#Hello2015: 20 Items For $15

Five days into the new year and we’re pretty hopeful about what 2015 is gonna bring. The year’s most anticipated show, Empire, is starting in 2 days, and will treat us to a weekly dose of a battle of the sexes between Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard. Can’t. Freakin’. Wait.

We’re also super stoked about these “smart socks” that we’ve been hearing some buzz about out of today’s 2015 CES debut. They’re basically a pair of socks with a built-in running coach app. The socks’ sensors can monitor your landing pattern and cadence, making for the most effective run your feet have ever seen.

Robot socks and well-scripted drama… two things we live for.

Other things we live for? Really cool stuff for really great prices. These items aren’t typically $15, but thanks to our #Hello2015 Sale, the 25% off discount made these goodies super affordable.

20 Items For $15:

(Click on any item to find out how much and where to find it…)

Note: The prices listed are only valid until Wednesday 1/7/15 11:59 pm. We will be announcing a new sale on Wednesday that may change the prices to reflect differently. What does that mean to you? You needs to place your order like right now!

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#BYE2014: 20 Items Under $14

Seems like everyone is so focused on the terrible things that happened in 2014. (Ugh. #BuzzKill!) Stop being such a Grumpy Cat, and try to revel in the greatness that was (and still is for three more days) 2014. Sure, we had a few crap-tastic moments over these past 12 months. The series finale of Sons of Anarchy was pretty heartbreaking for some of us. (R.I.P. SAMCRO!) And that whole Cheesepocalypse thing back in January was pretty devastating. (OMG! You didn’t know that we almost ran out of Velveeta “cheese” this year!? Where the heck have you been!) But what about the cool things that 2014 brought? Guess it’s left up to us to sing 2014’s praises!

In celebration of the last few days of 2014, we’ve compiled a list of 20 items under 14 dollars. (See what we did there?) These super dope finds aren’t typically under $14… But thanks to our massive #BYE2014 Blowout Sale, discounts up to 90% off really hooked it up. So let’s lay off the “2014 sucked so hard” negativity, and let’s focus on the great things that came out of this past year. Like the nationwide lower gas prices (averaging $1 less than the past several years) and Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s On The Run Tour. Those two things alone made 2014 the shiz.

20 Items Under $14:

(Click on any item to find out how much and where to find it…)

Note: The prices listed are only valid until Tuesday 12/30/14, 11:59 pm. We will be announcing a new sale on Wednesday that may change the prices to reflect differently. What does that mean to you? You needs to place your order like right now!

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Nailed It: Holiday Manicure Inspiration

So you need a way to make a quick holiday fashion statement, but your sexy Ms. Claus outfit (from your high school’s Winter Talent Show when you and your mean friends performed Jingle Bell Rocks) doesn’t fit anymore? And you can’t wear your go-to ugly Christmas sweater because someone barfed on it at the office party. Don’t fret, it’s all good. We’ve got the perfect way to jolly up your look. Christmas-inspired nail art is a simple way to partake in some festive fun. Sure, nail art seems intimidating at first. But just like you eventually untangled those 20 strings of lights and decorated the best Christmas tree the world has ever seen…we have faith that this holiday project will garner the same amazing results. Here are some fun season-appropriate designs from some of our favorite Instagramming nail ladies.

All photos courtesy of Instagram. Click on any picture to find each artist’s link.

10 Christmas Movies To Get You In The Holiday Mood

There are only 10 days until Christmas! We’ll let that sink in… Did everyone just have an “Oh, crap… I still have a ton of shopping to do!” freak-out session? Dude, stop freaking out. You still have time to shop GoJane.com and have it delivered by XMAS.

But we understand the anxiety. It seems like the holidays do a bang-up job of getting everyone’s red velvet panties in a bunch. And it’s all thanks to adulthood. Being a kid during the holidays meant random gifts from your parents’ friends and eating ridiculous amounts of treats. However, being an adult during the holidays means endless naughty/nice lists, office holiday disasters parties, family dinners disasters, dreadful ugly sweater parties, pressure to know the lyrics to every classic holiday song (because people WILL judge), and most annoying of all, the obligation to decorate your tiny apartment with every holiday card you get in the mail (just in case they stop by…because they will).

But there is one thing you can do over the next 10 days that won’t drive you insane. We’ve chosen 10 Christmas movies that you should totally watch over the next 10 days. We’ve got everything from super throwback classics like A Christmas Story (“You’ll shoot your eye out…”) to sorta throwback faves like Elf (“Don’t be a cotton-headed ninny muggins!”). Whether your holiday mood revolves around lovey-dovey or down-right-dirty, we’ve got a little something for everyone. So call up some pals, get those kernels poppin’, and let these movies remind you how to Christmas.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Christmas Story

Bad Santa


A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

Home Alone

It’s A Wonderful Life

Love Actually

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Did we forget any of your faves?

Happy Birthday, Nicki Minaj!

Quick…everyone get on your feet and make that booty clap! It’s Nicki Minaj’s birthday, and she doesn’t need a birthday cake (she’s got plenty cakes of her own …if you know what we mean). Seriously though, don’t waste your time buying her cards, candy, or balloons. The only way to properly celebrate this lady’s birthday is by making her proud. So getcha ass up, start doing some squats, and let’s shape that booty into something the queen of epic booties herself could be proud of. Need a soundtrack? We’ve got the perfect song…

Best of Nicki Minaj…2014

Cyberstalk Nicki Minaj: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Website, and Youtube.

New Album + New Tour

What’s currently going on in Nicki’s world? Oh nothing… She’s just getting ready to drop another sickass album (The PinkPrint) in just a few days (December 15, 2015). She also just announced today that she’s following up said album with The PinkPrint Tour (UK/EU dates confirmed. US dates still TBD). Who’s gonna be there? (Everbooty better be raising their hands right now.)

