Style Crush: Kate Bosworth + Recreating Her Looks!

Happy birthday, Kate Bosworth! Today is the blonde beauty’s 32nd birthday, and we couldn’t pass up the chance to not just celebrate her but also her impeccable fashion sense. The LA-born actress may have been raised mostly on the East Coast, but she has always retained a sunny Cali-girl vibe that is equal parts elegant and effortless, understated and undeniable.

Since bursting onto the scene with her breakthrough role in Blue Crush, the former Lois Lane and current newlywed (to director Michael Polish) has become a style superstar, the face of Coach and Calvin Klein, with a footwear line debuting for Spring 2015. And her personal style is as gorgeous and intriguing as her signature eyes (one hazel and one blue thanks to heterochromia). So to show our appreciation for her sartorial contributions, we’ve decided to recreate three of Kate’s casual-chic outfits below, as well as round up a gallery showcasing dozens of her other flawless looks. Scroll down and take a looksee for some instant inspiration…

Jean Pool
1. Carefree Chambray Button-Up Shirt, 2. Feelin’ Fine Skinny Jeans, 3. Strut It Out Faux Leather Heels, 4. Come Slither Snake Scale Clutch

Grey Expectations

1. Collar ID Jeweled Flower Sweatshirt,  2. So Tied Up Mini Skirt, 3. Single Ladies Faux Suede Booties, 4. Boho Craze Hoop ‘N Stone Necklace, 5. Queen V Faux Leather Clutch

Knit Pick

1. Getting Warmer Knit Crop Sweater, 2. Crisp Taffeta Midi Skirt, 3. Strut ‘N Shine Lacy Platform Heels, 4. Beaded Clamshell Clutch

Can’t get enough Kate? Check out our style gallery below for more of her best and brightest looks…

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Bevy Of Booties: Can You Guess Who’s Who? + What To Wear For A Better Butt

Once upon a time, in a not so far away place, women were turning their backs to their boyfriends and asking, “Does this make my butt look big?” (And men were squirming in their changing room chairs!) But oh, how far we’ve come over the years. Now we’re obsessed with the booty, you can be famous for that one ass…et alone, and the question seems to have become “Does this make my butt look big enough?”

So today we’ve rounded up some beautiful bottoms – a bevy of booties, if you will – to see if you can guess to which of your favorite celebrities they belong! And once you’ve failed miserably aced the game, just scroll down for a few tips on what you should be wearing for a better-looking bum. Ready to play? Simply hover over each picture for the answer. And just so you know, some of these may surprise you…

Roll Booty Call! Can You Guess The Celebrity Backside?

Sooooo. How did you do? Some were tricky, right? Maybe we just stick to making sure you have a backside that’s just as booty-ful…

Booty Camp! 7 Tips On Dressing For A Better Butt

1. Pencil in a pencil skirt. The pencil skirt may look like the high-power HBIC of the garment world, but it’s actually something of a nurturing nanny for your bottom half. Hugging the hips, embracing the bum, cradling your curves… Perfect for creating a bodacious backside when there isn’t much to work with. Or just for making an already abundant posterior even more pronounced.

2. Get high-waisted. Don’t wear your favorite high-waisted jeggings just for the nineties retro cool factor. They’re actually great at highlighting your butt and hips as the widest part of your body while simultaneously accentuating that tiny-by-comparison waist. And the hiked-up look pulls everything up and in, while letting just enough oomph hang out.

3. Pick pockets. Use back pockets to call attention to that bum of yours. Stitched designs, unique shapes, flashy appliques… Just make sure they’re proportionate to your size. Putting big pockets on a tiny tush, for example, will just make it look that much smaller. Remember, if you forgo pockets, your behind has to do all the work on its own.

4. Hail the high heel. Giving yourself some heel height down below means improving your overall posture up top too. If you’re standing up straight, your naturally arched back will push that gluteus maximus out and proud. And no-brainer bonus! Your stems will looked toned and fabulous.

5. Fix with fit. If your bottoms are too baggy, your butt’s gonna get lost in all that fabric. But too-too tight and you might get some flattening instead of the cupping you’re coveting. Some snug but comfortable skinnies are perfect for highlighting your curves. But if you’re not that into the jegging look, a bootcut or regular jean would work too!

6. Try tailoring. A well-fitting (or actually tailored!) pair of trousers will lift that derriere in a subtle but spectacular way. And if you think you should get a little more va-va-voom out of your favorite pencil skirt or cocktail dress, get that back seam taken in. The tapered result will practically be shapewear! Which brings us to…

7. Do it the easy way. Squats and lunges are good and all, but if you really wanna pack a punch back there, why not give your booty a little boost from underneath your clothes? Like padded briefs or cut-out boyshorts? We won’t tell. You can butt, er, bet on that.

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We’ll Never Be Royals… 6 Reasons To Love Kate Middleton

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wrapped up their whirlwind three-day tour of New York City on Tuesday, but us stateside folks, on either coast, are still talking about the Royal Couple. With fans and media alike hanging onto their every word, move, and wardrobe choice, William was every bit the Prince Charming, while the abounding “What She Wore” columns just reminded us exactly why we’re so enamored with Kate Middleton. Besides being the future queen and mother of the cutest future king baby in the world, Kate has become a bonafide style icon, and here are just a few of the reasons why we love her…


1. She makes every hue of blue look like a royal blue.

We all may have different ideas of what exactly royal blue looks like, but ever since she stepped out in her wrapped blue engagement dress, Kate has proved again and again that it’s not in the shade but in how you wear it. And we gotta say, she may not have grown up blue-blooded, but she was definitely born to wear this color.


2. She does nautical better than anybody.

And one of her favorite blues has got to be navy. The Duchess has a penchant for the nautical look (coat of arms buttons, wood grain wedges, eyelet dresses, captain blazers), and of course she nails it every time, for everything from taking in a match at Wimbledon to paying a visit to the National Maritime Museum of London.


3. She understands the power of head-to-toe color.

Kate must know what we all do, that dressing monochrome is not only easy (no color wheel involved here!) but also incredibly chic. Her matching accessories – hats, belts, clutches, heels – complement her garments spectacularly, not taking anything away but rather contributing to her overall look. Which, let’s face it, is perfection.


