Style Crush: Eva Chen

In an industry where everyone is striving to stand out, Eva Chen is unique and notable. Not only for her razor-sharp sense of style, but also for her intellect and humor. Last June, Chen was appointed Editor-In-Chief of Lucky magazine by Anna Wintour (yes, the one and only). Many say she’s the editor of our generation. Why? She constantly has an ongoing dialogue with her Twitter and Instagram followers and is totally on top of current pop culture. Plus, she’s a total nerd! Chen’s career trajectory changed drastically from being a pre-med student at Johns Hopkins University to a Harper’s Bazaar intern, and we couldn’t be more grateful. By the end of a seven-year stint at Teen Vogue she had worked her way up to being the Health and Beauty Director, which positioned her perfectly for Lucky.

We admire her practicality, work ethic, and style smarts. Check out our Eva Chen gallery along with our GoJane picks for some serious inspo.

All image sources in captions.

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How do you feel about Eva Chen’s style? Are there any Lucky subscribers out there? Let us know what you think.


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