Better Laced Than Ever: Lace-Up Heels

❤️ By Amy Tsai

In case you haven’t noticed, the lace-up shoe trend is still going strong. So strong, in fact, that there are a million varieties now – and we love ’em all! The lace-up heel in particular has never looked better, so we’ve decided to introduce a few of our favorite styles here today. Don’t worry if you’re not on the bandwagon yet. Just start now. Better laced than never, we always say!

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Ballerina Dreams – No matter how much we wished for it as a kid, it’s obvious we all can’t grow up to be Misty Copeland. But just because you won’t be onstage in Swan Lake doesn’t mean your ballerina dreams have to end here. Just find a lace-up heel with flat straps that tie up the leg. The look may not be en pointe, but it’ll be totally on point.

Image Map

Detail-Oriented – Sometimes in life the little things count the most, so we don’t mind being a little “extra” sometimes with our shoes. If you’re a detail-oriented girl, we’re sure you can appreciate how plain laces and strings are being embellished with pom-poms, tassels, beads, braids, and more. ‘Cause let’s face it – it’s all about the details.

Image Map

Back Side View – While we love shoes with lace-up fronts, we can’t forget that some of these babies got back and side too! Corset-like backs and laces that run up the sides are two cool variations on the lace-up heel trend. ‘Cause you – and your shoes! –  have to look good from every angle. Get ’em walking into the room and again walking out.

Image Map

Web Design – We don’t know much about computer science and coding, but we do know what we like in web design. And what we like is web design…on our shoes! Having an intricate, caged, looped or webbed design turns up the volume on plain ol’ crisscrossing laces. They have the competition – and our feet – totally wrapped up.

Image Map

Chunky Town – Another shoe trend that has been everywhere lately? The chunky heel! Thin may be in, but the thick heel is totally far out. And we’re just crazy about the combo of lace-up and chunky. Something about the contrast of skinny laces and thick heels has us ready to book a one-way ticket to Chunky Town. Care to join us?

Image Map

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