Man Crush Monday: Kit Harington (AKA Jon Snow, Lord Snow, The Bastard Son, & [Just Plain] Christopher…)

Pssssh…more like AKA my future one night stand (maybe four night stands!).

Who watched last night’s Season 4 finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones? We certainly did, and OMG, besides all of the other awesome scenes (Tyrion Lannister…you crazy mofo, you!) one of our favorites was when Jon Snow reminded us all why we love him soooooo much. He is straight up one of the most respectable characters on the show. The way he manned up and showed some of that Ned Stark realness by saving the Wildling’s King-Beyond-The-Wall from a doomed fate under the capture of Stannis Baratheon,The One True King. (If you’re a little confused right now, you needs to watch the show, and for those of you who do watch the show but didn’t see last night’s episode…we don’t want to give too much away.) Basically he was like, “That dude never treated me unfairly, so I’m gonna show him the same kinda love.”  That’s game recognizing game right there. And we know we’re talking about this week’s MCM in the form of a television character, but his role as Jon Snow is a major reason we love this man so much.

So who is the real man inside this this hunky exterior? Here are some random facts about our long-haired lover boy:

  • London-born, Worcester-raised
  • Kit’s real name is Christopher, but he didn’t know that until he was 11 years old.
  • He is a descendant of  English aristocrats (the Haringtons are said to be direct descendants of King Charles II)
  • He was a Theater major who got his first role in War Horse
  • Don’t bother trying to cyber-stalk him on Instagram or Twitter. He doesn’t really dig social media, because he hates “to talk about [himself] more than [he] already has to…”
  • He showed up to his Game Of Thrones audition with a real black eye
  • He really dated on-screen love interest, Ygritte, the redheaded Wildling (they broke up in 2013 but remain friends)
  • Kit is currently single…yaaaaaaaaaaaas! But that may not last much longer because rumor has it, he’s vying for another co-star’s heart…Emilia Clarke (the Mother of Dragons).
  • Click here to learn more about Kit…

So here’s a gallery full of Kit’s beautiful hair, sexy beard, cut-up abs, and smoldering eyes. Thank you, Kit, for giving us a reason to wake up this fine Monday morning.

All photos courtesy of GQ, Esquire, and Pinterest

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