Color Of The Moment: We’re Blushing

❤️ By Amy Tsai

It seems like ever since Pantone released their twin Colors Of The Year for 2016 (a baby blue named Serenity and a baby pink named Rose Quartz) blush tones have been everywhere in fashion. We don’t think we could think of a better spring color if we tried.

So today we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite ways to wear this heavenly hue –  appropriate for the season, of course. Check ’em out and comment with your fave below! We’re pretty sure with one look you’ll start to think pink too…

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The Minidress

Your poor legs have been cooped up all winter long. It’s about time they got some sun! What better way than in an impossibly short micro mini? Before you know it they’ll have that rosy glow. You know, to match your rosy cheeks and your new rosy dress.


The Bodysuit

Now that we’re peeling off all our winter layers, what we’re looking for is that tucked-in look without any of the tucked-in bulk… Bodysuit to the rescue! Just throw on a pair of cutoffs or skinny jeans and you’ve got yourself an instant outfit.


The Romper

Is there any article of clothing more fit for frolicking than the romper? We think not! There’s a reason it’s also known as a playsuit. Whether you opt for a rib knit turtleneck or a floral halter, your look will be as fun and flirty as it is fresh. Perfect for spring!


Can’t get enough rosy pink? (Us either!) Click below for our blush lookbook now…


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