – a style or an article of clothing, if not an entire decade enjoying a resurgence. We’ve known for a while now that the nineties are back, and if that’s the case there’s no way you can talk about it and not mention the heyday of grunge fashion. The grunge movement may have begun years earlier in the Northwest, but by the early nineties it was a full-blown fashion genre as well, and a lasting one at that, surely to the surprise of some. Now, we can’t purport to know more about its musical origins, but we also can’t help but appreciate the comfortably nonchalant, perfectly imperfect dress style that came along with the aloof and sometimes angst-ridden attitudes of the time. Here are some of our favorite features of grunge-chic fashion along with a few girly-grunge looks…

7 Ways To Grunge Up Your Look

1. The Layers Club – Perhaps a nod to the crisp Seattle weather, layering is a major distinction of grungy dressing. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a thermal under a graphic tee under a flannel under a dumpster peacoat. (And that’s just on top!) Even if nothing is neatly tucked in, a layered outfit just tends to look put-together. Effortlessly so. Choose less substantial materials of varied lengths if you’re worried about too much bulk, and don’t forget you can always peel those layers off as the day goes on.


Moto Dreams Faux Leather Jacket, Ribbed Apart Racerback Midi DressPlaid On The Back Flannel Shirt, Ride It Out Lace-Up Booties

2. Sweet-Tartan – Let’s face it, one of those layers should probably be plaid. The classic flannel is almost synonymous with this style of dress, and simply tying one around your waist is enough. But the checkered print is so signature that you could even get away with a flirtier, more fitted silhouette, so long as you pair it with some other genre-characteristic pieces. When matched with a slouchy sweater, heavy work boots, and maybe some faux leather jewelry, even a sweet skater dress can evoke the grunge vibe.

3. Aged Before Beauty – It’s also okay if you’ve scuffed up those boots or wore a hole through that graphic tee. And no problem if you’ve snagged your sweater or washed the color out of your jeans. Again, you’re not going for pretty and picture perfect here. Faded, worn-in clothing is a total do when you’re rocking the thrift store look; it gives you that edge. We’re talkin’ vintage T-shirts, secondhand jackets, ripped denim, even holey tights. Disheveled was never this desirable, busted never this beautiful.


Mixed Media Faux Leather Cargo Jacket, I’m So Fanci Muscle Tee Tank Top, Back To Basics Slub Raglan Top, Major Crush Velvet Shift Dress, Get Laced Up Flat Booties

4. Hair-Don’t-Do – No need to go in for that Brazilian blowout this week, because the last thing you want here is a not-a-hair-out-of-place ‘do. As seen on the NYFW runways, bedhead and hat hair are totally in right now and exactly what you need as a finishing touch for your greasy grunge look. So tousle up that perfect mane of yours, and skip the dry shampoo and comb-through. Top it all off with a knit beanie if you can’t stand to look at it. But for once, limp, tangled tresses are gonna work for ya.

5. Boyfriend Tag – There’s something a little androgynous about the grunge look. Kurt Cobain famously wore a leopard print fur coat and floral shirt dresses. For us girls, we can forget about what our mothers taught us, ’cause it’s totally okay to slouch a little…in oversized clothes, that is. Which makes it only natural that our boyfriend jeans and boyfriend sweaters fit into the equation here. Got a big cardigan that droops a little in the front or some relaxed-fit denim that sags a little in the back? Perfect.


New BF Crochet Back Knit Sweater, Rad Plaid World Skater Dress, Cut-Out Double Buckle Booties, Moto Babe Faux Leather Hand Bracelet

6. Floral History – At the same time, don’t think you have to forgo all things girly to don grunge fashion. Allover floral prints are totally indicative of the decade, and you can’t go wrong with a dark-grounded motif with a small repeating pattern. Try a floral slip dress paired with a flannel and boots for a cute but carefree look. You know, a la Claire Danes during her My So-Called Life years, uh, year. Or floral combat boots, which seem to remain both classic and modern no matter what decade we are in.

7. Cool Combat – And speaking of combat boots, how did we go this long without mentioning them? A casual pair of loosely-laced work boots can transform an entire outfit, taking a flat- or heel-paired dress from cute and pretty to cool and edgy. Don’t have a pair yet? You can substitute with some buckled moto boots. Or almost anything in faux leather with a chunky heel or rugged sole. For a great modern update, try the exaggerated platform lug sole we’re seeing on shoes today. It would fit right in.

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Rush To Print: How To Wear Patterned Shoes

For the fashion-conscious, not much is better than a really good shoe or a really good print. Unless what you have on your hands (or feet!) is a pair of really good shoes with a really good print. We’ve learned over the years from Imelda Marcos and Carrie Bradshaw that your shoes can be just as important as the rest of your outfit, and with today’s selection they can easily be its main focal point. But when you have a pair of patterned statement shoes, it may be a little tricky deciding what to wear up top. May it be a neutral? Can you only work in solid colors? Do you (gasp!) mix prints? The answer is yes, yes, and hell to the yes! So no more shying away from rainbow-colored heels or floral-bottomed wedges. We’ve put together ten tips and outfits that we know will have you rushing to print…

10 Tips For Wearing Printed Shoes


Shoes:  Contrasting Triangulated Platform Pumps, Outfits: Drawstring You In Chambray Romper, Work Your Angles Geo-Tribal Kimono, Sleek Attack Shiny Leotard Romper

1. You can’t go wrong with denim. There’s a reason why every man, woman, and child has a pair of jeans (or twenty) in the closet. They go with everything. And while most denim is some shade of blue, the neutrality of it trumps its color, so a one-piece like a chambray romper is a super-easy-to-wear outfit for some super-difficult-to-match heels.

2. Play with the scale of your prints. Say you’ve got some large triangles going on down below. Maybe opt for a smaller pattern on top. It strikes a great balance, and the prints are working together, not battling it out for attention. And it doesn’t hurt if the prints have a little bit in common too. Think geometric and geo-tribal, for example.


Shoes: Tribal Necessity Rugged Platform Heels, Outfits: Rock Out Faux Leather Shift Dress, Jackie Boucle Tweed Blazer, Rad Plaid World Skater Dress

3. Consider textures and finishes. If you are going for an all-black look but don’t want it to be too all-black, choose something with an interesting finish, like a velvety faux suede or a shiny faux leather. It’ll add a cool texture on your body that will be able to compete with what’s on your feet.

4. Work with classic prints. The easiest way to combine prints is to include at least one that is so classic that it’s practically a solid. Plaid, for instance, has been around forever and is still everywhere, so there’s no need for a person to process it like he would a new pattern. Perfect for the mixing pot.


Shoes: Wild Thing Crisscrossed Heels, Outfits: Bold Babe Contrast Flyaway Blazer, Mesh With You T-Back Bra Top, Get Suspended Striped Skater Skirt, Into The Deep End Muscle Jumpsuit, Strapped In Bralette

5. Use prints in neutral colors. Want to ease into patterns? No problem. Maybe choose a black and white motif. You won’t have to contend with a myriad of different colors, but you’ll still have that graphic pop. Add that to a classic print like a stripe, and you’ve got yourself a versatile piece that will not only go with a million outfits but a million, billion, trillion shoes too.

6. Find solids with some cool details. Again, there’s nothing wrong with going all-black (our favorite color to wear), but if you want a little something more than blackness going on up top, choose those all-black pieces that have some creative details. Like cropped legs on a jumpsuit or muscle-tee cut-outs to show off some side-boob and that new strappy bralette of yours.


Shoes: Double Play Chunky Platform Heels, Outfits: Dope Life Bandana Bordered Tee, Every Which Way Striped Leggings, Embellished Camo Print Backpack, Sleek Attack Shiny Leotard Romper, Sheer Bliss Asymmetrical Chiffon Skirt

7. Choose very different prints with very similar colors. How can you mix camo, paisley, stripes, and floral? It’s no sweat if they all stem from the same color palette. Just go off of your busiest, most multi-colored print and make sure the rest of your prints match the colors in it. Not only will you look effortlessly but immaculately put-together. You’ll be everyone’s fashion hero too.

8. Or choose solid separates that match the print’s colors. Of course, we’re not gonna hate if you wanna just take it slow for now. You can always work up to that later. Meanwhile, all you have to do is find a top that matches one of those colors (yes, it can be a different shade!) and then a bottom that does the same. You want those shoes to be the star of the show anyway, right?Striped

Shoes: Clear The Way Strappy Striped Wedges, Outfits: Sex Bomb Crisscross Bandage Bodysuit, Perfect Basic Skinny Jeans, Flowers 4 U Sleeveless Bodycon Dress, Striped Jelly Belt

9. Match up complementary colors. So you like the idea of solid separates, but you don’t wanna be too matchy-matchy? A great alternative is to work with complementary colors, pairs of colors that look great together because of their contrast, like red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple. (You didn’t think those Laker uniforms were an accident, did you?) The result is pleasing to the eye, and you don’t look like you scoured the mall looking for the perfect matching color.

10. Find accessories that can tie different prints together. We’ve talked already about finding patterns in the same color family and choosing prints that vary in size and shape, but you can take it a little bit further with accessories! Say you’ve got a floral print dress and some wedges with a clear PVC ankle strap. How about a belt in the same material that picks up a color in the dress as well as the stripes on the shoes? Ohhhhh, yeah. So ready to give it a try? Let’s help you find your prints.

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To Infinity And Beyond: 18 Ways To Wear This Convertible Maxi


So you realize that your closet is overflowing. What do you do? Stop shopping? As if! What are you, a quitter? No, you just have to start buying versatile, convertible, multi-use pieces. A flowy tunic doubles as a short shift shirtdress. (Say that five times fast!) A moto jacket with detachable sleeves turns into a moto vest. And just like that (*snap*) a maxi skirt with an elastic waistband becomes a strapless midi or mini. But you wanna know how you really get your money’s worth? With a piece like the Chic-Shifter Convertible Maxi Dress. One dress, one hanger, one tiny sliver of a slot in your closet…one million-billion-trillion possibilities. (Yes, that’s a totally scientific number.)

Yeah, this dress is definitely the bottomless fries or unlimited soup and salad of the fashion world. (Can you tell we like to eat? As long as the analogy worked, we’re fine with you knowing that.) And it would be a lifesaver for any bride. What better way to get that matching but not too matchy-matchy look for your bridesmaids? The possibilities are literally endless. We’ve rounded up a mere eighteen for you here (there are six more on the site for a total of twenty-four!), so we’re pretty sure you’ll be a bonafide wrap superstar in no time. So let’s get ready to go infinity and beyond. ‘Cause it’s about time you began your very own never-ending fashion story…


Need a tutorial on any of our other looks? Or just wanna give a shout-out to your fave? Let us know in the comments below!

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Fashion Hacks: How To Remove Stains


Messy eater? Clumsy wine drinker? Overall klutz? If we could wear bibs 24/7 without looking like toddlers, we would. Basically, we know that feel, so we’re presenting fashion hacks, the stain removal edition. Those cute duds of yours should stay that way.

Here’s a top tip: do NOT let the stain set. It basically means there’s a chemical interaction and the stain will bond with the fabric fibers. This is a big no-no. So don’t apply any kind of direct heat because it will help set the stain. Okay, moving on… Here are ten stains we inevitably find ourselves battling and a way to banish them from your closet.

