2014 Grammy Highlights: Hats, Head Banging & Harmonies

We couldn’t think of a better way to spend our Sunday night than with music’s uber elite, their major designer duds, and their even major…er career milestones. The 65th Annual Grammy Awards started off with some almost too-hot-to-handle Jayoncé (Jay-Z & Beyoncé) PDA and ended with Daft Punk being awarded “Best Album Of The Year” for Random Access Memories (not a surprise, considering their hit record, Get Lucky, was everyone’s jam!). We even witnessed thirty heartfelt nuptials during a collaborative performance of Same Love (not gonna lie, we cried).

With a bottle of wine (or two, okay…more like four), a bag full of Jack in the Box, and the television #turntup to a ridiculous volume, we sat in awe as we were treated to twenty performances! Yes, twenty, veinte, vingtnijuu! Twelve of those performances being brilliant collaborations that paired up some voices that created beautiful, heart-pounding, feet-shuffling harmonies. Host LL Cool J explained at the beginning of the show that the theme was “Music brings people together…” and boy, did it certainly do so last night!

Photos Courtesy Of Fab Sugar, E!Online, Huffington Post

Highlights, thoughts, and random gossip:

  • Beyonce’s booty made us reconsider that bag of munchies
  • What was Beyonce saying that was getting bleeped? “How the hell did this shit happen?” (We can say shit on here, right?)
  • Ryan Lewis’ metallic, houndstooth suit was OMG!
  • Lorde’s dip-dyed black fingertips were sooooo 2012 (this trend was all over NYFW back in 2012)
  • Dude, Keith Urban and Gary Clark Jr.’s guitar jam was #epic
  • Waaaaaaait…didn’t Pink already do that high-flying acrobatic performance of Try in 2010? It’s freaking fantastic and all, but WTF?
  • R.I.P Chris Kelly (of 1990s rap duo Kriss Kross). We had no idea he passed away.
  • I guess only the cool kids got the hat memo. Pharrell being the coolest kid of them all!


  • Song of the Year: Royals – Lorde
  • Best New Artist: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  • Best Pop Vocal Album: Unorthodox Jukebox – Bruno Mars
  • Best Rock Performance: Radioactive – Imagine Dragons
  • Best Alternative Music Album: Modern Vampires of the City – Vampire Weekend
  • Best R&B Song: Pusher Love Girl – Justin Timberlake
  • Best Rap/Sung Collaboration: Holy Grail – Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake
  • Best Country Song: Merry ‘Go Round – Kacey Musgraves

Click here for more Grammy performances & a complete list of Grammy 2014 winners…

GoJane & Our Seven Dorks

Flash (Sale) Friday: 25 Styles for $5 Each!


(Thank Jane It’s Friday)

Fridays might be theeeeeeee most loved day of the week. Why? It’s the end of a long work/school week, and it’s the beginning of a well-deserved weekend. And now GoJane is giving you another reason to love Fridays. With only five Fridays left until our annual Black Friday Sale, we’re counting down with a flash sale every Friday. Today’s flash sale brings you 25 styles that we’re practically giving away at $5 a piece! You’re gonna wanna get on this real quick because it only lasts for one day.

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High Five GIF

High- fives for everyone!

Fall Color To Live By: Burg’s The Word

Have you heard? Burg’s the word. Burgundy is this fall’s go-to color. Yes, yes. It’s easy to turn to blacks and greys when the weather outside is as exciting as soggy bread. But don’t give into mama nature. Fight back with a burst of this deep, rich, and bold hue. Whether you call it burgundy, wine, merlot, oxblood, maroon, or plum…it will have you looking like royalty. So take a look at our collection of one of our fave fall color trends and take your pick. Every closet needs to be swimming in this luxe color.

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What’s your favorite fall piece from our burgundy collection?

Happy “Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work” Day!

Add teddy bears to your list of must-have accessories because today marks the cutest holiday ever! Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day! This bizarre, yet amazing, holiday calls for all cuddle monsters to share their love for Mr. Teddy with the whole world!  But if you’re concerned that dragging around your beloved snuggle buddy in public all day would result in you being 51/50’ed, then we have a more age-appropriate solution. Let’s just wear fuzzy sweaters and be our own teddy bears!  Let’s take this crazy holiday and make it ours. Fashionistas, we’re gonna need you to get your teddy bear on!

