What’s Your Type: Bag Lady Edition

Let’s face it, ladies. Your go-to handbag has seen better days. Sure, it’s still functional… Until one day your handle breaks or that busted seam finally turns into a big fat hole. (Been there, done that). We get it, you’ve loved your little (or big) bundle of joy for years now, and the thought of going your separate ways makes you a little depressed. If that’s the case, it may very well be time to move on (or at least give your baby a much needed break). So whether you store your entire life or just a few things in your bag, there is a new and improved one out there for each and every lifestyle. Just sit back and allow us to help you take that next step. We promise it’ll be worth it.

Top: Faux Leather Textured Satchel, Middle: All Day Everyday Bag, Bottom: Textured Faux Patent Leather Satchel

Satchel – Whether you’re a working woman or just someone who likes the finer things in life, the satchel is the perfect daily companion. Its sturdy structure and spacious interior (often with compartments for things like your phone and keys) allow one to stay organized throughout the entire day. We’ve all had that moment when we’ve had to pull out everything in our bag just to find one item. Well, with the style and space of a satchel, you may just never have that problem again.

Top: Feeling Quilty Purse, Middle: Triple Compartment Crossbody Bag, Bottom: Fringe N Chain Foldover Handbag

Crossbody – The crossbody bag is perfect for the girl who doesn’t dig the discomfort of a large bag but knows that she’s gotta carry one all day. Its small to medium size only allows for just the daily essentials and wraps across the body for comfort and ease. What we like about the crossbody bag is that it gives us the option to use both of our hands for instances like carrying groceries from the car to the apartment or even rocking out at a concert.

Top: Faux Leather N Chains Oversized Handbag, Middle: Oversized Beach Totebag, Bottom: Aztec Print Totebag

Totebag – Ahh, the totebag. Your boyfriend may hate the fact that you carry a little too much throughout your day, but so what? You’re a girl who likes to literally just throw things in your bag and go, and that’s totally okay. In fact, we’re sure your friends will be thanking you when you have an assortment of chapsticks for them to choose from. We do, however, recommend that the totebag you choose have straps long enough to wear on your shoulder for comfort.

Top: Tribal Talk Sequined Clutch, Middle: Faceted Hardware Clutch, Bottom: Monochromatic Quilted Clutch

Clutch – If you’re the kind of girl who prefers fashion over function, the clutch has your name written all over it. Often small in size, the clutch only carries just a couple of key items, like one’s important cards, keys, and phone. You may have to forego a wallet, but we think you’ll survive. Because of its small stature, one can easily make a statement with the type of clutch that they choose (think textures, studs, bold colors, etc.). If you have the option, try to choose one with a wrist strap or a removable crossbody strap for added versatility.

Top: Lady Leopard Print Backpack, Middle: Faux Leather Studded Backpack, Bottom: Mod Faux Leather Backpack

Backpack – Trust us when we say that backpacks are not just for students anymore. If you’re someone who likes to carry a laptop or a tablet on you or your plans include heading towards a flea market for the day, a spacious and stylish backpack just may be the bag for you. Our recommendation for this bad boy? Carry a bit of confidence with you. You may receive some slack for rockin’ a backpack to work, but it’s better to stand out than blend in, right? Right.

Images courtesy of Pinterest and Polyvore

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