1. Blood – Got a boo-boo? Riding the crimson wave? (Just keeping it real, ladies.) Rinse the stain in cool water and soak in lukewarm water with detergent for ten to fifteen minutes. Spot treat with an enzyme cleaner and launder as usual.

2. Lipstick – Oops, you missed the mark? No big deal. Try sponging or dabbing rubbing alcohol onto the stain.

3. Coffee – We need our caffeine fix, and a cup of Joe all over your new skirt could happen. Blot the stain with cold water using paper towels or a cloth. Pre-treat with detergent. Got an extra stubborn stain? Beat an egg yolk, add a little bit of warm water and a dash of rubbing alcohol, and dab onto the stain.

4. Tomato Sauce – Mmmmm. Spaghetti… Crap. We dropped a meatball. Dab and blot with a mixture of vinegar and water to help lift the stain.

5. Mud/Dirt – Working in the yard and outdoor adventuring is always cool. Mud and dirt stains? Not so much. Allow mud to dry and brush it off. Blot the stain with a clean, damp cloth. Flush with cool water. For a strong stain, try rubbing alcohol, then launder.

6. Foundation – Had a field day at the makeup counter trying on foundation? We totes understand because it’s really hard to color match. If you had a little accident, remove foundation by applying shaving cream to the spot and give it a good wash. If it’s an extra deep stain you can try an additional dab of rubbing alcohol.

7. Wine – Wine more, whine less… Isn’t that the saying? But we can’t have stains ruining our good time, so try these listed solutions.

  1. Red wine – Pour white wine (ironic, isn’t it?) onto the stain and let it soak. Wash in cold water and ammonia. Rinse thoroughly.
  2. White wine – Wash in cold water and ammonia. Rinse thoroughly.

8. Fake Tanner – Saving yourself UV damage and using fake tanner instead? You go, girl! If you smudged some on your clothes, don’t worry. Dab on peroxide to help the stain lift.

9. Butter/Cooking Oil – Fresh baked cookies? Count us in. If you dropped butter or cooking oil on yourself you can remove it with an overnight treatment of baby powder or corn starch to help suck up the grease. Launder as usual!

10. Perspiration – SoulCycle classes, stressful job interviews, and meeting James Franco make us perspire (that’s the ladylike way of saying sweat). Perspiration stains are, like, so persona non grata on our clothes. Try removing the stain with three powdered aspirin pills mixed in warm water. Leave the solution on for up to an hour and rinse in warm water. Repeat if necessary and follow up with vinegar for some extra stain fighting power. Launder as usual.

Got any other tips to share? Tell us in the comments. Plus, now that you have all of this precious knowledge at your fingertips, the first thing you gotta do is get some white clothing!

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Toast Of The Town: Summer Drinks! And The Clothes To Pair With Them

Summer has gotten off to a sweltering start, and not a day goes by here in sunny (or should we say scorching?) LA without our wishing for something cold and satisfying to quench our seemingly insatiable thirst. So that got us thinking. We should do a post on summer drinks! And maybe what to pair with them? But there’s definitely an art to food and drink pairings, and unfortunately sommelier school is still on our list of things to do someday. Clothes, however, are a different story. Clothes we can do, and clothes we can do today. So we’ve collected some colorful, fruity, and most importantly refreshing drinks that are both easy to make for your summer beverage palate and easy to match to your summer outfit palette. With drink in hand and ensemble in check, this summer you’re sure to be the toast of the town.



1. Come To A Halter Plunging Minidress, 2. Cold Shoulder N Slit Bodycon Dress, 3. Plunging Single-Slit Maxi Dress, 4. I Love Lacy Peplum Sleeve Midi Dress

Bluetini – You’ll look every bit the Bond girl with a martini glass in your hand as long as you pair it with a sleek, sexy, seductive dress. How else will you get James to hand over the keys to the Aston Martin? We’re talking plunging halters, strategic cut-outs, sheer lace, high slits, and open backs. Just make him the Bluetini, and he’ll be all yours. Probably willing to trade Martin for martini. That’s fair, right? Right.

Watermelon Coconut Cooler

1. Crossing Paths Skater Dress, 2. Super Fine Knit Duster Cardigan, 3. Ace Of Basics Flared Tee, 4. Laced Is More Drawstring Shorts

Watermelon Coconut Cooler – Nothing says summer like picnicking, and nothing says picnic like watermelon. But you’re definitely not gonna wanna traipse through that beach / park / block party in a constricting cocktail dress or some cover-all jeans. It’s all about easy and breezy, like a slinky little skater dress, an open-knit kimono, a pair of pretty-much-pajamas shorts, or a loose top knotted on one side.

Cherry Cooler

1. Harem Pants, 2. High-Waisted Distressed Jeans, 3. Slick Plunge Romper, 4. Split Second Petal Harem Pants

Cherry Cooler – Say you’ve got a little bit of a dark side. And a lotta bit of a personality. You’re not gonna go out in cheery brights just because it’s summer. You will, however, swap the cheery for the cherry. Like this cooler, you’re more sweet-tart than sweet-heart. Only some non-conventional bottoms, like harems and distressed skinnies or a slick skin-tight romper, can give you that acidic edge you’re looking for.

Peach-Ginger Iced Tea

1. Textured Colorblock Bandage Dress, 2. Textured Panel Skater Dress, 3. Whats The Scoop Dress, 4. Mesh You Up Midi Skirt

Peach-Ginger Iced Tea – Peaches are sweet, sure, but like you and these looks, this drink is so much more. Match the exotic flavor of the ginger and the sophistication of the English tea with some subtly less-sweet details, like a low scoop back, a square rear cut-out, a cool colorblocking, or a minimal mesh inset. You’ll discover new elements of yourself and your wardrobe. Luckily, there’s still a whole lotta summer left to explore.

Drink photos and recipes courtesy of The Food Network

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Seeing Is Believing: Optical Illusion Dresses (Plus Tips For Dressing Slimmer)

Celebrity Collage

Don’t have an hourglass figure? Don’t worry. You can get one. Already have an hourglass figure? Don’t worry. You can make it even better. Enter the optical illusion dress. We’re not talking an optical illusion like Magic Eye (remember those books?) or an M.C. Escher print that makes you a little dizzy if you stare at it too long. No, today we’re focusing on the dresses that use cool colorblocking, strategic seaming, and anything sartorially similar to seemingly suck you in, smooth you out, and sex you up, giving you those dangerous curves that caution signs like to warn us about, slimming your silhouette from your basic to your absolute most bangin’. For your consideration, we’ve rounded up the different types of optical illusion dresses in our collection, as well as a few tips for shedding those visual pounds. You know how they say that seeing is believing? Prepare to be amazed, because the magic starts here…

Point Well Taken

1. Highlight Me Colorblock Bodycon Dress, 2. What’s Your Angle Colorblock Dress, 3. Geo Angles Mesh Inset Dress, 4. Double Up On Diamonds Cut-Out Dress

Point Well Taken – A waist is a terrible thing to waste, so anything that draws attention to it we wanna use to our advantage. Dresses with diagonal lines and sharp angles that point at the waist, which is the smallest part of your body, will create that shapely look you want, even though there are no curved lines actually on the garments.

Mirror, Mirror

1. Spot N Scroll Leopard Filigree Dress, 2. Check It Out Floral Mixed Print Dress, 3. Watercolor Wonder Bodycon Dress, 4. My Little Peony Floral Print Dress

Mirror, Mirror – Who’s the fairest of them all? It depends. Are you wearing a mirrored print? Most mirrored prints put most of the action on the sides of the dress, which gives the illusion of a narrower body by creating a slimmer center panel down the front and back.

Colorblock It Out1. Hourglass Colorblock Bodycon Dress, 2. 2 Become 1 Colorblock Cut-Out Dress, 3. Lets Mesh Around Pleated Dress, 4. Geo Colorblock Bodycon Dress

Colorblock It Out – If you’re a new kid on the colorblock, you should know that it’s more than just a regular ol’ fashion fad. It can also do wonders for your figure (especially when the contrast is in black, which we all know is slimming) by shaving down areas on your clothing and creating flattering curves and angles.

Top Of The Hourglass

1. Hourglass Geo Print Bodycon Dress, 2. Hourglass Figure Mermaid Maxi, 3. Hourglass Figure Midi Dress, 4. Petal Panels Floral Bodycon Dress

Top Of The Hourglass – We told you you could get an hourglass figure, and we meant it, even if you were born with more of a sheet glass figure. The hourglass dress is definitely tops in optical illusion dresses for its curve-creating capabilities, and nowadays you’ll find them in various lengths, materials, prints, etc. But for maximum impact, choose a dress with sides that match your skintone. The illusion will be all the more incredible.

Front And Center

1. Front And Center V-Neck Bodycon Dress, 2. Streak Of Genius Art Deco Print Dress, 3. Two-Way Streak Zipper Moto Dress, 4. Neon Top Of Your Game Bodycon Dress

Front And Center – The vertical line is your best friend when it comes to looking long and lean, because anything that draws the eye up and down the body will also help lengthen it. Vertical seams, stripes, zippers, and the like not only encourage the viewer to, well, look you up and down, but when they’re front and center they also split up your body into smaller, slimmer pieces.

Sheer And There

1. Sheer 4 U Mesh Bodycon Dress, 2. Lace To Lace Contrast Bodycon Dress, 3. Mesh Contrast Bodycon Dress, 4. Heart Act To Follow Striped Mesh Dress

Sheer And There – If you’re a fan of lace and mesh and all things sexy, see-through, and scintillating, go ahead and opt for a sheer version. The same silhouettes are still there. You’re already revving up the sex appeal with an optical illusion dress. You might as well take those curves all the way home.


More Optical Illusion Tips For Dressing Slimmer. . .

1. Buy clothes that actually fit! Too tight and you’re a lumpy pillow. Too loose and you’re a beanbag chair. You wanna be that sleek, smooth leather sofa. And don’t be afraid to get yourself upholstered. Er, tailored.

2. Use color to your advantage! Wearing the same color (or shades of the same color) from head to toe elongates you because you’re one continuous line of color. But if you’re going for a multi-colored look, just don a dark color over any areas that you want outta the limelight.

3. Find a silhouette that suits you! An empire waist proudly displays your girls while discreetly hiding any midsection bulge. A high-waisted pant not only creates a longer lower body (read: leggy!), but it can also hold shit in like no other. You just gotta figure out what works for you.

4. Keep an eye on proportion! Balance is key. If you’re more pear-shaped, broaden your upper body with a wide-shouldered top. If you’re more bust than butt, forgo the ruffled top for a peplum skirt instead. And accessorize for where you want the eye to go. A long necklace, for example, would create that vertical line we were talking about earlier. And finally…

5. Don’t forget the extras! Forget diamonds. Shapewear is a girl’s best friend. So is a wide belt. While any belt can cinch you in and define your waist, a wide belt actually lengthens you by streamlining even more surface area. And heels will give you better posture and of course height (you look thinner when you look taller), but a pair that matches your coloring will give you legs for days. You won’t believe the illusion.

