Style Crush: Kimbra

The second we heard Kimbra belt out a verse on Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know,” we were in love. She has got some serious pipes, and we were excited to see she had some serious style, too. Really, how could a woman who just goes by her first name not be fabulous? With her incredibly eclectic sense of style, we’re crushing big time.

You can find floral dresses, moto jackets, and booties to replicate Kimbra’s looks on the GoJane site.

2013 Academy Awards: Magnificent Music and Gorgeous Gowns Galore

Holy smokes. The 85th Academy Awards last night was definitely a night to remember. From a pretty stellar performance about boobs by Seth McFarlane to Ben Affleck’s fastest acceptance speech ever, the whole thing had us mesmerized. Not to mention all the gorgeous gowns and cleaned-up men. We may have been drooling a little during the entire show. In case you missed it, here are a few of our highlights!

What was your favorite moment or outfit from The Oscars?

Happy Birthday, Drew Barrymore!

She’s been a hard drinking, chain smoking Lolita, a fairy tale princess, a victim of high school bullying and a hopeless romantic with short-term memory loss- whoa, this girl has done it all! Drew Barrymore is one of the most iconic stars of our generation and we’re hoping to see her super sweet disposition and wide range of personalities win over the next crop of angsty teenage girls. Happy 37th birthday, Drew! GoJane loves you!

What is your favorite Drew Barrymore movie?

Inspiration Gallery: Badass Braids

It’s time you jumped on this braided bandwagon thing. Why? This timeless hairstyle has stood the test of time, and it’s showing no sign of ever going away. We know what you’re thinking. Braids are sooooo grade school. Yes, braids can be a mommy go-to or a simple solution to bad hair days. But they can also be something extravagant and creative. Today’s braids are all about layers, accessories, structure, and updated techniques such as the waterfall braid. Take a look at the photo gallery below, and we’re sure you’ll find a braided style that’s all you and maybe then some!

Which braided hairstyle are you dying to try out?

Happy Birthday, Rihanna!

Rihanna is easily one of our favorite celebrity style chameleons. She can rock the heck out of a girly gown with classic hair and makeup, then go grunge with denim, leather, and a fauxhawk the next day. And she makes it all look good. Not to mention her ever-growing list of amazing hit songs! So happy quarter of a century, RiRi! And cheers to many more iconic style moments and albums to come.

2013 Grammy Awards: Comebacks, Dress Code Rebels & Prince

Oh, The Grammys- you’re just too much! The 55th Annual Grammy Award Show was full of musical collaborations, comebacks from people we thought were forever done with the music scene, and a lot of freaky celebratory antics.

Here are our highlights:

  • Miguel & Whiz Khalifa’s performance of “Adorn” was dang sexy (mostly on Miguel’s part)
  • Kelly Clarkson’s drunk very enthusiastic acceptance speech
  • Johnny Depp doing his transient-chic thing (and looking fine as usual)
  • Justin Timberlake’s very “rat-packish” performance of “Suit & Tie” with BFF, Jay Z
  • Sting & the crew getting real irie during their Bob Marley tribute (did you see dem long dreads?)
  • Frank Ocean’s quirky ways (“little kids in tuxes” acceptance speech & “Forest Gump” performance)
  • JLo’s leg-baring dress was amazing, but very Angelina Jolie circa so last year
  • Katy Perry’s “va-va-boob” dress
  • Jay-Z throwing shade all over The-Dream’s “swamp meet” hat
  • Jack White’s creepy all-girl band doing their polygamist thing on stage
  • Carrie Underwood’s psychedelic performance of “Blown Away” (ooh, light show!)
  • Prince’s swaggy strut across the stage (with a cane) to present “Best Record of the Year” to a very starstruck Gotye & Kimbra
  • The show should’ve ended there (with Prince)! Sorry LL Cool J & company #nodisrespect (love you Tom Morello, you killed it!)

What did you think of last nights Grammys? What was your favorite part?

For a complete list of winners, click here.

