Style Crush: Dakota & Elle Fanning

fanningsistersImages courtesy of Pinterest, Just Jared, Refinery 29

You know the Olsens, the Kardashians, and the Knowleses, but there’s only one set of sartorial sisters that we’ve been coveting lately. This talented pair of Georgia-born ladies need no introduction, because, well, you’ve probably already seen their work in the past. I Am Sam, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Man on Fire, War of the Worlds, and Super 8 are just a few of the critically acclaimed films that Dakota and Elle Fanning have touched and, very naturally, turned to gold. Not to mention they’re total BFFs with some of fashion’s biggest players, such as the Rodarte sisters, Marc Jacobs, and the ice queen herself, Anna Wintour.

While we could only dream of accomplishing one of the aforementioned achievements, the Fanning sisters have truly proven their worth in Hollywood and all before the age of 21 (Elle is only 16, while Dakota is 20). Needless to say, we’re huge fan-nings around these parts (bad joke, we know), and we can’t wait to see what this dynamic duo will do (and wear) next. So to properly celebrate Dakota and Elle’s continued success, as well as the release of Night Moves (starring Dakota opposite Jesse Eisenberg) and the much-anticipated Maleficent (starring Elle as Princess Aurora opposite Angelina Jolie)…

We’ve rounded up six things you probably didn’t know about the Fanning sisters:

  1. Their Hollywood success started over a decade ago. Dakota is the youngest person to ever be nominated for a SAG award at the age of 7 for her portrayal in I Am Sam, while Elle attended her first red carpet event at the age of only 3½ years old.
  2. Both sisters worked with Spielberg at the age of 12. Coincidentally, Dakota worked on War of the Worlds at the young age, while Elle was 12 when she starred in Super 8.
  3. They have acted in the same film but never in the same scene. Elle played a younger version of Dakota’s character in both I Am Sam and Taken, and the two voiced sisters for My Neighbor Totoro.
  4. They go by their middle names. While Dakota’s full name is actually Hannah Dakota Fanning, Elle’s is actually Mary Elle Fanning.
  5. These ladies are royals. (No, really.) According to, both girls are descendants of King Edward III. The pair also share a common ancestor with Kate Middleton – King Edward I.
  6. Dakota is a huge Hello Kitty fan, while Elle is obsessed with the late, great Marilyn Monroe. Don’t believe us? Check out Dakota’s Instagram page on which she blatantly describes herself as an “Actress with a crazy Hello Kitty obsession!” Elle’s obsession with the fallen star is pretty serious. She even purchased her face cream and powder at an auction and keeps the memorabilia in her room.

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