To Infinity And Beyond: 18 Ways To Wear This Convertible Maxi


So you realize that your closet is overflowing. What do you do? Stop shopping? As if! What are you, a quitter? No, you just have to start buying versatile, convertible, multi-use pieces. A flowy tunic doubles as a short shift shirtdress. (Say that five times fast!) A moto jacket with detachable sleeves turns into a moto vest. And just like that (*snap*) a maxi skirt with an elastic waistband becomes a strapless midi or mini. But you wanna know how you really get your money’s worth? With a piece like the Chic-Shifter Convertible Maxi Dress. One dress, one hanger, one tiny sliver of a slot in your closet…one million-billion-trillion possibilities. (Yes, that’s a totally scientific number.)

Yeah, this dress is definitely the bottomless fries or unlimited soup and salad of the fashion world. (Can you tell we like to eat? As long as the analogy worked, we’re fine with you knowing that.) And it would be a lifesaver for any bride. What better way to get that matching but not too matchy-matchy look for your bridesmaids? The possibilities are literally endless. We’ve rounded up a mere eighteen for you here (there are six more on the site for a total of twenty-four!), so we’re pretty sure you’ll be a bonafide wrap superstar in no time. So let’s get ready to go infinity and beyond. ‘Cause it’s about time you began your very own never-ending fashion story…


Need a tutorial on any of our other looks? Or just wanna give a shout-out to your fave? Let us know in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “To Infinity And Beyond: 18 Ways To Wear This Convertible Maxi

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