#ThrowbackThursday: R U Jelly?

Flashback to nineteen-ninety-something. You’re chillin’ on the monkey bars, discussing crayon colors and Snack Packs, when your BFF runs up sporting the sweetest looking shoes you’ve ever laid your four-eyes on. They’re clear, they’re sparkly, and they’re made of jelly (well, sorta). And instantly, you fell in love. Sigh. Yup, we all remember where we were when we spotted our first pair of jelly sandals. And while we managed to outgrow those suckers in less than two years, they still remain as one of the most iconic fashion pieces of our childhood (right on up there with overalls, light-up sneaks, and scrunchies).

We bet you’re wishing you could squeeze your tootsies into a pair right now, don’t ya? Well, honey, it’s your lucky day, because we’re bringing you back in the best way possible. In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, we present you with a collection of jammin’ jellies that your adolescent self would have been totes, well, jelly of. Caged, gladiator, T-strap, d’Orsay… Hey, you’ve come a long way since finger painting and playgrounds, so it’s only appropriate that our collection be updated, too. Alright, alright, we’ll cut the nostalgia and allow you to start shopping already. Have at it, you 90s-kids-at-heart! Jellies Top row (left to right): That’s My Jam Cut-Out Jelly Flats, Glam Power Rhinestone Sandals, Jelly Bow Thong Sandals, Crosshatched Jelly Ballet Flats, Embellished Hexagon Jelly Sandals, Reap What You Bow Jelly Sandals

Bottom row (left to right): Plenty Of Sparkle Jelly Flats, Rose And Shine Cut-Out Jelly Flats, Glitz Factor Jelly Thong Sandals, Cut-Out Rays Jelly Sandals, Weave It At That Pointy Jelly Flats, Glitz V Strappy Jelly Sandals

Shop the above jelly sandal styles & more @ GoJane!

5 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday: R U Jelly?

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