Watch Nicki impersonating Beyonce on Saturday Night Live (aired 12/6/14):

MCM: 13 Sexy Chefs Who Are Too Hot For The Kitchen

Just in time for Thanksgiving! We’ve compiled a list of sizzling culinary babes who we WISH were cooking us turkey dinners on Thursday (clothing and apron optional). Seriously, we wished so hard…our brains turned into mashed potatoes, and we’re currently writing this post smothered in a stupid amount of gravy. Stupid. We scoured the web, asked our foodie girlfriends, and watched a lot of cooking shows this weekend to find men who know how to flex their muscles aaaaaand steam their mussels. (See what we did there?) We’ve got everything from sexy celebrity chefs to star-of-their-own-scene hunks that make cooking our new favorite obsession. Here’s to the men who can heat up our kitchens (and our beds) any day…

(Click on any of the chefs’ names to follow them on Instagram or Twitter…)

What’s Cooking, Good Lookings?



Michael Chernow

Past: Slinging drinks as a bartender in NYC

Present: Gave up alcohol, drugs, and cigs at 23. Works out all the time. (Obvi!)

Akhtar Nawab

Specialty: Mexican Cuisine

Fave Ingredients:  Dandelion greens, puntarelle, and radicchio – bitter greens, and really good butter.

 Takashi Inoue

Chef Takashi Inoue of Takashi - New York, NY

Owner: NYC- based Takashi (all beef everything)

Not Fair: His business partner and life partner (Saheem Ali) is just as hot as he is!

Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone

Sign: Scorpio

His BAE: Married to Lindsay Price (Steve Sanders’ Asian girlfriend from the OG Beverly Hills 90210)

Gino D’Acampo

Gino D'Acampo

Sign: Cancer

Freaky Fact: Was charged with animal cruelty for killing and cooking a rat on the show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! (Charges were later dropped.)

Michael Voltaggio

Owner/Chef: LA-based eateries ink. + ink.sack

Claim to Fame: Winner of Top Chef (Season 6)

Giorgio Rapicavoli

Owner/Chef: Miami-based eateries Taperia Raca + Eating House

Tired Of: Bacon Wrapped Dates

Govind Armstrong

Author Of: Small Bites, Big Nights: Seductive Little Plates for Intimate Occasions and Lavish Parties (sexiest book title ever?)

Training: The original Spago at the age of 13!

Ilan Hall

Ilan Hall

Past: Winner of Top Chef (Season 2)

Present: Host of Esquire Network’s Knife Fight

Rocco DiSpirito

Rocco DiSpirito

Good To Know: Loves his mama!

Inspirational: Lost 50lbs this past year + wrote a book about it!

 Sam Talbot

Sam Talbot

Big Heart: Worked with Beastie Boys’ Mike D to run a food truck that fed 20,000+ people after Superstorm Sandy.

Big Pimpin’: Married (but later divorced) Colombian model and designer, Paola Guerrero.

Ludo Lefebvre

Ludo Lefebvre

Owner: Trois Mec

Cool Points: Created the menu for Lavo at the Palazzo Casino (Vegas, baby!)

Johnny Iuzzini

Caring: Supports many charities like Cookies for Kids’ Cancer

Daring: Loves riding motorcyles

Did we miss any of your faves? Don’t be selfish… Share!

“Peace is always beautiful.” -Walt Whitman





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MCM: Top 11 Hottest NFL Players of 2014

Hubba, hubba. Whether you love the game for its testosterone-fueled competitiveness or because of your own estrogen-fueled sexual attraction to beefcakes, there is no denying that American football players are modern day Adonises. This edition of Man Crush Monday pays tribute to the hunks of Monday Night Football. (See how that worked out perfectly?) Here’s to the start of a dreamy week full of long daydreams that include you, a can of whipped cream, and one (or all) of these babes. Happy Monday! Get ready to drool…

Top 11 Hottest NFL Players of 2014:

Photo Sources: GQ, NFL, Getty

Cyberstalk Our Top 11 Hotties:

Did we miss your favorite football lover boy? Share the love and comment with his name below.

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2014 Country Music Awards: Mash-Ups, Reveals, + Miranda Lambert

During last night’s 48th Annual CMAs, Steven Tyler proclaimed, “Country is the new rock n’ roll…” Did Mr. Glam Rock God just say that? Hmmmmmm… We’re thinking he might be on to something. Today’s country music stars have tons in common with 80s glam rockers. Their stage ensembles are always shockingly bood…gad (a mixture of good and bad), their lyrics are painfully heartfelt, and their hair is big…real big. (We’re talking to you, Kacey Musgraves!)

We totally get it. It used to be cool to hate on country music. But nowadays country music is super next-level, and knowing the lyrics to a Little Big Town’s Day Drinking is as legit as being able to spit all the lyrics to Wu-Tang Clan’s C.R.E.A.M.


  • Miranda Lambert performed All About That Bass with pop star Meghan Trainor
  • Steven Tyler + Carrie Underwood + Brad Paisley acapella-ed the heck out of Aerosmith’s Cryin’
  • Little Big Town’s guitarist wearing that vintage Farrah Fawcett tee
  • Brad Paisley accidentally revealed that Carrie Underwood’s expected baby is a…boy! #BlewIt
  • Vince Gill and Amy Grant are STILL married…That’s so amazing! 14 years is like 4000 years in the entertainment business.

Performers + Winners:


Photo sources: USA Today, Getty Images, + contactmusic.com

Complete list of 2014 CMA winners…


Happy Birthday, Anna Wintour!

All hail Anna Wintour. Editor-in-Chief of fashion’s most respected magazine (that’s Vogue, for those of you who haven’t been paying attention for the last 100 years!), friend to such iconic fashion shot-callers as André Leon Talley and Grace Coddington, rumored muse of The Devil Wears Prada, and all around badass, Anna Wintour is the best thing that ever happened to life. Anna Wintour is to the world as Fairy Godmother is to Cinderella — and we thank you for it, Anna. The world would be a much uglier place if it weren’t for you. Literally.

