Warning! Graphic Content Ahead: This Summer’s “Statement” Pieces

If there’s something to be said about this summer, it’s that whatever needs to be said can be said by a T-shirt. Graphic tees have always been in circulation (how else would we know that Britney is the American Dream? Or that Cara Delevingne only had one “Last clean t-shirt” left before London Fashion Week?), but these days, we’re seeing more and more words and phrases that have permeated our lives and vocabularies also invade our closets. Ready to make a statement of your own? Well, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite types of fashion graphics. Take a look. Maybe you’ll find one that speaks to you.

Jersey Girl

1. Mesh You Up 23 Cropped Tank, 2. Good Sport 25 Jersey Dress, 3. Sheer NY 83 Dress, 4. Quilted Number 6 Sweatshirt, 5. Good Sport Number 17 Cropped Tee, 6. Varsity Track Shorts

Jersey Girl – With the emergence of joggers, varsity jackets, and dolphin hem shorts, the sporty trend has scored a status as a perennial style of dress for both athletes and faux Sporty Spices alike. While the look can be achieved with a simple yoga pant and striped-sleeve tee, you can really hit it out of the park with a jersey-inspired top or dress like the ones above. No sweaty locker room, no grass stains, and no worrying about needing to take a five. In fact, take a ten. Don’t even take the field if you don’t want to. You’ll still look the part, and in our playbook, that’s a win.

Made Of Awesome

1. Dripping Rad Cropped Tank, 2. Kool-Kid Graphic Tank, 3. Killin’ It All The Time Graphic Tee, 4. So Dope Graphic Tee, 5. Hello My Name Is Fabulous Muscle Tee, 6. Dope Life Bandana Bordered Tee, 7. Feeling French Embellished Tank

Made Of Awesome – In the words of LMFAO, you’re sexy, and you know it. And rad. And cool. And dope. And fabulous. Basically you’re made of awesome. So there’s no reason why everyone else shouldn’t know it too, right? Come on. You spend all week killin’ it at work or school. You deserve to give yourself a little love…in the form of a top that proclaims that love for all to see, points to it even. “I love you” is so overrated. Maybe this summer you should say “I love me.”

Statement Piece

1. First Let Me Take A Selfie Oversized Tee, 2. Reckless Love Story Muscle Tank Top, 3. Cat’s Meow Paris Chain Frame Tee, 4. Girls Just Wanna Have $Fund$ Cropped Top, 5. Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It Graphic Tee, 6. Don’t Trip Graphic Tee, 7. Hate Mondays Sad Face Slashed Tank

Statement Piece – Got something to say? Forget wearing your heart on just your sleeve. Now your whole shirt can do the talking for you. Whether it’s a bad selfie habit, an inclination to twerk, a weakness for gangsta rap, or an extreme hostility toward the start of the work week, go ahead and put it on display. Whatever your aversion or affinity, chances are there’s a graphic tee out there for you to express it. After all, that’s what fashion is here for – making a statement.

Shop graphic tees and more at GoJane.com!

101190 So Dope Graphic Tee

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