4. She pulls off every shade under the sun.

Speaking of color, blue may be her signature, but it’s definitely not the only one she wears. And most definitely not the only one she looks good in. Kate isn’t afraid to dabble a little bit in every color of the spectrum, however bright, bold, or bewildering. And why should she be, when she can totally conquer every single one?


5. She repeats outfits just like us.

With the public fascination with the ins and outs of the Royal Family, it’s no surprise that under the global media’s watchful eye, much has been made of Kate’s tendency to recycle and reuse, sartorially speaking. We imagine she has a closet, well, fit for a princess, but we love that she’s practical, a girl who just knows what she likes.


6. She wears the hell out of a good hat.

Some girls may say “I’m just not a hat person,” but if you’re gonna be British royalty… (Extravagant hats are as much a British tradition as bangers and mash!) The Duchess seems to have more hats than she does outfits, and never does it seem like one is wearing her. Good thing for her and for us, Kate Middleton is not one of those girls.

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Happy Wear Brown Shoes Day! And 5 Reasons To Love ‘Em

Chestnut, chocolate, cinnamon, coffee… No, we’re not rattling off ingredients for some (delicious!) holiday cake recipe. But on second thought, we might need a cake this morning, because we do have something very important to celebrate – it’s Wear Brown Shoes Day! And those are just a few of the flavors, er, colors we appreciate seeing on our feet. While we’re not exactly sure how this day came to be, we are definitely just grateful that it exists. ‘Cause a brown shoe is nothing short of a fashion lifesaver! While you peep the brown shoe styles of your favorite celebs, let us tell you why…

5 Reasons To Love Brown Shoes

Happy Wear Brown Shoes Day 1

1. They work on everyone. No one is ever gonna not look good in brown, because our skin colors, however pale or dark, all have undertones from that same family of warm hues. It’s those yellows, oranges, tans, and of course browns that allow a brown shoe to perfectly complement – and contrast against – its wearer. You, you, and you (yes, you!) can all wear brown. It’s an equal-opportunity color, and it’s time you gave it a chance.

2. They come in a million shades. The ones we already touched upon. Copper and bronze. Whiskey and cognac. Mahogany and every other tree-named tint. And who could forget burnt sienna? With black you kinda just have black. (Don’t get us wrong. We love black. We’re not throwing shade here.) But with brown, you have a spectrum of colors at your disposal. A rainbow if you will. A warm, earthy, rich and resounding rainbow.

Happy Wear Brown Shoes Day 2

3. They are neutral but still add color. Brown shoes don’t just go with everyone. They also go with everything. Why? ‘Cause they’re neutral. But unlike black or white (again, not talking shit at all), brown can give your outfit not just contrast but also color. We’re talking vibrant chestnuts, luscious mahoganies, creamy taupes… And bonus! Details hard to see on a black shoe (stitching, laces, straps) are front and center on a brown one.

4. They match well with other hues. Did you ever get a little too zealous combining colors with your crayons or finger paints? Chances are you were left with a shade of brown. It is such a rich color because it has so many other colors in it, and those undertones make it a great match. Chestnut has the orange to pair perfectly with its complementary color blue. The cherry in mahogany stuns with red. You get the picture.

Happy Wear Brown Shoes Day 3

5. They stay classic. Maybe because there was a time when we didn’t have red shoes and blue shoes and rainbow-splattered, metallic-accented, geo-tribal-printed shoes. The brown shoe looks authentic and organic even if its silhouette is super modern and structured. You can go from moccasin loafers to leopard platforms and dress them up or down. The brown shoe has endured the test of time, and it is never going anywhere.

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MCM: 13 Sexy Chefs Who Are Too Hot For The Kitchen

Just in time for Thanksgiving! We’ve compiled a list of sizzling culinary babes who we WISH were cooking us turkey dinners on Thursday (clothing and apron optional). Seriously, we wished so hard…our brains turned into mashed potatoes, and we’re currently writing this post smothered in a stupid amount of gravy. Stupid. We scoured the web, asked our foodie girlfriends, and watched a lot of cooking shows this weekend to find men who know how to flex their muscles aaaaaand steam their mussels. (See what we did there?) We’ve got everything from sexy celebrity chefs to star-of-their-own-scene hunks that make cooking our new favorite obsession. Here’s to the men who can heat up our kitchens (and our beds) any day…

(Click on any of the chefs’ names to follow them on Instagram or Twitter…)

What’s Cooking, Good Lookings?



Michael Chernow

Past: Slinging drinks as a bartender in NYC

Present: Gave up alcohol, drugs, and cigs at 23. Works out all the time. (Obvi!)

Akhtar Nawab

Specialty: Mexican Cuisine

Fave Ingredients:  Dandelion greens, puntarelle, and radicchio – bitter greens, and really good butter.

 Takashi Inoue

Chef Takashi Inoue of Takashi - New York, NY

Owner: NYC- based Takashi (all beef everything)

Not Fair: His business partner and life partner (Saheem Ali) is just as hot as he is!

Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone

Sign: Scorpio

His BAE: Married to Lindsay Price (Steve Sanders’ Asian girlfriend from the OG Beverly Hills 90210)

Gino D’Acampo

Gino D'Acampo

Sign: Cancer

Freaky Fact: Was charged with animal cruelty for killing and cooking a rat on the show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! (Charges were later dropped.)

Michael Voltaggio

Owner/Chef: LA-based eateries ink. + ink.sack

Claim to Fame: Winner of Top Chef (Season 6)

Giorgio Rapicavoli

Owner/Chef: Miami-based eateries Taperia Raca + Eating House

Tired Of: Bacon Wrapped Dates

Govind Armstrong

Author Of: Small Bites, Big Nights: Seductive Little Plates for Intimate Occasions and Lavish Parties (sexiest book title ever?)

Training: The original Spago at the age of 13!

Ilan Hall

Ilan Hall

Past: Winner of Top Chef (Season 2)

Present: Host of Esquire Network’s Knife Fight

Rocco DiSpirito

Rocco DiSpirito

Good To Know: Loves his mama!

Inspirational: Lost 50lbs this past year + wrote a book about it!

 Sam Talbot

Sam Talbot

Big Heart: Worked with Beastie Boys’ Mike D to run a food truck that fed 20,000+ people after Superstorm Sandy.

Big Pimpin’: Married (but later divorced) Colombian model and designer, Paola Guerrero.