2013 Grammy Awards: Our Predictions for Music’s Big Night

Unlikely anthems, possible one-hit wonders, and Skrillex? Yeah, this year’s Grammy Awards managed to cover all their bases. For those who aren’t in the know, this year’s awards will take place this Sunday (yes, we’ll be doing a recap) and LL Cool J is hosting. Other important info?  Jay-Z and Kanye West managed six nods each, Gotye is still riding high from last year’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”,  and some of our fave divas, including Adele, Jennifer Lopez, and Katy Perry, will be in attendance.  And while we know who will be there, as well as who’s nominated (check out the full list here), there is something we don’t know: who will go home with a trophy. But we do have some pretty good guesses. Check out our predictions and make sure to let us know who you think will win.

What do you think of our predictions? Who are you rooting for?

Super Bowl 2013: Fashionable Highlights, Funny Commercials & Hot Players

If you’re looking for a summary of Sunday’s Super Bowl game, then you’re in the wrong place, sweetie. Football isn’t a topic I’m too well-versed in and I hate to be that one girl who tries to impress the boys with half-heartened knowledge of sports. But if all you seek is a collage of some of the best Super Bowl fashions, hot football players and brief mention of (what we found to be) the most entertaining Super Bowl commercials- then please, do come in.

Our thoughts:

  • Beyonce (and her hair) killed it!
  • Kelly almost gave Beyonce something to worry about
  • Michelle…oh poor Michelle
  • Alicia was definitely NOT lip synching
  • Jennifer Hudson looks amazing! #TeamWeightWatchers
  • That quarterback for San Fransisco (although disappointed on the field) gave us something to drool over
  • The Superdome’s lighting engineers must be in soooo much trouble right now! #blackout #fail
  • That GoDaddy Kiss was disturbing, yet really cool
  • Zoe Saldana wearing Louboutins? #die
  • That Budweiser “Clydesdale” commercial had me crying like a little…
  • You quiero old people! #tacobell

Your thoughts:

Did you have more fun watching the game, munching on game day goodies or winning at your own game of flip-cup?

Throwback Thursday: Destiny’s Child

Did you guys hear that Destiny’s Child is reuniting for the Superbowl? Um… yeah, we’ve kind of been having a Destiny’s Child dance party for the past week, and when we’re not doing that, we’re totes poring over pictures of our fave independent women looking ferosh in matching ensembles. Wanna join us? Then turn up some DC and start clicking!

Are you gonna watch the Superbowl this year? Who are you rooting for?

2013 SAG Awards: Red Carpet Fashion and Memorable Moments

Sunday night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards was full of fun, fashion, and heartfelt speeches from award-winning actors. Jennifer Lawrence’s wardrobe malfunction aside, everyone pretty much looked amazing. In case you missed the show, here are a few of our favorite looks and hilarious moments!

Who do you think was best dressed at the SAG Awards this year?

Happy Birthday, Alicia Keys!

If you looked up the definition of cool in the dictionary, you’d probably find a picture of Alicia Keys. The singer/songwriter has had us hooked on her catchy melodies, empowering lyrics, and fashion-forward sense of style for years. Needless to say, we were pretty excited to hear that she’ll be singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl this year.

So happy 32nd birthday, Alicia! Here’s to 32 more years of amazing performances and smooth style.

Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama

With her penchant for bold hues and flirty prints, Michelle Obama is a modern day fashion icon. At 49, the FLOTUS still manages to impress us on the daily, and we love how she’s always willing to wear her fave looks repeatedly. Anyways, happy birthday, Michelle Obama!

Want in on Michelle Obama’s awesome sense of style? We suggest shimmying into a sheath dress and a pair of classic pumps

Happy Birthday, Kate Moss!

Today, Kate Moss is celebrating her 39th birthday. Although looking at her, you’d never know it. Here’s to many more years of style and beauty from one of our all-time favorite models!

Photo c/o Pinterest.

Shop for Kate’s famous leather moto jacket or button-up looks on the GoJane site.

2013 Golden Globes: Red Carpet Fashion, Show Stoppers & After Party Madness

Trend Alert: Lions

Remember when we were all excited because we realized how freaking easy it was to copy Rihanna’s look? Our fave piece of her standout look was a chain link necklace with a lion charm. We should have known that the Barbados beauty’s fierce accessory was a hint as to what was to come. Specifically, lions are kind of a big deal this year, and as such, we had our stylist pick out six pieces that are super hot right now. Take a look and let us know what you think, okay?