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No Assembly Required: Two-Piece Looks From One-Piece Wonders

Optical illusion fashion is all the rage right now, what with the likes of Keira Knightley, Blake Lively, and Rihanna donning waist-whittling dresses to stunned (and sometimes outraged!) crowds at recent red carpet events. But today we’d like to focus on a different kind of illusion: the two-piece look you get from one of those extra nifty one-piece garments. That’s right, we’re seeing more and more dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits opting for the air of separates, even though they’re single items. And why not? Separates (suitably matched ones, of course) give you that extra put-together presence, like you spent time in front of the mirror / closet / mirrored closet putting effort into actually arranging your ensemble. Well, now you can achieve that I-thought-about-this-look look with an I’m-just-gonna-put-on-this-one one-piece. No assembly required. Check out our selection below, and maybe in the future, making it to work/school/dates on time will no longer be just an illusion…

Colorblock Party

1. Wrapped Striped Midi Dress, 2. Double Up On Diamonds Cut-Out Dress, 3. Angled Racer Front Skater Dress, 4. New Kid On The Colorblock Maxi Dress, 5. Colorblock My World Bodycon Dress, 6. Triple Threat Body Con Dress


Make The Cut

1. 2-In-1 Open Back Dress, 2. One-Two Punch Striped Cut-Out Dress, 3. Sneak Peek Bodycon Dress, 4. Different Brushstrokes Bodycon Dress, 5. Rosy Bouquet Crisscrossed Dress, 6. Cross Your Heart Cut-Out Bodycon Dress


Tiers Of Joy

1. I’m Tiering Up Tribal Palazzo Jumpsuit, 2. Play It By Tier Maxi Dress, 3. Play It By Tier Tie-Dye Maxi Dress, 4. Tropical Tiered Cami Dress, 5. What A Combo Mesh Contrast Dress, 6. Tiers Of Joy Tropical Floral Dress


Watch Your Back

1. Drape Expectations Cut-Out Dress, 2. Crossing Paths Skater Dress, 3. Denim Bouquet Flared Dress, 4. Look Closely Abstract Cut-Out Jumpsuit, 5. Winning Streak Cut-Out Grid Romper, 6. In Your Lace Knotted Maxi Dress


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Wear Your Polka Face: Do’s And Don’ts Of Donning Dots

Summer is only mere hours away (or three days if you’re being all accurate about it), and even though most of us working folk don’t get a real break like the schoolkids do, there’s still a sense of lightheartedness in the air, the kind you feel when you walk barefoot on the grass at the park or enjoy a frozen treat that drips all down your arm. It’s a sunny, distinctly summery state of mind, an attitude that affords us the freedom to frolic around in fun, flirty pieces that may be deemed a little too fanciful for fall or winter, specifically ones with cheerful prints, and very specifically, those featuring the classic but playful polka dot.

Unless you’re wearing circus-print adult-onesie pajamas, it’s hard to find a pattern with more whimsy than the polka dot. But at the same time, these little circles can be put together an infinite number of ways. While they may never lose their whimsy (who would want that!) they’re also easily balanced out by cut, color, and more. Just take a look at the celebrity collage below, and you’ll find that polka dots are actually extremely versatile, scattered over glamorous movie premiere gowns, sprinkled onto errand day shirt dresses, speckling one-piece wonder jumpsuits, even studding spiffy little retro gloves. (Can you spot ’em?)


Dippin’ into dots has never looked more delicious, right? So now that you’re totally inspired to, uh, hit the spot, here are a few little tips to help you connect the dots between you and your very own spotted style…

Do’s and Don’ts of Donning Dots

DO consider scale. As with any other print, scale is uber-important. The smaller the dot, the smaller the impact. If you go too-too big, you risk looking silly. AKA like you belong in the circus. And if you’re looking not to call attention to a certain body part, it’s probably a good idea to avoid covering it in humongous balls. Which are only like the least inconspicuous things ever.

DON’T pigeonhole yourself. Polka dots may be playful and cute, but that doesn’t mean they have to be cute-sy. Pair them with a sexy or sophisticated silhouette (perhaps an off-shoulder bodycon or sheer collared blouse?) or a more contemporary creation (a cut-out dress or structured cropped top, maybe?) to take them from childlike to ca-lassic.

Cropped Tops

Do The Polka Dotted Cropped Top, Spotted In Dots Cropped Top, Dot The I Bustier Top

DO play with color. Unless you want to look like a clown (here’s that circus thing again) or a ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese, you probably want to stay away from rainbow-colored polka dots. Of course that doesn’t mean you should avoid color altogether. There are other color combos besides black/navy and white, you know! But if you’re sold on that pairing, don’t be afraid to add a pop of color elsewhere with a shiny belt, a pretty scarf, or even a bright lip!

DON’T forget to accessorize. If you’re afraid to jump into this polka dot thing with both feet, maybe just start with something small…like the shoes on your feet! Or your collar, your watch, your hair, even your phone case. Polka dots are seriously everywhere, so if, for whatever reason, you’re only looking to dab on a little dose of it, don’t worry. You’ve got plenty of options.


Do The Polka Canvas Sneakers, Polka Dot Watch, Polka Dot Bunny Ear Hair Tie, Scattered Polka Dot Boyfriend Watch, Dot The Eyes Espadrille Skimmer Flats

DO think about silhouette. Polka dots can definitely have a retro feel. Think fifties pin-up in a red lip and polka dot halter. Or fifties housewife in a red lip and polka dot apron. Keep your polka dots from bordering on vintage by choosing modern pieces with clean lines and sleek silhouettes. Or if you’re feelin’ the retro vibe, use the spotted piece to your advantage. For example, the polka dots on this high-waisted bikini set take it from cute to over-the-top (in a good way!) adorable…


High-Waisted Polka Dot Tankini Set

DON’T be afraid to mix prints. We said it before, and we’ll say it again. Prints, like people, should not be subjected to segregation! Polka dots are super classic, so they’ll totally play well with others. If you consider yourself a beginner with patterns, try pairing a two-toned polka dot with the same two tones in a stripe. Once you get the hang of it, throw in more colors and patterns and have yourself a print parade.

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98194 Spotted In Dots Skater Skirt 95400 Polka Dot Mesh Socks 98091 Read My Polka Face Dotted Blouse 03 98616 Seamless Polka Dot Thong 02

Collage photos courtesy of FabSugar, Getty Images, Glamour, Huffington Post, JustJared, NY Daily News, Teen Vogue, and Us Weekly

How To Be The Bombshell Dot Com: Lessons From Marilyn

This past Sunday marked the eighty-eighth birthday of one Norma Jeane Baker, better known to the world as Miss Marilyn Monroe. Some fifty years after her passing, Marilyn Monroe is still a style icon today, her infamous dresses selling for millions, her likeness and words the subject of Pin-worthy E-cards everywhere. She was arguably the blondest and bombest of all the blonde bombshells throughout Hollywood’s glittering history, so who better to teach us how to be a bombshell than Marilyn herself, right? We’ve highlighted some of her most iconic fashion pieces, which along with some of her best quotes will hopefully teach us a thing or two on becoming nothing less than the-bombshell-dot-com…

The Plunging Neckline

Taking The Plunge Halter JumpsuitGood In The Hood Chambray JumpsuitPlunging Single-Slit Maxi Dress

The Plunging Neckline“I love to do things the censors won’t pass.” To really be a bombshell, you’ll need to dare to bare, and one of the best ways is with a plunging neckline. So don’t be afraid to, well, take the plunge.

The Pencil Skirt

Stripe A Match Midi Pencil Skirt, X Factor Surplice Back Pencil SkirtPhoto Finish Textured Pencil Skirt

The Pencil Skirt — “I defy gravity.” There’s no avoiding the curves if you’re trying to be a bodacious babe, and wiggling into a hip-hugging skirt will keep everything up and in but out of this world.

The Lucite Heel

Metallic Glass Slipper WedgesIn The Clear Chain Link Wedges, Clearly Velvet Lucite HeelsI Love Lucite Platform Pumps

The Lucite Heel — “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” You can’t really get more glam than the platform heel. That is, unless you add luxe, luscious lucite. Marilyn would tell you, it’s okay to be a little transparent.

The High-Waisted Short

High-Waisted Faux Leather ShortsZip It Denim ShortsOff The Cuff High-Waisted Shorts

The High-Waisted Short — “The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up.” Long before The Neighbourhood proclaimed their affinity for “those little high-waisted shorts” in Sweater Weather, Marilyn was already a fan. And what’s not to like? Everything is held in, and nothing gets you looking leggier…

The Off-Shoulder

Bow Off-The-Shoulder Bodycon DressStrips Search Off-Shoulder DressBasic Instincts Off-Shoulder Dress

The Off-Shoulder — “One of the best things that ever happened to me is that I’m a woman.” If you share Marilyn’s sentiment for womanhood, why not bare a woman’s best feature? We’re of course talking the shoulders. Buuuuut if you want to show off, er, a little more in your off-shoulder top, we won’t stop you.

The Dark Turtleneck

Turtleneck Crop TopSingle Lady Mockneck Romper

The Dark Turtleneck — “We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.” Marilyn also famously said “Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman but loose enough to show you’re a lady.” The turtleneck is the perfect balance between demure (the coverage) and dangerous (the curves), and on that dark canvas, your moneymaker (your face, duh!) will simply shine.

Let’s not stop now! Here are some lesser-known facts about Miss Monroe that we can all use as life lessons:

1. When she found out that jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald could not perform at the historic Mocambo nightclub in Hollywood because of segregation, Marilyn promised to sit front row in exchange for Fitzgerald’s booking, knowing her presence would garner press and publicity for the facility. Lesson learned? Be good to others, and don’t be afraid to take a stand!

2. Hollywood’s most famous blonde actually started out with reddish brown hair, and she would later begin to shave off half an inch from one heel to give herself that trademark wiggle. Lesson learned? Do what is right for you and your body!

3. Marilyn was very diligent about her skincare, washing her face fifteen times a day and applying a hormone cream to it that caused a layer of blonde down to form over her face. Instead of shaving that peach fuzz, she chose to use it to her advantage, and from then on she never needed special lenses to get that soft glow on camera. Lesson learned? Embrace your unique attributes!

4. In her childhood and adolescence, Marilyn had a stutter. She would eventually overcome it with the help of a therapist who told her to speak with a breathy tone, which would eventually become one of her trademarks. Lesson learned? Overcome hardships and become better for it!

5. She may have sung “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, but Marilyn had mostly costume jewelry and loved having fun and making statements with her accessories. Lesson learned? Money does not buy style, and the important thing is to have fun with what you wear!

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Battle Florale: Floral Alternatives For The Non-Girly Girl

While flowers may not all be perennial, floral print sure seems to be, and we here at GoJane wouldn’t have it any other way. We love floral print, and the girly girl in us isn’t afraid to admit it. But this year’s April showers seem to have brought in more than just May flowers. We’re not only seeing precious pastel posies but also buds and blooms that are dark and rich, bold and edgy, tough and sexy. Still ready to add a boost of femme and freshness but totally emphasizing the power in flower power.

