#FallFavorite: Over-The-Knee Boots!

❤ By Amy Tsai

With fall now only one day away(!) we can’t help but get excited for all of our season’s favorites: big fluffy scarves, knit sweater dresses, light trench coats… But the thing we’re looking forward to most of all? Over-the-knee boots! While thigh-high boots can definitely be considered an all-year-long look, they just feel right in autumn. And they’re perfect for all our layered looks to come.

Today we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite styles for your consideration. We’re hoping they’ll become fall favorites of yours too…

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Suede To Order – If over-the-knee is a fall silhouette, it definitely needs to be paired with the number one fall texture – faux suede! We’re loving these snug pull-on styles, just stretchy faux suede with nothing more and nothing less. Any of these would be great beneath a short flowery dress and a light autumn jacket.


Leather Weather – If sweater weather is less your speed when temps start to drop, we’ve got something else for ya – vegan leather! Now is the perfect time to pull out these moto-chic thigh-highs, which might not have been suitable for the sweltering summer heat. The look is both cool and hot and oh-so-dangerous.


Lace Value – If what you’re looking for is a statement shoe, there’s one thing you’re gonna need on your boots – laces! Laces on laces just seem to lend a luxe touch to any boot, especially over-the-knee ones with full-length lace-up panels down the front. Don’t fret about having to tie them… Trust us, they’re worth it.

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