1. oversized lion hoop earrings, 2. faux leather lion bracelet, 3. lion ring , 4. tribal square lion necklace, 5. embellished cap-toe flats, and 6. lion ring

What was your fave piece? Why?

How To: Britney’s “Scream & Shout” Hair

Fans of the BIG HAIR, DON’T CARE movement rejoice! The artist formerly known as “Bald Britney” has shown everyone that her no-hair-having-days are long gone. She’s embracing her regrowth and some of the finest quality hair extensions a pop princess can buy, and she’s taking this hair thing to a whole new level. If you haven’t already seen the video for Will.I.Am’s latest release, “Scream and Shout,” featuring Brit Brit, well then you’re missing out on the best blond bouffant since Brigitte Bardot’s iconic, sixties hairdo. And of course, staying true to our mission of jocking all things Britney, we’re gonna show you gals how to achieve this kickass bouffant hairstyle without the help of any additional hair pieces. All you’ll need are some basic skills, everyday bathroom essentials, and a whole lot of upper body strength. Warning: lots of teasing ahead…

Model is wearing: headband, cropped top & acid wash shorts

What you’ll need:

Materials: fine tooth comb, hair clip, head band & hair spray


Start with hair that was washed the previous day.

Tip: Dirty hair is easier to style because the light build-up helps the hair hold shape.

Section your hair off into a rectangle. Start at your temples and move back to the crown of your head.

Clip that rectangle section of hair off to the front.

Take a 1 inch section of hair from your loose hair and spray with hairspray, starting from the root and working halfway up toward your ends.

Place your comb at the halfway mark and comb down towards your roots (towards your head). Repeat about 5 times, creating a matted mess.

The teased section of hair should be standing upright at the roots.

Release the hair from the clip and grab another 1 inch section. Repeat the teasing procedure until you have teased half of the rectangle.

At the halfway mark, take the sides of your teased hair and fan it out like a rainbow. Continue teasing 1 inch sections of the remaining rectangle and fanning out each section.

When you are done teasing all of the hair that was originally in the rectangle, smooth out the top layer of hair by lightly running your comb through it. Your hair should resemble a lion’s mane.

Take your headband and firmly press it back from your forehead to the top of your head.

It’s Britney, Bitch!

Trendy Celebrities are Layering Up

Summer may be long gone, but several celebrities and fashionistas have figured out how to wear their favorite summer styles in cooler temperatures. Of course, you could always add a coat, but that would cover up your pretty dress! Instead, try layering a button-up shirt, blouse, or tee under your favorite frocks. It will give your dress a cool-weather vibe that will keep you feeling warm and looking stylish. Here are a few of our favorite celebs rocking the layered trend.

How do you layer your dresses for cooler weather?

P.S. You can shop for the perfect layering shirts on the GoJane site!

Quick Fix: Denim Jumpsuit

Remember when we were seriously bragging about Rihanna following our lead stylist on Instagram? A few of you were asking about Andie’s denim jumpsuit, and guess what we just got in? Hint: it begins with ‘A’ and ends with ‘ndie’s denim jumpsuit’.  Wanna snag this must-have piece? Click here.

Highlights: 2013 Grammy Nomination Concert

Things worth mentioning:

  • Adam Levine looking hawt as heck in his all black ensemble. Oh to have been that fitted polo shirt.
  • Taylor Swift beatboxing as LL Cool J sang a hip-hop version of her hit single, “Mean.” We must add that Miss Swift adorably tried, but ended up sounding like her mouth had a bad case of gas.
  • We’re dubbing Fun. as the best dressed. The trio looked quite dapper in their choice of color combinations and slim fitting suits.
  • Top nominees: Frank Ocean, Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, Fun., Jay-Z, Mumford & Sons, and Kanye West. Receiving six nominations each.
  • Record of the Year nominees: Lonley Boy (The Black Keys), Stronger (Kelly Clarkson), We Are Young (Fun. featuring Janelle Monáe), Somebody That I Used To Know (Gotye featuring Kimbra), Thinkin Bout You (Frank Ocean), and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor Swift)
  • Best New Artist nominees: Alabama Shakes, Fun., Hunter Hayes, The Lumineers, and Frank Ocean.