We’ve compiled some of our favorites below – floral alternatives for the non-girly girl. (You girly girls will find them perfect for your off-days too!) Even if you’ve never been a fan of florals before, we’re hoping they and you will get a fresh start here today. We know, we know. You don’t have the rosiest of dispositions. Don’t worry, there’s totally a flower arrangement out there to match your individual personality. So don’t fight it. We still have a month left of spring. It’s about time you came into bloom.

Keep Palm And Carry On

Keep Palm And Carry On – Like we said before, we love flowers and all, but we think it’s about time for foliage to be front and center too. Or should we say frond and center? For the upcoming summer we’re feeling easy and breezy and totally…palm. Flowers are too girly, you say? Opt for palm fronds instead and get all the freshness without any of the femininity. They’re edgy (literally), and the jagged little leaves provide as much visual interest as an abstract painting. Not to mention they totally evoke images of you with your toes in the sand and a coconut in your hand.

Dresses — 1. Frond And Center Leafy Tie-Back Maxi, 2. Leaf Me Be Tropical Palm Frond Dress, 3. Frond And Center Tropical Tube Dress, 4. Palm Frond Tiled Cut-Out Dress, 5. Tropic Of Conversation Strappy Dress; Jumpsuit — Palm Reading Tropical Jumpsuit; Top — Tropical Zone Semi-Sheer TankShoes — Tropical Oasis Faux Cork WedgesHeadband — Knotted Tropical Headband

Tropical Thunder

Tropical Thunder – And speaking of vacationing in an exotic locale, tropical florals are another great way to turn down the G-I-R-L while turning up the R and R. Even if you’re months from a getaway and nowhere near an island retreat, you can keep the tropical vibe close with a print that depicts all the lush vegetation of your favorite hot spot. And yes, the flowers are still there, but these are not your ordinary, girly, garden-variety flowers (pun definitely intended). No, these blooms are bright and bold and badass. Not unlike you, right?

Dresses — 1. Tropical Daze Maxi Dress, 2. Paradise Found Tropical Floral Dress, 3. Tiers Of Joy Tropical Floral Dress, 4. Butterfly Kisses Tropical Floral Dress, 5. Fresh Flowers Curved Peplum Dress, 6. Written In Floral Skater Dress; Rompers — 1. Knot Too Shabby Floral Romper, 2. Sizzling Tropical Floral Print Romper; Bikini — Hot Tropic Padded Bandeau Bikini Set; Shoes — 1. Just Cuff Me Tropical Print Platforms, 2. Clearly Tropical Ankle Strap Heels

Mix Of The Trade

Mix Of The Trade – Also pretty badass? Mixed prints. There’s nothing like a good mixed print that says “In fashion, there’s only one rule, and that rule is…there ARE no rules!” It’s that devil-may-care sartorial attitude that pairs plain florals with other prints and patterns, instantly taking them from simple to stunning. Place your flowers atop a great graphic, geometric background (stripes, checkers, harlequin diamonds, etc.) or a wild wildlife print, and they are transformed and given a whole new dimension. Femme? No way. Fun? Absolutely.

Dresses — 1. Tropics Bound Mixed Print Bodycon Dress, 2. Floral Meets Grid Bodycon Dress, 3. Fierce Floral Midi Dress; Romper — Polly Want A RomperJumpsuit — Floral Zebra Halter JumpsuitLeggings — 1. Floral Checkered Leggings, 2. Long Stemmed Roses Striped Leggings, 3. Diamond Tropics Print Leggings

Dark-Grounded For Life

Dark-Grounded For Life – And finally, one of the best ways to go sultry instead of sweet with your flowers is to – drumroll, please – choose a dark-grounded floral. Even if your print is something as dainty and delightful as daisies, putting it on a dark background immediately takes it, well, to the dark side. A black backdrop can balance out the floweriest of flowers, giving them the extra edge and sophistication that we know a non-girly girl like you would surely appreciate. So what’s your favorite way to put the power in flower power? We wanna know! Tell us below…

Dresses — 1. Rosy Bouquet Crisscrossed Dress, 2. Woven Floral Blossom Dress, 3. Garden Girl Dress, 4. Bloomsday Crochet Trim Cami Dress, 5. Floral Spray Cross Back DressRomper — Floral Spray Apron RomperLeggings — 1. Drive Me Daisy Painted Print Leggings, 2. Layered Floral Print Leggings; Bikini — Floral Pin-Up Bikini TopShoes — Rose Garden Print Platform HeelsHat — Bouquet Of Flowers Snapback

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96391 Print Mixer Bodycon Dress 98849 Piped Tropical Floral Bustier Cropped Top 96962 Tropical Daze Wide Leg Jumpsuit 97177 Checker It Out Floral Cami

Summertime In The LBD: Little Black Dresses To Beat (And Turn Up) The Heat

Today, May 22nd, just happens to be World Goth Day, and to commemorate the occasion, we’re honoring our favorite color in the world (black, duh!) by putting the spotlight on a perennial wardrobe essential – the Little Black Dress. While the color black may enjoy a yearlong reign as a beloved neutral we can’t live without, wearing an LBD in these sunnier, nature-worshipping months may have you feeling like a glamorous attendee of a funeral being held at da club, especially if everyone else is out picnicking and frolicking about in loose, white linens.

Not to worry. One of the best things about the Little Black Dress is its variety, and we’ve rounded up a bevy of black beauties that will lighten the fashion mood (ironic, right?) and not only help you beat the heat but also turn it way, way up. Take a look at our collection below, and before long (summer officially begins on June 21st!) you too can be celebrating summertiiiiime in the LBD ♫

Meshing Accomplished

1. Cold Shoulder Mesh Contrast Dress, 2. Such A Mesh Bodycon Dress, 3. In The Mesh Zipper Bodycon Dress, 4. Not So Sweetheart Mesh Strap Dress, 5. Heart Act To Follow Striped Mesh Dress

If you love that paradox of being exposed but feeling covered up, then the mesh inset has to be your BFF (Best Fashion Feature). Mesh is ultimately see-through because of its holey quality, and those million little pores in it that afford you that transparency will also allow your skin to breathe through the summer heat. Super hot and super cool. Yeah, we’d call that a Meshing Accomplished.

Best Lace Scenario

1. Crochet Away Tie-Back Shift Dress, 2. I Love Lacy Peplum Sleeve Midi Dress, 3. Get Lacy Strappy Dress, 4. Ace The Lace Embroidered Midi Dress, 5. Lady In Lace Accent Dress, 6. Out In The Open Crochet Dress

You can achieve a similar situation with a swirly crochet or an intricate lace, which can appear a bit more delicate, demure, and decorative than mesh. Whether it’s a slim inset or a full-on back, a little lace can liven and lady up any black dress. For a girly girl or a luxe lassie it’s definitely the Best Lace Scenario.

Cut-Out For This

1. Rung Number Laddered Cut-Out Dress, 2. Cross Halter Cut-Out Midi Dress, 3. Millenium Cut-Out Dress, 4. Hole New World Cut-Out Dress, 5. Strappy Herringbone Halter Dress, 6. Don’t Shed A Teardrop Cut-Out Dress

Now if you like the being exposed part but also don’t mind the feeling exposed part, you’re totally Cut-Out For This type of Little Black Dress – the cut-out confection. There’s not much to say about this one. Cut-outs equal ventilation. Cut-outs also equal sexy sensation, which is exactly what you’ll be in one of these skin-baring smocks.

Leggy Streak

1. Knot Your Average Twisted Maxi Dress, 2. Hey Crochet Slit Maxi Dress, 3. Ruche Into Things Side Draped Dress, 4. Fluttery Draped Maxi Dress, 5. Basic Single Slit Maxi Dress

Speaking of skin-baring, normally we probably wouldn’t consider maxis when thinking about Little Black Dresses, but with the creative contouring on the ones above, we’ll allow it this time. So if you’ve always been a leg girl (or should we say, always been the object of affection for leg guys), we totally recommend continuing your Leggy Streak with one of these high-slit, high-impact LBDs.

Give The Cold Shoulder

1. Bow Off-The-Shoulder Bodycon Dress, 2. Keep It Simple Dress, 3. One Shoulder Openwork Trim Dress, 4. Sheer Thing Off-The-Shoulder Dress, 5. No Crossing Back Off-The-Shoulder Dress, 6. Single Lady One-Shoulder Mini Dress

But we’re guessing you have more than one good feature. Well, then. Give The Cold Shoulder to hot temperatures by showing off a woman’s best feature. Hint: They’re below your head but above your stomach, and there are two of them. No, not those! Your shoulders, silly! Cool off this summer with an off-the-shoulder or one-shoulder LBD. You carry a lot on your shoulders; like you, they should get a chance to come out and play too.

Cami Crush

1. Trace Of Lace Cami Dress, 2. Slip My Mind Strappy Cami Midi Dress, 3. Asymmetrical Ruched Cami Dress, 4. Slip Away Strappy Cami Maxi Dress, 5. Lace T-Back Dress

It can be hard to get the motivation to go out and play, though, when the sun is scorching. Or at least, it’s pretty tempting to just run out the door in your birthday suit even when it’s not your birthday. Unfortunately most of us live in places where public nudity is shamed frowned upon and probably promptly cited. What’s the next best thing to naked? Well, we’ve had a Cami Crush for a while now, and a light little slip dress would be the perfect easy, breezy LBD for summer.

Catch You Skater

1. Zip The Scales Mockneck Skater Dress, 2. Textured Panel Fit N Flare Dress, 3. Strap-Tastic Fit N Flare Dress, 4. Up High Down Low Skater Dress

And finally we have the skater dress. What better way to turn up the fun than with a flirty silhouette like that will instantly give your look some extra flare/flair? And that full skirt is exactly what you want to allow your legs (and your bum) that much-needed breathing room. In one of these dresses, they’ll have no problem feeling the breeze, and neither will you. We hope you’ve been inspired to update that LBD section of your closet. So get to shopping, and we’ll Catch You Skater!

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95424 Front And Center V-Neck Bodycon Dress 96268 Diamond In The Ruffle Textured Dress 97442 Draped N Tiered Dress 98583 Striped In Mesh Bodycon Dress

So Knotty! How To Turn One Top Into A Million No-Sew Accessories

As much as we may try to avoid it, with every spring has to come spring cleaning. (How else would we keep our closets from bursting at the seams?) But spring cleaning your closet doesn’t have to mean throwing away half of your wardrobe. Sure, if you no longer need/want/wear an old T-shirt, the best thing to do is probably to get rid of it, but at the same time, if you can find a way to re-purpose that tee into a piece – or lots of pieces! – that you love, it definitely deserves a second chance in your rotation. Fashion is all about recycling, after all.

After a hard day’s work of plowing through our closets, what we’re usually left with is a mountain of T-shirts. To keep or not to keep; that is the question. Like, do we really still need that senior year tee with the list of everyone in our class on the back? Or the one won after a Man V. Food kinda showdown with a twenty-inch pizza? Okay, fine, those two may be keepers. But we also have a ton of others, some too cute to toss! Like this teal, long-sleeved, striped tee. Throw away stripes? No way, Jose!

So we decided not only to keep but to cut and create, turning this one striped shirt into three summer-lovin’ essentials – a roomy and stylish fringe tote bag, totally vacation-ready tie-up sandals, plus a boho-chic fabric necklace. And guess what? We still had material left over for some super cute one-of-a-kind accessories. These are knot your average tutorials either. Why? No sewing required. Talk about easy! If you know how to use scissors and tie your shoes (basically if you passed first grade), you can handle these projects. Don’t believe us? See for yourself, you knotty girl.

