So Knotty! How To Turn One Top Into A Million No-Sew Accessories

As much as we may try to avoid it, with every spring has to come spring cleaning. (How else would we keep our closets from bursting at the seams?) But spring cleaning your closet doesn’t have to mean throwing away half of your wardrobe. Sure, if you no longer need/want/wear an old T-shirt, the best thing to do is probably to get rid of it, but at the same time, if you can find a way to re-purpose that tee into a piece – or lots of pieces! – that you love, it definitely deserves a second chance in your rotation. Fashion is all about recycling, after all.

After a hard day’s work of plowing through our closets, what we’re usually left with is a mountain of T-shirts. To keep or not to keep; that is the question. Like, do we really still need that senior year tee with the list of everyone in our class on the back? Or the one won after a Man V. Food kinda showdown with a twenty-inch pizza? Okay, fine, those two may be keepers. But we also have a ton of others, some too cute to toss! Like this teal, long-sleeved, striped tee. Throw away stripes? No way, Jose!

So we decided not only to keep but to cut and create, turning this one striped shirt into three summer-lovin’ essentials – a roomy and stylish fringe tote bag, totally vacation-ready tie-up sandals, plus a boho-chic fabric necklace. And guess what? We still had material left over for some super cute one-of-a-kind accessories. These are knot your average tutorials either. Why? No sewing required. Talk about easy! If you know how to use scissors and tie your shoes (basically if you passed first grade), you can handle these projects. Don’t believe us? See for yourself, you knotty girl.

T-Shirt DIY

And we don’t just wanna hear about them. We wanna see’ em! If you try any of these projects at home, show us on social media with #soknotty. We’re waiting on pins and needles. Or…something you use to not sew:)

Shop more summer-ready styles at!

96663-tealorange-3tribal-faux-stone-hand-bracelet-14silicone-n-canvas-beach-tote-2     96238-navy-1

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