Everything you need to know about Anna in under six minutes…

Also, you know you’re pretty major when Kim Kardashian dresses up as you for Halloween…

Source: Instagram via @KimKardashian

Source: Instagram via @KimKardashian

Halloween Makeup Inspiration: Pretty, Sick + Twisted

Halloween is just a few days away…and we plan on doing some freaky things in some freaky costumes. Come Friday night, we’re gonna be like, “T.G.I.F.!” (That’s Thank Goblins It’s Friday for you dweebs that didn’t get it. What makes a great Halloween costume? We think it’s all about your dedication to details. Going as a cat? Instead of cheesing out and just wearing a store-bought kitty costume, why not collect all the fur balls from around your house and glue them to yourself? We’re kidding…stop judging. Seriously though, a great way to complete a clever costume is by pairing it with some spooktacular makeup. Halloween used to be all about sloppy face-painting done by dear ol’ mom, but more recently it has given professional MUAs a chance to show what they can do with some everyday cosmetics and next level thinking.

We searched Instagram and trolled #HalloweenMakeup for some great inspo. We were so amazed by how talented some girls were that we thought we’d share our favorite MUAs. Some chicks can’t even wing an eye without blinding themselves (raises hand in shame), while others can do this…

All IG profiles are linked inside the gallery. Follow these artists for more inspiration.

Makeup is also a great way to achieve cool last-minute Halloween looks. Just put on some everyday clothes and make that face of yours the centerpiece!


Create your own Halloween looks with GoJane Cosmetics:

DIY: Cute, Clever + Creative Halloween Costumes (Using GoJane Gear)

There are only a couple weeks left before Halloween, and we’re getting you ready with three amazing costume ideas. Whether Halloween is a time for you to be sexy, scary, or straight-up hilarious, we’ve got some clever costume inspirations that will turn heads and hopefully win you the grand prize at any Halloween costume contest. (Unless some girl shows up dressed as a sexy football player… That girl always seems to win! Gag.) The best thing about these costume ideas? We used all GoJane gear that can be worn year-round. How very practical of us, right?

Creepy Little Dancer

(Sia’s Chandelier Video)
GoJane's Version: Sia "Chandelier" Video

What you’ll need: Sheen Queen Nylon Muscle Bodysuit + Wig (purchased at our local Halloween supply shop)

Sia "Chandelier" Video

If we had to create a soundtrack for the summer of 2014, Sia’s Chandelier would definitely be included. Not only was the song addicting, but the video was pretty freaking mesmerizing. Something about a creepy little girl (AKA Maddie from reality TV hit Dance Moms) wearing a skin-toned leotard and dancing like a possessed maniac in a rundown loft…just screams Halloween.

Mental Mellie

(The First Lady in Scandal)

GoJane's Version of Mental Mellie (Scandal)

What you’ll need: Adios Amigos Graphic Leaf Sweatpants + Getaway Basic Cropped Tee + Floral Watercolor Kimono Duster + Cozy Faux Suede Boots

Mental Mellie (Scandal)

Spoiler Alert: If you’re a fan of Scandal and are all caught up on the current season, then you will definitely appreciate this costume idea. After all that the First Lady has been through (being raped by her father-in-law during her first presidential campaign and dealing with her husband’s years-long affair with his press secretary), she finally lost her mind. But having your son murdered by your husband’s mistress’ diabolical terrorist father will do that to a person. When dressing up as Mental Mellie, don’t forget two major things…a bag of potato chips and a shitload of self-pity and IDGAFs.

Feminist LumberJackJane

(She’ll chop her own dang wood!)

GoJane's LumberJane

What you’ll need: Plaid On The Back Flannel Shirt + Gone Plaid Shredded Skinny Jeans + Quilty As Charged Short Combat Boots + Belted Faux Leather Suspenders + Bad Hair Day Distressed Knit Beanie

Paul Bunyan

Because…feminism. (And also because plaid is kinda having a moment right now.)

Happy Columbus Day (Sitewide Sale)!

No school. No work. No worries. Amiright? We’re sure you are having no problems finding something to do on this glorious day off. Maybe you’re celebrating Columbus Day by setting sail with some of your besties in your own party-hardy version of the Santa Maria. (Sailing is still a thing, right?) Maybe you’re discovering new-to-you lands by taking a hike with your bae. Or maybe you’re just sitting around watching the many Christopher Columbus specials on the History Channel? (We’re not judging. Lies, we kind of are.) However you choose to recognize the day an Italian explorer arrived to The Americas over 500 years ago, we hope you remember what this holiday is really about…sales, sales, and more sales!

We gathered up our biggest markdowns from our Columbus Day Sitewide Sale, and we’ve not only hooked you up with some major deals, but also some sick outfit inspirations.


WAS: $63.40     NOW: $36.12


1) Just Drape It Asymmetrical Skirt 2) Cat Eye Sunglasses 3) Brushed N Cut-Out Midi Ring Set 4) Keep It Simple Faux Nubuck Heels


WAS: $135.30     NOW: $84.62


1) Acid Washed Denim Bustier Jumpsuit 2) Roman Numeral Five Cuff 3) Tribal Tapestry Fringed Bucket Bag 4) To Diamond For Strappy Caged Sandals

More Columbus Day  Savings @ GoJane:

(All items pictured are over 40% Off!)