T-Shirt DIY

And we don’t just wanna hear about them. We wanna see’ em! If you try any of these projects at home, show us on social media with #soknotty. We’re waiting on pins and needles. Or…something you use to not sew:)

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96663-tealorange-3tribal-faux-stone-hand-bracelet-14silicone-n-canvas-beach-tote-2     96238-navy-1

Nauti By Nature: Ways To Wear The Nautical Trend

Fashion is notorious for its ebb and flow. Like tides that turn, trends will come, but then they go. And though every once in a while, waves are made by this or that, one style seems to stay afloat, unsinkable above the rest of the pack. As resilient as a buoy bobbing amidst the violent seas. And as trusty as a glowing lighthouse on a dark and stormy night. As if to say “Ahoy, there! Yup, still here! And I’m not going anywhere.”

We’re of course talking about the nautical trend. (Please tell us you were able to figure that out. If not, maybe brush up on those similes and metaphors?) What began as a naval uniform in nineteenth-century France has evolved into the most classic of styles, a look that is decidedly all-American but not without some European sophistication, one that is simple yet elegant, clean but elevated, and though strong, still graceful.


Not only does nautical never go out of style, it’s also super easy to wear! You don’t actually have to go to sea to look like you belong on the deck of a yacht (and we don’t mean cleaning it). You can skip the motion sickness (dramamine, anyone?) and still feel like you’re being swept away on an ocean-bound vacay just like that. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve put together some nauti outfits using key pieces from our collection. So put on your proverbial life jacket and come set sail with us as we explore the nautical trend. We’ll have you in shipshape, solo at the helm, in no time at all.

95491 Outfit

1. Basic Surplice Romper, 2. Cross It Off Heels, 3. Striped Nautical Anchor Earrings, 4. Embellished Nautical Bracelet Set, 5. Nautical Stripes Anchor Watch, 6. Flared Faux Leather Handbag

98090 Outfit

1. Stripe A Pose Strapless Skater Dress, 2. T-Time Strappy Platform Pumps, 3. Wheel N Anchor Earrings, 4. Capsule Key Pendant Necklace, 5. Boxed Faux Pearl Charm Bracelet, 6. Ready For This Jelly Wallet

94772 Outfit

1. Retro Striped Bikini Set, 2. Let’s Play Flare Denim Skater Skirt, 3. Strap-tastic Faux Cork Wedges, 4. Oversized Beach Totebag, 5. Dainty Faux Pearl Midi Ring, 6. Rounded Sunglasses

95091 Outfit

1. Chambray Will Make You Jump Romper, 2. Wide Cuff Zippered Heels, 3. Canvas Striped N Quilted Bag, 4. Framed Anchor Earrings, 5. Heart 2 Heart Necklace, 6. Heads Up Knit Beanie

97932 Outfit

1. High-Waisted Polka Dot Bikini Set, 2. Vintage High-Waisted Skinnies, 3. Nautical Canvas Espadrille Loafers, 4. Knotted Bow Earrings, 5. Enameled Anchor Cut-Out Ring, 6. Faux Leather Striped Anchor Watch

Inspired? Here are some tips for creating your very own nauti outfits…

1. Stripe a nauti pose! Stripes, stripes, and more stripes. Not much more has to be said here. Because really, nothing says nautical like some red, white, or blue stripes. And speaking of color…

2. Color me bad nauti! Those nautical colors are so iconic that as long as you wear red, white, and blue together you’ll look like a nauti girl. Super easy, right?

3. Be a nautical print-cess! In addition to stripes, nautical prints like anchors, ropes, boats, fish, lighthouses, and even lobsters can make for a cute and slightly cheeky outfit. Just keep the rest of your look clean to highlight the pattern and pump up the sophistication.

4. All aboard! Likewise, anything having to do with sailing will evoke the nauti vibe. An anchor accessory would be an obvious choice, but you could also do a play on ropes. Anything knotted or braided like a cord necklace or twisted belt would do the trick. Also, pearls! Not only do they come from the sea, but their elegance matches the nautical style perfectly.

5. Role play! Think about occupations that go to sea and the elements of their everyday uniforms. Fisherman’s hats, sailor hats, knit beanies, wader pants, trench coats, rain boots… The list goes on and on. You can also take a page from the pinup era – red lips, big curls, high-waisted shorts – to add a little femininity to your seafaring look.

6. But don’t go overboard! When there’s a theme involved, you can easily venture into costume territory. Keep your look cool, clean, and contemporary by building around one or two strong pieces. Wearing a gold button blazer? Maybe leave that captain’s hat at home. After all, you’re not really gonna be manning a ship. But we bet you’ll look good not doing it!

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98147 Precious Lightweight Cargo Jacket 96238-navy-1 97794 Drawstring You In Chambray Romper 95123-red-15

The Purr-fect Canvas: How To DIY Kitty Graffiti Sneaks!


The classic canvas sneaker has been around forever, and everyone has a pair – from the hippest hipster to the grandest grandma. They’re cool, comfortable, and cost-efficient, not to mention the perfect canvas (pun totally intended) for some creative artistic maneuvering. When we got our hands on these clean white tennies, we couldn’t wait to dirty them up with some DIY doodling, and this time cute little kitty cats were our inspiration. What we ended up with was a pair of gorgeously graphic graffiti sneaks, and we’re not kitty kidding when we say that you can do it too. So put on your coloring caps and get ready to say me-ow, ’cause we’re here to show you how…


DIY Sneaks


Inspired? Shop canvas sneakers and more at!


86043 Simple Canvas Sneakers 98335 Solid Foundation Canvas Sneakers 93493 Denim Forever Sneakers 97301 Basic Lace-Up High-Top Sneakers

93458 Do The Polka Canvas Sneakers 86483 Now You See Me Camo Sneakers 93494 Hear Me Roar Sneakers 93452 Floral Grounds Canvas Sneakers

93455 Mad Splatter Canvas Sneakers 93454 Heart Up 4 Love Canvas Sneakers 93457 Aztechno Tribal Canvas Sneakers 93456 Prints Charming Canvas Sneakers

HOW TO: DIY KITTY GRAFFITI SNEAKS – What You’ll Need: 1. Canvas sneakers 2. Cat silhouettes 3. Pen or pencil 4. Permanent markers 5. Scissors (optional) 6. Tape (optional) – What You’ll Do: 1. Sketch silhouettes onto sneakers with pen or pencil, making sure spacing is even. *Optional: Less artistically inclined? Simply cut out silhouettes, tape to shoe, and trace! 2. Color in silhouettes with permanent marker. *Note: Bleeding will occur. For a crisper look, press more lightly. For a loose, hand-crafted, graffiti-like look, press more heavily. 3. Outline silhouettes with same marker so they pop. Then with a second marker to add color. And again with first marker to set silhouettes apart from rest of background. 4. Fill in blank spaces with various graphic patterns. Color in or decorate shoelace panels and tongue to your liking. Just remember: No negative space allowed! The less white, the better. So try it! You can do it too… We kitty you not.

Happy Earth Day! It IS Easy Being Green…No, Really

That’s right, children (of Mother Earth). Today, April 22nd, is Earth Day! Since its beginnings in the flower-child era of the 1970s, Earth Day has helped highlight the importance of maintaining a clean and efficient environment and reminded us that we should all be doing our parts to preserve the precious planet that gives us home. So we hope you’ll join us this year in celebrating the Earth by doing something that will contribute to the health of our happy little habitat. We’re not saying you have to go out and plant trees or install solar panels or anything. ‘Cause there are actually TONS of easy, no-cost ways to help the environment, and many of them end up helping you in return. Let us run a few crazy ideas by you…

1. Me, my selfie, and I


Selfies have had one hell of a year, what with A-list celebrities at the Oscars trying to break Twitter and The President showing us that nerds rule (we already knew) with not one but two Science Guys. It was even named the 2013 Word Of The Year by Oxford Dictionaries, so it really shouldn’t surprise you that the selfie movement has even spread to Earth Day. This year, you can participate just by walking outside wherever you are and…

A) Taking a #GlobalSelfie for NASA, who will eventually create a mosaic image of Earth using all the social media photos collected with that hashtag. Even if you’re not that into being green or totally over taking selfies, you gotta admit that this opportunity is hard to pass up. It’s not every day you get to be a part of something so, well, global. And while you’re at it…

B) Capture yourself in some #SelfiesInNature, because ICF International will plant a tree for each shared photo bearing that hashtag this April. See? You can plant trees. And you didn’t even need to roll up your sleeves.

2. April showers bring May flowers droughts, burn energy, hike up your bills, etc.


We’re of course talkin’ the showers you take at home, not the ones that we desperately need here in California (we’ve got a little drought going on). Again, you don’t have to do anything drastic, like swap to a low-flow showerhead. Just make a few changes in your daily showering habits…

A) Use less heat. It requires a lot of energy (mostly fossil-fuel-based energy) for hot water to run hot and then stay hot. You can reduce hot water consumption simply by, duh, using less hot water! Take cooler showers in general, or maybe do it during the day, when it’s warmer and you’re less inclined to push that handle towards the H. Especially with the summer months coming up, we have a feeling that a cool, refreshing rinse would feel way better than a scorching hot shower anyway.

B) Use less water. Help conserve water by limiting your showers to five or ten minutes. Time is money, baby, and you have way more important things to do on your task list than to spend it all in the bathroom. Perhaps even turn off the water while you’re lathering instead of just pushing the showerhead to the side. That’s your cash literally going down the drain when you do that, you know! You can still sing showtunes and make a shampoo mohawk with the water off.


3. Re-use it before you lose it

If you’ve heard The 3 R’s song by Jack Johnson like millions of kids out there, you’ll know that “Reduce, reuse, recycle” has become a mantra in this country when it comes to helping the environment and saving resources. And there are countless ways in our daily lives to turn those three little words into humongous action. Here are some of our faves:

A) One girl’s trash is another girl’s new outfit. Some more R’s we love to live by? Revive, refresh, remodel! Revamp your wardrobe by resurrecting pieces that aren’t seeing the light of day and revitalizing them in a way that’s exciting and new, whether it’s wearing them some fresh, cool way or applying a little DIY design. Go one step further and set up a clothing swap with friends, family, or colleagues. Something of no more use to you could be at the top of someone else’s wish list. And it may surprise you what kind of (trash to) treasures you find in your grandma’s closet. Can you say vintage?


B) Dispose of disposables and start reusing reusables. There’s already way too much trash in this world (insert outrageous reality TV moment here). You can help reduce waste by avoiding items that produce waste. Replace all of those one-and-done plastic water bottles with a single, durable, easy-to-wash thermos. And no more non-biodegradable plastic bags when you’ve got a reusable grocery tote that is way cuter and way more convenient (you’ll be surprised by how much it holds and how much easier it is to fling all your groceries onto one shoulder).

4. The great (so let’s help keep ’em great) outdoors

We can’t really do Earth Day any justice without mentioning some outdoorsy ways to keep Mother Nature as young and beautiful as she was when she was single. Even if some of us would rather stay inside during much of the day. (Hey, don’t judge! When we go outside that mean ol’ sun beats us! Or beats down on us, same diff.)

