Model Behavior: Jessica The Freckled Wonder

❤️ By Amy Tsai

Ever wondered “Who’s that girl!” while scrolling through our website? We’re not surprised. Which is why we thought we should introduce you to some of our favorite GoJane models. First up? Jessica! Here’s how she answered our Model Behavior Getting-To-Know-You Survey…

115124 Collage

Model Behavior Getting-To-Know-You Survey

Name: Jessica Motes

Current Obsessions: Pilates, frozen yogurt

Forever Obsessions: Sweets, sushi, fashion and art, red lipstick

Man / Woman Crushes: My boyfriend and Tom Hardy / Gisele Bundchen and Megan Fox

Hobbies: Gym, ice skating, hiking

Items I Collect: Shoes, purses

Favorite Food / Restaurant: Sushi / Niko Niko

Movies / TV Shows I Love: Pulp Fiction, Breakfast Club / House Of Cards, Homeland

Music / Artists I Love: Banks, Lil Silva, Angus And Julia Stone

My Ideal Sunday Consists Of: A day at the beach on a boat

My Ideal Sundae Consists Of: Cookies and cream, coffee ice cream with lots of colored sprinkles

For Karaoke Night I Would Kill It Singing: Journey – Don’t Stop Believing

My Superhero Name And Power Would Be: Freckled Wonder / Cure diseases (cancer)

I Cannot. Freaking. Wait. For: Summer


Don’t forget to follow Jessica on Instagram @jessicam23 and Snapchat @jessica_motes. In the meantime, check out these pics of Jessica in her favorite colors (black, red, and pink!) and some of our favorite pieces…

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Image Map

Image Map

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