Here’s a hug-worthy collection of loveable GoJane sweaters and cover-ups that remind us of sweet fuzzy teddy bears…



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30 Days ’til Halloween! Sprinkle in Some Spooky Style…

It’s the first day of October and you know what that means! You only have 30 days to start piecing together your Halloween costume. Sexy pirate ballerina? Or zombie turtle? Oh, we’re so excited! And although we’d love to dress up in a costume everyday during the month of October, it would be a bit stressful to have to come up with 31 kickass looks. So for those of you who insist on counting down to Halloween in style, we selected some spooky GoJane items that you can sprinkle throughout your wardrobe for the next month. Have fun & keep it freaky, my friends…

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2013 Emmys: Fairy Tale Fashion, Cute Couples & Giggles Galore!

The 65th Annual Emmy awards was quite the well-organized spectacle. Neil Patrick Harris did a fine job hosting, which basically consisted of him singing and dancing around with droves of well-choreographed dancers and getting heckled by past hosts.

Things worth mentioning:

  • The quirky nurse from “Nurse Jackie” and her awkwardly kickass speech (“Ummmmmmm, I gotta go…”)
  • Tina Fey & Amy Poehler telling Neil Patrick Harris to “Twerk It”
  • Michael Douglas’ acceptance speech that poked fun at Matt Damon’s character in “Behind the Candelabra”
  • Big winners: “Breaking Bad” & “Modern Family”

For a complete list of nominees and winners, click here!

What was your favorite moment from last night’s show? Favorite gown? Or maybe you want to just vent about how your favorite show or actor/actress  shoulda won instead? Go for it…

Trend Alert: Stylish Jogger Pants (Street Style Gallery)

This bevvy of beauties are hitting the fashion streets running. Literally. Yes, babes- jogger pants are so on-trend right now. Leave it up to some of our fave trendsetting street style bloggers to make pajamas chic. Who knew such a casual thing as sweatpants, track pants, and jogging pants would be so fashionable? Apparently, these ladies did. A fool-proof way to rock the look while looking stylish and not sloppy? WEAR WITH HEELS! Now that you’ve got the know-how, go get you some jogger pants at GoJane, and do the damn thing!

(Click on any picture for a better look…)

Photo credits are listed in captions.

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Happy Birthday, Beyonce! (aka: Mrs. Carter, JuJu, Mothe, Bee, Sasha Fierce & Queen B)

You better be reading this from the comfort of your bedroom, backyard hammock, or while sipping on lattes at your local cafe. Basically, anywhere other than work, because ain’t no one should be working right now. How is Beyonce’s birthday not an international holiday? Who do we need to talk to about making that happen?

There’s just too much to say about this angelic diva, and we’d be here all day if we spoke of all the wondrous things that make Beyonce one of our all time favorite people. (Yes, not just musician or artist, but people.) So let’s celebrate this great day with an ode to Mrs. Carter via photo gallery. And don’t forget to scroll beyond the collection of Beowolf images to find a collage of GoJane pieces that we just knooooow Beyonce would love!

Beyonce's GoJane Collage


2013 MTV VMAs: 15 of the Most Amazing Moments

Countdown of the top 15 moments from this year’s VMAs:

  1. The first minute of Justin Timberlake’s 15 minute long performance
  2. The second minute of Justin Timberlake’s 15 minute long performance
  3. The third minute of Justin Timberlake’s 15 minute long performance

…Do you get where we’re going with this? Sorry it took so long to post our fave highlights  from MTV’s latest music-filled extravaganza. But we’re barely waking up from the wild after parties and Brooklyn-based shenanigans. We twerked with Miley, we shared a glass of Dom with Kendrick Lamar, and we might have even made out with one of the dolls from One Direction. We kid. The closest we got to the VMAs was watching it with our cat bestie while chugging cheap wine and eating strawberry cupcakes. But still, the show  (as seen from our couch) was pretty freaking amazing. And while everyone’s still busy doggin’ on Miley Cyrus’ awkwardly sexy ummmmm disturbingly interesting jaw-dropping performance with Robin Thicke, we’re gonna focus on the best part of this year’s Video Music Awards…15 straight minutes of Justin Timberlake!

