Custom-Eyes: The Perfect Sunglasses According To Your Birth Month

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Which sunglasses are perfect for you? Most people would tell you to choose based on face shape, but we’re telling you to go with what your mama gave you…your birth month. Each month is connected to a birthstone, and the list usually goes something like this:

January…Garnet (Deep Red)

February…Amethyst (Purple)

March…Aquamarine (Sky Blue)

April…Diamond (Clear)

May…Emerald (Green)

June…Smokey Quartz (Bronze)

July…Ruby (Bright Red)

August…Peridot (Lime Green)

September…Sapphire (Royal Blue)

October…Pink Tourmaline (Pink)

November…Citrine (Golden Yellow)

December…Blur Topaz (Blue)

It’s usually a beautifully hued gem of some sort, and parents usually insist on young girls wearing their birthstone via small studded earrings. But being that we’re the true trendsetters that we are, we decided to take it a step further and compile a list of the perfect pair of sunglasses for each birth month. We based this list solely on colors, and the consensus around the studio is that we’re pretty spot on. Coincidence? Probably not.  But you don’t have to just stick to the month you were born. We’re thinking you should switch up your colors for each month. We know what you’re thinking…12 sunglasses have gotz to be expensive. Nuh-uh, not with GoJane’s Summer Loving Sale which has sunglasses priced as low as $2. So you really have no excuses now! Find your birth sunnies and don’t forget to shop GoJane for the best selection of sunglasses.

Cat Eye Sunglasses
Pop Of Color Sunglasses Round Reflective Flip-Up Sunglasses Wired In Cat Eye Sunglasses Angled Look Mirrored Sunglasses All Curves Rounded Cat Eye Sunglasses Chain Accent Sunglasses Square Floral Sunglasses De Colores Aviator Sunglasses

Bar Topped Round Sunglasses Well Rounded Rhinestone Sunglasses Contrasting Hue Sunglasses

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