Holy Slit! Our Favorite Leg-Baring Cuts For Summer

Here in sunny SoCal, we’re lucky enough to have lovely weather for most of the year, but in the middle of summer, sometimes the sun beating down on you just makes you wanna hit him right back! We’re definitely suffering through a hot one right now, and it’s got us wondering how the hell we’re gonna get ourselves through the next couple of months. Sure, an icy cold drink wouldn’t hurt, but our bodies also need to breeeeeathe. And since indecent exposure charges probably come with some hefty fines, we’ve turned our attention to the details on our clothing that might help a little with the ventilation. Specifically, our favorite leg-baring cut – the slit. Nothing opens up a piece of clothing quite like a high and mighty slit, and lucky for us, it now comes in a few different variations. We’ve rounded up some of those examples from our current collection, and we hope you’ll give ’em a try both this summer and beyond. Once that wind in your hair starts making its way between your legs, these pieces are sure to have you saying, “Holy slit, Batman!”

On The Double

1. Hey Crochet Slit Maxi Dress, 2. Double The Trouble Slit Maxi Skirt, 3. Either Way Striped Double Slit Skirt, 4. Cut That Out Halter Maxi Dress

On The Double – If you can handle the single life okay, we say why not try your hand legs at leading a double life? Double slit skirts and dresses have been all the rage for a while now, and why not, when they can give you the air and mobility of short shorts with the drama and flair of a long skirt? The paneled design on most of these pieces creates a swingy silhouette that allows your bottom half to move freely while also making for a delightful peekaboo element that stays hidden until you stick out that luscious leg of yours. Think Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Oscars. Except she only had one slit, and you’ll have two. You know what they say. Two legs are better than one.

Zip It Good

1. Zip-pin’ Out Sateen Pencil Skirt, 2. Seeing Double Zippers Maxi Skirt, 3. Double Zipper Slit Maxi Skirt, 4. Front And Center Zipper Pencil Skirt

Zip It Good – The zipper has been around for a couple centuries now, and since its inception it has graduated from being merely a fast-n-easy closure to doing double duty as a decorative element in itself. But nowadays we’re loving it as the pull-up partner to the slit. It basically points to the slit as if to say “Look here! Legginess ahead!” And the slit, in turn, does its job by extending that line the zipper started. (If you don’t know, the vertical line is totally your BFF when you’re aiming for a slimmer look, since it guides the eye up and down the body.) So if you’re looking for a new way to wear a slit this summer, we hope you’ll zip it. And zip it good.

Ruche Hour

1. Ruche Hour Plunging Maxi Dress, 2. Ruched Double Slit Dress, 3. Striped Ruched Double Slit Dress, 4. In A Ruche Draped Square Back Maxi

Ruche Hour – Just like the zipper, ruched detailing is the perfect lead-in to a leg-baring slit. Even if you don’t know it by name, you’ve surely seen its effects. Ruching is responsible for that cinched and gathered look on some of your skirts and dresses. You know, the one that hides all your imperfections plays up all your assets? Pair that optical illusion trick with a high slit, and that’s preeeeetty much all you need to create that bangin’ bod you’re taking out tonight. Just do us a favor and stay away from any and all intersections, okay? Traffic is gonna be bad enough. We don’t need you stopping it.

Wear The Pants

1. Slit Happens Strappy Split Jumpsuit, 2. Split Second Petal Harem Pants, 3. Fresh As A Tulip Split Leg Pants, 4. Split Second Halter Jumpsuit

Wear The Pants – And finally, we couldn’t end this post without mentioning that slits aren’t just for skirts and dresses anymore. No, sir. Now we have split leg jumpsuits, tulip hem harem pants, slit palazzos… Not a skirt person? Not a problem. You can bare just as much leg with one of the looks above and without any danger of having one of those Marilyn Monroe subway vent moments. (Unless that’s what you’re going for, in which case you can refer to the other collages above.) So if you’re looking to let those stems of yours breathe, maybe leave the shorts at home for once. And don’t be afraid to wear the pants.

Shop summer slits and more at GoJane.com!

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