A) Take a walk on the out side. If more people took to walking and biking, we could greatly reduce air pollution and traffic congestion, two of the ugliest consequences of urban life. Not to mention saving you on gas, the prices of which are rising quickly without an end in sight. And if you must travel in a fuel-powered vehicle, try to make it public transportation or a carpool so that the same emissions can be responsible for bringing multiple people to their desired destination.

B) Put the out in workout. You can piggyback that idea and apply it to your exercise routine as well. Try working out outside instead of at the gym. You’ll reduce the energy needed to power those treadmills and other machines while saving yourself the gas you’d use driving to 24 Hour Fitness in the first place. You could even eliminate those gym bills altogether and keep all that money you would’ve spent throughout the year, and of course no paper bills means fewer dead trees. One less thing for Mother Nature to worry about.

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How To Wear A Bodysuit: A Guide To The One-Piece Wonder

❤️ By Amy Tsai

Us nineties’ kids remember the bodysuit well. Like jelly sandals (those are back too now!) and slap bracelets (sadly these are not, or else we would buy a dozen) the bodysuit was a wardrobe staple, even if it was a pain getting in and out of the girls’ bathroom before recess ended. But you nineties’ babies who didn’t grow up with bodysuits of every color in your closet may not be as familiar with them, having only seen them on your favorite celebrities in magazine spreads or on concert stages, which, let’s face it, may not be as helpful when it comes to real-world application.

Since bodysuits have come back in a big way now, we’ve put together a little guide that will hopefully cast aside any questions you may have and erase those doubts that still linger about wearing them, because yes, you DO need a bodysuit in your life and yes, you CAN pull it off.

So what exactly is a bodysuit?

Celebrities Without Bottoms
A bodysuit is a close-fitting, often stretchy one-piece clothing item that covers the torso and may resemble a bathing suit or a dancer’s leotard. Since its inception, the bodysuit has transformed from basic undergarment (with that gymnast uniform / superhero costume silhouette) to diversified style superstar, its various cuts bedecked and bedazzled for pop princess performances and donned by starlets galore in glamorous magazine editorials.

But you are aware none of those stars are wearing pants. You expect me to go out like that?

We know, we know. It’s kinda hard to wear a bodysuit by itself without looking like you dropped trou somewhere and forgot to pick them back up again. While bodysuits are often shown sans bottoms, which can make them a little intimidating, they are actually made to coexist with other garments and extremely wearable, since you can style them in a multitude of ways.

Okay, so what are some ways to wear a bodysuit?

We’re betting that “how to wear a bodysuit” is an oft-Googled phrase, but really, you can wear a bodysuit like you would any other top. Except it can shine both as the highlight of an outfit and as its infrastructure. Need an example? Here are some of our favorite under-wear looks…

1. Under sheer and open weave tops – Got a holey mesh tank or a completely see-through crochet top that leaves little to the imagination? A bodysuit would be the perfect base.

96808Ace Of Basic Sleeveless Bodysuit / Good Sport Netted Mesh Cut-Out Tank / Chiffon Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse / Vintage High-Waisted Skinnies

2. Under high-waisted bottoms – What’s the point of buying those high-cut jeans if you’re just gonna cover them up with a long top? Show off that extra-high waistline (and/or booty) with a perfectly tucked-in bodysuit.

3. Under cropped tops and tanks with deep-cut sides – Not too keen on exposing your belly or showing that side-boob? But those cropped tops and muscle tanks are sooooo cute… Not to worry. Bodysuits to the rescue!

97042Acid Wash Ladder Back Bodysuit / City Of Love Paris Cropped Tank / Disobey Graphic Muscle Tank / Ankle Length Zipper Skinny Jeans

4. Under wide-leg pants and skater skirts – If you’re going for flowy or flared on the bottom, you should probably try to stay as slim as possible on the top. And no shirt will ever be as close of a fit to your body as a bodysuit. Come on, it says it right in the name.

5. Under kimonos and other statement pieces – We here consider a kimono a top (rather than outerwear); it’s generally the statement piece of an outfit, right? So we definitely don’t want something underneath it that will interfere with the silhouette or look in general. Add a pop of color, maybe, but steal focus, no way. That’s where a solid little bodysuit comes in handy. (If you’re feeling extra daring and your kimono is of a length that is respectable to you, try doing the no-pants thing. Cinch the waist with a belt, and you’ve got a look that’s runway-ready.)

97691Sleek Attack Shiny Leotard Romper / Tropical Perfection Kimono / So Ethereal Crochet Kimono / High-Waisted Ankle Length Jeans

I’m still not convinced. Why should I opt for a bodysuit instead of a plain ol’ shirt?

What a bodysuit has that a regular top doesn’t is that body-hugging effect of being like a second skin, and with that come a ton of benefits…

1. It eliminates bulk – Have you ever tried getting a tucked-in shirt to lay flat? It’s darn near impossible. With more fabric comes the tendency to bunch up, and you cannot wear a tight little pencil skirt or some liquid leather leggings with folds of fabric showing up underneath. And you thought panty lines were bad!

2. It stays put – Even if you do get your shirt to behave, odds are it won’t stay that way. A bodysuit knows its place in your ensemble and stays there until you tell it otherwise.

3. It flatters your body – For those of you who are reading this and thinking “It’s too tight!” (or for the drama queens, “Why would I wrap myself up like a sausage in a skin-tight casing?”) the bodysuit is actually quite slimming. That snug fit is exactly what you want, because it acts as shapewear, holding in what needs to be held in while also accentuating what needs to be shown off.

Fine, but this is like a baby’s onesie. How will I go to the bathroom?

Well, like the best baby’s onesies, most of today’s bodysuits have snap button closures at the crotch. So no, you will not have to peel off your outer garments one by one and hang them all on your stall door just to make a quick stop at the ladies’ room. Simply pull apart and fasten again when you’re done.

I might be a little intrigued now. But how come I don’t see that many people wearing bodysuits if they’re so in?

Celebrities With Bottoms

Bodysuits are actually all over the place. If you’re not seeing them, it’s probably because most of the time they look just like regular tops. Take a gander at the collage above. Yup, alllll bodysuits.

So those stars all wear bodysuits? Huh. Is there one in particular who wears them all the time?


If we had to pick a bodysuit ambassador, it would have to be Rihanna. Girly has one of every kind – basic, striped, netted, mesh, even turtleneck – and rocks them all a million different ways, onstage and on her off days. If you need a bodysuit babe to look up to (and Google) RiRi is it.

Miley Cyrus

(Buuuuut Miley Cyrus comes in at a close second. Her love for bodysuits is just as strong; it’s her love for bottoms that’s a little lacking, as you can see.)

Won’t it be hard to recreate their looks though?

Not at all! Need an example? We’ve done one for you.

Rihanna Outfits

Sheer Thing Paneled Lace Bodysuit / Knee Deep Destroyed Skinny Jeans / Quilted Lace-Up Booties / Leather Brim Snapback / Layered Double Faux Diamond Necklace / Chain Cut-Out Cuff

Okay, okay. You’ve made a believer outta me. How do I start?

We thought you’d never ask. (That’s not true. We knew you would.) Just click away, baby.

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88889 97800 96776 95256


95445 97043 97101 95442

5 Types Of Rompers That’ll Save You Time

Do you ever have that dilemma in the morning where you don’t quite know what to wear? You know, the one where you finally settle on a top only to realize that the bottoms to match are in the wash. So you do a little more digging and find out all of your bottoms are MIA. As a result, you’re running around the house (pantless) like a Cali girl at a Wildfox sample sale. Sigh, the sartorial struggle is so real, ladies, which is why we found the perfect go-to piece for those not-so-glamorous mornings of playing Where The Hell Are My (insert lost garment here). It’s a little something called a romper.

By definition, a romper is 1.) A person or a thing that romps. Okay, we’ll take that, but more importantly, it’s 2.) A loose one-piece garment combining a shirt or blouse and short, bloomerlike pants, worn by young children. Woah, before you get all cray-cray on us because you’re a “grown woman,” let’s not forget that it’s also 3.) a similar garment worn by women and girls for sports, leisure activity, etc. Almost got you there, didn’t we?:) In a nutshell, it’s a top attached to a bottom that you can just slip on and go, day or night. Do we really need to say more?

So the next time you’re having a fashion fumble, bust out a trusty romper and continue on with your day. We promise it’ll give you that extra five minutes to grab an iced chai tea latte or finally give you a chance to chat with the hottie next door (you can thank us later).

Are you ready to give this new take on a wardrobe staple a shot? Take some style tips from several hand selected fashionistas (courtesy of Pinterest) and check out our list of…

5 types of rompers that’ll save you time:

Untitled-11. Pixelated 8 Bit Printed Romper, 2. Mixed Feelings Romper, 3. Abstract Brushstrokes Lacy Romper

Be A Print-cess: We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: don’t be afraid of prints! Whether it’s floral, chevron, or abstract, it will work on your romper. Just take it easy with everything else (say it with us: less is more).

Untitled-21. Scalloped Peek-A-Boo Romper, 2. Take The Plunge Romper, 3. Forget Your Ex Romper

In With The Bold: If today is the day that you’re finally going to ask your co-worker out for drinks or your boss for a little more time on that project, go bold. Your goal is to make a statement, so why not have an outfit to match? Hint: add a black blazer and some heels for something a little more work appropriate.

Untitled-31. Rock N Sugar Lace Romper, 2.Embrace The Lace Teddy Romper, 3. Lacy Romance Romper

Ace It In Lace: If you’re still not convinced that rompers are sexy, just add lace. When you see him swoon over those traces of skin underneath, you’ll both be wondering why you didn’t slip one on sooner.

Untitled-41. On The Grid Organza Romper, 2. Sleek Your Mind Plunging Romper, 3. Basic Surplice Romper

#LBR: You’ve heard of a little black dress, but what about a little black romper? For your next #GNO, switch out your go-to #LBD for a just-as-sexy #LBR to change things up a bit.

Untitled-5 1. Drawstring You In Chambray Romper, 2. MVP Hooded French Terry Romper, 3. Keep It Simple Romper

Dress It Down: It’s Lazy Sunday, and you want to pull off that I-woke-up-like-this look, like Beyonce? We’re right there with you. Slip on a basic romper (cotton, terry, denim, etc.) and have at it. The best thing about this kind of romper is that the possibilities are endless.

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Spring Has Sprung! 6 Dresses, 6 Destinations

Ahh. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the air is all kinds of fresh. And while the weather has been mighty unpredictable as of late, one thing is for certain today: Thursday, March 20, 2014, officially marks the First Day of Spring. So whether you actually have a spring break or you’re just happy that the sun is still out after work hours, you finally get to bust out that ol’ spring to-do list that you created months ago (you know, the one that you carved into your frozen window pane).

But wait, before you walk out of the house in your T-shirt and sweatpants again (frumpterable is in, we get it), take it from us and show off those gams instead. After all, nothing says spring like a fun and flirty frock. To help you get a head start on what’s waiting for you outdoors, here are six different dresses for six different springtime destinations. Word of advice: get out there now because who knows how long this glorious weather will last. Here’s to hoping that Mother Nature really got it together this time!