For a complete list of this year’s Grammy nominations, click here.

The 2013 Grammy’s will air February 10th on CBS.

We’ll definitely be watching. Will you? Who are you most excited about seeing on the red carpet?

Quick Fix: Selena Gomez’s Spiked Clutch

Recently we saw Selena Gomez looking armed and dangerous in an oversized denim jacket, sequined skull tank, and woven spiked clutch. We loved the outfit, but when we learned that her clutch was GoJane we… well, we kinda sorta did a happy dance. By the way, if you’re loving her clutch, click here to get your pedicured paws on it!

Are you a fan of Selena Gomez’s look?

American Music Awards 2012: A Look at the Looks That Got Us Talking

While the American Music Awards (AMA) don’t typically produce the same outrageous behavior or styles as the MTV Video Music Awards, the fact remains that last night we found ourselves glued to our TVs and computer screens watching the AMAs. Why? The clothes, obvs. And this year, we weren’t disappointed. Between Nicki Minaj’s fairly normal gown for her walk down the red carpet to Christina Aguilera’s delicious purple ensemble, we were pleasantly surprised by some of our fave celebs. So, take a look at our AMA 2012 style gallery and let us know what looks you loved and what looks made you scratch your head.

Best Dressed

Worst Dressed

Do you agree with our picks? Anyone we missed?

Photos courtesy of Celeb MagnetStyleite, and Bossip

Rihanna Follows GoJane on Instagram (Kinda)

Ever heard of a certain Barbados-born pop star named…hmmmmm, what’s her name again? Oh yeah, Rihanna! Well turns out Riri loves GoJane just as much as we love her…kinda. Rihanna recently became an Instagram follower of our very own Lead Stylist, Andie! Apparently, even @badgalriri herself can’t resist the crazy cool stylings of the adorable lil’ fashion junkie we call Andie. Needless to say, we will be adding this to our long list of professional accomplishments. So take a hint from Rihanna and follow @callmeloka_andie. Because if she’s good enough for Riri, she’s good enough for you the world!

Digging on Andie’s IG looks? You can find mostly everything she’s wearing in her IG posts at GoJane.

And if you don’t already (shame on you), make sure to follow @gojanedotcom for your fashion fix.

Quick Fix: Nicki Minaj’s Acid Wash Jeans

Image courtesy of INF Daily
We admit that it doesn’t take a lot to get us excited, but when we saw the above picture of Nicki Minaj clad in head to toe denim we were flipping out. Why? Because the Harajuku Barbie looked boss (as usual) and she was rockin’ one of our fave trends: high-waisted acid wash jeans. Wanna get her look? Check out our three stylist picked choices below.

high-waisted acid wash jeans, high-waist acid wash jeans, and high-waisted acid wash jeans

Are you a fan of this look?

Click here to find all things acid wash.

Style Crush: Ciara

We’ve been a fan of Ciara ever since she taught us how to stay in control of our goodies in 2004 with her debut solo record. Since then, Miss Ciara has had us drooling over that super toned, athletic physique of hers. But what’s better than a super fly chick, with a super fit body? A super fly chick that can work that body! We can’t begin to count how many muscles we’ve pulled trying to mimic C-Thang’s moves in that naughty video for one of our fave Ciara joints, Ride. (If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must. Trust!) Another reason Ciara is worth the jock? Her sexy sense of style that always seems to touch on that bit of tomboy that makes her the kind of girl every gal wants to hang with, and every guy wants to…eh-hem.

Here’s a little ensemble we put together. Inspired by Ciara and her next studio album titled, “One Woman Army,” set to release on Dec. 4 2012. Can’t wait!


Check out Ciara’s latest video:

Happy Birthday, Katy Perry

With her penchant for candy hued locks, princess-inspired frocks, and  vintage pieces, Katy Perry has taken both the world of music and fashion by storm. Today is Perry’s birthday and we figured showing off her signature style would be a pretty sweet way to celebrate.

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of Katy?

PS: One of the main Katy Perry essentials is glitter– lots and lots of glitter (including glitter eyeliner).

