Sunnies 4 All: The Best Glasses For Every Face Shape

❤️ By Hannah Blu

While we take pride in sporting our sunnies all year long, we’re happy to announce that the ultimate season for shades is officially upon us. The sun’s out in full strength, which means it’s more crucial than ever to protect your peepers from harmful UV rays. (Say no to squinting, ladies!)

With so many styles of sunglasses out there, it can be a struggle to find the perfect pair for your face shape. But today we’ve taken the guesswork out of shade-shopping so you can spend your summer doing more important things…like sipping bottomless mai tais on the beach! All you have to do is identify your facial structure, and you’ll find your sunnie soul mate…

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Round: If you have a rounded face shape, it’s best to avoid small and circular frames, which tend to exaggerate fuller cheeks. Opt instead for oversized rectangular sunglasses or frames that boast angular lines. The goal is to define and elongate the face by emphasizing your cheekbones, much like you would with contouring makeup.

In The Octagon Wire Sunglasses See A New Angle Sunglasses All Angles Mirrored Sunglasses Modern Moment Cat-Eye Sunglasses Image Map

Square: When you’re blessed with a defined jawline and sharp cheekbones, squared or rectangular frames can look especially harsh. Soften your look with rounded sunnies that serve to balance out a strong facial structure. Frames with curved edges and cat-eye corners are excellent for square-shaped faces, as they give angular faces added length and lift.

A Bit Of Flare Round Sunglasses Around The World Mirrored Sunglasses Round Up Vintage Sunglasses Kitty Corner Mirrored Sunglasses Image Map

Heart: Aviator lovers, rejoice! These trendy frames are best for heart-faced gals because of their softly tapered edges, which complement the delicate narrowing of a heart-shaped face. Just remember to choose a frame that fits the size of your face; oversized aviators can easily overpower a small face, especially when you factor in colored or mirrored lenses.

Raise The Bar Aviator Sunglasses Vintage Vibes Cat-Eye Sunglasses Reflecting Pool Sunglasses Flying High Wire Aviator Sunglasses Image Map

Oval: We envy you ladies with oval-shaped faces… You can basically wear any style of sunnies you want! From aviators to rectangular frames to John-Lennon-esque round wire styles, you’re free to experiment with sunglasses in all shapes, colors, and sizes. But don’t stop there – since you clearly can go four-eyed, try out a pair of statement glasses for a totally chic look.

Vintage Icon Cut-Out Brow Sunglasses Grounded Brow Bar Aviator Sunglasses Flat Out Cool Resin 'N Wire Sunglasses See The Light Rectangle Glasses Image Map

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