1. Tropical Thunder Pleated Floral Dress, 2. Painted Blossom Crossback Dress, 3. To A T-Strap Crochet Dress, 4. Floral Spray Cross Back Dress, 5. Crochet Way Back Denim Skater Dress, 6. Floral Noir Crisscross Dress

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Queen Of The Crop: How To Wear A Cropped Top (Without Showing Too Much Skin)

Lately, with the days getting longer (y’all did turn your clocks forward, right?), the hems, inevitably, are getting shorter, and we’re not just talking miniskirts and cut-off shorts. No, no, the same thing is happening up top, pun totally intended. Now while a cropped top may seem like a pretty body-restrictive garment (we don’t all have washboard abs, Zac Efron!), in reality it’s a lot more versatile than you think. You don’t actually need a flat tummy to wear the revealing piece. You know why? ‘Cause you don’t need to bare your belly at all.

Sure, the cropped top may have initially been created with a spring-break-woo-hoo type of look in mind, but it actually functions perfectly fine in the realm of everyday attire. You really can wear one anywhere/anytime, and you won’t even have to think about your little battle with the bulge. Don’t believe us? Well, we’ve put together some of our favorite ways to wear a cropped top without showing too much skin – the cream of the crop, if you will. Take a look. Maybe tonight you can skip some of those crunches and still be the queen of the crop.

Prep Talk
1. Semi-Sheer Button-Up Blouse, 2. Join The Panels Flared Denim Skirt, 3. Back In Straps Cropped Top

Prep Talk – Come on. Has Cher Horowitz ever steered us wrong? As if! So take a cue from the fashion-forward-even-back-in-the-nineties Clueless girls and wear your cropped top over a button-down blouse for that preciously preppy, put-together look. A splendid solution for that impossibly see-through button-up you haven’t been able to wear out yet, which will pair especially well with a top that has a little bit of structure.

High And Waisted

1. Satin Bra Top, 2. Pod Luck Dolman Sweatshirt Cardigan, 3. Totally Tartan High-Waisted Pencil Skirt

High And Waisted – A cropped top may leave your mid-section all out and about, but wear it with a high-waisted piece and your beautiful (or bountiful?) belly can go back into hiding. You, on the other hand, will be happy to show yourself off, since in this flattering silhouette you’ll be nothing but legs, baby. And that perfect, peekaboo sliver of skin that remains will have you looking like you just stepped off of a spring runway.

Take Up Arms
1. Cross Your Tee Cropped Top, 2. Slip Away Strappy Cami Maxi Dress

Take Up Arms – What do you do when you’re freezing your ass arms off in a sleeveless dress that you don’t want to cover up with a big ol’ jacket? Normally it’s a shrug to the rescue, right? But a long-sleeved cropped top can serve the exact same purpose. And we think this is even better since it can also provide some additional structural or decorative detail to the front, as is the case with the crossover top shown above.

Overall Winner
1. Painted Floral Cropped Top, 2. Acid Wash Overalls

Overall Winner – Another winning combination? Cropped tops and overalls. Jumpers really don’t allow you much bulk underneath, so the itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny cropped top is the perfect under-wear. The pinafore top (just a fancy way to say “apron”) gives you quite a bit of coverage up front while still letting you bare a little skin on the sides. Plus, a bright color or a blooming print can add some extra pop to your entire look.

One-Two Punch
1. Tied Together 4Ever Cropped Top, 2. Harnessed Surplice Dress

One-Two Punch – And finally, a cropped top can be worn over a dress for a convertible two-piece look. You’ll look like you’ve donned a shirt-skirt combo, but if you feel like an instant constume change, all you have to do is slip off the top. Talk about an easy transition from day to night! Choose a cropped top with some cool detailing to add a little sumpin’-sumpin’ to the dress underneath. And then voila! Queen of the crop.

Shop cropped tops and more at!

rung-number-ladder-sleeve-cropped-top-4 pretty-in-plaid-lace-trim-shell-top-484737-olive-91petal-perfection-cropped-tank-4 84093-ivory-39 pep-lum-talk-strappy-cropped-top-2  82415-fuchsia-91 good-sport-mesh-bustier-top-4 87791-coral-4896965-blackwhite-6 95114-neonorange-1 90813-ivory-91

How do you like to wear your cropped tops? We wanna know!

Microtrend: Be A Good Sport

Thought the days of phys ed and organized sports were long gone? Ha, think again. Huddle up, ladies! There’s a new trend on the field, and she’s taking cues from our glory days as MVP. Okay, so we weren’t exactly MVP, but we did enjoy wearing our boyfriend’s varsity football jacket and get excited about a new soccer jersey every season (eh, close enough).

From baseball caps to joggers to track shorts to lucky number jerseys, we think it’s safe to say that the sporty luxe trend is in full effect. Who doesn’t love an anyone-can-do trend that flawlessly takes shape day or night? Plus, it totally gives you a legit reason to steal some duds from your boyfriend. If you’re still not sure you have what it takes, not to worry, girl; you’ve got a pep squad cheering you on (us) and sartorial inspiration from some heavy hitting game changers below. Readyyyy, break!

Photos courtesy of Song Of Style, Pinterest,

Shop the sporty-luxe trend @!

50 Shades of Green: What to Wear on St. Patrick’s Day!

Where are you gonna be on Monday, March 17, 2014? We bet we can guess! You’ll be drankin’. You’ll be drankin’… (Beyonce voice). As a child, you might have spent St. Patrick’s day at school, decorating four leaf clover cookies with green sprinkles, but now as an adult, you’re probably more likely to be spending it sprinkling your local bar’s bathroom floor with green puke. But one thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the dress code. Basically, if you’re not gonna wear green, you better be prepared to scream…in agonizing pain when your jackass friends start pinching you. Since bruises don’t go very well with this season’s hottest trends, we figure it’s best to avoid the whole ordeal by showing the Irish some love in our best green outfits. Whether your favorite shade of green is olive, melon, or lime, you’re bound to fall in love with one of these looks.

Melon-Baller1Ka-Bloom Floral Cropped TopHigh-Waisted Faux Leather ShortsZigzag Faux Leather WatchDainty Faux Jewel Ring SetGimme Five Chunky Faux Wood Platforms

Mint-to-Be1Strappy Days Jogger JumpsuitInto The Wooden Platform HeelsStone N Chain EarringsHolographic Lens Aviator Sunglasses

Neon-Ya-Business1Psychedelic Burst LeggingsOverlapped Surplice Cropped TeeDo Slit Down Lace-Up Cut-Out BootsSemi Spike My Interest BeanieNYX Butter LipstickHair Chalk Bites

Lime-Fun1Lady In Leather ShortsLady In Leather Bustier Cropped TopWrap Genius Studded Jeweled SandalsHave A Ball Chain Fringe BagMesh Chain Bracelet

Olive-A-Sudden1Camo BodysuitAnywhere Anytime Pencil SkirtShiny Medallion Mini Satchel HandbagVelvet N Chain NecklaceGeometrically Yours Booties

Shop More Green Goodies @

Okay, so maybe we exaggerated. We may not have fifty shades of green, but five is pretty darn close to fifty. It’s like only missing a zero!

Denim Talk: One Pair Of Jeans, Three Outfits

Pop quiz! Name the ultimate go-to staple piece that everyone should have at least one (or five) of in their closet. No, not that rhinestone encrusted T-shirt with your boo’s name on it (toss it). No, not those cropped and flared gaucho pants from circa early 2000s either (gross). Anything? Give up? A pair of plain ol’ denim, that’s what! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that a great pair of jeans can go with literally every single top in your closet. The best thing about ’em? There are so many different styles to choose from! If you lookin’ for some assistance in the versatility department, take a seat and listen–er, keep reading. Here it is, right here, right now: three different outfits, three different events, one pair of jeans. This time around, we chose a pair of trusty high-waisted skinny jeans to style. This ain’t witchcraft, ladies. We pinkie promise.

Glam Rock Girl –

You just scored tickets to a 30 Seconds To Mars concert, and you’re not sure what to wear? Start warming up your vocal chords (ya know, to sing with the band) and pair your high-waisted skinny jeans with some combat boots and a comfy, fashion-forward tank. Just don’t forget to add the right amount of edge, like a spiky statement piece necklace, a studded beanie, and a pop of color clutch.


1. Who Cares Muscle Tank, 2. Spike My Interest Beanie, 3. All Angles Hexagon Clutch, 4. Zipping Around Combat Boots, 4. High-Waisted Skinny Jeans, 5. Tribal Flat Spoke Wire Necklace

Alluring Accomplice –

It’s your BFF’s birthday bash, so of course you’ve accepted the role of being her right hand woman for the evening. Step up to the plate and pair your high-waisted skinnies with a pair of nude pumps, a flowy and feminine blouse, and some statement accessories (and lip color) to compliment the look. After all, they don’t call you a super sexy sidekick for nothing!


1. Brace Yourself Slit Sleeve Blouse, 2. The Jewels Bib Necklace, 3. Crochet Overlay Floral Print Clutch, 4. Textured Mary Jane Platform Heels, 5. High-Waisted Skinny Jeans, 6. NYX Butter Lipstick

Flea Market Chic –

Going to a flea market (or shopping altogether) is a fashion show in and of itself. You gotta look your best, but your outfit should look like it took two minutes to assemble (the struggle is real, girls). Pair your high-waisted skinnies with a simple bodysuit, a kimono, and some chunky heels. Don’t stop there though; some simple accessories, like a layered necklace and a fringe tote, should complete the effortless look.


1. Tribal Element Fringe Kimono, 2. Close Fit Short Sleeve Body Suit, 3. Spike N Stud Layered Necklace, 4. High-Waisted Skinny Jeans 5. Pardon My Fringe Handbag, 6. Hi Scale Chunky Faux Wood Platforms

Shop more denim styles @!

High-Waisted Acid Wash Jeans Hole Lot To Love Destroyed JeansHave you checked out these? Hole Lotta Leg Acid Washed Jeans

On To The Next Shoe: Take Your Outfit From Day To Night

If you’re anything like us, then you know what it’s like to be a girl on the go. Brunch with your BFFs in the morning, class and studying in the late afternoon, and a hot date in the evening (not to mention a gym sesh every now and then, too). #LBH, busy girls like us have it rough sometimes! But the hustle stops here. Yup, we’re about to make your life a little easier, fashionably speaking. We’ve got three different outfits that will take you from day to night with the switch of a shoe. Pay close attention, ladies, because we’re only going to share this with you once.

City Life

1. Love Em To Slits Flats, 2. Diamond In The Ruffle Textured Dress, 3. Album Cover Square Handbag, 4. Feeling Fancy Necklace Set, 5. Velvet Vixen Heels

City Life – After a long day at your new fashion gig, the last thing you want to do is head home to change your outfit. If you’ve got after work plans, we recommend slipping on a statement shift dress and a glamorous necklace for a look that will easily transition over to the evening. Shoe-vice: Wear fashion-forward flats during work hours and then change into cut-out heels before you meet up with your man for dinner.