GoJane Sitewide Columbus Day Sale

Fashion Flashback: The Wonder Years

1988 brought us the most beautiful (and tortured) love story of all time.  People followed young Kevin Arnold through six season, and 114 episodes of Jr. High fails, puberty-fueled drama, and school dances that usually ended up in tears. Set in the late 60s and early 70s, in anywhere America, The Wonder Years first premiered after the 1988 Super Bowl (Redskins VS. Broncos) and remained on American televisions until 1993. Millennials have been enjoying it via Netflix marathons (guilty!), and after 20+ years, it’s finally being released as a complete DVD set this week! Why was the show such a big freaking hit with everyone? Here are a few of our theories…

Kevin + Winnie = 4EVER:

  • Kevin Arnold said thought out loud what every teenager wish they could — no matter how idiotic and self-obsessed it sounded. Remember when he freaked out because he couldn’t parallel park and then lied to everyone about passing his driving test…when he actually hadn’t? Oh, Kevin…you nut.
  • Paul Pfeiffer was the bestest friend Kevin ever had but didn’t deserve. That’s why every time someone does you a solid, you should consider it some real Paul Pfeiffer-type shit… Remember when he tried out for the basketball team and was pretty damn good at it, but Kevin’s hating ass got jealous and tried to bring him down? But then he still found a way to forgive Kevin? He’s kinda amazing like that. Don’t worry, The Pfeif…haters gon’ hate.
  • Winnie Cooper was no basic bitch. Behind all that shiny, brown, doe-eyed sweetness was a hot mess. Her parents divorced! She had to transfer schools right before high school! She started hanging out with douche bags that got her in a pretty gnarly car accident! She kissed more frogs than princes! Girl had issues, and it made us all say, “If Winnie Cooper can get through those six seasons, we can get through anything!”
  • Jack Arnold was a beast of a man. Next time you’re considering paying for a new lawn mower or manning up and fixing the old one, ask yourself, “WWJAD?” He was simply the best role model a kid could have, and he was a complete badass. Was it the mysterious scars on his face? The pinky rings? The grunting? All of the above.
  • Because…Becky Slater!
  • The history lessons. If history class makes you want to set yourself on fire, just watch the show. You’ll learn everything you need to know about American history from the late 1960s to early 1970s.
  • And with all the wonderful life lessons came throwback tunes like its iconic theme song by Joe Cocker, “With A Little Help From My Friends.” Seriously, every hit from the 60s and 70s in one nostalgic show. This is also the main reason it took so long for the entire DVD collection to be released. The music licensing game struggle is real, people.
  • The guest appearances. You’ll die at the sight of today’s stars as pimple-faced teeny-boppers. Everyone from David Schwimmer, Juliette Lewis, Seth Green, Giovanni Ribisi, to Breckin Meyer. They’re so adorable and little!
  • The clothes. All the mustard-colored, crazy printed fashions you could take. Here are a few words that sum up The Wonder Years fashion: plaid, turtlenecks, cardigans, varsity jackets, knee-high socks, and high-top sneakers.

 Get the look at GoJane.com:

Fall Transitional Pieces: Bold Booties + Basic Bottoms

These first weeks of Fall 2014 have been pretty chill so far. The days are feeling a bit crisper, the nights a bit cooler, which means it’s time for some of our favorite outfits to undergo a fall revision. We’re still in that weird transition where it’s not as hot anymore, but it’s still not freezing yet. The best way to dress for this fickle weather? Booties and light bottoms. Booties aren’t as intense as chunky boots, making them perfect for the next few months. They kind of say, “It’s time to put the flip-flops and slip-prone stilettos away, but there’s no need to bust the rain boots out quite yet.” If you don’t know what a bootie is…it’s basically a boot, but with a shorter shaft. It’s for the girl who can’t quite decide between heels and boots. It’s a hybrid of comfort and sexiness that every fashion-focused babe should definitely try. And what bottoms should you be pairing with these booties? Well, it’s not quite time for thermal underwear layered under jeans, but it is time for lightweight trousers, mid-length skirts, faux leather overalls, and heavier textured shorts.

Still can’t picture? No need. We’ve collected a bunch of pictures of our favorite fashion bloggers who’ve got the look down cold. Enjoy…

Photo sources are credited in gallery.

To celebrate this joyous season of covering up (just a little bit), GoJane is having a major booties + bottoms sale. We’re talking over 500+ bootie and bottom styles on sale! Up to 70% off. Hurry and shop the sale before it ends Thursday, October 2, 2014, at 11:59pm PST.

GoJane.com Booties + Bottoms Sale

Man Crush(es) Monday: Gorgeous Guys In Flannel Shirts

Who tried to make a deal with the devil this morning when their alarm went off? Ain’t no shame in offering to sell your soul for just 30 more minutes of sleep. Ugh. We totally get it. Mondays are the worst thing since paper cuts came into existence. You know what would make waking up on Mondays bearable? Waking up next to some dude wearing a flannel. Or better yet, waking up in bed wearing nothing but some dude’s flannel…next to said dude.

Why a flannel? There’s something sexy about flannel shirts. Maybe it’s the 90s grunge thing that brought us dark-hearted poets like Kurt Cobain and Gavin Rossdale. Maybe you think lumberjacks are sexy…no judging. We can totally dig the strong, silent (could totally build you a log cabin with his bare hands) type. Oh, just imagine it. That warm, cozy, kinda-scratchy-in-a-good-way flannel shirt brushing up against your body…sending chills up and down your spine. Are you having a little trouble imagining it? Don’t sweat it — we hooked you up with a gallery full of sexy guys wearing flannel shirts. Pick your imaginary mate and throw him this line… “Hey, boo. You think you can turn down the heat a little? Because you’re too hot to flannel!” Boom. His panties just dropped. Your panties just dropped. Now it’s a party.

Shop Flannels + Other Grunge-Inspired Styles @ GoJane:

GoJane Lookbook: Rebel Yell

Stay High: How To Style Over-The-Knee Boots

Shop Over-The-Knee + Thigh High Boots @ GoJane.com!

Over-The-Knee Boots @ GoJane.com!