Inspiration Gallery: Halloween Costumes

Trying to decide on the perfect Halloween costume? Yeah, at GoJane we totally understand, and we’re here to help with an inspirational gallery of your fave celebs showing off their scary style for everyone’s fave holiday. Take a look and let us know what you plan to be for Halloween.

Miranda Kerr

Mariah Carey and Holly Robinson Peete

Nicole Richie and J Woww

Rochelle Wiseman

Kim Kardashian

Amber Rose

Michelle Trachtenberg and AnnaLynne McCord


What do you think? Are you feeling inspired?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

Luxe For Less: Kim Kardashian’s Varsity Jacket

Only Kim Kardashian could look like a smoking hot fox in a varsity jacket. Kimmy was spotted at Louise Goldin’s Spring 2013 show, rocking the mess out of a sexy, second-skin pencil skirt, some strappy sandals and a delightful black and white, cropped varsity jacket. Her jock-inspired look was one of her most talked about outfits during NYFW and was definitely our favorite. But hold up gurl! If you’re trying to pin down that cool topper for yourself, you’re gonna have to fork over a crazy $1,000 for Kim’s Simone version. Ouch! But as usual, GoJane has got your back! Our entire outfit rings up to $85! Yeah, you’re welcome!

leather contrast varsity jacket, high waist pencil bow skirt, velvet ankle strap platforms, wraparound leather spike bracelet (worn as a necklace)

Why this look works: It’s a bit nostalgic of a 50’s schoolgirl. Replace the poodle skirt with Kim’s modern body con skirt and kick off the oxford flats for a pair of sky-high heels and you’ve gone from sweet schoolgirl in love with her athlete beau to vivacious starlet in lust with her musician lover.

Luxe For Less: Diane Kruger

Of course we’d catch Diane Kruger in a totally jock-worthy ensemble. I mean, she was one of the hottest fashion models to come out of Germany. And she has represented some of the greatest labels. Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Giorgio Armani, Jil Sander, Christian Dior, Burberry, and Louis Vuitton…just to name a few! So we’re pretty sure some of that great fashion sense of hers is due to rubbing elbows with some of the industry’s most  rich, elite and fabulous.  But GoJane wants want to make it clear: you don’t have to be rich to be fabulous! We’ve mimicked Diane’s entire outfit for under $200! Diane’s YSL sunglasses alone will set you back $300. You’re a smart gal, you know what to do now…shop!

zigzag maxi skirt, denim vest, perforated oxford heels, leather clutch, felt floppy hat, pinky ring, wire frame sunglasses

Why we love this look for fall: Thicker fabrics like suede, felt, denim and leather are perfect for the cooler weather. As are autumn-inspired colors like rust, taupe and camel. Booties are ideal when you’re not down to compromise style, but insist on keeping your toes toasty. Yes, it’s time to cover up a bit, but let’s not get carried away in thermals and snow suits just yet. There’s still some time left to show off a lil’ skin, so we hope you enjoy this transitional outfit we fixed up for you.

The Emmy Awards: Looks that got us talking

We were all excited on Sunday night to tune into TV’s biggest award show of the year, The Emmys. From Tracy Morgan’s pass-out stint on the floor to Amy Poehler’s speech swap with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, it was definitely an entertaining evening. But we were especially ‘wowed’ by the fashion at this year’s awards. There weren’t any appalling outfits, and most of the male and female nominees looked stunning. We give the night an overall thumbs up! Just in case you missed any of the glorious gowns, we’ve compiled a few of our favorites, as well as a few we wish had been a little better.

Looks We Loved:

Classy Kids:

Total Trend:

Did anyone else notice the plethora of yellow dresses?

Not So Great:

Who do you think was best dressed at this year’s awards?

Style Crush: Kreayshawn

Yes, we were one of the millions who viewed Kreayshawn’s much talked about “Gucci Gucci” Youtube video. This Oakland-based rapper has been on our minds for some time now, and we’ve been jocking the heck out of her hardcore, street-savvy style. But when talks of her first studio album hit the web months ago, we thought it would be best to hold off on featuring her as a style crush, because we wanted her at her freshest! And we’re so glad we waited.

