The Buckle: 8 Summer Sandals U Need!

One, two, buckle my shoe… Let’s talk about buckles, and not the ones that hitch up your boyfriend jeans. They’re functional, we like ’em big and small, and they elevate flat sandals without needing bling. And what with this fantastic weather, we’re all about exposing the toes with wild abandon. Plus, a girl can’t wear flip-flops all the time. Flat sandals are perfect because they’re more polished than flip-flops, but less maintenance than heels. We’ve rounded up a few inspirational photos of buckled sandals – everything from good old granola girl slides to gladiator styled silhouettes. To us, summer is all about keeping things uncomplicated. Simplify your routine and buckle up in our GoJane picks below.

Top Tips

  • Got some chunky buckles? Create a leg-lengthening silhouette. E.g. cut-offs with bare legs or skinny cigarette pants.
  • If you’re a shawty, go for a nude or neutral color to lengthen your leg line, and use a T-strap to your advantage. A dark color can cut you off at the ankles (refer to point one).
  • Add a pop of color to your toes. We’re partial to all white, “rorange” (red-orange), and pastels.

GoJane Picks!


1. Caged Ankle Sandals, 2. Big Buckles Don’t Lie Sandals, 3. Single N Strappy Faux Leather Sandals, 4. Colorblock Talk Faux Leather Sandals, 5. 2 The T Faux Suede Sandals, 6. Bare Buckle Brawling Sandals, 7. Baby Got Buckle Colorblock Sandals, 8. What’s Strappening Buckled Sandals

Need some style inspiration?

Check out this gallery.

Photos from The Haute Pursuit, Xander Vintage, Song of Style, Just Another Fashion Blog, and Pinterest.

So tell us, how do you style your buckled sandals? Let us know in the comments!

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