Julia Roberts Vivian made them every sexpot’s go-to in Pretty Women. Kylie Jenner can’t go a week without roaming the naughty streets of Hollywood in them. And moms and dads all around the world are saying, “Helllllllllllll no!” to the desperate pleas of their teenage daughters. Ladies and gents, we present to you the thigh-high boot (AKA over-the-knee).

So we agree that they aren’t meant for pre-teen girls and back-to-school outfits, especially if you’re still carrying a lunch box or getting dropped of at the pep rallies by your mama. But there is a place for these sultry boots in every grown woman’s life. (And we’re not talking just for Halloween.) So how do you style thigh-high or over-the-knee boots and make them appropriate for everyday wear? Listen up… or should we say take a look? We’ve compiled a load of lust-worthy photos of our favorite bloggers doing their best to make this sexy trend happen.

There’s really no wrong way to wear them. Little bit of thigh showing…no thigh showing. With pants…without pants. Cold weather…not-so-cold weather. These ladies show you that it doesn’t matter — it’s really all about the confidence you pair them with.

All photos sources have been captioned in the gallery.

Think your legs are too thick or chunky to fit into this look? Think again. Create the illusion of these leggy boots by pairing thigh-high socks with shorter booties. The stretchy material of the socks are way easier to fit into, and if you pick similar shades for both the shoes and socks, it’ll look seamless.



Are you ready to try the trend for yourself? If so, shop GoJane.com for our kickass boot sale. All boots are discounted up to 60% off. Sale ends Thursday, September 18, 2014 @ 11:59pm (PST).

GoJane.com Boot Sale

6 Heel Trends For Fall 2014 + Up To 80% Off Heels Sale


What’s so great about…

Platform Heels: They’re the best way to add height and still stand, walk, dance, and even run (girl, we don’t know your life!) comfortably. The absence of a steep arch allows you to stand the way god intended – flat on your feet. This makes platform heels the best thing for short girls since…short boys.

Open-Toe Heels: In a world where some people can be so uptight (we’re talking to you, DAD!), everyone could benefit from a little wiggle room. Another great thing about open-toe heels? Coordinating your pedicure with your outfit. That’s top level styling right there!

Ankle-Strap Heels: Remember that one time you were dancing the samba with that hot Latin guy and then your shoe flew off when he went to go spin you? Not again, my friend. Not again. Ankle strap heels give you the kind of security you need when you’re an active fashionista. And something about shackle-like straps around a girl’s ankles is sexy…We think it’s due to the women from Orange Is The New Black. Yeah, that’s it.

Shootie: First and foremost. WTF is a shootie? It’s a hybrid between a shoe and a bootie. Now that that mystery is solved, let’s talk shootie-chic footwear. Boots can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and “rough” when paired with a super femme outfit. In walks the shootie, and you’ve got the perfect balance of serious and sexy. We guess you could call them seriously sexy.

Pumps: Like Arnold Schwarzenegger (or those SNL guys) said, “[We’re] here to pump…you up!” Pumps are classic, simple, understated, but totally underrated. There’s nothing like a simple slip-on pump that brings a breath of fresh air to any outfit. But don’t be mistaken. Simple is just a word used to describe the silhouette. Pumps come in all sorts of materials, prints, and heel heights…so you KNOW you’re gonna find the perfect pair.

Printed Heels: Last but not least, we arrive at the Nicki Minaj of heels. They’re animated. They’re loud. They’re outlandish. And they’re the best thing that happened to a mundane world since…well, Nicki Minaj. Our favorite way to rock a printed heel? With a monochrome outfit that lets the printed heel bask in all its deserved glory.

GoJane Heel Sale: Up To 80% Off

2014 VMAs: Malfunctions, Messages, and Oh Yeah… Music!

Excuse any spelling errors and inkorrect grammar. We’re a little hungover from last night’s MTV Video Music Awards. No, we didn’t get to party hardy with the shiny famous people (our invite must have been lost in the mail). But we did have a kickass viewing with our best gal pals that included a lot of libations and hummus. (We ate a lot of hummus!) Why so hungover? We had to take a sip of the sassy sauce every time Nicki Minaj made us say, “OMG!” So, we basically drank all night!

Here are our favorite highlights (what we can remember) from last night’s show:

  • Katy Perry + Riff Raff did their best impersonation of Britney + Justin’s all-denim-errthang 2001 VMA ensembles
  • Nicki Minaj’s booty (surprisingly enough) did not knock out anyone standing in the front row
  • Nicki Minaj’s wardrobe malfunction made every boy, man, and curious woman pray harder than they’ve ever prayed for her hands to fall off
  • Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels! Dumb and Dumber…2! Thank you for making November 2014 an even more special time (but this still doesn’t trump turkey enchiladas!).
  • Did Kim Kardashian dump sidekicks Khloe and Kourtney for Kendall and Kylie? Yup!
  • Miley Cyrus made us cry (in a good way) when she sent young homeless hottie, Jesse, on stage to accept her award for “Video of the Year”…where he schooled us on the young homeless epidemic that’s affecting places like Los Angeles. Good for you, Miley. And can we get Jesse an agent?
  • Beyonce shut it down. No, let us rephrase. Beyonce flipped it around (her hair), flaunted it (her booty), flailed it around (her body), and then shut it the fuck down…during her 16-minute performance before receiving the Video Vanguard award. (She beat Justin Timberlake by one minute for longest VMA performance ever.)

Red Carpet:




All images courtesy of MTV + Getty Images

Click here for a complete list of winners and to watch videos of all the performances on MTV.com!