Click on his pretty lil’ face below to watch the entire performance (you will also find all the other VMA performances there). Trust, they’re worth the watch.

JT Performance

Fashion, fancy friends, and random fabulousness:


  • Video of the Year: Justin Timberlake “Mirrors”
  • Best Male Video: Bruno Mars “Locked out of Heaven”
  • Best Female Video: Taylor Swift “I Knew You Were Trouble”
  • Best Hip-Hop Video: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis f/ Ray Dalton “Can’t Hold Us”
  • Best Pop Video: Selena Gomez “Come & Get It”

Click here for the complete list of winners.

Soundtracks & Style: “Royals” by Lorde

We can’t seem to get enough of this song! The lyrics are edgy and dreamy, her voice is effortlessly cool, and ohhhhhh- that beat. That unrushed, syncopated, snappy beat, that makes you wanna walk through a crowd of people, and hand out winks and high-fives like they were lollipops. Take a listen to what’s currently blaring in our studio, and get in tune with us…

There isn’t much info out there about this mysterious songstress, but here’s what we do know: She’s a 16 years old New Zealand native. Her real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor. And her first EP, The Love Club, was released in late 2012, but did not gain momentum until a couple of months ago (thanks to that awesome single that no one can get enough of). Oh yeah, and we almost forgot…she has amazing hair and we want to be her best friend because, much like her, We don’t care. We’re driving Cadillacs in our dreams…

Shop Lorde’s Style @ GoJane:

Lorde gojane_2270_979659869gojane_2269_787498165gojane_2271_273264577


Microtrend: Egyptian Lover

Why we’re such hardcore Egyptian lovers: crazy thick black eyeliner, all gold errrrthang, and super yoked-up shirtless dudes in skirts! GoJane is so diggin’ on this ode to ancient Egypt thing, and we think it’s a fresh little trend you should try on this season. Take a look at some of our fave GoJane picks.

Find all these Egyptian inspired goodies @ GoJane.com: PYRAMIDS, PHARAOHS, ANKH CROSSES & EYE OF RA SYMBOLS

Whaaaat?! We found the most perfect soundtrack to this post:

Video Courtesy Of: Rob Leitzell

Happy Birthday, Janet Jackson!

More like Happy Birthday, Miss Jackson (’cause we’re nasty)! We love us some J.J. She’s the sole reason we stayed fit in highschool. How so? We spent countless, sweaty hours trying to learn the moves to all of her music videos. One of our all-time faves? “IF” circa 1993. And 20 years later, we’re still working on perfecting those crazy, sexy moves. Yeah, there’s a lot to say about Janet and her “controversial” life, but we’re not going there. We just want to celebrate her awesomeness by watching  some Poetic Justice, eating a bowl of popcorn with Tabasco sauce, and maybe popping out a boobie just for the heck of it. We love you Janet and we hope you have the best birthday ever!

Photos Courtesy of: Virgin Records, Harper’s Bazaar & JanetJackson.com

Shop GoJane for some Janet inspired styles!

Answer us this: what’s your favorite Janet song?

Happy Birthday, Bianca Jagger!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALIVE IN THE 70s! Why? Because we just know we would’ve run deep with amazing women like Bianca Jagger. Friday nights at Studio 54, house parties at Halston’s pad, impromptu muse sessions for Andy Warhol, gallivanting around the world with Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones in errrthang Yves Saint Laurent… all things we would have been great at. We love Bianca, and we’re totes jelly of her exotic beauty, highfalutin life, eclectic friends, and most of all, her totally kickass style! Cheers to Bianca and her trendsetting ways. We’ll never do a white suit or loungy jumpsuit the kind of justice you did, but we’ll definitely die trying. Happy Birthday, Bianca Jagger. Thanks for all the style inspiration.

Shop GoJane for Bianca-inspired styles like jumpsuits, hats & (faux) furs.

Photos Courtesy Of: Oyster Mag, Fashion Most Wanted, Tumblr

What other 70s style icon do you love?