Ludo Lefebvre

Ludo Lefebvre

Owner: Trois Mec

Cool Points: Created the menu for Lavo at the Palazzo Casino (Vegas, baby!)

Johnny Iuzzini

Caring: Supports many charities like Cookies for Kids’ Cancer

Daring: Loves riding motorcyles

Did we miss any of your faves? Don’t be selfish… Share!

Red Carpet Games: Our Favorite Looks from the Mockingjay Premieres

Tomorrow’s the day we’ve all been waiting for, Janes. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 is finally back for another installment, and to say that we’ve all been waiting patiently would be, well, a lie (#sorrynotsorry). Yup, that’s right, we finally get to find out what Katniss, Peeta, Gale, and the rest of gang in Panem have been up to. So, in the spirit of competition (and, of course, to celebrate the release of the second to last film)…

We’ve ranked the Mockingjay leading ladies based on their recent red carpet premiere looks:

1st Place: Jena Malone (Johanna)

Hands down, Jena Malone’s red carpet looks blew the rest of the cast out of the water. In London, she donned a two-tone, modern, origami inspired number that was as beautiful as it was unique. In LA, she channeled her inner old-Hollywood starlet and showed us how to properly do monochromatic with both a red lip and a red dress. Breathtaking is an understatement for both occasions.

2nd Place: Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss)

No white after Labor Day? Sorry, but that rule doesn’t apply to our BFF, Jennifer Lawrence. It’s no surprise that the down-to-earth leading lady preferred to keep things clean, simple, and au naturel at both premieres, and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Both silhouettes are extremely flattering on the actress’ athletic build, and we love the life that Lawrence brings to each look.

3rd Place: Elizabeth Banks (Effie)

We gotta give props to Elizabeth Banks for taking on prints not once, but two times, on the Mockingjay red carpets. The London look screams elegant and ethereal, and while the LA look is borderline tapestry (AKA your grandma’s weird couch), it is the asymmetrical design that saves the day.

4th Place: Julianne Moore (President Coin)

While black is always a good idea, we wish that red carpet vet, Julianne Moore, would have taken more of a risk fashion-wise. It’s no doubt, however, that the numbers she wore were both elegant and red carpet appropriate, so we definitely give her points for keeping it classic and timeless. Buuuut they were just a little too safe for us in this case.

5th Place: Natalie Dormer (Cressida)

We really want to love both of Natalie Dormer’s Mockingjay red carpet looks, but they were just a little too, er, lukewarm for us. We definitely understand the vision of the mesh-meets-origami number on the London look, but the silhouette on the young starlet was just all wrong. As for the textured cut-out number in LA… We think the look would have been better at a midi length.

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Tuesday Tunes: First Aid Kit

Maybe it’s because they’re siblings. Maybe it’s the Swedish climate. Maybe it’s because they grew up with a musical father. Whatever influenced and inspired these two sisters to start making music as First Aid Kit… Well, we’re eternally grateful.

These native Swedes caught the attention of Patti Smith and Conor Oberst. Their second album The Lion’s Roar was critically acclaimed and produced by Mike Mogis with additional contributions by Conor Oberst and The Felice Brothers. Their third album Stay Gold, released this past summer, has also been universally acclaimed. But really, who wouldn’t love those clear, harmonic voices? In 2011 they performed “Dancing Barefoot” to honor Patti Smith, who was visibly wiping tears from her eyes. Guys, they moved Patti Smith to tears. We wish we could put that in our cover letter.

And we’ve got to admit that we were near tears as well when we saw them at The Wiltern last week. Those super talented sisters treated us to an unplugged performance of “Ghost Town.” Truthfully, we’ve never heard The Wiltern so quiet. Okay, we’ll stop gushing about these talented ladies. Click play, treat yourself to some sweet tune-age, and check out their cool vintage style.


In honor of their latest album Stay Gold, we’ve kept with the theme with our GoJane picks.

MCM: Top 11 Hottest NFL Players of 2014

Hubba, hubba. Whether you love the game for its testosterone-fueled competitiveness or because of your own estrogen-fueled sexual attraction to beefcakes, there is no denying that American football players are modern day Adonises. This edition of Man Crush Monday pays tribute to the hunks of Monday Night Football. (See how that worked out perfectly?) Here’s to the start of a dreamy week full of long daydreams that include you, a can of whipped cream, and one (or all) of these babes. Happy Monday! Get ready to drool…

Top 11 Hottest NFL Players of 2014:

Photo Sources: GQ, NFL, Getty

Cyberstalk Our Top 11 Hotties:

Did we miss your favorite football lover boy? Share the love and comment with his name below.

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2014 Country Music Awards: Mash-Ups, Reveals, + Miranda Lambert

During last night’s 48th Annual CMAs, Steven Tyler proclaimed, “Country is the new rock n’ roll…” Did Mr. Glam Rock God just say that? Hmmmmmm… We’re thinking he might be on to something. Today’s country music stars have tons in common with 80s glam rockers. Their stage ensembles are always shockingly bood…gad (a mixture of good and bad), their lyrics are painfully heartfelt, and their hair is big…real big. (We’re talking to you, Kacey Musgraves!)

We totally get it. It used to be cool to hate on country music. But nowadays country music is super next-level, and knowing the lyrics to a Little Big Town’s Day Drinking is as legit as being able to spit all the lyrics to Wu-Tang Clan’s C.R.E.A.M.


  • Miranda Lambert performed All About That Bass with pop star Meghan Trainor
  • Steven Tyler + Carrie Underwood + Brad Paisley acapella-ed the heck out of Aerosmith’s Cryin’
  • Little Big Town’s guitarist wearing that vintage Farrah Fawcett tee
  • Brad Paisley accidentally revealed that Carrie Underwood’s expected baby is a…boy! #BlewIt
  • Vince Gill and Amy Grant are STILL married…That’s so amazing! 14 years is like 4000 years in the entertainment business.

Performers + Winners:


Photo sources: USA Today, Getty Images, +

Complete list of 2014 CMA winners…


Happy Birthday, Anna Wintour!

All hail Anna Wintour. Editor-in-Chief of fashion’s most respected magazine (that’s Vogue, for those of you who haven’t been paying attention for the last 100 years!), friend to such iconic fashion shot-callers as André Leon Talley and Grace Coddington, rumored muse of The Devil Wears Prada, and all around badass, Anna Wintour is the best thing that ever happened to life. Anna Wintour is to the world as Fairy Godmother is to Cinderella — and we thank you for it, Anna. The world would be a much uglier place if it weren’t for you. Literally.