With the debut of her first major record label backed album Somethin’ ’bout Kreay hitting iTunes yesterday, she unleashed some verbal craft that has got all her fans twerkin’ their asses off. And with a video for her latest single “Go Hard,” she revealed an updated version of her trendy look. Kreay Baby’s latest style includes a severe ombre hairdo, an even more exaggerated cat eye liner, and as always, some of the most colorful, outlandish, unexpected outfits any street misfit could pull together.

Take a look at some of our fave Kreay-zy looks and you’ll soon understand why we love this hard-partying, cat loving, swisher smoking, white girl mobbin’, free-spirited…female rapper.

We took it upon ourselves to style Miss Kreay in a GoJane look. This is a collection of stuff we think she would totally dig. Take note that we included eyeliner for her signature exaggerated cat eye look, and a pair of flatform shoes because she’s been Instagramming the crap out of this trend.

leatherette varsity jacket, graphic cat tee, pleated leather mini skirt, dangling parrot hoop earrings, retro silicone watchnyx super fat eyelinerthick two-tone sunglasses, patent leather espadrille flatforms

*Funny story: We went to a Kreayshawn show back in December 2011 in LA and loooved it! But in the heat of the moment (during her performance of  “Gucci Gucci”), we threw a cat ring (bought from GoJane of course) onto the stage in hopes of Kreayshawn picking it up and falling in love with it. Welllllll, maybe we should say tried to throw the ring on stage. It didn’t quite make it. It hit some dude in the back of the head and he spent the rest of the song searching for the culprit. What can we say? Apparently our arms turn into Tyrannosaurus rex arms when we’ve had a few cocktails. Sorry, dude we hit.

Luxe for Less: Gwen Stefani

You already know about our Gwen Stefani style crush, but an outfit she wore earlier this week made us seriously swoon. Why? Well, she managed to incorporate some of our favorite trends, such as leather and peplums, into one cool look. Of course, we knew that the songstress responsible for “Rich Girl” (sample lyrics include, “I’d buy everything/ Clean out Vivienne Westwood/ In my Galliano gown”) was rockin’ some seriously expensive gear, and we didn’t want to spend an entire paycheck on a pair of peep-toe booties. So, we put together a nearly identical look for a very modest $89.50. Take a look and make sure to let us know what you think.

rounded sunglasses
, peplum leather top, leather safety pin bracelet, coating inset jeans, and suede peep toe bootie

What did you think? What other celebrities would you like to see get the Luxe for Less treatment?

Photos courtesy of Daily Mail

MTV Video Music Awards 2012: The Good, The Bad, and The Hmmm…

Last night’s MTV Video Music Awards 2012 may have included a kiss between Rihanna and Chris Brown, but otherwise managed to be pretty tame. But, don’t let the lack of drama fool you- there were some seriously stylish celebs present, as well as a few stars sporting some questionable duds. Take a peek at our picks and let us know what you thought of the MTV Video Music Awards, as well as our picks.

The Good

The Hmmm…

The Bad

What do you think? Anyone we missed?

Photos courtesy of Socialite Life and MTV

Celebrities Really Love Their… Printed Jeans

Think wearing a pair of jeans means that you can’t show off your style cred? Psh. As our mini gallery of celebs shows, shimmying into a pair of printed jeans can instantly elevate your look.

Minka Kelly
Jenna Dewan

Kristen Stewart

Jessica Alba

Miranda Kerr
Olivia Palermo
Nicole Scherzinger

What was your favorite look? Are you a fan of printed jeans?

Style Crush: Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson has been on our style radar since she showed up on The O.C. back  in 2003, and we’ve loved watching her wardrobe grow and evolve over the last decade. In fact, if we could raid her entire closet, we totally would. Bilson’s style is a little girly, a little edgy, sometimes boyish, and always on trend. Plus, she tops every outfit off with a gorgeous head of hair and a perfect smokey eye. Really, what’s not to love? In case you haven’t been obsessing following Bilson’s outfit choices as closely as we have, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite looks for a little fashion-forward inspiration. And, of course, we couldn’t resist putting together our own version of a look inspired by the SoCal native.

Our version:

scalloped lace tulle dress, leather jacket, lace-up suede booties
Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

What do you think of Rachel Bilson’s style? What celebrities have you been style crushing on lately?