Coachella Week 2: Cuties, Kooks & Chaos

What can we say about our Coachella adventure? It. Was. Ri. Dic! We saw The Lumineers, Pusha-T, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Wu-Tang Clan (just to name a few of the performers we were coherent enough to remember). We drank a ton of delicious, sugary, strawberry lemonade and perved out on some really cool festival-goer styles. Here is a collection of cool Coachella pics- some ours and some borrowed from our favorite bloggers.

Photos Courtesy Of: The Blonde Salad, Le Blog De Betty, Lifestyle Mirror

Were you at Coachella this past weekend or the previous? If so, email us some pics and we’ll post them!

Send Coachella photos to blog@gojane.com

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & Johnny Depp: Yum!

Happy National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day! We thought we’d celebrate with a picture of the hottest man alive (Johnny Depp, duh!), grilling up some ooey gooey goodness. Yup, you guessed it! A scene from one of our favorite romantic comedies of the 90s, Benny & Joon.

How do you like your grilled cheese sandwiches? And if that question bores you, how do you like your Johnny Depp?

The Essentials: What To Bring To Coachella

It’s one of the most anticipated music events of the year and it’s finally kicking off this weekend. Six days of music, booze, friends, and fashion sounds like heaven- but it could quickly turn into a hot mess. Literally, a HOT mess. With temperatures in Indio, California expected to close in on the hundreds during both weekends, we’re taking all precautions so we can rock out, without passing out. And since we have a few Coachellas under our belt, we’re gonna drop some festival knowledge on you. Our Coachella Survival Guide doesn’t only feature a super fly outfit- it also gives you practical advice that will keep you smiling throughout the 3-day, festival weekend/s.

banded fedora, round rhinestone trim sunglasses, cropped graphic lips tank, camouflage denim shorts, cage back cardigan, striped canvas backpack, platform sneakers, cucumber make-up remover wipes

Daytime Essentials: Think about the sun, sweat and stickiness…

  • Sunblock. Sunblock. Sunblock. Come home with wonderful memories, not a 3rd degree sunburn. The desert sun is not forgiving and there is almost no shade once you’re inside the venue. The misting tents are a short relief from the heat, but you don’t want to spend the entire weekend there.
  • Lip Balm w/ sunscreen
  • Reusable, plastic water bottle. There are watering stations scattered around the field, so take advantage of this free amenity. If you plan on boozing it up, keep hydrated! Heat and alcohol do not mix well. If you forget your container, bottles of water will be sold for $2.
  • Hand sanitizer & cleansing wipes. All the spilled beer and yummy food truck goodies can take a toll on your paws. Don’t waste your time standing in line at the sink stations. We’re bringing along these refreshing make-up wipes to keep ourselves cool & clean.

Hats & Sunglasses: Wide brimmed hats will keep the sun off of your precious face and sunglasses will keep you from squinting through your fave daytime performances.

Tops: Keep the material light and airy.  Imagine all that desert sun trapped under a super tight shirt. Yuck! We chose a light colored top to reflect the sun. (Black and darker colors will absorb the heat). And of course, we went sleeveless because there’s nothing cute about a farmer’s tan.

Bottoms: Blankets are not permitted and who wants to lug around a small beach towel? We suggest you throw on some denim shorts that you don’t mind getting dirty. The thick denim will protect your bum from being poked by sharp trash left on the field when you need to cop a quick squat. We also chose camo shorts because the dirtier they get, the more authentic they look. The high-cut hem will also protect you from a crazy mid-thigh tan line.

Footwear: Please do yourself a favor and leave the sexy heels and wedges at home because there is some major walking involved. And with so many things to do and see once you’re inside the venue, you’re not gonna be standing in one place for very long. Sandals aren’t the best idea if you mind having your toes trampled on amidst the chaos. Combat boots seem like a good idea, but with all the sun you’re bound to come home with a funky, mid-calf tan line. So we suggest platform sneakers. The platform will give you extra height to see past the crowds of tall people.