Everything you need to know about Anna in under six minutes…

Also, you know you’re pretty major when Kim Kardashian dresses up as you for Halloween…

Source: Instagram via @KimKardashian

Source: Instagram via @KimKardashian

It’s In Black And White: 5 Stars Who Take Grayscale To The Next Level

We spoke last week about donning all one color, but going monochrome can also mean only working in black and white. And when it comes to dressing in grayscale, grey matter if you will, smart girls will tell you. Once in a while you just gotta cleanse your palate palette. You’d be surprised at the bold statements you can make when you ditch vibrant colors for a white-to-black spectrum. The results are graphic, glam, and gorgeous, and why wouldn’t they be? Less hue, more you, right? Well, today we’ve rounded up a list of five Hollywood beauties who not only love dressing in black and white but also take it to a whole new level. Here are some of their sartorial bests, along with the fashion lessons you can learn from them. Because a life in grayscale should be anything but colorless…

5 Stars Who Take Grayscale To The Next Level

Lily Collins

LILY COLLINS – With her dark hair and lily-white skin, it’s no wonder Lily Collins was cast as Snow White in the 2012 fairy tale adaptation Mirror Mirror. And like the old crone with the poisonous apple, Lily has a little trick up her sleeve. She knows that there’s nothing like a bold red lip (or clutch or purse or shoes) to add a pop of color to an otherwise monochromatic look.

Nicole Richie

NICOLE RICHIE – Candidly speaking, Nicole Richie is one fashionista that we’re always talking about. The reality superstar / entrepreneur / mom to the cutest lookalike daughter would probably tell you that a black and white outfit is the perfect backdrop to some killer accessories. A metallic headband or crown braid, a box clutch or big shades, even some blue or purple hair, perhaps?

Emma Watson

EMMA WATSON – The artist formerly known as Hermione has given us some magical performances, but perhaps none has been more enchanting than her appearances in her grayscale threads. And Emma Watson, who famously wore cigar pants to the Golden Globes, shows us that with monochrome come infinite possibilities – from suits to gowns to a classic LBD with a peter pan collar.

Zoe Saldana

ZOE SALDANA – And speaking of fashion risk-taking, Zoe Saldana is someone who knows that it can pay off big-time. If her style secrets were up for grabs, we would guard them like she guards the Galaxy. One, if we had to guess, might be that keeping colors monochromatic allows you wiggle room for extra details like busy prints and structural cuts. But shhh… Don’t tell.

Olivia Wilde

OLIVIA WILDE – She may be one-half of the world’s cutest couple (why, hello, Jason Sudeikis), but she’s also a whole package all by herself. Olivia Wilde teaches us not about fractions but all about proportions when she dresses in grayscale. Waist-cinching belts, hourglass dresses, strategically-placed stripes… Made all the better with the stark contrast of black and white.

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Tuesday Tunes: Lykke Li

She has coffee with David Lynch, her first album was produced by Bjorn Yttling (of Peter Bjorn and John), and she has a remix with A$AP Rocky. We’d say Lykke Li, A.K.A. Swedish chanteuse, is doing pretty well. Out of the three albums to her name, her latest album I Never Learn was influenced by a bad breakup, and you can definitely tell there is a departure from her previous indie-pop releases. Click play on some sweet tune-age and check out Li’s looks in the gallery below.

All image sources in captions.

Lykke is obviously the master of sporting black, so of course we had to show off some of our favorite GoJane picks.

One And Only: Why You Should Be Going Monochrome! And How To Do It

They say that one is the loneliest number, and under normal circumstances we would probably have to agree. But when it comes to getting dressed in the morning? One can become the loveliest number if you know how to put together an entire outfit using a single color palette. Why should you do it? Let us count the ways…

1. It’ll get you out the door. Quick and easy. No messing, no matching, no morning mourning for what has become of your closet. Wham! Bam! Thank you, ma’am! (You’re welcome.)

2. It’ll funhouse-mirror you. Monochromatic dressing elongates your body, creating one fluid image that directs the eye up and down. And longer equals leaner. We all know how important that is.

3. It’ll be your Best Supporting Actor. You really wanna make a statement? Some solid scenery will perfectly highlight those new spiked booties or that awards-night-ready bib necklace.

4. It’ll make you a fashion star. Dressing in all one color is not only fast and flattering but also incredibly chic. Proof below. Just check out these celebrity sightings for some instant inspo.

And once you’ve decided on your one and only – color, that is – scroll down for our how-to tips on going monochrome, as well as some more single-lady looks…


7 Style Tips For Dressing In All 1 Color

1. Show some skin. You know what they say. Use what you’ve got! So if you’re afraid of walking around looking like a giant popsicle, let your natural skin color be that buffer zone. Slice into your flowy, one-tone maxi with a high slit that shows some lovely, luscious leg. Or opt for a cropped top and high-waisted bottom combo and have your cute little midriff be the welcome distraction.

2. Utilize prints. Don’t think that dressing in all one color means you have to stay completely in solids. You can still dress monochromatically with patterns as long as they stay within the same color spectrum. So go ahead with that camo, floral, plaid, striped, or all-of-the-above piece. (Don’t worry. We can’t stay away from prints either!)


3. Accessorize wisely. You can also break up a head-to-toe color with some cleverly chosen accessories, like a belt or that statement jewelry we were talking about earlier. Maybe even take a page out of Cher Horowitz’s book and use an under-shirt as a peekaboo accessory – a collar, cuffs, or some shirttails will definitely do the trick.

4. Clash on purpose. If your colors are too-too close together on the color wheel (even if you know they’re not supposed to match exactly), it can look like a mistake. Like you washed your top one too many times but not your bottoms. Or like you simply couldn’t afford the whole matching set. (Your co-workers will probably spend the day pondering whether they should let you know.) So if you wanna be safe, don’t be safe at all! Even if your instincts are telling you that red and pink don’t go together, because they’re in the same family – although several degrees apart – they will work. And so will your outfit.

5. Add visual interest. If think your monochromatic look will be too plain, pick something with some extra structure or detailing. Let’s see, maybe a contrast zipper, a mesh inset, a curved hem, a crisscrossing skinny strap, or a caged cut-out design… Too plain? As if!



