100-Layer Challenge: 100 Layers Of Chokers?!

❤ By Amy Tsai

By now you must have seen the plethora of 100-layer challenges on YouTube and the rest of the interweb, right? We’re talking 100 layers of nail polish, 100 layers of clothing, 100 layers of foundation, even 100 layers of hair extensions! So here at GoJane we decided that we couldn’t let the summer pass us by without doing a #100LayerChallenge of our own…

But with what? It had to be something no one else has done before and something we actually have a hundred of. And then we got it – chokers! The choker is, without question, THE accessory of the year, so we definitely had enough to do a 100-layer challenge or twenty. So we stocked up on seventeen of our Let’s Talk About Six Baby Choker Sets and got to it!


You might be wondering, why did we go with all the same chokers? Well, we totally could have included some lace ones, some extra wide ones, even some wraparound ones, but we had an inkling that maaaaaybe this challenge could actually be a wearable one? So that’s the second part of our challenge: Could 100 layers of chokers be something you could wear out? Let’s find out!


Ah. One choker. Just one can take a plain T-shirt to all new levels of coolness.


And here we are at ten. Kinda looks like a colorful statement necklace, right?


All the way at twenty-five now! Is it just us, or are you getting a super-chic French ascot vibe?


Oh, my goodness, here’s fifty! With a little bit of hardware this time. Why? Full disclosure: By the thirty-something mark the thickness was already getting to be too much, and we couldn’t clasp the chokers individually. So we began making chains of them and wrapping them around the rest…


Annnnnd that’s 100!!! Are we crazy, or does it not look that crazy??? Kinda like one of those sequined scarves, right? So here’s our conclusion: While you probably won’t wanna (un)clasp and wear that many chokers at one time, the layered choker look can actually be really cute! Give it a try and let us know what you think. We’re gonna go ponder our next challenge…

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