Nighttime Essentials: Although desert days are hotter than a mo-fo, it can get quite chilly and windy once the sun sets. We suggest bringing along a cardigan. Nothing too thick because you’ll sweat your booty off while you’re jumping around to the headlining band. We chose a cut-out cardigan because of the ventilation it offers. Pack it away in your backpack during the day and you can also use it as something to sit on if grass on your ass isn’t an ideal situation. If you’re not carrying a bag, tie it around your waist 90s style.


  • Earplugs. We know it sounds counter-productive to suggest something that will impair your hearing at a music festival, but some people are sensitive to the whole deep base and screeching guitars thing.
  • Hair tie. When your hair is stuck to your face and drenched in sweat, you’re gonna wish you had something to tame it with.

For more Coachella Festival info, click here!

Who’s going to Coachella? Will you be wearing one of your GoJane favorites?

Inspiration Gallery: Pumped Up Ponytails

Reasons why ponytails are every girl’s go-to hairstyle: they are simple to execute, they are a great solution to unwashed hair, it’s one of the first beauty secrets our mothers taught us, and it’s an ageless look. But we’ve been getting a little bored with the basic pulled-back look, so we scoured the web for some clever ponytail creations. Take a look at these new millennium ponytails and prepare to be amazed…

Which ponytail are you gonna try?


Photos Courtesty Of: Beauty Stat, HairStylesGlobe

Meet GoJane Model, Emily!

Who’s That Girl?


We asked. She told…

Sign: Leo
Snack of choice: Pretzel M&Ms
Song that best titles your life: “We are Young” by FUN.
Beauty regimen: Wash my face with a special face wash for my skin and keep makeup off my face when I’m able to.
First “Oh shit, I’m a real model” moment: When I walked in my first LA fashion week when I was 14.
What did you want to be when you were younger: A singer…specifically Cher.
Ideal Sunday Funday: I’m really good at bowling, so I go every Sunday.
Currently hooked on: The TV show Face Off, since I want to get into makeup and prosthesis once I’m out of school.
Dream car: Porsche Carrera
Advice to aspiring models: Just keep going even when you want to give up! It’s a tough business that takes alot of hard work and dedication.
Follow Emily on Instagram: instagram.com/emilyid

Got any other questions for Emily? Comment below & she’ll personally answer you.

Meet GoJane Model, Kouwai!

Who’s That Girl?

Kouwai for GoJane

We asked. She told…

Sign: Taurus. Yeah, we’re pretty cool!
Ethnicity: Liberian, Filipina & Chinese
Fave Snacks: Kit Kats & Cherry Lime Arizona Tea
Beauty regimen: I wash my face with water (no cleanser because my skin is sensitive) & I use a mild moisturizer called Cetaphil. I’m too lazy to apply makeup on the daily, so I usually only wear it for photoshoots.
Fave sound: The sound of nature. The sounds of waves, wind & animals. Being in that peaceful state of mind is beautiful.
Currently listening to: Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love!” Unfortunately, I’m crazy in love right now.
Song that best titles your life: “The Recipe” -Kendrick Lamar Ft. Dr. Dre
Perfect Sunday Funday: Chillin’ with my best friend Keelan and having him take photos of me.
What did you want to be when you were younger: Everything, haha! Model, musician, actress and I wanted to own a business. I still have those dreams today.
Life beyond modeling: More focus on my music career!
Advice for aspiring models: My best advice would be to practice (constantly taking photos and practicing your poses in the mirror). Also doing your research on everything there is to know about modeling (There are many scams out there). And of course please be YOURSELF many people let the industry destroy them. Just make sure you have true passion for this, it’s not all fun and games all the time.
Message to the fans: I just want to thank you all for your positive comments. I really appreciate that. Keep shopping with GoJane and never give up on your dreams! Keep it gee.
Follow her: kouwai.tumblr.com

Got any other questions for Kouwai? Comment below & she’ll personally answer you.

Happy Birthday, Drew Barrymore!

She’s been a hard drinking, chain smoking Lolita, a fairy tale princess, a victim of high school bullying and a hopeless romantic with short-term memory loss- whoa, this girl has done it all! Drew Barrymore is one of the most iconic stars of our generation and we’re hoping to see her super sweet disposition and wide range of personalities win over the next crop of angsty teenage girls. Happy 37th birthday, Drew! GoJane loves you!