6. Vary tones and textures. You can also choose mixed media items or separates in different materials to up the diversity. A faux leather skirt in black will have a sheen to it and most likely appear a few shades lighter than, say, a jersey top. Something that feels full, like faux fur or quilting, would be the perfect juxtaposition to an item with a sleek silhouette and smooth surface. Just do some comparing and contrasting. Emphasis on the contrast!

7. Stick with black. If all else fails, it’ll be black to the rescue. Some people might think you veer on the side of goth or even funeral attendee going all black, but unless you’re going out in drippy raccoon makeup or big shades and a veiled hat, it’s pretty hard to mess up. An all-black outfit is totally timeless, not to mention super sophisticated. Think Audrey Hepburn in her Breakfast At Tiffany’s dress and gloves. Or that too-chic-to-be-true turtleneck and cropped pants ensemble. But just be careful, okay? ‘Cause you know what they say. Once you go black…


Shop monochrome and more at!

Pssssst. If you’re looking for a color in particular, just enter it in the search box! Or browse one of the categories and filter by color to see your options. Here’s hoping you find a hue that’s totally you. Happy shopping:)


Style (Rookie) Crush: Tavi Gevinson

Several years ago, 2008-ish, we started following a diminutive twelve-year-old named Tavi Gevinson on her blog Style Rookie. Tavi doesn’t seem to use it much anymore, but we completely understand since she’s involved in a way bigger project, Rookie Mag.

But rewind, because many couldn’t believe the mature voice coming out of Style Rookie could be that of a pre-teen. Guess what? It was all her. Over the years, Tavi has grown up a lot, and we’re pretty proud to see what she’s accomplished. Here are a few facts about Tavi:

  • At the age of fifteen, she started (as founder and editor-in-chief) Rookie Mag, primarily aimed at teenage girls.
  • Rookie broke one million page views within five days of launching in September 2011.
  • She’s appeared on the 2011 and 2012 Forbes “30 Under 30” list.
  • Tavi has authored articles for Harper’s Bazaar, Barney’s, Jezebel, Lula, Pop, and GARAGE Magazine.
  • She was the muse and model for the Rodarte x Target designer collaboration.
  • She spoke at the 2012 TEDxTEEN conference (video here).
  • And she’s currently starring in This Is Our Youth with Michael Cera and Kieran Culkin.

Whoa, dude – that’s not even all of it. We’re feeling pretty lazy as we sit on the couch with Cheeto-dusted fingertips, y’know? Our laziness aside, we appreciate that Tavi has taken feminism to a new platform, along with her BFF Emma Watson. And Rookie isn’t just for teenagers, by the way. We know quite a few ladies who aren’t teens but still love to read and peruse Rookie. And who could resist advice and contributions from guests like Judd Apatow, Paul Rudd, Lena Dunham, Joss Whedon, Jon Hamm, and Stephen Colbert? Who, we should point out, posted one of the best “Ask A Grown Man” advice videos:

Since Tavi started with fashion, we’ve included a little collage (in the spirit of Rookie Mag) of her looks over the years, Anna Wintour included.

tavi collage

We’ve always admired Tavi’s sense of daring, confidence, and individuality. Check out some of our inspired GoJane picks below!



Tuesday Tunes: LP

Here’s the lowdown on LP, AKA Laura Pergolizzi.

  • Her name may ring a bell. Do you recognize the single “Into the Wild”? It was in a Citibank ad. Refresh your memory and click play.

  • She’s originally from New York and moved to Los Angeles in 2010.
  • After singing at SXSW there was a bidding war between major music labels.
  • She can play the shit out of a ukulele and will also slay you with her whistling. Seriously, she can whistle like crazy.
  • LP has a head of glorious hair.
  • She is a successful songwriter. Her credits include Christina Aguilera and Rihanna.
  • Her album “Forever For Now” dropped just this past summer.
  • She was featured on Vogue’s list of “People To Watch.”
  • Her suit and tie game is ridiculously strong.

And speaking of her suit and tie game, check out our gallery of LP rocking amazing curls + super rad menswear inspired looks.

All image sources in captions.

We’ve included one of our favorite LP tunes “Night Like This,” so click play and peruse our GoJane inspired picks (included a blazer, obvi).


Need more LP goodies? Check out!

Fashion Flashback: The Wonder Years

1988 brought us the most beautiful (and tortured) love story of all time.  People followed young Kevin Arnold through six season, and 114 episodes of Jr. High fails, puberty-fueled drama, and school dances that usually ended up in tears. Set in the late 60s and early 70s, in anywhere America, The Wonder Years first premiered after the 1988 Super Bowl (Redskins VS. Broncos) and remained on American televisions until 1993. Millennials have been enjoying it via Netflix marathons (guilty!), and after 20+ years, it’s finally being released as a complete DVD set this week! Why was the show such a big freaking hit with everyone? Here are a few of our theories…

Kevin + Winnie = 4EVER:

  • Kevin Arnold said thought out loud what every teenager wish they could — no matter how idiotic and self-obsessed it sounded. Remember when he freaked out because he couldn’t parallel park and then lied to everyone about passing his driving test…when he actually hadn’t? Oh, Kevin…you nut.
  • Paul Pfeiffer was the bestest friend Kevin ever had but didn’t deserve. That’s why every time someone does you a solid, you should consider it some real Paul Pfeiffer-type shit… Remember when he tried out for the basketball team and was pretty damn good at it, but Kevin’s hating ass got jealous and tried to bring him down? But then he still found a way to forgive Kevin? He’s kinda amazing like that. Don’t worry, The Pfeif…haters gon’ hate.
  • Winnie Cooper was no basic bitch. Behind all that shiny, brown, doe-eyed sweetness was a hot mess. Her parents divorced! She had to transfer schools right before high school! She started hanging out with douche bags that got her in a pretty gnarly car accident! She kissed more frogs than princes! Girl had issues, and it made us all say, “If Winnie Cooper can get through those six seasons, we can get through anything!”
  • Jack Arnold was a beast of a man. Next time you’re considering paying for a new lawn mower or manning up and fixing the old one, ask yourself, “WWJAD?” He was simply the best role model a kid could have, and he was a complete badass. Was it the mysterious scars on his face? The pinky rings? The grunting? All of the above.
  • Because…Becky Slater!
  • The history lessons. If history class makes you want to set yourself on fire, just watch the show. You’ll learn everything you need to know about American history from the late 1960s to early 1970s.
  • And with all the wonderful life lessons came throwback tunes like its iconic theme song by Joe Cocker, “With A Little Help From My Friends.” Seriously, every hit from the 60s and 70s in one nostalgic show. This is also the main reason it took so long for the entire DVD collection to be released. The music licensing game struggle is real, people.
  • The guest appearances. You’ll die at the sight of today’s stars as pimple-faced teeny-boppers. Everyone from David Schwimmer, Juliette Lewis, Seth Green, Giovanni Ribisi, to Breckin Meyer. They’re so adorable and little!
  • The clothes. All the mustard-colored, crazy printed fashions you could take. Here are a few words that sum up The Wonder Years fashion: plaid, turtlenecks, cardigans, varsity jackets, knee-high socks, and high-top sneakers.

