Find It & Win It: Wanna Go Backpacking?

Updated 5/28/14: Congrats, Sydney T.!

Correct link:

Wowee! You girls were definitely into this prize! Keep entering, and we’ll make sure every prize is as good as this one!



The rules are simple: If you want to win the “boxy” prize featured in the photo snippet below, all you have to do is find this item on Leave a comment on our blog with a link to that item, and you’ll automatically be entered to win it. Good luck!
Enter to win this bag!


Click here to start searching!

Note: A winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday, May 27, 2014, at 6pm (PST). You have until then to comment. Please leave a valid email address. We can’t contact you as a winner if your email is (although that would be an awesome email address). We will reply to the winning comment, send a message to the email address listed, and update this post with the winner’s name. After a winner is chosen, he or she will have until Friday, May 30, 2014, to claim the pictured prize and select his or her choice of any color and size available for the item. Please note that only correct entries posted to this blog post will be considered. Comments left on any of our other social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) do not qualify for the prize.

*International winners will receive store credit in the amount of the prize.

**Please be advised that we do not ship to all countries. If a winner is chosen from a country we do not ship to, we can still issue store credit for the item, but he or she will be responsible for contacting a mail forwarding company.

Click here for more information regarding our shipping policy…

429 thoughts on “Find It & Win It: Wanna Go Backpacking?

  1. Hey everyone, go grab this must have bag on This boxy zipper back pack is a must for carrying all your summer essentials for the beach, a picnic and evening dates. You go girl!!!


  2. Comments have been hidden as to not give away the answer. The winner and all comments will be revealed Tuesday, May 27, 2014 @ 6pm (PST). You have until then to comment.

    We will comment this post with the winner’s name, update the post, and send details on how to claim the prize to the winner’s email address. Good luck!


  3. I would love to be entered to win the bag that’s in the giveaway contest. It would be so awesome if I would actually be chosen. Soooo, good luck to me and gave a Happy Memorial Weekend.

    Thank You,

    Shavawna Flugence


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    I copied a picture and pasted not sure if that’s how you do it but I’m trying to win that bag:)


  5. I would love to win the purse and gift it to my mother. She’s in her early 50’s and deserves a bag like this. Please help me do this for her. I think she’d like the black most.


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  7. I love the way Boxy Double Zipper Backpack looks outside. I also like the interior. It looks like I can put a lot of stuff in it, so this would be a good backpack for me.


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