Microtrend: Cami Dresses

We looooove spaghetti… Straps, that is. Fooled you, huh? As much as we’d love to drop everything and go eat (#FOMO on grub), we need to get to the meat (ha) of the post which is all about our love for 90s inspired cami/spaghetti strap dresses.

When it’s hot out, what more does a girl need other than some thin straps to hold some thin cloth against a smokin’ bod? It’s all about rocking a super polished but casual look, and a cami dress is an easy option. Plus, a little 90s never hurt anyone. Sparkles? Check. Spaghetti straps over a shirt? Check. Cami dresses with lace-up boots and sneakers? Check. And since we’re speaking of the 90s, let’s take a trip down memory lane with this super rad gallery. We’ve included the classics and some n00bs for a dose of old and new. (We’re aware that Kate Moss dominates the gallery. What can we say? Girl knows how to dress.)

Images courtesy of Vogue, Getty Images, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

How do you style your cami dresses?

Check out some of GoJane’s below…



1. Asymmetrical Ruched Cami Dress, 2. Get Spotted Strappy Leopard Maxi, 3. Trimmed In Lace Cami Dress, 4. Tropical Tiered Cami Dress, 5. Single Pleat Cami Dress

Shop cami dresses and more at GoJane.com!

8 thoughts on “Microtrend: Cami Dresses

  1. I distinctly remember being forced to wear a t-shirt over my spaghetti strap dress one day in high school because it was against dress code. Oh so 1994! I am not looking forward to the return of the super-low rise jeans of early 2000’s.


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