So Two-Faced: How To DIY Emoji Pumpkins

❤ By Amy Tsai

It’s finally October, which means we can officially start counting down to Halloween – shopping for candy, thinking up costume ideas, carving pumpkins, and putting up decorations. But could your Halloween pumpkins use a little more…emotion this year? Maybe think about skipping the regular ol’ jack-o-lantern, ’cause we’ve got the perfect thing: emoji pumpkins!

These DIY emoji pumpkins will be so adorable included in your Halloween decorating this year, and you’ll be able to incorporate those emoticons you use in text and social media into your regular life! You know what else? They’re double-sided! Happy on one side and sad/angry on the other. Two-faced and too cute! Keep reading to find out how to make ’em…

What You’ll Need: 

  • One or more pumpkins! (We used mini whites)
  • Paint brush or sponge
  • Yellow paint
  • Black permanent marker
  • Optional: Paints or permanent markers in white, blue, and pink (depending what emojis you decide to recreate)

photo 222.PNG

What You’ll Do: 

  1. Start by brushing or sponging on a thin but full-coverage layer of yellow paint, leaving the stems untouched. Let dry completely before proceeding.

photo 11.PNG

2. Using a black marker, draw on the outline of your chosen happy emoji. If your emoji requires other colors, fill them in, let them dry, then touch them up with black marker.

photo 1.PNG

3. On the direct opposite side, repeat the process with your sad or angry emoji.

photo 2.PNG

And that’s it! Perfect for your windowsill or office desk. Want people to know your current mood? Just flip to the side you’re feeling at the moment, and your little yellow friend will do all the emoting for you 😉


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