Microtrend: Tribal Prints


It’s the middle of summer, and you’ve exhausted all of your go-to pieces for the season? We totally feel you. Dressing appropriately for Mr. Golden Sun can get pretty monotonous. You can only wear your favorite sundress or a tank and denim cut-offs so much, are we right? So before you become a repeat offender again, hear us out. You, too, can break free from this summertime style rut. But how, you ask?  Three words, ladies: just add tribal.

Okay, so you probably already have a couple of tribal inspired pieces in your closet (we’re all fashionistas here, obvi), but what we love most about these warm-weather prints is that new styles, colors, and variations are constantly being churned out each day. (No, really, just check out our new stuff, and you’ll understand.) What does this mean for you? Well, not only will it be nearly impossible to show up to that BBQ wearing the same tribal printed skirt as your frenemy, but the days of sartorial slumpin’ will be long gone (well, at least until next season). Ganado, chinle, ikat, tapa… Whichever tribal print you fancy is guaranteed to have summer written all over it. And hey, don’t you still have a summer bucket list to attend to? But before you start planning those rest-of-the-season outfits…

Keep in mind these three tips for doing tribal right.

  1. Pace yourself. When one slips on a tribal inspired clothing piece, it’s only natural that you add a fringe vest, a feather headband, and a pair of moccasins to complete the look, right…? WRONG! #Sorrynotsorry, but the goal is too look effortlessly chic, and not like you’re getting dressed for a costume party as old-school Ke$ha or Pocahontas. Which brings us to our next tip…
  2. Keep it simple. Tribal prints are a statement in and of themselves, so be sure to keep the rest of your ‘fit on the simpler side. For example, if you decide to don a tribal printed kimono (great choice, BTW), go for some basics underneath, like a pair of boyfriend jeans and a solid white tee. But if you must mix prints like the risk taker that you are (you go, Glen Coco), stick to stripes or plaids of similar color palettes, capiche?
  3. Add some texture. Whether it’s something shiny and metallic or an edgy leather accent piece, a bit of texture never hurt anybody. In fact, we highly recommend it with your tribal prints. Some texture will not only liven up the playful print of your choice, but it’ll also show that you put a little extra effort into your ‘fit for the day.

Image from left to right: 1. Brushed Tribal Print Maxi Dress, 2. Tribal ‘N True Metallic Foil Tank, 3. Tribal Print-cess Surplice Jumpsuit, 4. Tribal Off-The-Shoulder Bodycon Dress

Shop these tribal inspired pieces & more @ GoJane!


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