1. Plate It Cool Leopard Flats, 2. No Stress Distressed Boyfriend Jeans, 3. Zippy Mandarin Collar Blouse, 4. Chain-ge It Up Faux Leather Purse, 5. Hit The Bar Plated Strappy Heels

Homebody – You’re finally home for the weekend, so why not spend the day catching up with your family? After all, there’s no place like home! Take it from us, a flowy blouse and a pair of boyfriend jeans is the perfect transitional outfit. Shoe-vice: Wear a pair of fierce and ferosh flats in the day (we’re sure you’d love to make your sis a little shoe envious) and then slip into something strappy and stiletto before hosting a mini reunion for your high school buds in the evening.

Shop Girl

1. Single Girl Chunky Heels, 2. Surplice Front Woven Blouse, 3. Luxe Tux Laux Leather Pants,  4. Glitz And Grunge Snap Bracelet, 5. Structured Build Faux Leather Purse, 6. Fan Out Faux Nubuck Lace-Up Booties

Shop Girl – Obvi, one of our favorite things to do is go shopping on our downtime, even if it’s just for an hour or two (or seven). If you’ve got somewhere to be after, we recommend donning something sleek, sexy, and all black (black is totes the new black). Shoe-vice: Wear a low, chunky heel that you can rush from store to store in and then slip into a tall pair of leg lengthening booties for your evening plans.

Shop more day to night outfits at GoJane!

Luxe Is In The Air: Valentine’s Day Inspiration

It’s almost that time of the year again. You know, that day when you realize you’re either crazy in love or insanely bitter about a previous break-up. Whether you love or hate the faux holiday, you should know that Valentine’s Day (AKA Single Awareness Day) is just around the corner.

If you’re Facebook official with your significant other, good for you. We hope he or she is planning an oh-so-special day that you deserve. If you’re flyin’ solo, don’t take it personal. This is the perfect excuse for a single ladies bash with your best buds (TFTI!).  Wherever the day takes you and whatever look you’re going for, we’re here to help you look your best smokin’ HOT. So quit lip lockin’ or moping around for a second and get to shopping! Need a little outfit inspiration? We’ve got you covered.

ComfyCasual11. Essential Sweater Beanie, 2. Game Night Lettermans Jacket, 3. Racy Satin Surplice Bodysuit, 4. Double Zippered Faux Leather Wristlet, 5. Ankle Skinnies 6. Spiked Cap Toe Flats


1. Pearl Queen Necklace Set, 2. Quilt Trip Clutch, 3. Great Bloomer Cropped Shell Top, 4. Great Bloomer Full Skater Skirt, 5. Twinkly Toes Ankle Strap Heels

ade1. Need For Speed Vest, 2. Fit To A T-Back Cami Shift Dress, 3. Petal Pusher Ruffled Clutch, 4. Put A Hexagon On You Bracelet, 5. Python Dream Corset Heels

Find these looks and more @ GoJane!






What To Wear: Super Sunday 2014 Football Party

Let’s start off this post by stating that we aren’t the biggest football fanatics, so the jock talk is going to be a bit on the weaker side. (The only thing we know about defensive lines is that it’s best to avoid a mob of punky-hipster chicks at a Dimepiece sample sale.) We are, however, fashion fanatics, which made styling this football-inspired post super duper fun. We’re four days away from the biggest game of the year. And whether or not you’re a fan of the sport, we’d bet a zillion dollars that you have plans to watch the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos tear each other up!

So don’t forget to: bring your famous seven-layer bean dip, drink lots of water in preparation for the dehydration that will ensue after hours of beer pong, and get gussied up in a fun little number that says, “Hey! I may not know (or care) what a ‘dimeback’ is…but I dooooo know how to look like a dime piece!”

(We’re pretty sure Dimeback is a tribute band for that awesome 90s alternative band Nickelback! Makes sense, right?)

Check out our game-winning outfits and catch a glimpse of our models hamming it up in their favorite team’s colors.

Super Sunday: XLVIII

Seahawks VS Broncos

 Super Bowl 2014 StyleSuper Bowl 2014 StylegoJane Super Bowl Football StyleSuper Bowl 2014 StyleSuper Bowl 2014 Style

Super Bowl 2014 Style

Get this Seattle Seahawks inspired look @

Seattle Seahawks Style 

Get this Denver Broncos inspired look @

Go Broncos!M88 Baseball Tee Velveteen Combat BootsVarsity Knee-High SocksDistressed Knit BeanieAcid Wash Shorts

Still not sure about what you’re going to wear to your big gameday party? Visit for all things varsity, jersey, and super sporty!

Which team are you rooting for? What’s your favorite part of the Super Sunday experience?

It’s A Mad Plaid World: Ways To Wear Tartan

As classic as blue jeans and as essential as an LBD, the plaid shirt is a universal piece that belongs in every closet, whether the owner of that closet is man, woman, child, or stylish beast. The pattern itself is time-honored and perenially trendy, continually showing its pretty face on runways as that season’s “latest” craze.

With the way we feel about prints in general (uh, love them, duh), you best believe we’re mad for plaid over here, but we also understand how balancing the intricate, multi-hued pattern with anything other than a pair of jeans can seem like a daunting task. In reality, plaid is as versatile as it is trusty. Here we take a flannel button-up and show you some of our favorite ways to wear tartan…

Lumber Jane

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Lace Base Mary Jane Pumps, 3. Denim Cut-Out Grommet Dress, 4. Animal Kingdom Clutch, 5. All Knit Up Pom-Pom Beanie

Lumber Jane – Flannel may be part of the lumberjack uniform, but you can take the Brawny Man out of plaid by pairing it with girlier items, like lace and tulle, or by choosing something with a flirty silhouette (a cropped top and peplum skirt would definitely do the trick).

Play Peekaboo

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Waffle Stitch Crew Neck Sweater, 3. High-Waisted Distressed Jeans, 4. Spiked Cap Toe Flats, 5. Perfectly Perforated Handbag

Play Peekaboo – Not ready to be as clad in plaid as Cher and Dionne in Clueless? Use your tartan shirt as a layering piece, or just find some plaid accessories. Add visual interest to any outfit by incorporating a plaid scarf, finishing it with foldover boots, or simply by letting your collar and cuffs come out to play.

Out And About

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Button Up Denim Dress, 3. Ladder Strap Platform Wedges, 4. Jeweled Mosaic Bangle Set, 5. Double Zippered Faux Leather Wristlet

Out And About – Button it up and you have a shirt, but what have you got if you leave it open? Outerwear! The flannel shirt can also be an easy throw-on jacket, which, as well as color and print, wraps you in a little warmth. (Of course you could always go with some actual plaid outerwear.)

Tie One On

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Satin Bra Top, 3. Quilted Cropped Bomber Jacket, 4. Acidic High-Waisted Shorts, 5. Zipping Around Combat Boots

Tie One On – The easiest way to wear plaid? Simply tie a shirt around your waist. The look is relaxed and effortless, not to mention grunge chic, and once again you get that color and pattern injected into your look. But if that’s still too much work? Go with faux! Yeah. We did that.

Pattern Maker

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Sparkly Boucle Cropped Top, 3. Camouflage Denim Shorts, 4. Chain Of Heart Charm Necklace, 5. In Combat Textured Boots

Pattern Maker – Sure, plaid can pack a punch, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t play well with others. Don’t be afraid to let it mingle. A classic print like tartan is practically a solid and can stand the test of cohabitation. Match colors, vary scales, and you’re sure to find something that works.

Shop the trend at!

23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt Keep Tabs Combat Boots Tartan Plaid Cut-Out Dress Tartan Cropped TopLong Run Faux Fur Trim Jacket Plaid Rush Wire Headband Faux Leather Full Combat Boots Furry Windowpane VestPretty In Plaid Lace Trim Shell Top Tie It Up Plaid Skirt Crisscross Cropped Sweater Mad Plaid World Fringe Scarf 01Lace-Up Leather Combat Boots Highland Tartan Skirt Rad In Plaid Leggings Check Pashmina ScarfQuilted Tartan Bomber Jacket Raving Plaid Knee-High Socks Mad For Plaid Skinnies Tartan Cuff Military BootsMad For Plaid Crinkled Scarf Tartan Peplum Skirt Wide Open Arms Lounge Pants Brushed Flannel Plaid Scarf

What’s your favorite way to rock plaid? We wanna know…

DIY: Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween always seems to sneak up on us while we’re busy enjoying pumpkin lattes and fall clothes. But if you don’t have a costume yet, don’t panic! We have some perfect last minute ideas that are a cinch to pull together. And the best part? You add the clothes to your regular closet after the spooky holiday instead of the box of miscellaneous, useless things under your bed. Khaleesi’s maxi dress is perfect for throwing on in warmer weather, Miley’s swim bottoms take you right to the pool, and Uhura’s outfit can divide and conquer. Or be worn as a matching set, which is totally on trend right now. So set your iPod to Monster Mash and get ready to do some shopping!

Khaleesi (The Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones)

Kahleesi use
Overlapped double slit maxi dress, fully strapped gladiator sandals

Miley Cyrus (Wrecking Ball Video)

miley use
Glossy bikini brief, full combat faux leather boots, ribbed tank

Uhura (from Star Trek)

uhura use
Colorblock cropped top, colorblock knit skirt, messing with metal booties, space jam holographic clutch

And just for fun…

Summer of Color: Purple-Eyed Beauty

Forget black eyeliner! This summer, we’re making an effort to inject color into our wardrobes and beauty routines in places we may never have thought to use it before. Starting with those pretty peepers. It’s simple- just line your eyes the way you usually would. But this time around, try using a colorful eyeliner. We used a thick and creamy purple eyeliner to create our awesomely chunky, colorful cat eye. You like?


GoJane’s got tons of colorful liners for you to choose from:

Get these at GoJane: NYX Slim Eye Pencil, NYX Studio Liquid Liner, NYX Retractable Eye Liner

Tip: If you don’t have colorful eye liner, use lip liner. Just dab some primer on your lids to keep the lip liner from smudging or sticking to your lids. You can also use a super pigmented creme shadow and a brush to create the same funky look.

For more beauty how-to’s, troll some of our MUA Kitty Kat’s past beauty posts.


Are you diggin’ our bright idea?

DIY: Gatsby Inspired Makeup

We previously explored the fashion and style of the new film release of The Great Gatsby in an awesome post last week (read it here). And now we’ve created a glamorous, and super easy beauty routine inspired by the Gatsby era. Check out the two must-have products that will make this look a cinch!

Get It @ GoJane: NYX mascara (in black), NYX lip smacking lipstick (in bruised)vintage inspired earrings

The key here is to focus on a dark, berry hued lip, and simple, clean eyes.  Layer on dark mascara, and slick on a dark lipstick of choice. If you want a complete 20s era look, finish off the look by barrel curling your hair and brushing it out for smooth, voluminous hair.

DIY: Dripping Manicure

Usually when you get a mani, the goal is to prevent your nails from dripping or getting banged up. This time, it’s all about the drip. This super fun mani is a cinch to do at home, and we love that it looks like a can of paint spilled and perfectly trickled down the top of your nails. The best part? You can get totally creative and mix any colors you want. Let your nails be your artistic canvas!

513_diynails_01 513_diynails_02 513_diynails_03

P.S. You can shop GoJane to find the perfect polish!

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