 Get the look at

Lumber-Jane? 7 Ways To Wear Flannel And Not Look Like A Lumberjack


Fall has fallen upon us, and we here in SoCal could not be more excited for the change. It’ll be a small one, mind you (we’re not so much with the seasons), but transitioning into autumn means – drumroll, please – flannel weather. The only downside to the toasty tartan treasure though? It can be hard not to look like a lumberjack in it. Or a cowboy for that matter. And you probably don’t wanna be mistaken for a carpenter. Or a hunter. Or even a handyman, even if you do idolize Al Borland, as we all do. Especially if we’re talking buffalo plaid (a two-toned checkered pattern) or a too-familiar color palette (read: red). But today we’ve compiled a few tips on downplaying that, uh, occupational aspect of flannel and put together some pretty-in-plaid outfits for your consideration. So read on. Or should we say check it out…

7 Ways To Wear Flannel And Not Look Like A Lumberjack

1. Incorporate it into other fashion genres – The cowboy, handyman, and lumberjack will all have to take a sabbatical if you combine the flannel shirt with pieces specific to other genres. With a pleated tennis skirt, your whole look is more country club than open country. With big, bold, gold jewelry it’s street instead of dirt road. And with some faux leather leggings, moto instead of mountain.


Plaid On The Back Flannel Shirt, Floral Necessity Cropped Sweater, Show Off Distressed Skinny Jeans, Get U Intro Trouble Lace-Up Combat Boots

2. Minimize the surface area – Take the plaid potency down a notch by demoting bumping it to more of an accessory. Don’t worry, it won’t be offended. The flannel knows how great it looks tied around your waist. And it loves peeking out of sweaters as a Clueless-worthy collar and cuffs. So don’t think you can’t wear it inside or underneath other pieces. Sometimes it needs to be a supporting actor.

3. Mix it with a contrasting pattern – You can also dial flannel down a bit by matching it with a competitive but cooperative print. Floral, for one, would be great, as it’s a starkly different motif, providing the juxtaposition of its roundness against the lines of the plaid, its delicacy against the masculinity. Just play around with color and scale until you find the perfect balance.


Lumberjane Buffalo Flannel Shirt, Faux Leather Mixed Media Blazer, City Slicker Pleated SkirtBadass Babe Caged Peep-Toe Heels

4. Choose a feminine cut in a different material – Your Brawny Man button-up won’t evoke a woodsman vibe if it has the markings of women’s clothing. For instance, if it’s fitted. Or if it has an empire waist for a babydoll look, smocking in the back for a more defined waist. You might also want to try the print in a non-flannel fabric, like a lightweight chiffon or a textured crepe.

5. Change the silhouette – But if you’re set on borrowing your carpenter boyfriend’s plaid shirt, there are plenty of no-sew ways to alter it a little bit. Try rolling up those too-long sleeves and tying it up for a saucy Daisy Duke look. Wear it as a shirt-dress by cinching it with a belt. Or get super creative a la our convertible maxi dress with a tied strapless look. Who knew, right?

B   A

6. Pair it with girlier pieces – As an alternative you can just wear the shirt with a bottom that sports a flirty or womanly silhouette. You can’t go wrong with a skater skirt, for example, or its more demure older sister, the A-line. And pile on additional femme contrast with accessories. Ladylike faux pearls, schoolgirl knee-high socks, a glam lace headband, sleek and sexy stilettos…

7. Skip suggestive accessories – Be careful, though. The plaid shirt is so iconic of the professions we mentioned before that certain finishing touches can have you veering into costumey territory. Like you probably shouldn’t top your plaid outfit off with a big ol’ cowboy hat. We would stay away from cowgirl boots too. Also overalls and trapper hats. And definitely, definitely leave that axe at home.

Shop flannel and more at!

102218 102906 102667 102631

Rock This Way: 7 Ways To Grunge Up Your Look


Anyone who ever doubts that fashion is a cycle only need look at each season’s runway recaps to see that something is always making a comeback – a style or an article of clothing, if not an entire decade enjoying a resurgence. We’ve known for a while now that the nineties are back, and if that’s the case there’s no way you can talk about it and not mention the heyday of grunge fashion. The grunge movement may have begun years earlier in the Northwest, but by the early nineties it was a full-blown fashion genre as well, and a lasting one at that, surely to the surprise of some. Now, we can’t purport to know more about its musical origins, but we also can’t help but appreciate the comfortably nonchalant, perfectly imperfect dress style that came along with the aloof and sometimes angst-ridden attitudes of the time. Here are some of our favorite features of grunge-chic fashion along with a few girly-grunge looks…

7 Ways To Grunge Up Your Look

1. The Layers Club – Perhaps a nod to the crisp Seattle weather, layering is a major distinction of grungy dressing. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a thermal under a graphic tee under a flannel under a dumpster peacoat. (And that’s just on top!) Even if nothing is neatly tucked in, a layered outfit just tends to look put-together. Effortlessly so. Choose less substantial materials of varied lengths if you’re worried about too much bulk, and don’t forget you can always peel those layers off as the day goes on.