Luxe For Less: Jessica Alba

We spy with our little eye- Jessica Alba looking effortlessly coooooool, as usual.  The star of such classics as the ABC After School Special, Too Soon for Jeff (where she plays a high-schooler who turns her boyfriend’s life topsy turvy when she tells him she’s pregnant), was spotted last week in Beverly Hills after a quick lunch with her tiny tots at chic bakery Le Pain Quotidien.

Mrs. Alba has come a looooong way since those cheesy TV teen tales. In fact, this pic was snapped days after she changed her hair to a lighter shade of brown for her upcoming role in Robert Rodriguez’s much anticipated film Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. We’re guessing she’ll probably be playing some kickass seductress who’ll steal your man from you with the flash of her…errr, smile.

We were so jelly over her lust-worthy leather ensemble that we ransacked the GoJane inventory in an attempt to recreate it. I think we did pretty darn good. Our outfit is spot on AND you can get the entire GoJane look for less than $200! Jessica’s Surface to Air sandals alone will cost you $400! And her Tod’s tote? Don’t even get us started…that’s a cool $1,600 right there. Ridic!

leather vest, lace inset asymmetrical top, mesh inset vinyl leggings, studded oversized handbag, skinny boomerang necklace, pyramid studded bangle trio

 Go ahead, tell us how much you love our copy-catting ways. Will you be clicking the links above to get yourself this awesome outfit? Where would you wear this “lady who lunches in leather” look?

Luxe for Less: Kim Kardashian

Like everyone else in the world, we may be a little envious of Kim Kardashian’s perfect derriere and amazing curves, but we are also a little jealous of her fabulous wardrobe. She definitely knows how to put together an amazing outfit. She was recently seen leaving a church service in this pink and peach number, and we fell in love with the fun colors. Since Kim’s gorgeous Chanel bag alone will set you back more than $3,000, we decided to create the look for a more affordable price. The total for our version comes in at a mere $184.30. That’s thousands of dollars you can throw on your bed and roll around in! Or put in a savings account if you feel that’s the more responsible choice.

five pocket skinny jeans, collarless flyaway blazer, pleated button-up blouse, patent platform pump, pleated leather clutch, mini pyramid stud earrings, timeless watch

What do you think of Kim’s colorful look? Are there any celebrities you’re dying to see featured on Luxe for Less?

Luxe for Less: Kate Bosworth

The gorgeous Kate Bosworth has been on our style radar since she surfed the beaches of Hawaii in Blue Crush back in 2002. Her style is incredibly eclectic, but she always manages to look effortlessly chic. She recently attended a Hugo Boss fashion show in Berlin and wore a sleek black dress from the collection. She paired the LBD with some pointy toe pumps and a clutch in the same hue. Since we are loving the monochromatic trend right now, we had to recreate her look. The monochromatic trend can be a bit challenging, so we love the idea of trying it out in an easy shade, like black! While Kate’s outfit will likely drain your wallet empty and then some, our look will only set you back $89.90. Doesn’t get much more affordable than that!

gathered shift dress, pointy toe leather pumps, mini quilted clutch

What do you think of Kate Bosworth’s monochromatic outfit? Is it a trend you’ll try out?

Celebrities Really Love Their… Clear Cap Toe Pumps

Quick: what do Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, and Kristen Stewart  have in common? Their adoration for clear cap toe pumps by a certain French designer. Of course, due to their celeb status they can drop $1,495 without batting a false eyelash. However, for us mere mortals, a quadruple digit price tag for a pair of kicks is way out of the question. Fortunately, we found you a nearly identical pair for a very affordable $22.60.

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Luxe for Less: Eva Longoria

A tailored blazer and skinny jeans happens to be one of our staples when it comes to looking good without having to think about it. But, after seeing Eva Longoria’s version of this classic combo we realized that our previous version was… boring. We knew we had to recreate her look, but didn’t want to spend the thousands she did on Hermès and Brian Atwood. Our new and improved version will set you back a modest $187.50, but we pinky promise that you’ll look like a million bucks.

metal bridge sunglasses
, single button zipper blazer, ruched side v-neck tee, skinny leather belt, color skinny jeans, textured hinge bangle, two-tone textured leather handbag, and leatherette crisscross espadrille heel

What other celebrities do you want to see get the Luxe for Less treatment?