Battle Florale: Floral Alternatives For The Non-Girly Girl

While flowers may not all be perennial, floral print sure seems to be, and we here at GoJane wouldn’t have it any other way. We love floral print, and the girly girl in us isn’t afraid to admit it. But this year’s April showers seem to have brought in more than just May flowers. We’re not only seeing precious pastel posies but also buds and blooms that are dark and rich, bold and edgy, tough and sexy. Still ready to add a boost of femme and freshness but totally emphasizing the power in flower power.

We’ve compiled some of our favorites below – floral alternatives for the non-girly girl. (You girly girls will find them perfect for your off-days too!) Even if you’ve never been a fan of florals before, we’re hoping they and you will get a fresh start here today. We know, we know. You don’t have the rosiest of dispositions. Don’t worry, there’s totally a flower arrangement out there to match your individual personality. So don’t fight it. We still have a month left of spring. It’s about time you came into bloom.

Keep Palm And Carry On

Keep Palm And Carry On – Like we said before, we love flowers and all, but we think it’s about time for foliage to be front and center too. Or should we say frond and center? For the upcoming summer we’re feeling easy and breezy and totally…palm. Flowers are too girly, you say? Opt for palm fronds instead and get all the freshness without any of the femininity. They’re edgy (literally), and the jagged little leaves provide as much visual interest as an abstract painting. Not to mention they totally evoke images of you with your toes in the sand and a coconut in your hand.

Dresses — 1. Frond And Center Leafy Tie-Back Maxi, 2. Leaf Me Be Tropical Palm Frond Dress, 3. Frond And Center Tropical Tube Dress, 4. Palm Frond Tiled Cut-Out Dress, 5. Tropic Of Conversation Strappy Dress; Jumpsuit — Palm Reading Tropical Jumpsuit; Top — Tropical Zone Semi-Sheer TankShoes — Tropical Oasis Faux Cork WedgesHeadband — Knotted Tropical Headband

Tropical Thunder

Tropical Thunder – And speaking of vacationing in an exotic locale, tropical florals are another great way to turn down the G-I-R-L while turning up the R and R. Even if you’re months from a getaway and nowhere near an island retreat, you can keep the tropical vibe close with a print that depicts all the lush vegetation of your favorite hot spot. And yes, the flowers are still there, but these are not your ordinary, girly, garden-variety flowers (pun definitely intended). No, these blooms are bright and bold and badass. Not unlike you, right?

Dresses — 1. Tropical Daze Maxi Dress, 2. Paradise Found Tropical Floral Dress, 3. Tiers Of Joy Tropical Floral Dress, 4. Butterfly Kisses Tropical Floral Dress, 5. Fresh Flowers Curved Peplum Dress, 6. Written In Floral Skater Dress; Rompers — 1. Knot Too Shabby Floral Romper, 2. Sizzling Tropical Floral Print Romper; Bikini — Hot Tropic Padded Bandeau Bikini Set; Shoes — 1. Just Cuff Me Tropical Print Platforms, 2. Clearly Tropical Ankle Strap Heels

Mix Of The Trade

Mix Of The Trade – Also pretty badass? Mixed prints. There’s nothing like a good mixed print that says “In fashion, there’s only one rule, and that rule is…there ARE no rules!” It’s that devil-may-care sartorial attitude that pairs plain florals with other prints and patterns, instantly taking them from simple to stunning. Place your flowers atop a great graphic, geometric background (stripes, checkers, harlequin diamonds, etc.) or a wild wildlife print, and they are transformed and given a whole new dimension. Femme? No way. Fun? Absolutely.

Dresses — 1. Tropics Bound Mixed Print Bodycon Dress, 2. Floral Meets Grid Bodycon Dress, 3. Fierce Floral Midi Dress; Romper — Polly Want A RomperJumpsuit — Floral Zebra Halter JumpsuitLeggings — 1. Floral Checkered Leggings, 2. Long Stemmed Roses Striped Leggings, 3. Diamond Tropics Print Leggings

Dark-Grounded For Life

Dark-Grounded For Life – And finally, one of the best ways to go sultry instead of sweet with your flowers is to – drumroll, please – choose a dark-grounded floral. Even if your print is something as dainty and delightful as daisies, putting it on a dark background immediately takes it, well, to the dark side. A black backdrop can balance out the floweriest of flowers, giving them the extra edge and sophistication that we know a non-girly girl like you would surely appreciate. So what’s your favorite way to put the power in flower power? We wanna know! Tell us below…

Dresses — 1. Rosy Bouquet Crisscrossed Dress, 2. Woven Floral Blossom Dress, 3. Garden Girl Dress, 4. Bloomsday Crochet Trim Cami Dress, 5. Floral Spray Cross Back DressRomper — Floral Spray Apron RomperLeggings — 1. Drive Me Daisy Painted Print Leggings, 2. Layered Floral Print Leggings; Bikini — Floral Pin-Up Bikini TopShoes — Rose Garden Print Platform HeelsHat — Bouquet Of Flowers Snapback

Shop flowers and foliage and more at!

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