Style Crush: Mindy Kaling


Image courtesy of Vogue

Whether you know her as Kelly Kapoor on The Office (RIP) or as Dr. Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project, one thing is for certain… We’ve got a maaajor style crush on Ms. Mindy Kaling. Actress, author, writer, comedian, director, and producer…  We know what you’re thinking: Is there anything that this woman can’t do?!? Ha, probz not. And as if Mindy’s list of titles isn’t long enough, she’s recently taken on the role of fierce fashionista as evidenced by her #OOTDs both on and off the red carpet. Moschino, Thakoon, Fendi, DVF, Marc Jacobs… You name it, Mindy has probably rocked the hell out of it.

But what we love most about our newest crush is that she continuously defies the expectations of a woman (and a minority, no less) working in showbiz – an industry that is not only notorious for highlighting who you know rather than what you know, but also one in which she could have easily been overlooked. And #TBH, she is killing it. Just how did she get to be the H.B.I.C., you ask? Well, it’s simple, so listen up you aspiring [insert dream job here]: she studied hard in high school, buckled down and graduated from Dartmouth College, and worked her butt off to make her dreams come true. In a nutshell, Mindy can blame her success on passion, talent, and hard work. And for that, Mindy, we commend you. (And we freakin’ love you, too!)

If you haven’t already fallen for Mindy Kaling, here are five reasons that’ll make you a believer:

1. At the age of 24, Mindy joined The Office as the only female writer on a staff of eight. She went on to write over 20 episodes, including the one where [SPOILER ALERT] Jim and Pam wed at Niagara Falls. (Tears everywhere, we know). What’s Mindy’s most recent gig, you ask? She currently writes, produces, directs, and stars in her own network television show, The Mindy Project. Bam.

2. The most awkward wardrobe fitting at the Vogue offices where Mindy says exactly what she and everyone else are thinking.


3. Mindy’s game changing remarks about body image that make us want to go for that third slice of pizza because, well, YOLO.

4. Her commencement speech for the Harvard Law Class of 2014 where she not only makes us laugh, but also manages to charm the pants right off of us.


Here are the highlights just in case you’re at work. (You’re welcome).

5. And lastly, both of Mindy’s contributions to the social world: her Twitter and Instagram accounts. WARNING: Before you head over, be prepared to spend an hour or more on each page. She’s that cool. #Justsayin

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