Moto Dreams Faux Leather Jacket, Ribbed Apart Racerback Midi DressPlaid On The Back Flannel Shirt, Ride It Out Lace-Up Booties

2. Sweet-Tartan – Let’s face it, one of those layers should probably be plaid. The classic flannel is almost synonymous with this style of dress, and simply tying one around your waist is enough. But the checkered print is so signature that you could even get away with a flirtier, more fitted silhouette, so long as you pair it with some other genre-characteristic pieces. When matched with a slouchy sweater, heavy work boots, and maybe some faux leather jewelry, even a sweet skater dress can evoke the grunge vibe.

3. Aged Before Beauty – It’s also okay if you’ve scuffed up those boots or wore a hole through that graphic tee. And no problem if you’ve snagged your sweater or washed the color out of your jeans. Again, you’re not going for pretty and picture perfect here. Faded, worn-in clothing is a total do when you’re rocking the thrift store look; it gives you that edge. We’re talkin’ vintage T-shirts, secondhand jackets, ripped denim, even holey tights. Disheveled was never this desirable, busted never this beautiful.


Mixed Media Faux Leather Cargo Jacket, I’m So Fanci Muscle Tee Tank Top, Back To Basics Slub Raglan Top, Major Crush Velvet Shift Dress, Get Laced Up Flat Booties

4. Hair-Don’t-Do – No need to go in for that Brazilian blowout this week, because the last thing you want here is a not-a-hair-out-of-place ‘do. As seen on the NYFW runways, bedhead and hat hair are totally in right now and exactly what you need as a finishing touch for your greasy grunge look. So tousle up that perfect mane of yours, and skip the dry shampoo and comb-through. Top it all off with a knit beanie if you can’t stand to look at it. But for once, limp, tangled tresses are gonna work for ya.

5. Boyfriend Tag – There’s something a little androgynous about the grunge look. Kurt Cobain famously wore a leopard print fur coat and floral shirt dresses. For us girls, we can forget about what our mothers taught us, ’cause it’s totally okay to slouch a little…in oversized clothes, that is. Which makes it only natural that our boyfriend jeans and boyfriend sweaters fit into the equation here. Got a big cardigan that droops a little in the front or some relaxed-fit denim that sags a little in the back? Perfect.


New BF Crochet Back Knit Sweater, Rad Plaid World Skater Dress, Cut-Out Double Buckle Booties, Moto Babe Faux Leather Hand Bracelet

6. Floral History – At the same time, don’t think you have to forgo all things girly to don grunge fashion. Allover floral prints are totally indicative of the decade, and you can’t go wrong with a dark-grounded motif with a small repeating pattern. Try a floral slip dress paired with a flannel and boots for a cute but carefree look. You know, a la Claire Danes during her My So-Called Life years, uh, year. Or floral combat boots, which seem to remain both classic and modern no matter what decade we are in.

7. Cool Combat – And speaking of combat boots, how did we go this long without mentioning them? A casual pair of loosely-laced work boots can transform an entire outfit, taking a flat- or heel-paired dress from cute and pretty to cool and edgy. Don’t have a pair yet? You can substitute with some buckled moto boots. Or almost anything in faux leather with a chunky heel or rugged sole. For a great modern update, try the exaggerated platform lug sole we’re seeing on shoes today. It would fit right in.

Shop grunge-inspired and more at!

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Man Crush(es) Monday: Gorgeous Guys In Flannel Shirts

Who tried to make a deal with the devil this morning when their alarm went off? Ain’t no shame in offering to sell your soul for just 30 more minutes of sleep. Ugh. We totally get it. Mondays are the worst thing since paper cuts came into existence. You know what would make waking up on Mondays bearable? Waking up next to some dude wearing a flannel. Or better yet, waking up in bed wearing nothing but some dude’s flannel…next to said dude.

Why a flannel? There’s something sexy about flannel shirts. Maybe it’s the 90s grunge thing that brought us dark-hearted poets like Kurt Cobain and Gavin Rossdale. Maybe you think lumberjacks are sexy…no judging. We can totally dig the strong, silent (could totally build you a log cabin with his bare hands) type. Oh, just imagine it. That warm, cozy, kinda-scratchy-in-a-good-way flannel shirt brushing up against your body…sending chills up and down your spine. Are you having a little trouble imagining it? Don’t sweat it — we hooked you up with a gallery full of sexy guys wearing flannel shirts. Pick your imaginary mate and throw him this line… “Hey, boo. You think you can turn down the heat a little? Because you’re too hot to flannel!” Boom. His panties just dropped. Your panties just dropped. Now it’s a party.

Shop Flannels + Other Grunge-Inspired Styles @ GoJane:

GoJane Lookbook: Rebel Yell

Style Crush: Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner has thirteen million Instagram followers and almost nine million Twitter followers and was only twelve years old six-ish years ago. Like, whoa. Whether you love her or hate her, there’s no way you can deny her universal appeal to the media and fashion community.

You may know her from Keeping Up With The Kardashians (let’s be real, reality TV isn’t the most beneficial addition to a résumé), but Kendall is all about moving on with an independent lifestyle. Note that “Jenner” was dropped because last names are so passé, especially when you’re making it on your own. Don’t forget, it’s just Kendall now, thank you very much. Anyway, girlfriend is seriously cranking up her fashion game each season and has moved from prom dresses to Givenchy. What a leap. Check out some of our favorite Kendall pics in the gallery below.

All image sources in captions.

Need some more Kendall style? Check out our inspired GoJane picks.

Clothing Optional? Hair, Makeup, And More From NYFW 2014

New York Fashion Week is coming to a close soon, and one thing we noticed these past few days was that while we died at the sneaker-inspired spread at Alexander Wang and the safari-chic smorgasbord put together by Jason Wu, we kept finding ourselves drawn to more than just the clothes. Namely the hair, the makeup, the shoes, even the runway companions(!) at these shows. And it makes sense, right? We know from years of Tim-Gunn-tutored Project Runway that size styling does matter, because while the focus is on the clothes, fashion is about putting together an entire look. So for this blog post we decided to go clothing-optional and talk about everything but the clothes. Here are some of our favorite goings-on from NYFW 2014…


Bright-Eyed And Bushy-Browed

We love the fresh-faced look, so we were happy to find that most designers leaned toward clean, dewy makeup, especially because that emphasized our current (and has-been-for-a-while-now) beauty favorite: full, natural brows. The cat eye was also well-represented by Escada and Cushnie et Ochs, while Vera Wang opted for a smoldering variation on the classic smoky eye with a violet, restless zombie twist. Peter Som and Honor, who know the importance of a pop of color, dotted the corners of eyes with fluorescent shades and swept electric blue shadow across the lids, respectively. And taking it further, A Detacher and Tommy Hilfiger literally reached for the stars, tattooing the graphic pattern on models’ faces and bodies, while Alexander Wang bleached brows for alien-chic and Altuzarra lashed out, extending only the eyelashes at the center of the eyes for a bat worthy only of Betty Boop.


