BET Awards 2014: Throwbacks & Throwing Shade!

Anyone who turned last night’s viewing of the BET Awards into a drinking game that consisted of drinking every time Pharrell or Beyonce won an award is definitely hungover right now! Amirite? It seems like Pharrell was in-n-out of his front row seat all night performing and accepting wins for two major awards, Best Male R&B/Pop Artist and Video of the Year. The three-and-a-half hours of fashion, friends, frenemies, and flashing lights were jam packed with the hottest black entertainers (and their few token white friends) this world has to offer. Here are some of the most eventful moments, awkward pauses, and random sillyness that this crowd of singers, actors, activists, and athletes had to offer.

Highlights + Random Gossip:

  • Who glued Pharrell’s cardigan buttons together? #TheStruggle was so real when he attempted to unbutton his cardigan (for what seemed like hours) in the middle of his performance.
  • Busta Rhymes looked a little…bloated. We hope it’s not a health issue. If it’s just a matter of too many Hot Pockets at 2am, he need to get with Jennifer Hudson and Missy Elliott for some #CleanEating tips.
  • Ummmm…did Chris Brown sing AT ALL during his performance? Seems like he huffed every 20 words of his song into the mic in between rushed dance moves.
  • During Chris Brown’s performance (which featured Travis Barker, Drummer of Blink 182), Travis stood up like, “WHAT!?” Then sat right back down like, “Ummm. Nevermind…”
  • Host, Chris Rock, really wanted Mayweather and T.I. to finish what they started in Las Vegas. Poking the bears in the zoo!
  • August Alsina cried on stage during his acceptance speech for Best New Artist…and panties dropped everywhere.
  • Nicki Minaj wanted everyone to remember that she was the true fancy one during Iggy Azalea and T.I.’s performance. That 3-second shot of Nicki vogue-ing during Iggy’s performance was definitely a statement. And if you were unsure if Nicki’s vogue was a statement or not, she went up on stage during her win for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist and threw shade all over female rappers who don’t write their own lyrics. Ooooooooh…
  • Young Money continued to live up to their krazy ways when Lil’ Wayne knocked the mic stand to the floor after his acceptance speech for Best Group.
  • Every person who grew up during the 90s and had their first kiss or slow dance to jams by Silk or Color Me Badd got the best trip down memory lane when every 90s R&B man band came out and did a rendition of their best 90s hit. We just about lost our minds when we heard that super deep bassy voice sing, “Freak me, baby, oh yeah…”
  • Robin Thicke needs to stop. It’s not cute, endearing, nor romantic. It’s just creepy now. She knows your number…she will call you when she’s ready.
  • Beyonce shut the show down with her sexy sillohuette-ing ass, and it was the perfect ending to an awesome night. Oh, yeah, Jay-Z performed with her (it was a pre-recorded performance from their current tour “On The Run”).


Winners + Honorees:


Red Carpet Fashion:

All photos are courtesy of BET and Getty Images.

What was your favorite look, performance, or moment?

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