Toast Of The Town: Summer Drinks! And The Clothes To Pair With Them

Summer has gotten off to a sweltering start, and not a day goes by here in sunny (or should we say scorching?) LA without our wishing for something cold and satisfying to quench our seemingly insatiable thirst. So that got us thinking. We should do a post on summer drinks! And maybe what to pair with them? But there’s definitely an art to food and drink pairings, and unfortunately sommelier school is still on our list of things to do someday. Clothes, however, are a different story. Clothes we can do, and clothes we can do today. So we’ve collected some colorful, fruity, and most importantly refreshing drinks that are both easy to make for your summer beverage palate and easy to match to your summer outfit palette. With drink in hand and ensemble in check, this summer you’re sure to be the toast of the town.



1. Come To A Halter Plunging Minidress, 2. Cold Shoulder N Slit Bodycon Dress, 3. Plunging Single-Slit Maxi Dress, 4. I Love Lacy Peplum Sleeve Midi Dress

Bluetini – You’ll look every bit the Bond girl with a martini glass in your hand as long as you pair it with a sleek, sexy, seductive dress. How else will you get James to hand over the keys to the Aston Martin? We’re talking plunging halters, strategic cut-outs, sheer lace, high slits, and open backs. Just make him the Bluetini, and he’ll be all yours. Probably willing to trade Martin for martini. That’s fair, right? Right.

Watermelon Coconut Cooler

1. Crossing Paths Skater Dress, 2. Super Fine Knit Duster Cardigan, 3. Ace Of Basics Flared Tee, 4. Laced Is More Drawstring Shorts

Watermelon Coconut Cooler – Nothing says summer like picnicking, and nothing says picnic like watermelon. But you’re definitely not gonna wanna traipse through that beach / park / block party in a constricting cocktail dress or some cover-all jeans. It’s all about easy and breezy, like a slinky little skater dress, an open-knit kimono, a pair of pretty-much-pajamas shorts, or a loose top knotted on one side.

Cherry Cooler

1. Harem Pants, 2. High-Waisted Distressed Jeans, 3. Slick Plunge Romper, 4. Split Second Petal Harem Pants

Cherry Cooler – Say you’ve got a little bit of a dark side. And a lotta bit of a personality. You’re not gonna go out in cheery brights just because it’s summer. You will, however, swap the cheery for the cherry. Like this cooler, you’re more sweet-tart than sweet-heart. Only some non-conventional bottoms, like harems and distressed skinnies or a slick skin-tight romper, can give you that acidic edge you’re looking for.

Peach-Ginger Iced Tea

1. Textured Colorblock Bandage Dress, 2. Textured Panel Skater Dress, 3. Whats The Scoop Dress, 4. Mesh You Up Midi Skirt

Peach-Ginger Iced Tea – Peaches are sweet, sure, but like you and these looks, this drink is so much more. Match the exotic flavor of the ginger and the sophistication of the English tea with some subtly less-sweet details, like a low scoop back, a square rear cut-out, a cool colorblocking, or a minimal mesh inset. You’ll discover new elements of yourself and your wardrobe. Luckily, there’s still a whole lotta summer left to explore.

Drink photos and recipes courtesy of The Food Network

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