Fashion Throwback: ’90s Revival

❤️ By Hannah Blu

There are certain aspects of ’90s fashion that we’d rather not remember – we’re looking at you, windbreaker pants that could be unzipped into shorts or capris (*cringe*). But like all eras eventually do, the ’90s have been experiencing a major fashion revival lately…  And we’re totally diggin’ it.

That’s right, folks – the ’90s are back in all their glory. The Backstreet Boys are reunited, Fuller House is a thing, and we’re all rocking tattoo chokers like we invented the damn things. But the ’90s were also a tumultous time, style-wise, which is why we’ve compiled a go-to guide for embracing this rad fashion renaissance the modern way.

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Not-So-Clueless Chokers

’90s-inspired chokers have been spotted on all your favorite celebs and style icons. That’s because they provide a chic way to add an edgy, it-girl element to your look. (Think Kate Moss and Winona Ryder circa 1995.) And while the tattoo chokers we collected in middle school are still hot today, fashionistas are now bringing the look to a new level with layered chokers in mixed materials.


Totally Tight Crop Tops

These days, crop tops aren’t just a trend – they’re a way of life. But did you know this midriff-skimming top had its big break in the ’90s? The Spice Girls brought it to the forefront of fashion, and who could blame them? What better shows off your toned tummy than a cute cropped tee! Now crop tops dominate both runway and street, so we think these babies are here to stay.


Super Fly Overalls

We admit it – overalls were our jam back in the day, especially when worn with one shoulder strap casually unhooked. Well, we’re happy to tell you that they’re back and cooler than ever. Gone are the days of frumpy dungarees – today’s overalls are gussied up with svelte silhouettes and deliciously distressed details for a more contemporary vibe.


Wonderfully Wicked Jellies

Time to rejoice – jellies aren’t just for tots anymore! This ’90s kid favorite is all grown up now, boasting edgy upgrades like lug soles, platforms, and sky-high wedges. Don’t worry, though – the glitter-laden jellies you loved as a child are still all that and a bag of chips!


Bitchin’ Combat Boots

We can’t say we envied Angela Chase’s love life (although Claire Danes did get to smooch ’90s mega-babe Jared Leto 😍), but we definitely recall being super jelly of her grungy-chic combat boots on My So-Called Life. Combat boots have come a long way since ’94. Today colorful patterns and heel variations continue to rejuvenate this timeless grunge look.


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