Custom-Eyes: The Perfect Sunglasses According To Your Birth Month

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Which sunglasses are perfect for you? Most people would tell you to choose based on face shape, but we’re telling you to go with what your mama gave you…your birth month. Each month is connected to a birthstone, and the list usually goes something like this:

January…Garnet (Deep Red)

February…Amethyst (Purple)

March…Aquamarine (Sky Blue)

April…Diamond (Clear)

May…Emerald (Green)

June…Smokey Quartz (Bronze)

July…Ruby (Bright Red)

August…Peridot (Lime Green)

September…Sapphire (Royal Blue)

October…Pink Tourmaline (Pink)

November…Citrine (Golden Yellow)

December…Blur Topaz (Blue)

It’s usually a beautifully hued gem of some sort, and parents usually insist on young girls wearing their birthstone via small studded earrings. But being that we’re the true trendsetters that we are, we decided to take it a step further and compile a list of the perfect pair of sunglasses for each birth month. We based this list solely on colors, and the consensus around the studio is that we’re pretty spot on. Coincidence? Probably not.  But you don’t have to just stick to the month you were born. We’re thinking you should switch up your colors for each month. We know what you’re thinking…12 sunglasses have gotz to be expensive. Nuh-uh, not with GoJane’s Summer Loving Sale which has sunglasses priced as low as $2. So you really have no excuses now! Find your birth sunnies and don’t forget to shop GoJane for the best selection of sunglasses.

Cat Eye Sunglasses
Pop Of Color Sunglasses Round Reflective Flip-Up Sunglasses Wired In Cat Eye Sunglasses Angled Look Mirrored Sunglasses All Curves Rounded Cat Eye Sunglasses Chain Accent Sunglasses Square Floral Sunglasses De Colores Aviator Sunglasses

Bar Topped Round Sunglasses Well Rounded Rhinestone Sunglasses Contrasting Hue Sunglasses

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Man Crush Monday: Chris Pratt (AKA Andy Dwyer + The Hunk from Guardians of the Galaxy)

Whether you prefer him as the dimwitted (and much chubbier) Andy Dwyer of Parks and Recreation or as a half-man, half-alien (but all sexy) Peter Quill of Guardians of the Galaxy, there is no denying that Chris Pratt is Hollywood’s latest (albeit unexpected) leading man. Upon seeing the trailer for GOTG for the first time, a lot of us skeptically snarked, “Is that Andy from Parks and Recs? No freaking way!” The voice sounded familiar, but the face was a bit more chiseled and lacked that uh-duhhhhhhhh look we’ve grown to love. And the body…oh laaaaaaaaawd…the body was (alert a lifeguard because we’re about to faint in a pool of our own drool) life!

We’re so glad to see Chris Pratt rolling in the same crew as other Marvel Comics’ hunks, like Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Michael Fassbender, and Hugh Jackman. Who knew this funny man could also be a superhero? He and all of his comic book movie buddies can rescue us out from a burning bra building any day. How did Chris go from chubby to every girls dream hubby? He did it with an incredible sense of humor and a strict six-month-long regimen of diet and exercise to reveal his buff bod.

It usually bums us out to realize that our #mcm is married or dating some chick, but we’re kinda okay with Chris Pratt being married to Anna Faris. She’s one of our favorite comedians and she is totes adorbs. They also have a son named Jack, who is probably in a constant giggle fit because his parents are so damn hilarious. Funny, fine, and a family man. Please make more of hims! Pleeeeeeease…

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27 Photos Of Chris Pratt Being Beautiful:

Chris Pratt Rapping “Forgot About Dre”:

Happy World Cat Day!

Seriously…Why is anyone at work right meow? Fake a tummy ache and get home to your cat ASAP! There are five centimeters behind her ears that have not been properly scratched today…and your human fingers are perfect for the job! And if you don’t have a cat, we’re sure your neighbors will let you borrow their cat for a quick cat selfie.

Cat's Meow Paris Chain Frame Tee

Ways To Celebrate World Cat Day

Cat Parents can:

  • Love the shit out of their cats. We’re talking…move the furniture out of the way, gather all of your cat’s favorite toys, and roll around the living room giggling like two BFFs at a sleepover.
  • Take your cat to the local pet store and treat them to some nibbles.
  • Let your cat do anything s/he pleases. Sleep on your laptop. Sleep on top of the remote. Sleep in your indoor potted plants. Then of course…sleep on top of your newly washed, all white everything bed. Ugh! Cats, why do we love them so much?

Cat Lovers can:

  • Donate your time to an animal shelter and request some time in the cattery
  • Wear any awesome cat-related clothes, shoes, or accessories. Cats are so hipster now- you can’t turn a corner without bumping into a person wearing some ironic cat swag.
  • Pet a random cat (and hope it doesn’t scratch your eyes out).

This post is dedicated to Kitty.

R.I.P. Kitty… Mz LuLu loves you!

10 Trends (Under $10) To Try Before Summer Ends!

Oh, no… It’s August. We’re one month closer to the first day of school. There’s only one month left for that summer vacation you’ve been saving up for. Seriously? Only one month left to find that perfect BAE to summer fling it with? Oh, the humanity! September marks (for many of us) the end of summer fun…therefore September is our new worst enemy (second to whoever started that nasty rumor that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are divorcing…noooooooo!). So for the next four weeks, we’re kicking it into high gear. Or should we say high-fashion gear? (You like what we did there?)

GoJane is all about the trends, and we’re not letting this summer end without making sure all the ladies and fabulous gents out there have tried all this season’s trends. The best thing about this list? All these summer trends are under $10. Yup. This list of must-have goodies just got that much sweeter.

$10. Basic Bodycon Dresses

Once it gets chilly outside, you’re gonna wish it was still warm enough to prance around town in a skimpy little number like this. You better take advantage of your summer bod and get it right and get it tight (the dress, that is).

$9. Brave + Bold Accessories

This summer was all about loud prints. But not everyone was down to rock this look head-to-toe, nor were they brave enough to let a main piece do all the talking. Our solution to that? Just choose one accessory and make sure it adds all the printed-punch your outfit needs.

