#Trendspotting: Shirt, Why Not?

❤ By Amy Tsai

While Labor Day may have begun as a tribute to the U.S. labor movement and the social and economic achievements of American workers, let’s face it. Today, most people just see it as a summer day off – a long weekend of cool pools, hot sales, and warm nights. We got to thinking… How could we blend those two ideas? And then we got it!

The classic button-up shirt, which has been a workwear staple for both men and women for decades now, is a wardrobe essential that has spawned numerous variations – high-low hems, shirt dresses, off-shoulder versions, etc. But two that we’re especially excited about are ones you could actually wear on Labor Day weekend. Just read on to find out which…

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Bow My Goodness – The latest in blouses? The cropped necktie top! This update on the regular ol’ button-down shirt is so flirty and feminine you barely get that it’s a borrowed-from-the-boys look. We especially love the ones with a big dramatic bow up front. The midriff-baring length paired with a form-fitting mini or sleek slacks would be perfect for a posh evening boat party.

Image Map

What A Sweetheart – If the necktie blouse is great for a hot summer night, this variation is definitely the “it” look for day. The strapless sweetheart silhouette looks like a dress shirt that has been twisted, folded, and pleated into a playfully chic, oh-so-creative top. Trust us, you’ll get plenty of sun on those shoulders and plenty of compliments from your friends and family.

Image Map

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