Business In The Front…

This season’s runway hair was all about texture, especially dual-textured styles that were usually product-heavy in the front and natural in the back, like the simple ponytails at Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung. Similarly, DKNY and Suno both presented looks that were slicked down in front and braided in back, as braids were another NYFW trend. Backstage, Derek Lam models donned bright blue do-rags that squeezed out – and kept out – any volume around their crowns for a hat-hair look, while Vivienne Tam and Tim Coppens took it a step further with what can only be described as just-out-of-the-shower hair. And along the lines of “I Woke Up Like This,” we had the messy top knot buns of Nanette Lepore, the messier side ponytails at Tess Giberson, and the messiest – the full-of-flyaways, fell-asleep-with-my-hair-up do’s from 3.1 Phillip Lim.


Off On The Top Of Your Head

We saw quite a few interesting hat silhouettes, like the part-bonnet-part-cowgirl-hat toppers at Creatures Of Comfort and the boxy, veiled, suit-themed lids imagined by the Thom Browne camp. Band Of Outsiders paired its collection with a basketwoven straw hat complete (or incomplete?) with unfinished fringe, and also vacation-ready were floppy, oversized pieces from Rebecca Minkoff and Tomas Maier, as well as the Karen Walker variation with a head wrap added for extra glamour and coverage. Speaking of oversized, we’re thinking Pharrell would love the ten-gallon-plus offerings from Tibi and Donna Karan, who with extra tall also explored extra wide. Classic looks showed up as well, with Polo Ralph Lauren dabbling in the preppy beret, while Kate Spade New York and Rihanna pal Adam Selman spruced up their sporty sportswear with visors fit for a country club outing.


This, That, And The Other

There was certainly no shortage of accessories at NYFW, as we were mesmerized, perplexed, delighted, etc. by everything from purses to purse-shaped wire headpieces. (No, really. Proof below.) The belted look was everywhere. Pearl-ended shoestrings, neon contrast skinny belts, lopsided sashes on flowy BCBG Max Azria dresses… Designers also played with texture, like the giant horse hair tassels at Nicholas K and the wispy, feathered headpieces from L.A.M.B. Meanwhile, Libertine walked some abstract, splattered-and-smeared tights, and Tina Turk made a graphic statement herself with wide, mod headbands. Milly utilized solid head wraps, and Isa Arfen models sported shades with nifty tie-back sashes. But the absolute BEST accessory to hit the runway this year? The black and white Harlequin Great Dane that stole the show – and then our hearts – at Hood By Air.


Best Foot (Fashion) Forward

Sporty is still here and not going anywhere soon, so athletic shoes, like the slip-on sneaks at Whit and Cut25 by Yigal Azrouel, were no surprise. And if three’s a trend, socks with ankle strap heels are also still a thing, as we saw it from HellessyA.A. Antonio Azzuolo, and Donatella’s partnership Versus Versace. The hard-bottomed clog reared its ugly-chic head at Coach and Thakoon, while Charlotte Ronson and the Olsen twins’ The Row also played with ugly-pretty, offering up their simple, double-banded flat sandals. Some designers – Diane von Furstenberg for one – went for the customized look, adding patterns to their shoes that matched the prints on their garments. The flatform was likely the biggest trend of all, in sandal form from Sass & Bide and jute-trimmed by M Missoni, among many others. All in all, some very wearable footwear, ready to walk off the runway and right into our closets.

All photos courtesy of and credited in captions

Tuesday Tunes: Grimes

Glitchy, glossy, synth-pop, alien-abducted ABBA, psychedelic drama, witch house, grave wave… This is Claire Boucher, better known as Grimes, a pixie-ish Canadian artist who creates genre-defying music. She’s not just some random indie tumblr star (not that that’s bad or whatever – and you should check out her tumblr); she’s the real deal and signed to Roc Nation under the management of Bey’s fella himself, Jay Z. Grimes is creating something unique with the big boys – can we get a fist pump for girl power? – especially with the atypical cyborg, futuristic, layered vibe of her work.

Robotic dream aside, Grimes released Visions in 2012 to almost universal acclaim, and she has a highly anticipated 2014 album, release date TBD. Unlike typical stereotypes of trite beats and drops associated with the electronic music scene, there isn’t fizzy superficiality to Grimes’ music. And that’s why we love her so much – her work is the amalgam of a variety of sounds and influences that’s completely her and no one else.

She recently released a video for her latest song “Go” featuring Blood Diamonds, originally written for Rihanna. Play the video and prepare yourself to be swept away into some next-level shit (the good kind).

Love Grimes’ super unique style? We feel the same way because she’s got it on lock. For more looks check out our gallery below…

All image credits in captions.

Need that Grimes-inspired look? We’re here to help with our GoJane picks.


1. Square Off Studded Combat Boots, 2. Color My World Hair Chalk, 3. Crazy For Camo Trucker Snapback, 4.  Chunky Exaggerated Round Sunglasses, 5. Tipped Off Strappy Cut-Out Boots, 6. Chunky Chain Link Necklace, 7. Paisley It Forward Floral Kimono, 8. Leafy Adios Graphic Cropped Sweatshirt, 9. Not So Basic Mockneck Cropped Tank

Style Crush: Langley Fox

Langley Fox has some pretty famous relatives. She’s the daughter of actress Mariel Hemingway, her great-grandfather was Ernest Hemingway, and her sister is model Dree Hemingway. Raised in Idaho, currently residing in LA, Langley (Fox is her middle name) is making a name for herself with her photo realistic illustrations and modeling. She’s worked with great fashion forward companies like Genetic, Alice+Olivia, Louis Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs to name a few.

After checking out her artwork and overall style sense, it’s obvious that Langley has a great eye. Which brings us to one of our favorite Langley trademarks: the way she layers her jewelry. (Plus, she can really rock a hat.)

Check out the gallery below to see how she manages to keep it simple, luxe, and organic all at once.