$8. Summer Sayings Tees + Tanks

We know your summer agenda is full of do this, do that, and definitely must do these types of things. You’re basically trying to cram a whole year’s worth of fun, fun, fun into a few months of sun. There’s no time for chit-chat. But you can still get your point across with the help of a graphic  top. Just let your shirt do all the (shit) talking.

Killin' It Graphic Racer Back

$7. Throwback/Comeback Jelly Sandals

The best comebacks of the summer? Jennifer Lopez, carbs (thanks to cronuts), and jelly sandals. The instant you slip these suckers on, you’ll be inundated with memories of nighttime bike riding sessions with your neighborhood homies, hopscotching with your sisters, and sticky hands from melted Popsicles that you just couldn’t slurp up fast enough. Now that’s summer!

Missing Link Jelly Thong Sandals

$6. A Taste Of The Tropic…Prints

A trip to Bora Bora will cost you a pretty penny (more like a million pennies). So let’s give off that island-girl vibe with tropical prints. The moment you slip on a palm tree printed tank or a birds of paradise covered maxi dress, you’re gonna be transported to a world where coconuts are stemware and grass skirts look best on hunky bronzed boys.

Tropical Print Scarf

$5. Round(about) Sunglasses

The aviator is classic. The wayfarer is totally hip. But something about giant round sunnies says, “I’m kinda weird…but in that super fun and flirty way.” Like Kate Husdon in Almost Famous kinda weird.

Round Metallic Wire Frame Sunglasses

$4. Lacy + Racy Leggings

You’re not really a music festival queen until you’ve worn a pair of these rock goddess-inspired lacy leggings. They’re sexy, edgy, lightweight, and totally badass. Make Janis Joplin proud and get you a pair of these summertime bottoms.

All Laced Up Sheer Leggings

$3. Functional (& Totally Fun) Headbands

Summer is one sweaty season. Yes, sweat is sexy when it’s dripping off of Cristiano Ronaldo, but it’s not as sexy when it’s dripping off of your forehead and into your BFF’s mojito. Stop the sweat in its tracks with a sweet little headband. They’re best worn with messy buns and a little bit of coyness.

Lace Meets Floral Headband

$2. In-Yo-Face Neon Swimwear

You worked extra hard for that bikini body. So why go unnoticed in a boring bathing suit? Make sure all eyez are on you in a brightly hued swimsuit. Neon colored swim isn’t just for volleyball players from 1980s rom-coms. They’re made for you and your wonderful summer squatting azz!

Twist Front Bikini Brief Bottoms

$1. Candy-Coated Lips

Remember those crazy colored lips you’d get after sucking on a lollipop or a Popsicle on a hot summer’s day? Yeah, that’s the same idea here…but way less calories.

Santee Color Blast LipstickShop GoJane.com’s Endless Summer Sale:

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Man Crush Monday: Jesse Rutherford (AKA Lead Singer of The Neighbourhood)

If you don’t know this week’s #MCM, then you need to get your priorities straight, sister! His name is Jesse Rutherford, and he is the smoking hot lead singer of the five-piece Californian rock band, The Neighbourhood. Chances are, you’ve heard their hit single Sweater Weather, and chances are you love the crap out of it. So we all love his music (that’s a given), but there is so much more to this man than that beautiful voice. Let’s start with that slim and trim body. It’s the kinda frame you want wrapped around you at night. And then there’s his assortment of tattoos. We’re talking body art that makes you wish you were a paint brush and he was your canvas. And don’t even get us started on his moves. This boy can definitely dance. He’s got a certain white-boy swag that makes you want to do bad things.

Photos courtesy of Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

We know. We know. We got kinda freaky over Jesse, but we can’t help it. We just saw The Neighbourhood play The Greek Amphitheater last Thursday night, and it was just about the sexiest damn rock concert we’ve ever been to. His romantic lyrics set atop the loungy tunes and then topped off with his creamy body rolls, pelvic thrusts, and longing looks gave every girl in that stadium the chills. In fact, we counted at least six lacy bras that were thrown onto the stage. Jesse picked each of them up and hung them up on his mic stand. (What a gentlemen!) If you haven’t seen this magnificent man perform, you must!

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Man Crush Monday: Dave Franco (AKA The Younger, Even Hunkier Franco?)

Monday was just meh…and then this happened! If you don’t already know this week’s Man Crush Monday, please allow us to shed some light on the beautiful Dave Franco.

Why U Should❤ Davey Franco:

  • He loves cats (cat daddy to Harry and Arturo)
  • He’s hilarious (check out his Funny Or Die videos)
  • He’s got a smile that could melt your panties off
  • He’s got bushy eyebrows (which are soooooo in right now)
  • He’s a shawty (5’7″ of lord have mercy)
  • He cares about your feelings (he’s just a few classes away from a Psychology degree at USC)
  • He’s a Gemini…which means he has no problems expressing his feelings.

Photos courtesy of Mike Rosenthal, GQ, Wonderland Magazine, and Funny Or Die.

Where You’ve Seen Him:

Does Davey-Boo look familiar to you? That’s because he’s kinda always been in your life. You just never really noticed him because he’s always been the wing-man or side-kick. He was the smooth talking eco-freak Cole in 21 Jump St., soccer playing Greg in Superbad, and most recently Zac Efron’s bestest bud Pete in Neighbors.

Things we’re not talking about:

Everyone is constantly comparing Dave to his older bother James Franco, but we’re not going there. We think they’re both sexy as hell in their own way, and they deserve equal parts of our obsession. So stop trying to make us pick one over the other. Our mother always told us that we could have anything and everything we wanted in life…so we’ll take both Franco brothers. Please and thank you. Other things we’re not gonna talk about? His current girlfriend Alison Brie and his ex-girlfriend Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray from Glee)…because we enjoy living in denial.

