Man Crush Monday: Dave Franco (AKA The Younger, Even Hunkier Franco?)

Monday was just meh…and then this happened! If you don’t already know this week’s Man Crush Monday, please allow us to shed some light on the beautiful Dave Franco.

Why U Should❤ Davey Franco:

  • He loves cats (cat daddy to Harry and Arturo)
  • He’s hilarious (check out his Funny Or Die videos)
  • He’s got a smile that could melt your panties off
  • He’s got bushy eyebrows (which are soooooo in right now)
  • He’s a shawty (5’7″ of lord have mercy)
  • He cares about your feelings (he’s just a few classes away from a Psychology degree at USC)
  • He’s a Gemini…which means he has no problems expressing his feelings.

Photos courtesy of Mike Rosenthal, GQ, Wonderland Magazine, and Funny Or Die.

Where You’ve Seen Him:

Does Davey-Boo look familiar to you? That’s because he’s kinda always been in your life. You just never really noticed him because he’s always been the wing-man or side-kick. He was the smooth talking eco-freak Cole in 21 Jump St., soccer playing Greg in Superbad, and most recently Zac Efron’s bestest bud Pete in Neighbors.

Things we’re not talking about:

Everyone is constantly comparing Dave to his older bother James Franco, but we’re not going there. We think they’re both sexy as hell in their own way, and they deserve equal parts of our obsession. So stop trying to make us pick one over the other. Our mother always told us that we could have anything and everything we wanted in life…so we’ll take both Franco brothers. Please and thank you. Other things we’re not gonna talk about? His current girlfriend Alison Brie and his ex-girlfriend Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray from Glee)…because we enjoy living in denial.

Cyberstalk Dave Franco: Tumblr Fansite, Facebook, IMDB, and Funny Or Die.

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