No Assembly Required: Two-Piece Looks From One-Piece Wonders

Optical illusion fashion is all the rage right now, what with the likes of Keira Knightley, Blake Lively, and Rihanna donning waist-whittling dresses to stunned (and sometimes outraged!) crowds at recent red carpet events. But today we’d like to focus on a different kind of illusion: the two-piece look you get from one of those extra nifty one-piece garments. That’s right, we’re seeing more and more dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits opting for the air of separates, even though they’re single items. And why not? Separates (suitably matched ones, of course) give you that extra put-together presence, like you spent time in front of the mirror / closet / mirrored closet putting effort into actually arranging your ensemble. Well, now you can achieve that I-thought-about-this-look look with an I’m-just-gonna-put-on-this-one one-piece. No assembly required. Check out our selection below, and maybe in the future, making it to work/school/dates on time will no longer be just an illusion…

Colorblock Party

1. Wrapped Striped Midi Dress, 2. Double Up On Diamonds Cut-Out Dress, 3. Angled Racer Front Skater Dress, 4. New Kid On The Colorblock Maxi Dress, 5. Colorblock My World Bodycon Dress, 6. Triple Threat Body Con Dress


Make The Cut

1. 2-In-1 Open Back Dress, 2. One-Two Punch Striped Cut-Out Dress, 3. Sneak Peek Bodycon Dress, 4. Different Brushstrokes Bodycon Dress, 5. Rosy Bouquet Crisscrossed Dress, 6. Cross Your Heart Cut-Out Bodycon Dress


Tiers Of Joy

1. I’m Tiering Up Tribal Palazzo Jumpsuit, 2. Play It By Tier Maxi Dress, 3. Play It By Tier Tie-Dye Maxi Dress, 4. Tropical Tiered Cami Dress, 5. What A Combo Mesh Contrast Dress, 6. Tiers Of Joy Tropical Floral Dress


Watch Your Back

1. Drape Expectations Cut-Out Dress, 2. Crossing Paths Skater Dress, 3. Denim Bouquet Flared Dress, 4. Look Closely Abstract Cut-Out Jumpsuit, 5. Winning Streak Cut-Out Grid Romper, 6. In Your Lace Knotted Maxi Dress


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