Cyberstalk Dave Franco: Tumblr Fansite, Facebook, IMDB, and Funny Or Die.

Man Crush Monday: Pharrell (AKA P. Willy, Pha-real, Lil’ Skateboard P)

What Makes Pharrell Williams Da Man:

  • Pharrell was in his high school’s marching band (drums)
  • Discovered by Teddy Riley (lead singer of R&B group Blackstreet) at a high school talent show
  • Early Professional Collaborations: He’s written and produced for Wreckx-N-Effects, SWV, Mase, N.O.R.E., Kelis…and gained a ton of attention when he produced Britney Spears’ I’m A Slave 4 U.
  • Recent Professional Collaborations: Nelly, Gwen Stefani, P. Diddy, Jay-Z, Daft Punk, Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, The Hives, Questlove, Madonna, Beyonce, Maroon 5, Jennifer Lopez, Mac Miller, Miley Cyrus, Mika, Azealia Banks, CeeLo Green, Robin Thicke, Major Lazer, Future, Pusha T, and GOD. (JK. But seriously, he’s worked with everyone! Pharrell has basically influenced, if not created, this generation’s sound.)
  • Married his longtime girlfriend, model/designer Helen Lasichanh on 10-12-13.
  • Father to Rocket Williams
  • Voted “Best Dressed Man in the World” by Esquire in 2005
  • 7 Grammy Awards: Best Pop Vocal Album – Justified (as Producer), Producer of the Year – The Neptunes, Best Rap Song – Money Maker (w/ Ludacris), Producer of the Year – Himself, Album of the Year – Random Access Memories (as Featured Artist), Record of the Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance – Get Lucky (w/ Daft Punk)

Something about Pharrell takes us to a happy place.


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Happy Birthday, Toni Garrn! (AKA Leonardo DiCaprio’s German Model Girlfriend)

What do you get the woman who has already been blessed with Leonardo DiCaprio as a boyfriend? Nothing! You just give her the dirtiest look ever as she comes prancing across the room with Sexy DiCaprio on her arm. Juuuuust kiiiiiiiiding. We love us some Toni Garrn. Don’t know who Miss Garrn be? Well, let us introduce you to this way-too-pretty model.

Who’s that girl?

  • Toni was discovered during the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany and signed to a New York modeling agency.
  • She got her big break at 15 years old when she hit the Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2008 runway.
  • She has appeared in over 10 issues of Vogue (France, Italy, Germany, Russia, China, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, and US).
  • Although Garrn is not an official Victoria’s Secret Angel, she has walked on many of their runways and has been featured in numerous VS ads.
  • Toni and Leo have been dating since May 2013.
  • Toni is an international ambassador for women’s education.


Height: 5′ 11.5″

Measurements: 34-25-35

Shoes: 10


Eyes: BLUE

We wish you a very happy birthday and good luck with your modeling career. We hope to see tons more of that beautiful face…and body!

Toni Garrn + Leonardo DiCaprio

All photos courtesy of Vogue, Instagram, and Women Management.

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BET Awards 2014: Throwbacks & Throwing Shade!

Anyone who turned last night’s viewing of the BET Awards into a drinking game that consisted of drinking every time Pharrell or Beyonce won an award is definitely hungover right now! Amirite? It seems like Pharrell was in-n-out of his front row seat all night performing and accepting wins for two major awards, Best Male R&B/Pop Artist and Video of the Year. The three-and-a-half hours of fashion, friends, frenemies, and flashing lights were jam packed with the hottest black entertainers (and their few token white friends) this world has to offer. Here are some of the most eventful moments, awkward pauses, and random sillyness that this crowd of singers, actors, activists, and athletes had to offer.

Highlights + Random Gossip:

  • Who glued Pharrell’s cardigan buttons together? #TheStruggle was so real when he attempted to unbutton his cardigan (for what seemed like hours) in the middle of his performance.
  • Busta Rhymes looked a little…bloated. We hope it’s not a health issue. If it’s just a matter of too many Hot Pockets at 2am, he need to get with Jennifer Hudson and Missy Elliott for some #CleanEating tips.
  • Ummmm…did Chris Brown sing AT ALL during his performance? Seems like he huffed every 20 words of his song into the mic in between rushed dance moves.
  • During Chris Brown’s performance (which featured Travis Barker, Drummer of Blink 182), Travis stood up like, “WHAT!?” Then sat right back down like, “Ummm. Nevermind…”
  • Host, Chris Rock, really wanted Mayweather and T.I. to finish what they started in Las Vegas. Poking the bears in the zoo!
  • August Alsina cried on stage during his acceptance speech for Best New Artist…and panties dropped everywhere.
  • Nicki Minaj wanted everyone to remember that she was the true fancy one during Iggy Azalea and T.I.’s performance. That 3-second shot of Nicki vogue-ing during Iggy’s performance was definitely a statement. And if you were unsure if Nicki’s vogue was a statement or not, she went up on stage during her win for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist and threw shade all over female rappers who don’t write their own lyrics. Ooooooooh…
  • Young Money continued to live up to their krazy ways when Lil’ Wayne knocked the mic stand to the floor after his acceptance speech for Best Group.
  • Every person who grew up during the 90s and had their first kiss or slow dance to jams by Silk or Color Me Badd got the best trip down memory lane when every 90s R&B man band came out and did a rendition of their best 90s hit. We just about lost our minds when we heard that super deep bassy voice sing, “Freak me, baby, oh yeah…”
  • Robin Thicke needs to stop. It’s not cute, endearing, nor romantic. It’s just creepy now. She knows your number…she will call you when she’s ready.
  • Beyonce shut the show down with her sexy sillohuette-ing ass, and it was the perfect ending to an awesome night. Oh, yeah, Jay-Z performed with her (it was a pre-recorded performance from their current tour “On The Run”).


Winners + Honorees: