10 Trends (Under $10) To Try Before Summer Ends!

Oh, no… It’s August. We’re one month closer to the first day of school. There’s only one month left for that summer vacation you’ve been saving up for. Seriously? Only one month left to find that perfect BAE to summer fling it with? Oh, the humanity! September marks (for many of us) the end of summer fun…therefore September is our new worst enemy (second to whoever started that nasty rumor that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are divorcing…noooooooo!). So for the next four weeks, we’re kicking it into high gear. Or should we say high-fashion gear? (You like what we did there?)

GoJane is all about the trends, and we’re not letting this summer end without making sure all the ladies and fabulous gents out there have tried all this season’s trends. The best thing about this list? All these summer trends are under $10. Yup. This list of must-have goodies just got that much sweeter.

$10. Basic Bodycon Dresses

Once it gets chilly outside, you’re gonna wish it was still warm enough to prance around town in a skimpy little number like this. You better take advantage of your summer bod and get it right and get it tight (the dress, that is).

$9. Brave + Bold Accessories

This summer was all about loud prints. But not everyone was down to rock this look head-to-toe, nor were they brave enough to let a main piece do all the talking. Our solution to that? Just choose one accessory and make sure it adds all the printed-punch your outfit needs.

$8. Summer Sayings Tees + Tanks

We know your summer agenda is full of do this, do that, and definitely must do these types of things. You’re basically trying to cram a whole year’s worth of fun, fun, fun into a few months of sun. There’s no time for chit-chat. But you can still get your point across with the help of a graphic  top. Just let your shirt do all the (shit) talking.

Killin' It Graphic Racer Back

$7. Throwback/Comeback Jelly Sandals

The best comebacks of the summer? Jennifer Lopez, carbs (thanks to cronuts), and jelly sandals. The instant you slip these suckers on, you’ll be inundated with memories of nighttime bike riding sessions with your neighborhood homies, hopscotching with your sisters, and sticky hands from melted Popsicles that you just couldn’t slurp up fast enough. Now that’s summer!

Missing Link Jelly Thong Sandals

$6. A Taste Of The Tropic…Prints

A trip to Bora Bora will cost you a pretty penny (more like a million pennies). So let’s give off that island-girl vibe with tropical prints. The moment you slip on a palm tree printed tank or a birds of paradise covered maxi dress, you’re gonna be transported to a world where coconuts are stemware and grass skirts look best on hunky bronzed boys.

Tropical Print Scarf

$5. Round(about) Sunglasses

The aviator is classic. The wayfarer is totally hip. But something about giant round sunnies says, “I’m kinda weird…but in that super fun and flirty way.” Like Kate Husdon in Almost Famous kinda weird.

Round Metallic Wire Frame Sunglasses

$4. Lacy + Racy Leggings

You’re not really a music festival queen until you’ve worn a pair of these rock goddess-inspired lacy leggings. They’re sexy, edgy, lightweight, and totally badass. Make Janis Joplin proud and get you a pair of these summertime bottoms.

All Laced Up Sheer Leggings

$3. Functional (& Totally Fun) Headbands

Summer is one sweaty season. Yes, sweat is sexy when it’s dripping off of Cristiano Ronaldo, but it’s not as sexy when it’s dripping off of your forehead and into your BFF’s mojito. Stop the sweat in its tracks with a sweet little headband. They’re best worn with messy buns and a little bit of coyness.

Lace Meets Floral Headband

$2. In-Yo-Face Neon Swimwear

You worked extra hard for that bikini body. So why go unnoticed in a boring bathing suit? Make sure all eyez are on you in a brightly hued swimsuit. Neon colored swim isn’t just for volleyball players from 1980s rom-coms. They’re made for you and your wonderful summer squatting azz!

Twist Front Bikini Brief Bottoms

$1. Candy-Coated Lips

Remember those crazy colored lips you’d get after sucking on a lollipop or a Popsicle on a hot summer’s day? Yeah, that’s the same idea here…but way less calories.

Santee Color Blast LipstickShop GoJane.com’s Endless Summer Sale:

GoJane Endless Summer Sale

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