What is your favorite Drew Barrymore movie?

Microtrend: Garter Accents

Garters have forever been a staple of intimate apparel. But someone decided it was time for garters to get out of bed and join the rest of the cool kids in becoming one with everyday streetwear. We’ve experienced a recent surge of garter-like accents on unexpected pieces and we’re loving it. We’re talking garter accent leggings, dresses, and jumpsuits. The best way to describe this microtrend? Daring! Something we love about garter-inspired pieces? Versatility! The garter dresses are essentially two pieces, in one. With the simple undoing of a buckle or button, you can wear the top and skirt separately. A microtrend that is not only cool, but also economical? We’ll take it!

 gun print garter leggings (left) garter cut-out jumpsuit (right)

1. spiked acid wash dress 2. leopard garter leggings 3. diamond print garter leggings 4. cut-out buckle dress

Which one of these garter pieces are you feening to get your hands on?

Inspiration Gallery: Badass Braids

It’s time you jumped on this braided bandwagon thing. Why? This timeless hairstyle has stood the test of time, and it’s showing no sign of ever going away. We know what you’re thinking. Braids are sooooo grade school. Yes, braids can be a mommy go-to or a simple solution to bad hair days. But they can also be something extravagant and creative. Today’s braids are all about layers, accessories, structure, and updated techniques such as the waterfall braid. Take a look at the photo gallery below, and we’re sure you’ll find a braided style that’s all you and maybe then some!

Which braided hairstyle are you dying to try out?

2013 Grammy Awards: Comebacks, Dress Code Rebels & Prince

Oh, The Grammys- you’re just too much! The 55th Annual Grammy Award Show was full of musical collaborations, comebacks from people we thought were forever done with the music scene, and a lot of freaky celebratory antics.

Here are our highlights:

  • Miguel & Whiz Khalifa’s performance of “Adorn” was dang sexy (mostly on Miguel’s part)
  • Kelly Clarkson’s drunk very enthusiastic acceptance speech
  • Johnny Depp doing his transient-chic thing (and looking fine as usual)
  • Justin Timberlake’s very “rat-packish” performance of “Suit & Tie” with BFF, Jay Z
  • Sting & the crew getting real irie during their Bob Marley tribute (did you see dem long dreads?)
  • Frank Ocean’s quirky ways (“little kids in tuxes” acceptance speech & “Forest Gump” performance)
  • JLo’s leg-baring dress was amazing, but very Angelina Jolie circa so last year
  • Katy Perry’s “va-va-boob” dress
  • Jay-Z throwing shade all over The-Dream’s “swamp meet” hat
  • Jack White’s creepy all-girl band doing their polygamist thing on stage
  • Carrie Underwood’s psychedelic performance of “Blown Away” (ooh, light show!)
  • Prince’s swaggy strut across the stage (with a cane) to present “Best Record of the Year” to a very starstruck Gotye & Kimbra
  • The show should’ve ended there (with Prince)! Sorry LL Cool J & company #nodisrespect (love you Tom Morello, you killed it!)

What did you think of last nights Grammys? What was your favorite part?

For a complete list of winners, click here.

Inspiration Gallery: Pastel Colored Hair

If you haven’t already heard, it’s all about pastels this season. Makes sense, right? Springtime and pastels go together like hipsters and bow ties, like kittens and cuteness. But if the idea of slipping into lilac colored maxi dresses and sunshine colored chiffon blouses all season is a bit too girly for you, we’ve got a punky solution to your pastel precaution. How about rocking these soft, breezy hues in your hair? Sounds crazy? Crazy like a fox!

This look can be temporarily attained with clip-on hair extensions, chalk, or spray-on hair color. And for you daring divas out there, you can rock this permanently with the help of your fave hair colorists, a bottle of bleach, and a shit-ton of courage. We’ve been spotting this uber-cool hair trend all over the scene lately, and we’re thinking some of you out there might have what it takes to werq it. But if you’re still undecided on whether this hair trend is a yay or nay, we’ve compiled a bunch of photos of our favorite bloggers, models and celebrities (there are even pastel colored cats in there) to inspire you.